Fresh Cheese Stick Loader MODEL LS-Cheese

Fresh Cheese Stick Loader
Quickly load fragile products, specifically fresh cheese sticks. This model enables flexible film loading and box loading. Versatile modular heads offer quick changeover
time for different packaging applications.
• 2 and 3 lane versions available
• Up to 1,000 pieces per minute*
• 98%+ fill rate
• Rapid module changeover loading head
• Touch screen controls
• Conforms to AMI sanitary equipment
design principles
• CE approved
*Final output speed is dependent on product specifications and the packaging machine.
Guarding may be removed in some images for demonstration purposes.
Drake 1410 Genicom Drive, Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 - USA
+1 540 569-4368 Fax: +1 540 942-2649 [email protected]
MODEL LS-Cheese Stick Loader
Drake’s launcher style, open-channel cheese
stick loader is the most sanitary, high-speed
loader on the market.
The cheese stick loader offers a compact
footprint as well as a design that allows it to
be stripped quickly for cleaning. The launcher
section uses sanitary food belts that are easily
removed during the cleaning process. Drake’s
cheese stick loader is exceptionally durable and
built to withstand severe sanitation procedures.
The unit can handle up to 1,000 pieces per
minute of a 127mm (5 inches) long cheese stick
and has a 98% fill rate. Drake’s cheese loader
can successfully load individual sticks of fresh
cheese into individual pockets on a thermoform
packaging machine or multiple layers into
bulk packages. Blue buckets are used on this
autoloader for better contrast with the white
All Drake autoloaders feature touch screen
controls, allowing for the easy addition of new
recipes and rapid adjustment to various areas
of the loader.
All Drake loaders are proudly made in the USA.
208 - 240 V or
380 - 480 V,
50 or 60 Hz,
3 PH
Fuse: 30A
Drake Model LS-Cheese Loader Specifications
Noise Level
Product Placement
≤70 dB
(30 LPM)
Drake 1410 Genicom Drive, Waynesboro, Virginia 22980 - USA
+1 540 569-4368 Fax: +1 540 942-2649 [email protected]