Your Best Nightmare

The Monitor
VOLUME 15, ISSUE 5, OCTOBER 29, 2012
Your Best Nightmare
By Madison Murphy
Guest Writer
New York City harvests a
festive and unique experience for any
given holiday on the calendar, and
Halloween is no exception. Whether
you choose to dress up and attend
a party or gather a group of friends
to adventure to a haunted house,
Halloween in New York City is unlike
any Halloween in the world.
As mock cobwebs and hanging
skeletons appear on building windows,
the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve can be
felt from Queens down to the Financial
District. With an infinite amount of
festivities to explore, narrowing down
the list seems like the most difficult
task of the tradition for students here.
The tradition of All Hallow’s
Eve (meaning the night before All
Saints Day) dates back to the mid
1500s, not too long before European
settlement of NYC. The roots stem
from paganism and early Catholic
religions. The Celtics celebrated things
such as foods and drinks to those
who had deceased to vanish away the
spirits. Pumpkins and gourds were also
used as a staple around the bonfires in
celebration. Once the celebrations were
brought over by Protestants to the
U.S., All Hallow’s Eve rituals turned
All cover story photos courtesy of Reimy Gonzalez. Makeup by David Uscinski.
into fun, spirited parties among villages,
where children and adults could indulge
in the mysticism of the supernatural
New York City and Halloween
both boast extensive histories. As for
those who believe in real haunted places,
checking out some reported locations
could always get you in the spirit. Just around the corner from
Marymount Manhattan College, between
First Avenue and York on East 61st Street,
lies the Mount Vernon Hotel Museum.
Built in the late 1700s, this hotel has
had its share of visitors, some who have
never left. The daughter of President
John Adams is believed to still roam the
Hotel from time to time, watching the
East River.
Across Central Park on Central
Park West at 72nd Street is the Grand
Dakota Building. Its gothic architecture
dates back hundreds of years, and it is
most known as the place where John
Lennon lived and was killed in front of.
However, workers around the building
claim to see a boy and girl from time to
time, dressed in clothing relatable to the
nineteenth century era.
A 58 year old resident, (who
wished to not be named) also stated, “I’ve
heard some stories about John Lennon
haunting the gates near the scene of his
shooting, but for me, I’ve never had an
...Continued on Pages 6 and 7
Take a bite out of the Big Apple this Halloween and discover its deeply rotten core! Madison Murphy takes us through the bowels
of New York City’s haunted history so that you can have an All Hallow’s Eve to remember!
The Monitor Staff
Lindsey Sullivan
Erin Shanley
Sarina Bloodgood
Letter from the Editor
Halloween is the day after tomorrow, and The Monitor hopes all of our favorite ghouls, ghosts,
goblins, and Griffins have an enjoyable and safe holiday!
In the spirit of All Hallow’s Eve, The Monitor staff has produced the Halloween Issue, a publication almost as coveted as Winifred Sanderson’s flesh-bound spell book (almost). There are certainly a few
tricks and plenty of treats within the pages of this issue, both demented and delicious.
You most likely grabbed a copy because our Photo Manager Reimy Gonzalez’s cover photos put
a spell on you during what you thought was a typical daily walk to Peet’s and/or the library. When I first
decided I wanted to make Issue #5 THE Halloween Issue due to its October 29th release date, I really had
no idea what would come of it, so I made a face kind of like this (Thanks!):
Taylor Morgan
K. Chaney Long
Molly Ward
Juliann Lajeskie
Chelsea Gentile
PHOTO MANAGER Reimy Gonzalez
Kelsey O’Brien
Nadia Shammas
Chris Calfa
Zachary Elvord Zolot
Kelli Kardell
Joe Liner
Madison Murphy
Alisha Rajpal
Sierra Williams
As you can see, we’ve got some fantastic pieces in this issue, the first of which is Madison
Murphy’s cover story. To accompany this tale of New York City’s literal old haunts, Reimy Gonzalez
used Marymount Manhattan College’s very own Black Box to create a fantastically frightening world
where our various cover-ghouls could celebrate both the fear and frolic characteristic of Halloween.
Morgan Campbell, Jean Flick, Natalia Lopresti, Ramshah Kanwal, and Mareily Mena were an absolute
treat to work with and looked fantastic thanks to David Uscinski’s makeup skills. Reimy’s combined skill,
talent, and passion for being behind the camera accompanied by Uscinski’s makeup, and the lighting in
the Black Box transformed MMC’s Lower Level into the underworld. If you loved our Photo Manager’s
spooky shots, out his page at http://facebook/
Juliann Lajeskie recommends some spookily sweet treats (I’m dying to try the Shakenstein!) on
Page 8 among a number of events and happenings available in the city (Check out The Rocky Horror
Picture Show on Page 5!). Chelsea Gentile notes the importance of being safe in the city on this chaotic
holiday on Page 4, so definitely give her piece a read before bobbing for any apples or looking under the
bed. We at The Monitor cannot believe we only have two issues left this semester, and again, we hope
everyone has a spirited and safe Halloween!
Lindsey Sullivan
Where in the World?
Melissa Benca
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Photo courtesy of Alexis van Dijk
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Halloween Costumes 2012:
Calfa Style
Presidential Chit Chat:
Judson Shaver Reaches Out to MMC
Students through “Coffee and Conversation”
By Chris Calfa
Guest Writer
As a person born on this day, I can By Zach Elvord Zolot
rightfully say that Halloween is the best Guest Writer
holiday next to Arbor Day and Yom Kippur.
Many college and university presidents
I take Halloween very seriously, and wouldn’t take the time out of their schedules
I believe everybody should, even my nonto engage with the students of said college or
supportive friends who won’t even wear
university. However, that is not the case for
costumes (Losers).
In recent years, a controversy Marymount Manhattan College’s own President
surrounding Halloween has been the Judson R. Shaver.
Working in an attempt to engage the
“slutiness” of the costumes. While kids have
to walk house to house to get candy in students at MMC better, he has set up a series of
suburbia, girls can just put their legs over events called “Coffee and Conversation.” Through
their heads to get candy. It’s a season of Coffee and Conversation, President Shaver
engages the students at the College in stimulating
But, of course, just because conversation and discussion on a range of topics.
something has the word sexy in it does
These conversations are open to the entire MMC
not mean it is. There are some pretty
stupid sexy costumes around Ricky’s such
The most recent of these sessions was last
as Slutty Finding Nemo. But have no fear ladies, because after this year, the Prince Wednesday, October 24th. The topic of that day’s
of Halloween, Chris Calfa, has some great conversation was the 2012 election. The President,
and sexual ideas for what YOU could be for along with a group of seven MMC students, engaged
Halloween 2012.
in a stimulating conversation on many different
aspects of the 2012 election: the candidates and
5. Slutty Snow White
how the nation’s decision would ultimately affect
This was her most exposed year, could be
the lives of the students.
yours too.
The session lasted for roughly an hour,
and there was never a dull moment. The President
4. Slutty Angelina Jolie’s Oscar Leg
was able to pose questions and give commentary
Not Angelina…Just her leg.
in a way that provoked the best out of the students
participating in the discussion. The atmosphere of
3. Slutty Rush Limbaugh
He deserves it.
the discussion was like that of a classroom in which
everyone truly wanted to be there.
2. Slutty Tom Cruise and Katie Holme’s
In addition to the conversation, it was
apparent that the students participating were making
Find a dress that’s half rainbow and half
a connection to the President and were becoming
orange with a handcuff.
more comfortable with MMC’s dominant authority
1. Slutty Big Bird
“I feel like I have a better relationship with
Don’t forget your “Vote for Obama” button.
him now,” said Sameera Uddin, a junior at MMC. “I
Here are some real comments from real MMC mean some students have never met with him [onestudents:
“… Chris, I don’t get how half of these could
is exactly what Coffee and
be slutty… “
Conversation is trying to change. President Shaver
- Megan Bruce, Senior
is trying to inspire a better connection between
himself and the students on campus.
- Alyssa Lawrence, Senior
In addition to forming a connection with
This year I’m being Hawkeye, Ariel, Superboy, the students, Coffee and Conversation has proved
and Robin. To read the uncensored, “It’s the to be a pathway to more student interaction. When
Great Slut Whore, Charlie Brown!” version, discussing the 2012 political election, the students
check out Chris’s blog at http://chrispan991. really were able to take charge and answer the
President’s questions while engaging in a spirited
debate with fellow students.
One student, junior Vladimir Martinez,
mentioned how he felt about the interaction with
other students. Let it be noted that a good number
of these students were not acquainted with one
another going into the discussion, yet everyone
was able to engage in the conversation. And for
some, especially freshmen attendees, it was the first
time they had met President Shaver personally. All
in all, the general consensus was that Coffee and
Conversation was time more than well spent.
Coffee and Conversation is an event that is
open to all students. The event is put on in order to
get students more comfortable with MMC, holding
discussions with other students, and President
Shaver himself.
The next Coffee and Conversation is titled,
“Is College Worth It?” and will take place from 4:00
p.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 8th.
Any student can sign up to attend the conversation
by making a reservation on the 8th floor office in
Main building. The event is free, and all students are
encouraged to come meet the President and engage
in the relationship building conversation.
Photo courtesy of
Wide Awake: Sleep No More Continues to Enchant
By Lindsey Sullivan
The sound of footsteps pounding on
hardwood rips through your soul. Before your
next heartbeat, you alone must quickly decide
to sprint toward or as far away from the bloodboiling shrieks.
You keep seeing this particular face;
sometimes it startles you as you turn a corner,
belonging to a wanderer like yourself. Sometimes
it makes you catch your breath when you
notice a sea of these faces darting all around
you. Entranced by the chaos, you follow them.
You then startle yourself in an ornate mirror,
remembering that you, too, are masked. You, too,
possess the gaping eyes and beaked mouth and
immobile lips.
As you run, mosey, stumble, struggle,
stroke, dance, and discover your way through
Punchdrunk’s labyrinth that is the McKittrick
Hotel, characters from Shakespeare’s Macbeth,
hotel employees, and the subjects of your most
terrifying dreams and pleasurable nightmares
surround you.
Welcome to Sleep No More, an interactive
theatrical merry-go-round that has been churning
since March 2011. Originally, the production
was scheduled to only last until May of last year.
However, the haunts hovering in the gargantuan
McKittrick Hotel are here to stay (and come and
go as they please, waltz around grand ballrooms or
on pool tables, or have spontaneous, blood-strewn
Along with the senses, spirits, and sanity
of its sojourners, the hotel possesses about 100
rooms, which 350 masked audience members are
encouraged to explore six nights a week. (This
supernatural sensation is too titillating for Sunday.)
Patrons are permitted to enter the hotel at five
varied arrival times each night from 7 p.m. until 8
p.m. and from 11 p.m. until 11:59 p.m. at Friday’s
and Saturday’s late-night performances.
As the alleged “spice of life,” variety is
the stuff Sleep No More thrives on, audiences enter
the experience at different times, and parties are
purposefully (and often times, forcibly) separated
by time, space, pacing, and the performers
themselves. Sleep No More promises a highly
individualistic experience: “Those who are brave
shall be rewarded,” advises an eerie elevator
operator as he lets visitors off at
different floors throughout the
hotel at the outset of each group’s
Upon entering the
delightfully maddening
McKittrick, you will have
anywhere from two to three
hours to dare; whether you
dare to navigate a pitch black
corridor from which you hear
the faintest sound of 30s swing
music or to take the bloodied
hand of a character, daring will
get you everywhere even if you
are unable to witness everything
going on in the performance.
This is likely, but
it is also what makes Sleep
No More such a thrill. Each night, there are
approximately 14 hours worth of plot going on
in the McKittrick. Whether you choose to begin
your journey dutifully following Shakespeare’s
Macbeth or bounding down upon the heels
of that mysterious woman in red or that man
wearing absolutely nothing at all, there is only a
single certainty: nothing is certain.
The story of Sleep No More is all your
own and will keep your senses wide awake
from the time you receive your playing card key
upon entering the McKittrick. Purchase tickets
for this theatrical bucket-list topper at http://
Photo courtesy of
The Safety Dance: Halloween in NYC
By Chelsea Gentile
Copy Editor
The autumn weather set the mood right
as October rolled in, and before you knew it, you
were purchasing all things pumpkin-flavored and
frolicking through Central Park taking in the scenery.
However, for lots of us, autumn’s arrival means one
very important event: Halloween.
Many of us splurge on the most creative
costumes we can find and make outrageous plans with
our friends. Whether those plans include going to
(and maybe even joining) New York’s famous Village
Halloween Parade, being terrorized at Blood Manor,
or dancing the night away at the Village Halloween
Costume Ball, it is important to remember that safety
is a very important factor, even though Halloween
seems unlike any other NYC night. Being scared
on Halloween is appropriate, but there is a fine line
between a desired adrenaline rush and a dangerous
We have heard plenty of urban legends about
Halloween. The most popular of these legends is
the famed Halloween gang initiation. The generic
version of this legend is that gangs use Halloween
night to initiate new members, forcing them to attack
or even kill people.
According to, a daily online
news and opinion source owned by NBC, during
this time of the year these urban legends get passed
around via the web. In recent years, though, the
NYPD has worked to dismiss these troubling
rumors, but they urge people to exercise extra
caution nonetheless because Halloween is, after all,
a prime night for crime – gang initiations or not.
To put it generally, you should use the New
Yorker sensibility that you use on any other night on
the town, but be more attentive to it on Halloween.
First of all, once you find out where your
plans are located, try to stop by the venue before
Halloween so you are familiar with how to get
there; you may be giddy because of more than just
sugar on Halloween night, and it is a good idea to
familiarize yourself with the environment you will
be partying in.
It might also be a good idea to reconsider
your costume choice. If your costume includes a
mask, try to find one that does not cover your entire
head. In a place like New York City, chances are
that someone may have a similar costume to yours.
It is important to make sure that your friends can
identify you amongst the crowd.
One very important rule of thumb to
remember is to never leave your drink unattended.
You do not want to take a drink from a stranger,
either (though you can talk to strangers this time
around). The truth of the matter is that you cannot
trust someone you do not know with your drink,
especially at an overly crowded Halloween party in
New York City.
Above all, remember that you are in a huge
city and anything, good or bad, can happen. Adding
Halloween to the nightlife mix makes craziness
even more probable. Essentially, make sure your
only fear on October 31st is of the fun kind, not the
“Don’t Dream It. Be It”: The Rocky Horror Picture Show
By Alisha Rajpal
Guest Writer
gives us the
to really find
our faces, and
put on clothes
we normally
would not. So
New York City
that fits well
in a college
most definitely
allows you to
showcase your
inner freak.
Chelsea Clearview Cinemas is playing host
to the cult classic, Halloween must-see midnight
movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. What
makes this performance stand out is the incredible
shadow cast and the mega-fun pre-show.
The shows are usually sold to capacity, so
it’s a good idea to show up early to snag a Rocky
Horror tattoo or even just to make a quick run to
the restroom to grab some toilet paper to throw
around during the show.
What makes this experience really special
is the pre-show. You walk in to a dance party,
complete with disco lights and a live DJ set,
followed by the traditional humiliation of the first
timer’s of the show. (The cast likes to call them
“Rocky Horror Virgins”). RHPS Cast Director Tom Amici says
that this humiliation process actually benefits the
show. “We bring the first-timers, or ‘virgins,’
onstage and have them perform sometimes
embarrassing, yet harmless acts, to get them used
to being in a participatory audience and bring them
out of their shells,” said Amici. “Once the movie
starts, there are times when we break from the
action of the screen to act out gags that complement
the performance.”
In the crowded audience, almost everyone
can be seen belting out “Touch-a Touch-a, Toucha, Touch Me” and dancing to the “Time Warp.”
So what makes this midnight movie so
different from others of its kind?
Actor and MMC senior Valerie Humphrey,
who does a solid job as Dr. Frank-N-Furter says,
“Rocky Horror is nearly 40 years old, and it is
people like me who have kept it live for so long
and will continue to do so. The key word that
comes to my mind is ‘acceptance.’ Nobody will
ever not be allowed to be a part of this community
for any reason whatsoever,
and not very often to you
hear someone say the word
‘no,’ as far as limits are
concerned. Our audiences
come to our shows to be
themselves, to show off
their favorite crazy clothes
that they are afraid to wear
out in public, to yell out
ridiculous things and do
wild dances...and just so
much more!”
Amici adds, “The
thing that keeps Rocky
Horror going is the
timelessness of the story
and the way it speaks to
people who feel they have
a different lifestyle than
most of the people they
meet in life.”
While (literally)
performing up against
actors like Susan Sarandon
and Tim Curry is not an
easy task, the cast seems to
hold their own.
confidence and dominating
originally drew me to want
to play Frank-N-Furter,
and the idea of getting to
project such an attitude
was something I couldn’t
refuse,” says Humphrey. “I
think one of the biggest
aspects is the look, with the
cape and the big hair and
all that. Once I take the two hours to apply the
makeup, strap down my chest, and get into those
slinky garments, I just feel like such a boss!”
The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a fun
and guilt free experience and for only $9.50, a
show a great way to spend an evening in a city as
weird and fantastic as the tale of Rocky Horror
The show runs every Friday and
Saturday night at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas at
23rd street between 7th and 8th Avenues.
Photo courtesy of Val Humphrey and Jen DiMatteo
The famous Palace Theatre of Broadway
contains the most reported ghost sightings in the
entire city. Many have claimed to see the spirit of
Judy Garland walking through from time to time.
Even more chilling, a ghost of an acrobat
who reportedly broke his neck during a show
is said to bring witnesses extremely bad luck.
Another theatre said to have ghost sightings is the
New Amsterdam Theatre on West 42nd Street. A
Ziegfield Follies girl by the name of Olive Thomas
committed suicide and has been reported to still
appear in her Follies dress, lingering the theatre.
It seems as if the oldest souls have never
really left the city. For hundreds of years, people
have claimed to see a “Ghost Ship” on the Hudson
River, believed to be Henry Hudson’s HalveMein/Half Moon ship. This ship dates back to the
earliest settlement of Europeans onto the island of
Manhattan, where local Indians were not pleased
with the bombardment of foreigners onto their
land. If the air seems foggy enough and you spot a
ship far in the distance, running towards it is said to
make it disappear. For those Griffins who prefer to tackle some
hands-on urban legends, possibly the strangest, yet
most intriguing is the constant rumor that alligators
thrive through the New York City subway and
sewage systems. This rumor draws some strange
attention, but it does in fact present itself in the
novel V by Thomas Pynchon. Although we are
not suggesting you go out and conduct your own
search, this rumor has been talked about for quite
some time.
“This [story] is just great because…well…
do you feel 100% certain that it’s not true?” pointed
out Writing New York Professor Richard Hutzler.
New York City flourishes in its history,
and along with that history (for those who believe)
comes in a magnificent celebration of supernatural
powers, for those who wish to adventure. For
students eager to simply put on a costume
and have a fun time, don’t miss the biggest
Halloween parade in New York City: the Village
Halloween Parade. This is an incredible sight to
see, with vibrant costumes and the Hallow’s Eve
spirit in full throttle, any student at MMC should
take advantage of seeing. Whether you wish to attend a staged
haunted house, conduct a real search on NYC’s
supernatural history, or simply get dressed up
and attend the parade, Halloween in New York
City is one big celebration you do not want to
All photos courtesy of Reimy Gonzalez
On the Cheap: Halloween Costumes
By Kelli Kardell
Guest Writer
“Trick or treat!”
It’s something we have been
saying since we learned how to talk.
It allowed us to get candy or treats on
one special day each year from our
neighbors. And most importantly, it
enables us to dress up as one of our
favorite characters.
The concept of
trick-ortreating is not new at all; it originated
during medieval times in a celebration
called All Hallows Eve, the day
preceding All Saints Day.
Regardless of its origins,
Halloween is a fun day to celebrate.
Some people have been in the process
of planning their costumes for weeks
or even months now.
For those of you who have not
yet found a costume, don’t fret--it’s
not too late! You can always find last
minute costume choices at the thrift
shops located throughout the city, or
you can go to Halloween Adventure
(104 4th Avenue) or Spirit Halloween
(466 6th Avenue).
Of course, there are numerous
Ricky’s throughout the city as well,
and you are bound to find one simply
By Juliann Lajeskie
Features Editor
New York food--like New
York fashion--changes with the
seasons. We are never at a loss for
something new, especially around
the holidays. During the month or so
leading up to Halloween, stores stock
up on all sorts of seasonal goodies to
satisfy our fall cravings, from apple
cider doughnuts to pumpkin beer,
to the traditional Oktoberfest fare
offered by countless restaurants and
pubs. Here, I have highlighted a few
of the best fall foods from places that
most of us frequent:
David’s Tea: This tea joint offers
several fall flavors, including
Pumpkin Chai, Banana Nut Bread,
and Indian Summer, to name a few.
However, the best by far is Toasted
Marshmallow. A flawless blend
of black tea, mini marshmallows,
brittle, allspice, cinnamon, and
kukicha green tea, it is the perfect
fall flavor. I get anxiety just
thinking about it being “limited
Shake Shack: Arguably some of
the best fast food New York has to
offer, Shake Shack has perfected
its fall custard flavors, the best of
walking from the school to one of the
Residence Halls.
Looking for a cheaper side
of costuming for Halloween? There is
always the traditional ghost costume,
or some other monster or ghoul.
Halloween costumes include pirates,
old school uniforms, cops, and
ghosts. Or you might as well just
go as yourself,” said Diante Webb, a
sophomore at Marymount Manhattan
College. These are not bad ideas;
simply wear an old school uniform,
and you are instantly transformed
into a jock or a cheerleader. Or, get
a white sheet, cut two holes in it, and
voila--you are a ghost!
While that is acceptable for
some, others might want to be more
original or pretty. This is still possible,
be it last minute and on a budget. Simply look at the clothing
you already have, or check out local
thrift stores to see what you can throw
together. Some of the best costumes
are made from clothing one already
Want a more traditional route,
or the most popular costumes of
Halloween 2012?
“Zombies, vampires, and
princesses are the most popular for all
ages,” said junior Morgan Campbell. There is also the traditional
cat costume, which is extremely easy
to put together: wear all black and
add a tail and ears. Superheroes and
villains are always a popular choice,
such as Superman/Superwoman
or Spiderman. Dressing up as a
character from popular new movies
is always exciting; this year, it is The
Hunger Games. Lastly, the everclassic Disney princesses: Ariel,
Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, which
are a hit for girls of all ages.
Throughout the Halloween
season, there is always a way to find a
costume that fits your personality. And
don’t forget--for those looking to win
the new media shirt, snap a picture of
yourself before October 31st, and post
it to MMC’s Facebook page. If you do
not wish to participate, that’s fine, but
make sure to go online and cast your
vote for the best costume! Have a happy,
ghoulish Halloween!
Photo courtesy of
Spookily Sweet NYC Treats
the caramel apple cupcake are
both worth the four dollars and
hundreds of calories--at least
once in awhile.
which is called Shakenstein. It’s a
vanilla-based, Frankenstein-green
custard with chocolate cake pieces and
marshmallows, a perfect Halloween
Sprinkles: The “original cupcake
bakery,” which alternates flavors
throughout the days and months,
has Halloween cupcakes down to a
science: the pumpkin cupcake and
Dylan’s Candy Bar: And of
course, we cannot overlook
Dylan’s Candy Bar. Although
they offer literally thousands of
varieties of candy all year round,
Halloween is an especially
fun time, because you can say
“Trick-or-Treat” to an employee
and score a free piece of candy!
For Halloween, they carry body
parts lollipops (think eyeballs
and brains), gummy teeth, and
perhaps the most interesting
fortune cookies. And because it only
comes every four years, it is worth
mentioning that Dylan’s also offers
a gigantic selection of Election 2012
candy. What better way to support
your candidate than to eat your
weight in processed sugar in front of
the TV on election night?
There are innumerable
fall foods offered at other places
throughout the city as well. Natalia
Lopresti, a junior at Marymount
Manhattan College, thoroughly endorses
the pumpkin bread at Trader Joe’s.
“I stockpile it. I’m like a
chipmunk gathering pumpkin bread for
the winter,” raved Lopresti. Kelsey O’Brien, another MMC
student and an employee at Bouchon
Bakery, suggests their pumpkin
“It’s my favorite, because it’s a
step away from our traditional flavors; I
eat way too many...every day,” O’Brien
My personal favorite place,
Doughnut Plant (located in both Chelsea
and the Lower East Side), offers apple
cinnamon and pumpkin doughnuts for
fall. And do not forget about Alice’s
Tea Cup! Their pumpkin scones are
practically an eighth world wonder.
If you love fall foods, your
options are limitless in New York.
So get out there and grab yourself a
pumpkin-flavored, Frankenstein-colored
Photo courtesy of
The Master of Macabre: Tim Burton
called Vincent, which came out in
By Nadia Shammas
1982. The movie was based off of
Staff Writer
a poem that Tim Burton wrote, in
Nothing rings in the
which a
boy dreams he
Halloween season like the master
is Vincent Price
of the macabre,
living within a
It seems that
he’s coming out
even contributed
with something
as a voice actor.)
His second
year, and every
film was a twenty
year, his work is
recognizable and
original – even
the remakes, in
their reimagining
– in the artistry
and manner of
which the work is
into an entire
Tim Burton
film, put in
was born Timothy
Walter Burton on
and available
August 25th, 1958,
for all to see in
in Burbank, California. As
theaters today). When it first came
a boy, Burton would make short
out, Frankenweenie was considered
stop motion animation films in his
inappropriate for children and was
backyard; one of his oldest known
put aside until finally being released
films is Island of Doctor Agor, which
in 1992 on video. It was this film that
he made when he was thirteen years
brought Tim Burton to Paul Reubens’
(aka, Pee-Wee-Herman’s) attention.
It was apparent that there was
At this time, Burton was only
something different about this boy
in his mid-twenties, but Reubens
from the start. He had an unassuming
decided he was the perfect
and introverted disposition, and
person to direct his debut in
enjoyed painting, drawing, and
Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure,
watching horror films. His childhood
which was released in
heroes were Dr. Seuss, Edgar Allan
1985. The collaboration
Poe, Ray Herryhausen, who made
led to huge success and
horror and science fiction films,
recognition, as Pee-Wee’s
and of course, the indispensable
Big Adventure became
Vincent Price, who would appear
a surprising box office
as an influence on Burton’s work
throughout his life.
Burbank High School, Burton went
name synonymous with
to the California Institute of the Arts
“the dark and the strange.” He was
to study character animation. The
approached with the paranormal
Disney Corporation had strong ties
comedy Beetlejuice, which came out
with this college and would often be
in 1988 as an even bigger success
involved in order to pick out future
than Pee-Wee.
employees. Tim Burton was one of
The notoriety led Warner
those chosen, and he would go on the
Bros. to give Burton the reins to
work for Disney after college.
work on Batman, a hugely expensive
During this time would
project that had been put aside for ten
Disney, Burton did work on some
years to find the right director. Tim
mainstream films (such as The Fox
Burton’s Batman came out in 1989
and the Hound) but found them dull
and was one of the most successful
and far from his own artistic vision,
films of its time, setting the opening
and so Disney let Burton work on
week box office record of $50 million
his own personal projects. The first
dollars and going on to make $400
of these was a six-minute black-andmillion worldwide.
white stop motion animation piece
Thanks to Batman, Burton
solidified his position as the up-andcoming visionary in Hollywood,
a freedom which allowed him to
come out with the unforgettable
and extremely moving Edward
Scissorhands, which came out in
1990. This film was the first time
that Johnny Depp and Tim Burton
worked together and marked the
beginning of the artistic relationship
that has been going on for about
twenty years now.
Batman Returns, which
came out in 1992, was much
darker and more eccentric than its
predecessor, which showed how
much freedom Burton had won as
a director in Hollywood (though
Warner Brothers was very unhappy
with the result).
Burton returned to his roots
as an animator (as well as producer
and creator) in the remarkable The
Nightmare Before Christmas. It was
the epitome of Tim Burton’s art,
starting from a poem he wrote many
years earlier, and before working
on it under Disney, The Nightmare
Before Christmas was waiting in his
heart to be made for over a decade. It
was the first full-length stop motion
animation film produced by Disney
and also marked the beginning of the
Photo courtesy of
relationship between Danny Elfman
and Tim Burton.
Burton stayed with Disney
despite tension over The Nightmare
Before Christmas, which was deemed
unsuitable for children, and directed
the biopic Ed Wood. Featuring
Johnny Depp as the world’s worst
director and Martin Landau as a
debilitated Bela Lugosi, the film was
set in a bizarre historical reality and
was a box office disaster. However,
it acquired the critical acclaim of his
career and won him two Oscars.
Tim Burton was not just
working on movies during this
time. In 1997, he came out with a
collection of drawings and poems
called “The Melancholy Death of
Oyster Boy and Other Stories,”
which is stunningly macabre and
This streak changed with
Sleepy Hollow, which came out in
1999 and starred Johnny Depp and
Christina Ricci. The film earned
three Oscar nominations and was
a huge horror movie hit. In 2001,
Burton took on a remake of the
1968 cult classic Planet of the
Apes, which was where he met his
current partner, Helena Bonham
Carter. Before Helena, he had been
engaged to actress Lisa Marie, who
he dated from 1992 to 2001. Helena
is currently his fiancée, and they live
in adjoining houses in London. She
gave birth to his son on October 6th,
2003 and to a daughter on December
7th, 2007.
2005 was a big year, for
Tim Burton released both a remake
of Charlie and the Chocolate
Factory,” (which did not receive
that much acclaim, from critics and
from myself) and the stop motion
animated feature Corpse Bride,
which received an Oscar nomination
for Best Animated Feature Film.
In 2007, Burton directed the
film adaptation of the popular musical
Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of
Fleet Street, which received critical
praise and several Golden Globe
nominations. In 2010, Tim Burton
worked on Alice in Wonderland,
which was meant (despite the title)
to be a sequel, not a re-adaptation.
In 2012, Burton worked on the film
adaptation of Dark Shadows, and
his reworking of Frankenweenie
is now in theaters world-wide. The
dog in the movie is inspired by Tim
Burton’s own childhood dog, Pepe.
In addition to his film work,
Tim Burton has released over 700
drawings in the MoMa in 2009 and
2010. The exhibit was so popular
that it required an online ticket
reservation. I was fortunate to get in
on opening night, and the interactive
experience, as well as being allowed
to follow Burton’s childhood
sketching to the fully imagined
works in his films only deepened
my artist’s crush on the eccentric
and extraordinary Tim Burton.
A “Frightful” Fun Pledge
By Joe Liner
Guest Writer
While Halloween may not be everyone’s
favorite holiday, it still holds a special place in
the hearts of New Yorkers as the city’s most
beautiful time of year, when the city bursts into
fall colors, and everything starts to buzz with
apprehension for the big night.
In fact, the fun starts a lot earlier than
the 31st, with many popular annual attractions
opening a month in advance, allowing funseekers plenty of time to get into the spooky
spirit! (It’s also great motivation to get started
early on your costume… nothing like a little
ghoulish charm to get inspired!)
One of the top destinations to check out
this Halloween season is New York’s very own
Blood Manor. Located on Varick Street in Lower
Manhattan, even the most seasoned Halloween
veterans can expect a scream and a half when
visiting this ultra-realistic haunted mansion.
How realistic is it? Put it this way: If
Disney turned its penchant for production values
and quality recreations onto the horror scene, you
would still not reach the level of imagination put
into Blood Manor.
treats at the ready, I’ve hunted around to find you
some of the best that New York has to offer.
First up are the Pumpkin and Apple
Gobblers from Big Gay Ice Cream Shop; The
Pumpkin Gobbler features vanilla ice cream with
pumpkin butter (say no more!), maple syrup,
piecrust, and whipped cream, while the Apple
Gobbler has apple butter and bourbon butterscotch
instead. You can find B.G.I.C.S. at 127 East 7th
Street, right near St. Marks Place.
My second suggestion takes us out of
Manhattan and into Astoria, Queens; for all things
pumpkin, head to MexiBBQ this Halloween
season. They’ll be featuring amazing confections
like Pumpkin Crème Brûlée and Apple Cider
Donuts, and for the 21 and over crowd, a line of
pumpkin-flavored beers, as well as Halloweenthemed ones such as a Coney Island local,
Freaktober Beer. Find MexiBBQ at 37-11 30th
Avenue in Astoria (Grab the N or the Q train!).
Since Halloween is upon us quite soon,
I’ve kept these suggestions light, affordable, and
easy to do in a pinch. So load your MetroCards,
grab your coats, and get out the door! Don’t waste
a second trying to make the most of the fall season,
one that really is New York’s time to shine!
Participants usually go on foot in groups
of six in order to help make the experience more
personal. In total, the mansion is made up of 5,000
square feet of corridors, labyrinths, and theme
rooms all designed to plumb the depths of your
personal fears; by the end of the trip, you can
rest assured that you’ll be screaming - for more,
possibly? The expertly trained actors have been
known to throw some random bits into the mix,
just for some additional fun.
“Most of the thrill comes from a more
psychological type of horror. There are plenty of
moments where you jump and get startled, but they
make sure that the fear gets right in your head,”
said MMC student Melissa Trujillo. “They made
one of the people in my group go by themselves,
just because they decided it would be more fun
that way!” Hurry down this weekend to catch the
last few runs before the big day, and go online to to get their latest student
No holiday experience would be complete
without a little nosh to get your taste buds in the
spirit as well. Halloween is a great time for themed
baked goods, and while nearly every bakery, café,
and restaurant will be expected to have holiday
My First Halloween
By Sierra Williams
Guest Writer
I see little children walking beside
their parents, pointing out the costumes in store
windows. Black, orange and purple colored
decorations abound, right alongside the skeletons
and cobwebs. It is October, but more importantly,
it is almost Halloween.
When I tell most people that I have not
ever celebrated Halloween (or any other holiday,
for that matter), they react with a shocked
gasp and exclamations of surprise. Truthfully,
this is the first year I’ve actually had a choice
in the matter, but after so many years of not
participating, even just the decorations in my
apartment are throwing me for a loop.
The house I grew up in is a strongly
religious one, and I was not exposed to holiday
or birthday celebrations unless it was happening
at school, and even then, that was a minimal
thing. Now I find myself, for the very first time,
with the option of celebrating the most ‘satanic’
of holidays, All Hallow’s Eve.
I’m still getting used to having decorations
up where I live! In fact, I’m continually startled
by my suitemate’s skeletal, zombie-esque butler
(affectionately named Victor) where he hangs on
our kitchen wall at the 55th Street Residence Hall.
He’s been in place for almost a month already, yet I
still find myself jumping every time I turn around.
It’s really quite surreal to me how New
York City in its entirety seems to dive into their
Halloween spirit and costumes. I do not quite
understand the appeal of this worldwide day of
make-believe, with the ghosts and ghouls, witches,
zombies, and Elvis Presleys running amuck. I
rather feel like I’m standing on the sidelines as
everyone competes around me to be the best gore
covered murderer or the character with the most
sex appeal.
All the decorations are almost enough to
get me to suit up in some Alice in Wonderland
costume and bust out the candy. Almost, but after
seventeen years of ignoring the holiday, truthfully,
I still don’t know what to think of it. I’ve never
been trick or treating; not once have I ever been to
a Halloween party, nor have I ever personally seen
a costume competition. I have no experience with
acting the fool for fun and candy, and while my
friends say, “Sierra, you HAVE to dress up! It’ll
be so much fun,” I’m quite alright with watching
everyone else have at it.
So while I may be the only eighteen
year old on the planet who has never celebrated
Halloween (or so it feels, at least), I’ll be sitting
on the sidelines as I’ve always done, watching
everyone else pretend to be someone else for a
When: TODAY, October 29th at 6 p.m.
Where: 32nd Floor Lounge at the 55th
Street Residence Hall
Get in the Halloween spirit tonight with
Add some funky
colors, googley
eyes, and glitter
to your very
own pumpkin!
Pumpkin Palooza: The Great Jack-o-Lantern Blaze
By Erin Shanley
Print Managing Editor
Every year, under the creative direction
of Michael Natiello, over 5,000 hand-carved
pumpkins take over the Cortlandt Manor in
Croton-on-Hudson, New York for the great Jacko-Lantern Blaze. Volunteers and local artists come
together to create a spectacular trail of twinkling
pumpkins that are pieced together to form larger
replicas, including animals and monsters. The trail begins by crossing through a
field blanketed in a sea of twinkling, spookyfaced pumpkins. As you continue walking,
poking amidst the crowd is a tree entwined with
more jack-o-lanterns that start at the base of the
trunk and continue into the branches.
the right, onlookers will see
skeleton fingers
reaching through
the ground
of a haunted
forward on the
left are cloth
ghosts encircling
a cylinder
pyramid of
mounted on
top of each
other as if to portray a
bonfire scene. As the path
continues, the pumpkin
forms become more
beware, as the trail comes
upon a field of larger
than life spiders, with the
sparkling lights almost
giving off the impression
that they are moving
and ending with jack-olanterns strung together to
form a spider web.
If the spider
display hasn’t sent you spiraling
into a panic attack, your nerves
can be calmed by passing
through a line of artfully crafted
pumpkins, carved with exquisite
patterns and designs. Next you
will approach a band of Macbetheqsue witches, life-sized, and
hunched over their bubbling
Visitors will also pass under an
archway where the inside ceiling
is completely covered with
skull-faced jack-o-lanterns, and
on the sides is a wall of aquatic
creatures. As the trail comes to
a close, you start to approach
life-size animals, including lions, tigers, and
bears...oh my! Famous monsters including
Frankenstein and Dracula can also be seen
poking in between glistening fields of corn
Children and adults of all ages can enjoy
walking through the interactive path lit from the
glow of thousands of handmade jack-o-lanterns,
accompanied by spooky tunes. The show is
running for six weeks this year with a total of
22 shows, having started over Columbus Day
weekend and continuing until November 11th.
There are typically two different show times
during this period. For more information on the
show and how to obtain tickets, you can visit
Photos courtesy of
By Kelsey O’Brien
Promotional Manager
Watch out! Do not open that door if you
know what is good for you. Behind that door
there is a monstrous-looking man in a striped
sweater with a knife, scissor hands, and a desire
to rip you and your friends to pieces.
No! What is wrong with you? Do you not
know running up the stairs is just another recipe
for disaster? Are you going to survive tonight?
Would collecting candy on jack-o-lantern lined,
suburban streets have been a better idea?
Or perhaps, the best idea of all, would
be to make some pumpkin spiced tea, pop some
popcorn, and curl up with a bowl of candy
corn and an eerily awesome Halloween movie.
What? You do not like that option because you
do not know what to watch? Good news, this is
one decision that your life is not dependent on,
and I have your back.
Here is a list of some of the best
Halloween movies out there.
There are all types of classic, creepy
movies perfect for the spirit of All Hallow’s
Eve. Why not start with Rosemary’s Baby?
“I’m a huge Roman Polansky
fan,” admits senior Zachary Stephens. “In
Rosemary’s Baby, he created the perfect, eerie
Or maybe you would be more of an
Alfred Hitchcock fan. Who does not love
definitive films like The Birds or Psycho?
“Psycho is a Halloween classic and
a staple! It started it all,” exclaims Stephens.
He adds, “Anything Alfred Hitchcock is an
automatic win in my book.”
If you like particularly gutty and gory
movies, check out the Saw series. This hit
franchise currently boasts seven disgustingly
bloody movies and two video games as well.
Other movies that still show an
interesting amount of severed body parts,
strange stabbings, and scary, sticky situations
include The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and
The Amityville Horror. Do not forget about The
Photos courtesy of
“It’s an A+ film,” says Stephens.
Or you could go the route of scream
queens. When teenagers are involved, when is
there not a good time to venture to a cabin the
woods or go to a raging party that not a single
adult knows about in an abandoned barn? Because
that clearly makes sense.
Movies like Friday the 13th, Nightmare
on Elm Street, Halloween, House of Wax, and
Trick’r’Treat are perfect to get your daily dose of
slashed up young adolescents.
“End the list at Trick’r’Treat!” exclaims
senior Evan Warren.
If you are looking for a little humor with
your dead teenagers, try the Scream franchise.
These four movies try to make light of awful
teenage movies while becoming one themselves.
(If you want to get really silly, you can watch
the Scary Movie franchise that solely seeks to
produce tears from laughter, not fright.)
Try something ghostly if none of
these sound particularly appealing. Films like
Poltergeist, The Haunting in Connecticut, and
Paranormal Activity (all four) all touch on spirits
that linger in the afterlife.
“Paranormal Activity is actually the
perfect date movie,” claims senior Leigh Berenis.
She explains, “If you want a girl to jump on top
of you in fright, watch it.”
Sometimes religion can be pretty creepy
too. Movies like The Exorcist and The Exorcism
of Emily Rose put a creepy spin on demons and
Who also could forget Samara in The
Ring? What is not terrifying about a girl with
seemingly no face coming out of a static-filled
television screen?
“It scared me so much. I was so scared of
that little girl with the wet hair until I saw them
spoof it in Scary Movie 3,” junior Austin Nelson
Tim Burton may be a better cup of tea.
Known for his creepy films, Burton is a staple when
thinking of the ghoulish and deadly. Try titles like
Beetlejuice, A Nightmare Before Christmas, and
Edward Scissorhands.
“Beetlejuice was so much a part of my
childhood,” says Stephens. “I can quote every line
from it.”
Alumna Cecilia Perez-Homar says A
Nightmare Before Christmas is her favorite. “The
best thing about the movie is that it extends until
late December!” she explains.
Halloween movies do not have to be scary,
though. Some Burton films are not.
Disney Channel Original Movies are family
friendly and wholesome, while still celebrating the
Halloween spirit. Titles such as Mom’s Got a Date
with a Vampire, Underwraps, Don’t Look Under
the Bed, and the Halloweentown series are a few to
“Mom’s got a Date With a Vampire is
flawless,” says junior Lindsey Sullivan.
Halloweentown. She says, “It’s our childhood. We
grew up with it!”
Junior Meghan Mirsch embellishes
Holloran’s statement by agreeing, “At age twenty,
I can still watch it and enjoy a completely original
story about a town based on Halloween.”
Speaking of childhoods, who could forget
quintessential childhood movies like Mary-Kate
and Ashley Olsen’s Double, Double, Toil and
Trouble, It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, or
the Casper movies?
“Oh my God, Casper!” exclaims Stephens.
“Watching that now would make me completely
Without hesitation, this article would not be
complete without a giant shout out to Hocus Pocus.
The classic Halloween film is still a huge hit with
90s babies, who spent their childhoods scared to
light the Black Flame Candle or terrified of having
their souls sucked out before sunrise.
“What girl still doesn’t want to be a
Sanderson sister for Halloween?” says Berenis.
Boo! Have I scared you yet? Well if I
haven’t put you in the spirit for All Hallow’s Eve,
these movies certainly will. Happy watching,
Griffins! And don’t look under the bed!