The Anglican Parish of Tamborine Mountain
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St George’s – Tamborine Mountain
Church of St George the Martyr, 2 Dapsang Drive, Tamborine Mountain
Saturday: 5.30pm Celebration Eucharist Sunday: 9:30am Eucharist: including
Footsteps - KIDS’@CHURCH: each Sunday in school terms
Thursday: 10.00am Eucharist
St Luke’s - Canungra
Church of St Luke the Evangelist, 15-21 Kidston St Canungra
Sunday: 7:45am Eucharist
Hall on Graceleigh - Beechmont First Sunday of the Month – 10:30am
Dates to Note:
St George’s - weekly
Emergency Relief
Wed 29Apr
By Appointment, weekly 55452919
Wed’[email protected] Luke’s Wed 29Apr
St Luke’s – weekly craft & chat
Wed 29Apr
10.00am Roslyn Lodge – fortnightly
Thursday Eucharist Thu
10.00am St George’s – weekly
S. End Meditation
1 May
Mt. Tamborine - weekly 55452226
S. End Bible Study
1 May
11:00am Mt. Tamborine - Barbara 55452226
Saturday Eucharist
2 May
St George’s – weekly
Sunday Eucharist
Sun 3 May
7.45am St Luke’s, 9:30 St George’s - weekly
Footsteps - Kids @ Church each Sunday 9.30am St George’s
Sunday Eucharist
Sun 3 May
10.30am Hall on Graceleigh, Beechmont
Parish Council
21May 7.00pm
deVoil Room
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Ven. Valerie
5545 2919 / 0487 117 662
Hoare Note: Valerie’s Day Off - Monday
John King 5543 4249 [email protected]
Priest’s Warden
Jenny Peat 5545 1940 [email protected];
Kaye Corner 5545 4778 [email protected]
Parish Bulletin: notices by 5pm Tuesday 5543 4249 [email protected]
Priests with Permission to Officiate
The Rev’d Martin Hunnybun The Rev’d John Corner
The Rev’d Robin Keeley
Parish Priest
To Ponder; Whenever I am about to meet God, I try to put my best foot forward.
Vallus Carnegius, 4th century mystic
Refugees I strongly recommend McAdam & Chong’s book Refugees – which
would be of interest to anyone prepared to understand that things are not always
exactly as the Government and media lead us to think. It’s in the local library.
One final quote “it is common parlance in the Migration Act to use the term
“Unlawful non-citizen”. However the Minister indicated that the terminology we
should use should be “illegal maritime arrival”.
Have a little think about why we did that.
Today we acknowledge and pay respect to the people of the Yugambeh Language
Group, the traditional custodians of this land on which we gather.
I am the good shepherd,’ says the Lord. ‘I know my own and my own know me.’
John 10.14
Jesus, good shepherd of the sheep,
by whom the lost are sought
and guided into the fold:
feed us and we shall be satisfied,
heal us and we shall be whole,
and lead us that we may be with you,
where you live and reign with the Father and the Holy Spirit,
one God, now and for ever. Amen.
Acts 4.5-12;
Liturgical Colour: White
Psalm 23; 1 John 3.16-24; John 10.11-18
St George's
– Power Point, An Order Service for Easter
St Luke's
– Power Point, An Order Service for Easter
Hymns: For Psalm 23 – Sing The Lord’s My Shepherd AHB 16; MP 660
St George’s
St Luke's
649 The King
of Love My
Shepherd Is
81 The King of
Love My
Shepherd Is
660 The
Lord's My
*A Shepherd
I'll Be to You
* My Shepherd You
Supply My Need
(Tune Resignation)
* The Lord is
My Shepherd
(TiS 659)
* The Lord is My
Shepherd (TiS
* A Shepherd I'll
Be to You
Good Shepherd Sunday
How would you describe your image of the Good Shepherd? Now switch your PoV
- Point of View - how does the Good Shepherd see our particular flock?
Are we in need of rescue?
What I’ve appreciated over these weeks of preparation for the centenary of the
landing at ANZAC cove has been the personal stories that we’ve heard – suddenly
family stories have become national stories – the sacrifice of ordinary people seen
against the backdrop of war with its heroism, courage and mateship lived in tension
with war’s sheer savagery, mayhem and terror.
Our sacred story of sacrifice for love and our salvation reminds us that we are
called to repeat the pattern, not simply stand back and admire and respect.
Next Sunday: 3 May – Fifth Sunday of Easter (White)
Acts 8.26-40;
Psalm 22.26-32;
1 John 4.7-21;
John 15.1-8
Bertha, John, Sylvia & John, KenEd, Jamie, Mary, Wendy and Brian, Dawn
EMERGENCY RELIEF for our ANGLICARE Funds are still short to help members
of our community buy groceries (and pay bills of course). If you’re able please help
by bringing in non-perishable food – e.g. pasta, soup, tinned meat, tinned
vegetables, tinned fruit, spreads, long-life milk, toilet paper etc. TA
Jesus is, as he tells us here, "the good shepherd." His sheep recognise his voice.
Heard Jesus speaking to you lately?
Finances for Year to end March 2015
Our new name badges have arrived for those who ordered them and they are at
the entry of each church. The cost is $9.00. Preferred payment is via an envelope
marked with your name (and the purpose) via the offertory or otherwise give to
Rev’d Valerie at St George’s & Beechmont and John King at St Luke’s.
I was asked a while ago about how to leave a bequest to the Parish. Let me
emphasise that this is very much a personal matter and you are not obliged to let
us know the details of your planned legacy. (Of course if you do we can thank you
and discuss with you how we might invest your intended gift in a way that matches
your values and honours your wishes.)
This is the form of wording that is required in your will. “I give and bequest the sum
of $ … (or the rest and residue of my estate) to The Corporation of The Synod of
The Diocese of Brisbane for the general charitable and religious purposes of the
Parish of Tamborine Mountain, and the receipt of the Diocesan General Manager
shall be a sufficient discharge to my executor or trustee.
Fae, a member of the Baptist community feels a strong call to pray, in union with all
Christians, for our wider community. She has a prayer group each Thursday at her
home in Tamborine. Ph 5543 87849
Time to start potting up for the Spring Fair – and of course if you’ve got plants
already underway – the Cake stall on the 9 is not too far away.
The Washington Post invited readers to take any word from the dictionary, alter it
by adding, subtracting, or changing one letter, and supply a new definition.
Here are some winners:
Cashtration (n.): The act of buying a house, which renders the subject financially
impotent for an indefinite period of time.
Intaxicaton: Euphoria at getting a tax refund, which lasts until you realize it was
your money to start with.
Reintarnation: Coming back to life as a hillbilly.
Giraffiti: Vandalism spray-painted very, very high.
Sunday 26 April St George’s – Congregation discussion about Powerpoint
Tuesday 28 April 5.30pm St Luke’s – Guild meeting We will start with bangerson-bread at 5.30pm and commence the meeting at 6.30pm.
Friday 1 May to Sunday 3 May Georgian Room – Art Exhibition
An art exhibition - 'Hope and Love through the eyes of Asylum Seekers' will be
presented in our Georgian Room from Fri 1 May- Sun 3 May. ALL WELCOME.
Admission Free. Tamil artists will be in attendance. Details at entry of the church. If
anyone is able to assist with 'hosting' visitors to the exhibition during Saturday or
Sunday, or billeting an artist over Friday or Saturday nights, a roster has been
placed at the front of the church so you can add your name and contact details.
Event sponsored by Tamborine Mountain Ecumenical Refugee Support network,
and Romero Centre, Brisbane. Note: Please volunteer for the roster – at the entry.
Sunday 3 May 2.30pm St George’s – Tamborine Mountain Orchestra concert
Tamborine Mountain Orchestra concert ‘Stage and Screen’ featuring some of the
best of the music from theatre and movies. We are expecting this to be a real music
treat. Entrance - $8, school children and professional jews harpists - free.
Saturday 9 May 8am St George’s – Fundraiser Cake Stall and Book Sale
On the Saturday of the mothers’ day weekend, a fundraiser cake stall and book
sale will be held at St George’s from 8am. All contributions of cakes, biscuits, etc
will be much appreciated. Yvonne – 5545-1624
A HELPERS ROSTER will be on the entry table at St George’s if you can assist.
Saturday 9 May 5pm to 8pm - Come and Spit with your Chappy
Spit roast and fun for all the family in support of Tamborine Mountain school
chaplains at the Presbyterian Hall. Poster displayed on the noticeboard and sign-up
sheet at the entry of the Church. Great children’s activities, a silent auction with lots
of items including some beautiful furniture and our acclaimed artist/Chaplain Leeton
Lee will give a painting demo. Don’t miss a good night out for all the family.
To Ponder: How Close are you to the Shepherd –
# 1: Is he Just Behind You, or have you gone off alone?
An old Chinese proverb tells the story of a fox that was captured by a tiger. The fox
said, "You can't eat me because the gods have made me the leader of all the
animals." The tiger did not believe him, but the fox said, "Follow me and see if any
animal challenges me."
The tiger agreed to this and followed directly behind the fox as the fox began his
walk through the forest. To the tiger's amazement it turned out to be exactly as the
fox had said. Not a single animal they encountered challenged the fox. Indeed
every animal they met fled in sheer panic.
After several such encounters the tiger finally agreed that the fox was the leader of
all the animals and let him go. The Moral of the Story It is easy to remove
obstacles that oppose us when we have a tiger right behind us.
#2: We are not loved by God because we are precious. We are precious because
God loves us. Henri Nouwen.
# 3: Human unity is really less something we are called to create than simply to
recognise and make manifest. William Sloane Coffin