Maddie Handbag Pattern

Maddie Handbag Pattern
Created by Aimee Larsen
For HomeSpun-Threads
½ Yard of Interior Fabric
½ Yard of Exterior Fabric
50” of Ribbon
Magnetic Snap or Closure
Heavy Fusible Interfacing
Cutting Pattern Instruction:
Tip: Draw pattern on pattern paper available at most a national fabrics stores so
that you will only have to measure pieces one time. I cut my patterns out in
Plexiglas and use a rotary cutter so they are uniform and perfect every time.
1. Below are the pattern pieces that you need to cut and the quantity of each.
• Cut 2 inside and outside and (4)interfacing: 13” Wide x 11.5” Tall (body)
• Cut 2 inside and outside and (4)interfacing: 6” Wide x 11.5” Tall (sides)
• Cut 1 inside and outside and (2)interfacing: 6” Tall x 13” Wide (bottom)
• Cut 2 straps: 4” Wide x 45” Long
• Cut 2 interfacing strips: 2” x 25” Long
• Cut 1 inside: 13” Wide by 8” Tall (inside pocket)
• Cut 1 inside and outside: 5.5” x 5.5” square (outside pocket) optional
2. Iron fusible side of interfacing to the wrong side of all appropriate bag pieces. Iron
2” strip down the middle of the 4” strap.
3. Fold edge of fabric from strap towards middle, using the 2” interfacing that you
ironed on as a guide. Then fold the strap in half so that the clean, folded edges line up
neatly. (See next page for picture.)
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4. Fold the top of the inside pocket down
½” and press. Fold it again, ½” and press.
You will sew this fold down.
5. Sew straps down both sides 3/16” from
the edge.
6. Measure 3” from the 11.5” side of your
outside bag piece. Pin down strap and
sew along the existing stitch line. Stop
when your stitch line reaches 3” from the
edge of the bag. Make a 90 degree turn
and triple stitch to the opposite stitch line.
Stitch back down to the other end of the
strap. Do this same step with the other end
of the strap, on the opposite side of the
7. (optional) if you would like to add a
pocket to the outside of the back, sew
with right sides together along one edge,
fold open and press. Pin the piece with
open edge opposite seam at the bottom
of the piece, you straps will ride on top of
the side edges of the pocket. Place your
straps and sew them down. (see next
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8. Align your long, outside, bottom piece along the
bottom edge of your bag; you will sew 3/8” from the
edge as shown on the top right. Sew the opposite
side of the bag on to the bag bottom. When you
open your three pieces out, they will look like the
picture on the left. You will notice that you have sewn
the raw edges of your straps and pocket into the
bottom seam of your bag.
9. Now, using your length of ribbon cut 4 pieces 12”
pieces and trim one end at an angle, you can heat
these with a flame to melt or use a fray check on the
ends to keep from fraying.
10. (Not pictured) Take your two remaining outside
pieces and lay them tall in front of you. Measure 3”
from the top on each side and pin the flat edge of
the ribbon to the edge from the side.
Tack these ribbon pieces down to the fabric at the
very edge.
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11. Lay one of your remaining pieces for
your outside bag along the bottom edge
of the bag. The ribbons will be opposite
from the sewing edge where you are
creating a seam.
Start 3/8” from the
edge of your piece so that you start sewing
directly over the existing seam underneath.
Sew straight along edge and stop 3/8”
from the other side, right over the other
seam that is underneath.
12. Align and Sew from the corner to the top of your
bag for all sides. After you have sewn all sides
together you will clip any excess fabric from the inside
corners before turning your outside bag, inside out.
When you have turned your bag out, you will want to
gently push out the corners of the bag and it will look
something like this.
You will then want to take the bag back to the ironing
board and iron the top edge down about 1” all the
way around so that it is folded inward.
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13. Sew the edge of your inside pocket
down and lay it on the large inside piece
with the bottom of the pocket aligned with
the bottom of the inside piece. You will
sew a line down the center to create two
pockets. Be sure to heavily lock your
stitches at the top of your pocket so it does
not come undone.
14. Sew your inside bag the same method used for the outside bag. Make sure you
catch the edges of your pockets on all sides.
15. Once your inside bag is sew, stuff it into the outside bag, push all the corners
together. Now fold your inside bag down and pin the inside and outside bag together
around the top of the bag. Be careful to line the edges up neatly when pinning. Your
seams will make a good guide for alignment.
16. Apply the closure that you desire, I use magnetic snaps and follow the instructions
that come with them to attach them to the inside of my bag.
17. Carefully sew along the top edge of your bag about 3/16” from the edge. Remove
pins as you go to prevent them from catching or poking.
18. Once you’ve removed all your pins around the top and have sewn all the way
around, you are finished sewing
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19. Now, fold the back edges in and tie
your bows on the side tightly.
You are finished!
Limited Commercial License is granted with this pattern.
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