Saturday Masterclass Flyer

Clinical techniques and
gait patterns used in the
pelvic equilibrium theory,
a Master Class led by
Mr Clifton Bradeley.
Mr. Bradeley is a specialist in biomechanics; podopaediatrics and electro-surgery, one of a tiny
group of full time sports bio-mechanists in the UK. He is a practitioner of twenty-six years’
experience in clinical musculoskeletal podiatric biomechanics and has carried out more than
15,000 biomechanical assessments.
Clifton has won several innovation awards
for developing techniques and instruments
used in clinical biomechanics including
a digital pelvic inclinometer (DPI) used
to quantify the effects of leg length
asymmetry on pelvic dysfunction before
and after treatment. Clifton and participants
will explore the implications of a new
theory based on pelvic adaption using a
clinical protocol, which quantifies (using an
innovative digital pelvic inclinometer) pelvic
Saturday May 9, 2015,
8:30am – 12:00pm
including an exclusive breakfast
networking event.
This event will be held in Brisbane,
At the Pavilion
Allan Border Field
1 Greg Chappell Street
Albion, Brisbane QLD
Cost (inc. GST):
Member $350 Non Member $425
adaption to natural symmetry using static
and dynamic trails on a patient subject.
See a range of new clinical protocols (both
static and on the treadmill) demonstrated
that show delegates adaptive motion
patterns that occur in all upright ambulant
Practical clinical tips will allow delegates to
implement changes in their own practices.
These are repeatable and observable
The Australasian Podiatry Council
suggests that this activity is valued at
four CPD hours under Podiatry Board
of Australia Guidelines.
To register go to, or for
more information contact Pauline
by emailing [email protected]
or calling (03) 9416 3111.
Number of attendees at this
Masterclass limited to 30.
Thanks to Declam who made this
Masterclass possible.