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14120 S. Madison Rd. Valleyford WA. 99036
Contact number: 509.230.2980
Room Reservations for out of town tournaments.
SEATTLE: ---- All teams ---- Reservation is Under APEX Volleyball.
Feb 15-16
Ramada Hotel
Address: 15901 West Valley Hwy, Tukwilla WA.
Cost 89.00+tax for a queen Dbl
BOOK ASAP to ensure that rooms are held.
LEAVENWORTH: 17 and 18s only -- Reservation is Under APEX Volleyball.
March 18, 2015
Icicle Inn
Downtown Leavenworth.
Price 149.00 + Tax
Ask for two queens beds
BOOK ASAP to ensure that the room is held
YAKIMA - All teams – Read below
We found out that there are other events in the area this weekend as well as the tournament. I
trying to find a hotel that would accommodate all 70 rooms with double beds, we learned that this
is not going to happen.
success. SO…
We have looked at surrounding cities and even into Ellensburg with no
There are some scattered rooms in Yakima with single King size beds. If you and your child are
good with that, find one and book it. If you find a place with more than one room available, let
your team know and try to get them all together. I know one place had 5 rooms with king beds in
it. Most of the time, there is a sofa bed in these rooms, as an alternative, you can throw out a air
mattress on the floor for a bed.
I am sorry for the issue. This is the first time in the 12 years that I have been going to this
tournament, where we failed at getting all teams in the same hotel or at least split between 2.
Again, if we find any others, we will hold them and share it with you.
The date in question is:
March 14 and 15th. Need rooms for Friday night, the 13th and Saturday the 14th