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Filet Crochet software. Create your own Filet Crochet patterns!
Filet Crochet software will create a grid on the screen for you. Use the mouse to fill the squares on the
grid to create your pattern. Print the pattern along with the generated crochet instructions.
Edit Feature. Flip, rotate, cut, copy, paste and move sections of your pattern. Resize, shrink, and zoom
the pattern.
Add Shapes. Draw squares, triangles, rectangles, circles, ellipses, diamonds and lines simply by selecting
the shape from the toolbox.
Flood Fill. Fill-in enclosed regions of the pattern with one mouse click.
Add Text. You can add text into your pattern using any font on your PC. Just select the font, size, style
and type the text.
Draw in Mirror Mode. It’
s just like drawing with a mirror. What you draw on the right mirrors on
the left or what you draw on top mirrors below. Mirror horizontally or vertically both or bothmirrored.
Kaleidoscope. Take a section of a pattern and kaleidoscope it up to 5 different ways to get a
completely new pattern designed in one press of a button.
Import Pictures and Clipart. Convert any picture or clip-art to a Filet Crochet pattern using the Import
Add Special Stitches. Add special crochet stitches to your pattern by selecting the stitch from the
Add Stamps. Create hundreds of patterns just from stamps. We’
ve created over 170 stamps to choose
from. And now they come in 3 different sizes, small, medium, and large. All are ready for you to use or
you can create and save your own.
Add Inserts. You can create hundreds of patterns just from inserts. Inserts are sample motifs of all kinds
that you can insert into your pattern. We’
ve created over 45 inserts to choose from. And it’
s easy to
create your own inserts. It’
s a great way to save motifs that you want to use over and over again.
Add Titles/Footers/Special instructions. Add a pattern title/copyright notice to your pattern. Include
any special instructions for your pattern.
Grids/Rulers. Display grids and rulers based on 5, 10, 20 or 30 crochet thread size or baby weight, sport
weight or worsted weight yarn.
Colors and Styles. Choose the color and style of the grid and color and style of the filled squares (solid
or X’
Print Options. Print a full-page picture of your pattern or spread your pattern over several pages. Print
landscape or portrait.
Instructions. Print the generated crochet instructions for your pattern including estimated finished sizes
and amount of thread/yarn needed.
File Preview. View all of your patterns at once in miniature. Select a pattern in the File Previewer to
open if for editing and/or printing.
Finished Product Picture. You can see what your pattern will look like after crocheted.
Pattern in Crochet Symbols. See you pattern in stitch symbols. A great way to check your work.
Save Options. Save your pattern as a pattern file (.cht) or picture file (jpeg or bmp). Only pattern files
can be edited in the software.
Get started quickly with the included tutorials.
Crochet Designs by Sand Castle Designs, Inc.
Filet Crochet Patterns. Our professionally designed patterns come in sets of 8 to 12 along
with the Filet Crochet Viewer software. The Viewer is used open, view and print the patterns
and is free with your order.
Pattern Set 1: Delightful Starts $6.95
A wonderful collection of smaller patterns for the beginner who is not ready to embark on a big
task just yet or someone who is interested in doing smaller, quicker pieces. Most of these
patterns fit nicely on end tables or hung as pictures on the wall. Beautiful patterns and simple
design is what makes this collection so special.
Pattern Set 2: Love, Weddings and Marriage $6.95
This collection of patterns is all about love, weddings and marriage. Wonderful patterns like "To
Have and to Hold", "Love is the Key" and "Wedding Rings" say it all. We have also added to this
collection pretty roses and elegant designs. Patterns to be given as wedding gifts or decorations
for your own home.
Pattern Set 3: Lace, Fun and Friendship $6.95
This collection is a combination of delicate patterns for lacy curtains, table runners and
bedspreads and a bold collection of fun and friendship motifs for tabletops.
Pattern Set 4: Romance $6.95
A romantic collection of roses, flowers, blossoms, birds and dreams of far away places. This
collection is made to capture your heart and leave you dreaming of love.
Pattern Set 5: Springtime $6.95
Sun, butterflies, flowers and birds all remind us of summer. This collection contains all these
delights and more. Enjoy the fun of making any one of these patterns.
Pattern Set 6: Summer Delights $6.95
Sun, butterflies, flowers and birds all remind us of summer. This collection contains all these
delights and more. Enjoy the fun of making any one of these patterns.
Pattern Set 7: Majestic Elegance $6.95
A majestic set of patterns made for any prince or princess. There are stylish crosses, garden
windows, trellises and romantic angels to name a few.
Pattern Set 39: Celebrate Spring with Flowers $6.95
A wonderful collection that starts with winter snow flakes and quickly moves into spring time
flowers, birds and butterflies. Several table mats and valances to choose from to make any
home decor special.
Pattern Set 55: Heart, Flowers and Lace Crochet $6.95
There are florals of roses and tulips all beautifully combined with hearts and lace. A pretty
combination of table toppers and curtains designed to give your home an elegant look.
Pattern Set 60: Elegant Home and Garden Crochet $6.95
This set is everything about elegant homes and gardens. You will find a tea room wall hanging
and a formal garden table topper along with a picture of the family’
s favorite beach vacation
spot. Added to the collection are lovely lace runners, rose curtains, tulip runners and a butterfly
table topper. Create elegance in your home with this set of home and garden crochet.
Pattern Set 63: Filet Crochet Magical Fun $6.95
Have fun crocheting Dancing Stars, Pinwheels, and Sunbursts. Dance around a Maypole or sit
on the front porch and swing. This crochet set is loaded with images of magical fun.
Pattern Set 64: Special Times and Fun Crochet $6.95
Remember your special times and days of fun with this lovely Filet Crochet set. Crochet
symbols of weddings, Christmas and Valentines along with fun days of Tea Time and Spring
Pattern Set 66: Filet Crochet for Home and Castles $6.95
This Filet crochet pattern set is specially designed for your home or castle. A Castle wall
hanging, a dragonfly table topper and summer day curtains are just a few of the patterns you
will find in this set. Have a royal time decorating your home from patterns in this set.
Pattern Set 68: Filet Crochet Roses, Flowers and Lacey Elegance $6.95
We know how much you love roses, flowers and lacey elegance, so we created a crochet set
loaded with all three. Each rose and floral pattern is elegantly designed with delicate lace and
filet motifs. In addition, we've added five decorative pieces with a lacey touch that will make a
beautiful addition to any home decor.
Pattern Set 75: Springtime Decor in Filet Crochet $6.95
Springtime is a time for flowers, gardens and weddings. This collection captures it all from
garden roses to the wedding day all done in Filet Crochet.
Pattern Set 78: A Season of Filet Crochet $6.95
A fun collection of winter scenes and beautiful florals to brighten up your home. This set truly is
a Filet Crochet treasure.
Crochet Designs by Sand Castle Designs, Inc.
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