Creative Ideas for Sewing & Quilting Spring 2014 2014

Spring 2014
Creative Ideas for Sewing & Quilting
Buy a Quilter’s Wish Sew Steady Table, Get a FREE Travel Bag!
This NEW “Quilter’s Wish” table from Sew Steady has been designed and made by quilters for quilters
with all of the features that you’ve been asking for. The 22½” x 22½” table has over 500 square
inches of workspace to give you lots of room for even the biggest project, 3 beveled edges so your
fabrics won’t snag, circle sewing options for circles up to 18” in diameter and more.
Seven easily adjustable legs remove for easy storage while the
new Universal Grid provides ruler guidance and shows angles
right at the needle. New Table Lock secures the table to the
machine for more accuracy when using the grid and when
sewing circles. The handy nine-compartment storage tray slides
easily under the table, holds pins, scissors, and more. These are
custom ordered for your machine so please specify sewing
machine or serger make and model. Please also specify if you
want the table to fit the freearm or to fit with embroidery
unit attached. Allow 4 - 6 weeks for delivery. Note: Tables do
not qualify for Free shipping offer and are subject to their own
separate shipping charges.
Order before March 31st and get a FREE Travel and Tote Bag
valued at $58.99!
#SST-QW Quilter’s Wish Table (MSRP $169.99) Your Price ……$152.99
Order an 18” x 24” Deluxe Sew Steady table before March 31st and
you’ll also get a FREE Travel and Tote Bag valued at $45.99!
#DSST Deluxe Sew Steady Table (MSRP $163.99) Your Price ……$130.99
See clear and precise details with this Sewing Machine Magnifier!
This adjustable sewing machine magnifier with bright, white LED light fits most
sewing machines. Use the snug pads that are included to get a secure fit to your
machine (machine must measure 4¾” or less across the top). The magnifier is 2X
magnification with a large edge-to-edge viewing area - 12.5 x 6.5 cm (4¾” x 2½”)
for crystal clear magnification from edge to edge. 3 batteries are included.
#SMM-200 Sewing Machine Magnifier ……$21.99
Phone Orders 1-800-309-2829
Time for a new wardrobe?
It’s time to start sewing!
The perfect basic tee from
Vancouver-based Sewaholics!
We’ve now got the complete line of
Burda patterns - and our everyday
low price is 25% off the MSRP!
The highly-rated Renfrew Top is a
fitted knit top with sleeve and neckline
variations. Mix and match long, threequarter length, or short sleeves with
a scoop, deep V, or cowl neckline for
unlimited possibilities! This is a knit
top for people who hesitate to sew with
knits. Banded hems are easy to sew and
finish the edge in a professional-looking
way. Beautiful and easy to stitch up in
either our Marina Stripe or the Bamboo
Knit fabric! Sizes 0 - 16 included.
#SP-1201 Renfrew Top …………$15.98
Ponte di Roma knits - double-knit interlock that has
stability as well as flexiblity and softness.
Easy-to-sew Ponte knit is perfect for all kinds of sportwear - yoga
pants, un-structured jackets, tops, skirts and more. Col 03 - Snow
only has slub texture. The stripes are a bit lighter than the solids,
making them great for t-shirts as well. Solid ponte except 03 - Snow is
90%polyester, 5% rayon, 5% spandex; stripes and solid 03 - Snow are
95% polyester, 5% spandex. 150cm wide.
#28513-(col#) Solid Ponte di Roma …………………………$12.99/m
#33794-(col#) Marina Knit Stripe ……………………………$14.99/m
#02 - Black
#06 - Brown
#04 - Navy
#03 - Snow
#01 - White with Black
#06 - Black with White
Here’s just one of the Burda patterns
we love! These sophisticated t-shirts
and dress have twisted front panels
for a fabulous look and fit. Using a
4-way stretch fabric, you’ll love the
shape and the perfect fit. The flared
skirt on the dress drapes beautifully.
These are easy to make and so
comfortable to wear! Sizes 8 - 20
B-6911 (MSRP $12.99) Your Price ……$9.75
Bamboo Knits
for style AND
#02 - Black
#04 - Navy
#72 - Peacock
#73 - Red
#21 - Salmon
#70 - Lime
Bamboo and spandex blended together into one beautifully soft
and easy-to-sew fabric! These bamboo and spandex knit fabrics are
popular for both high fashion and casual apparel. They drape and fit
beautifully and are made with bamboo rayon, which is hearty, easy
to grow and sustainable, making them very environmentally friendly.
Naturally soft, anti-bacterial and odor resistant. 93% bamboo, 7%
spandex, 150cm wide. These are beautiful knits for either the Burda
pattern, above, or the Renfrew top at left. (T-shirts require .9 to 1.6m
depending on size and sleeve length, 2.1m for cowl neck Renfrew).
#BSK-(col#) Bamboo Knit ……………………………………$19.99/m
Learn to fit and sew clothes for YOUR body or to choose the right fabrics every
time for your sewing projects!
Learn the basics of choosing the right size, tissue-fitting, altering, and fabric-fitting in this Fit for
Real People interactive DVD. Watch as Marta teaches the most common alterations for the bust,
back, shoulders, and sleeves. She demonstrates the same alterations on 3 tops - a fitted shirt,
a loose fitting jacket, and a fitted princess jacket along with a straight skirt. In Will This Fabric
Work for You?, Pati Palmer and Katrina Walker guide you through the steps to making a perfect
pairing between fabrics and patterns. Make your fabrics work with your designs using special
techniques, learn about fabric sewability and about the easiest fabrics to sew. 1½ - 2 hour DVDs.
#FRP-DVD Fit for Real People DVD ……………………………………$24.49
#WFW-100 Will this Fabric Work ………………………………………$24.49
A Great Notion Sewing Supply Ltd.
Find over 800 sewing tricks & sneak
them up your hand-sewn sleeve!
Did you know you could use washable
crayon, instead of messy chalk, to mark
fabric? Or that there’s a better way to reattach a button, mark a pattern, or make a
quick alteration? These insider tidbits, and
many more, are revealed in Threads Sew
Smarter, Better, & Faster. Written by the
editors, contributors, and even readers of
the wildly-popular Threads magazine, this
all-in-one resource is bursting at the seams with over 800 tips, tricks,
techniques, shortcuts, and advice for sewing everything and anything
your heart desires. The perfect reference for stitchers of all levels.
#SSB-700 Sew Smarter, Better, Faster …………………………$29.99
Do you have a closet full of clothes
but nothing to wear? Here are style
solutions for REAL Women!
You can look and feel lovely every day,
regardless of your age, bank balance, or pant
size! In Looking Good… Every Day, wardrobe
consultant Nancy Nix-Rice sets out a simple
yet sophisticated standard for determining
which clothes and accessories will showcase
your unique beauty. Learn how to “connect”
clothes, accessories and makeup to your
colouring, body type, lifestyle, and personal style. You’ll learn to
spotlight assets instead of hiding “flaws”. You’ll learn to make many
more outfits from far fewer pieces, allowing for higher quality within
the same budget.
#LGE-100 Looking Good Everyday …………………………$35.99
An old favourite is new again!
This Bound Buttonhole Maker is the tool that you
need to make perfect, easy, bound buttonholes to
give your sewing projects that professional, couture
look. We haven’t been able to find these for years,
but by popular demand, they’re back again! This
great tailoring tool is indispensible for easy results.
#DBB-100 Bound Buttonhole Maker …$5.99
Keep your tailor’s chalk in tip-top shape!
Desktop Magnifying LED Lamp
This 30 cm (12”) flexible gooseneck lamp allows you to direct
light precisely on your project for clear visibility at any time of
the day (or night)! The lamp has 24 long-lasting, bright white LED
bulbs for a brighter viewing area and 2X magnification to make
even the smallest detail easier to see, reducing strain on eyes
when working on small projects. Removable accessory
tray keeps all your project supplies close at hand.
15 x 20 cm (6” x 8”) weighted base provides great
stability; 1.8 m (71”) AC power cord is included.
#DML-100 Desktop Magnifying Lamp ..……$53.99
You’ll be able to use every bit of your tailor’s
chalk up when you sharpen it with this Tailor’s
Chalk Sharpener. Just run the chalk through
it and you’ll be able to maintain a fine, sharp
edge on your chalk. Chalk not included.
#TCS-100 Tailor’s Chalk Sharpener …$5.49
The one-stop essential reference for
today’s generation of sewists!
This all-in-one visual guide, the Essential
Sewing Reference Tool, is an indispensable
guide for anyone who sews (or wants to start).
Learn about tools & supplies; stitches & seam
treatments; ruffles & bias tape, zippers &
buttonholes, sewn accessories; home dec and
garment making. Sizing charts are included for
all ages, and there’s lots more! Organized for
easy readability and usage, you’ll find the right
information to help you whether you’re making
a home decoration, a piece of clothing, or an
#ESR-100 Essential Sewing Reference Tool ……………………$21.49
Three great design
These acrylic rulers are
marked with easy-to-see
red markings for visibility
and accuracy and are
perfect for design work and
pattern alterations. Use the
12” Curve Ruler for armholes,
sleeve caps, necklines collars,
waist & crotch seams and the
24” Hip Curve Ruler for lapels,
elbows, skirt, pants and other
contours. The 6” Design Ruler has a clear 6” ruler on one side, and
a 1” to 3” centreing ruler on other side with centreing holes that are
perfect for making scallops.
#TCR-200 12” Curve …$14.99 #THC-200 24” Hip Curve …$16.49
#SDR-100 6” Design Ruler …$3.49
Spring & Summer Update - 2014
Get perfect results as you sew and press with
the new “Press Perfect” line from Clover!
Joan Hawley has designed some great new products that are “Sew” Handy to have on hand!
Use the Precision Stiletto (A) at your ironing board or sewing machine to protect fingers from heat and needles. The
angled grippy tip holds fabric easily and lets you get into nooks and crannies as you sew. The heat resistant silicone tip
works well with your iron. The Iron Finger (B) is a multi-purpose heat-resistant pressing tool with a soft grip for easy
handling. Press seams open over it to prevent seam imprint; use for finger pressing without the iron; use the spatula
end for finger pressing and point turning. Point 2 Point Turner (C) lets you get into any corner or point accurately. It’s
designed for left or right hand use and has a curved end with tip for point turning. You can even use it as a fabric marker!
#HIS-100 Precision Stiletto ……$15.29 #IF-100 Iron Finger ………$118.49 #P2P-100 Point 2 Point Turner…$10.99
Hot Hemmer and Dry Heat Pro Finish Pressing Sheets
Joan’s Hot Hemmer (D) will let you measure, mark, and press straight hems, round hems and pockets, interior
and mitre corners. It’s heat resistant, thin and accurate and can be used with a dry or steam iron. The Dry Heat Pro
Finish Pressing Sheets (E) let you iron safely on heat sensitive projects including vinyl, PUL, laminates, and more.
Use during construction to press seams for a professional finish but do not use steam. Any adhesive residue will
just wipe off the sheets. Includes 4 reusable sheets measuring 11¾″ x 16½″.
#HH-300 Hot Hemmer …………………$20.99
#DHP-100 Dry Heat Press Sheets ………………$12.29
Order all Five Perfect Press Tools by April 30th and SAVE!!
#PP-SET Set of Five Perfect Press Tools (Reg. Price $78.05) SALE ……$65.99
Three new pattern booklets from the very popular Taylor Made Designs collection!
Cindy Taylor Oates designs projects for people who love fabric and sewing. Here’s three new booklets
that I know you’ll love!
Sew On The Go features 5 projects that will have you arriving at your sewing class or retreat organized
and in style. Included are a giant tote bag with a pocket large enough for an 18” x 24” cutting mat or
Sew Steady table, a little zippered pouch, a zippered bag with pockets, a tool organizer and a ruler
cozy to protect your 6” x 24” acrylic ruler.
The Sit and Stitch Pincushion is a wonderful companion to assist you as you sit and stitch your
projects. You’ll have all you need at hand in an easy-to-manage, organized way, and it’s designed to
sit easily over the arm of a chair.
What could be more fun than matching mother & daughter aprons? With Cindy’s Mother &
Daughter Aprons booklet, you’ll be able to make mother, daughter and grandmother aprons!
Whether the daughter is pint-sized or fully grown, aprons are fun for everyone and there are
plenty to choose from here. Even if you don’t cook, an apron hanging in your kitchen will
make everyone think you do! Includes adult size apron patterns for Small (4-6) to Extra Large
(18-20) and Children’s sizes 4 - 12.
These are all great to make for yourself but are ALSO a fabulous gift making/giving idea for all
your sewing/quilty/crafty friends.
#TMD-176 Sew on the Go ……………$17.99 #TMD-504 Sit & Stitch Pincushion ……$7.49
#TMD-172 Mother & Daughter Aprons …$17.99
A Great Notion Sewing Supply Ltd.
Protect all the pots in your pot drawer from damaging scratches!
The Mostess Hostess Set pattern includes directions for two sizes of Pot Protectors with Oven Mitt & Hot Pad patterns
too. These are easy and fun to make for all skill levels and include raw edge appliqué instructions. The Pot Protectors
are made using the new Bosal Cookware Protectors as a base. These foam protectors will prevent your pots from
being scratched and damaged as they are stored away. Each package includes two protectors - 16” and 20” diameter
included. Protectors are 100% Urethane Foam with 100% polyester covering. Don’t forget to add some
Insul-Brite insulated batting for the oven mitt and hot pad.
#EPQ-135 Mostess Hostess Set ……$10.49 #BCP-200 Bosal Cookware Protectors (2) …… $17.99
#IB-200 Insul-Brite 115cm (45”)wide $7.99/m
Sew for your home and for gifts!
For more great sewing
& quilting products,
visit our website at:
Make your own beautiful placemats to suit
any décor with pre-cut foam battings for
that luxurious, soft feel!
Wedge shaped pre-cut foam battings are
perfect to make placemats for a round, oval or
rectangular table. Placemats are so quick and
easy to make - double-sided fusible tricotbacked foam lets you press your favourite
fashion fabric or pieced fabric to both sides
with your iron, and then add a bias binding
or simple trim on the edge to complete a
great 4-piece place setting to use yourself or give as a gift.
Machine wash, tumble dry or dry-cleanable. 13½” x 18¼”,
four placemat foams per pack. *Note - the foam gives these a
lovely soft feel, but we pre-tested with wine glasses to ensure
that the glasses wouldn’t tip over easily and they were great!
#PCP-400 Ultimate Wedge Placemat Pack …………$16.49
Handy Helpers for the kitchen!
The Pot Pinchers pattern from Vanilla House Designs makes the world’s best oven mitt! Don’t let the small size fool you
– they are big when it comes to cooking in the kitchen! They really take a big bite out of the hot pots and are perfect to
use when taking hot pots from the microwave!
Vanilla House Designs Pot Handlers pattern makes cute oven mitts that are very handy when handling hot pots and
pans. They’re quick, quick, quick to make and are great for gifts! This pattern includes links for four brief online video
demonstrations to show you all the techniques needed to complete the project. Pot Handlers measure 6½ inches by
7½ inches.
Indygo Junction has brought us a brand new Casserole Carry-All pattern. You can carry your
favourite casserole or dessert in style with this fun insulated carrier with wooden spoon
handles. Conveniently created to hold your favourite 9” x 13” casserole dish or an 8 ” or 9”
square dish just by selecting different hook and loop tape configurations. Instructions are
included for a matching potholder - it’s perfect for hot or cold dishes. Finished carrier size when
folded: 12” W x 12 ” L x 3” H OR 12” W x 15½” L x 3” H (depending on size dish chosen). Finished
potholder size: 8” x 8½”
Don’t forget to add the Insul-Brite insulated batting, above, to keep the hot (or cold!) in and
your hands safe from burns!
#VHD-156 Pot Pinchers Pattern ……….$10.49 #VHD-202 Pot Handlers ………$11.49
#IJ-966 Casserole Carry-All …………$14.99
Order 7 days a week, 24 hours a day at: 1-800-309-2829
Just SEW Cute!
We’ve got even MORE adorable PUL prints and coordinating accessories from
Babyville Boutique. And they’re not just for diapers any more!
Check our website for the entire Babyville Boutique line of products.
Waterproof, Breathable PUL Fabric™ - Who knew that PUL fabrics could be SEW Cute?
PUL fabric is the perfect choice for anyone choosing to make adorable, unique, money-saving diapers and diaper covers for baby, as well
as for many other projects too. It’s soft breathable and waterproof and the laminated backing makes it a superb choice for children’s
apparel, pet projects, kitchen and nursery décor. Some additional projects for using PUL are diaper pail liners, rain ponchos, wipes pouches,
changing pads, protective covers for furniture and car seats, pet crate covers, and bedding . It’s an ideal choice when sewing projects for
special needs children and adults. Babyville cloth diapers are healthy for baby and the environment, and long lasting for multiple siblings.
Here are four all-new prints - don’t miss the full selection on our website at Combine the prints with coordinating
solids and add Babyville Boutique Appliqués, Fold Over Elastic, EZ Adjust Tape, Plastic Snaps, Buttons and Labels to make your own style
creation. All fabrics are 150cm (60”) wide and sold by the metre.
#PULP-(col#) PUL Print Fabric ………………$18.49/m
Learn easy it is to make cloth diapers with
Cloth Diapers Made Easy!
If you’ve wanted to sew cloth diapers using PUL fabric but didn’t know
where to start, Cloth Diapers Made Easy is the book is for you! Easy
instructions and photos will guide you to success. You’ll learn how to
make a basic diaper cover or one of the many diaper design variations.
Four sizes are included as well as tips to “multi-size” the pattern.
#BV-CDE Cloth Diapers Made Easy ……$10.99
Finishing touches for your baby creations!
Organize your cloth diaper stash and baby clothing with
these cute and practical fold over Size Tags. Sew-in tags
give your cloth diaper creations and other children’s
apparel a finished professional look. Pack includes 6 ea.
of 4 sizes, XS thru L. Scalloped Fold-Over Elastic folds
over fabric edges and seams to reveal a scalloped picot lace detail. Can be used as a
functional stretch elastic with a decorative edge or simply stitched to a fabric edge
for a dainty decorative finish. Use it on necklines, sleeves, leg openings and hems. ¾”
wide, 4 yards each of pink and white in pack.
#BVL-250 Size Labels …………………$5.49
Your little ones can have a “Backpack
Adventure” when you make them this
stylish backpack!
Let your kids stand
out with their unique
backpacks! This 10” x 13”
x 6” backpack has inside
and outside pockets and
will store everything they
need to take off on an
adventure. It uses one
magnetic snap (available
in Gold or Silver) and one
yard of fusible batting its construction.
#WPC-1254 Backpack Adventure ..... $10.99
#BLF-100 Fusible Batting (36” x 45”)
........... $15.99
#MS-(col) Magnetic Snap ................... $4.50
#FOE-262 Scalloped Elastic ……………$8.79
A Great Notion Sewing Supply Ltd.
Getta Grip Clips
4½” Appliqué Scissors
The fantastic alternative to pins is here! These
great clips can be used on virtually any sewing
project with virtually any type of fabric. From
delicate laces and satins to heavier leathers and
furs-they will not damage the fabric or leave
unsightly holes. Shape darts; create pleats; pin
up hems; whatever you need to do these clips
will help with NO damage to the fabrics or the
sewing machine! 6 per package.
#GGC-100 Getta Grip Clips .............. $14.29
These small Appliqué Scissors are an
ideal choice when you need
to make accurate cuts.
They’re perfect for
trimming around
close embroidery and
appliqué on many different types of fabrics. These
have been forged with precision from top-quality
German stainless steel.
#FAS-200 4½” Appliqué Scissors ……………………$15.00
Essential tools & supplies
for every sewing room!
Give your clothes a new lease on
life with mend & make FABULOUS!
Your pins will always be handy with this
on your wrist!
This flexible wrist pin cushion fits securely on
your wrist to keep your pins close at hand.
Sturdy grey felt will hold onto your pins.
#WPC-300 Wrist Pin Cushion ............. $4.49
They always say “Measure Twice, Cut Once” and this is easy
with these Adhesive Tape Measures!
These tape measures are so handy to use all through your sewing
room. The 60” tape measures in both imperial and metric and will
stick wherever you need it. Stick one to your cutting table, the front of
your sewing machine, and wherever else you may need to take a quick
#ATM-200 Adhesive Tape Measure …………………………… $4.49
Denise Wild of LoveSewing is here with
sewing solutions & fashionable fixes for
your entire wardrobe. You’ll learn how
to take classic mending techniques
one step further to add personality and
style to clothes. This book is the perfect
tool to help you learn everything about
mending your clothes. From fixing
a ripped seam or a torn slit in your
favorite skirt, to shortening sleeves and
replacing jacket linings, Denise gives
step-by-step instructions with color photographs to guide you through
the processes. She also includes several cool fixes to renew old and
boring clothes – like adding piping, appliqueing lace, dip-dying
clothes for cool colour transitions, and creating ruffles….just to name
a few. And just think about all the money you’ll save if you can re-work
an old wardrobe piece to a new fashion classic - you’ll be able to buy
lots more fabric!
#MMF-100 mend & make Fabulous ……………$22.99
Use economical cone thread easily
at your sewing machine!
Here’s a heavy-duty cone thread holder
with a sturdy metal base, thread guide
and spindle to feed cone thread easily
at your sewing machine. Your thread
will feed beautifully with no tangles for
perfect, even tension results. You’ll be
able to use all kinds of large spools and
cones that wouldn’t normally fit at your
sewing machine.
#CTH-100 Cone Thread Holder ……$16.49
Spring & Summer Update - 2014
Better cuts make better quilts! With a GO! ® Accuquilt® Fa
and cut safely and easily. Isn’t it time
Now’s the time to stock up on GO!® Starter Sets & C
GO!® Essentials Starter Set
Get the most value for your dollar! The GO!® Essentials Starter Set comes with a FREE Block Pattern B
beginner to intermediate quilters. Set includes the full-size 10” GO!® Fabric Cutter; GO!® Half Square Tr
Point, 3¼” (2¾” Finished); GO!® Value Die (included with GO!® Fabric Cutter) and GO!® Cutting Mat, 6” x
#AQ-56005 GO!® Essentials Starter Pack (regularly priced at $509.46) Order by April 30th and SAVE!!
GO!® Baby Bundle of Joy Starter Set
This versatile starter set gives you everything you need to create the most common shapes in quilting
classic, geometric shapes along with cutting 2½” strips (Jelly Rolls). This starter set includes the GO!
finished half square triangles; GO!® 2½” Strip Cutter, cuts two strips; GO!® Cutting Mat, 6” x 12” and GO
#AQ-55401 GO!® Baby Bundle of Joy Starter Pack (regularly priced at $289.95) Order by April 30th an
GO!® Cutting Mats
Eventually you’ll need to replace your GO!® Cutting Mats as they’ll start to show the wear from the sha
#AQ-55137 6” x 6” Cutting Mat (regularly priced at $8.49) SALE $7.65 OR 2/$14.00!
#AQ-55112 6” x 12” Cutting Mat (regularly priced at $11.49) SALE $10.35 OR 2/$19.50!
#AQ-55111 10” x 10” Cutting Mat (regularly priced at $11.49) SALE $10.35 OR 2/$19.50!
Buy a complete set of six different sizes of mat at one low price! #AQ-MATS All six
Brand New Stas
This new die release gives you the variety of shapes you need to tackle your fabric stash! Featured are two dies d
that are scaled for use together. Build classic quilts with the Snowball, Clamshell and Hunter Star dies - plus Bowties b
GO!® Equilateral Triangle 4½” Sides (4¼” FInished) **
6” x 6” mat
#AQ-55429 $22.99
Coordinates with GO!
Hexagon 4½” and Go! Half
Hexagon 4½”.
GO!® Hexagon - 4½” Sides (4¼”
FInished) * 10” x 10” mat
#AQ-55438 $51.99
This die has helpful notches to keep
your bias in line!
GO!® Half Hexagon - 4½” Sides
(4¼” Finished)** 5” x 10” mat
#AQ-55437 $40.49
Coordinates with GO! Hexagon
4½” & Go! Equilateral Triangle 4½”
GO!® Wedge - 9” Finished **
6” x 12” mat
#AQ-55439 $45.99
Piece wedge strips or create
large circles with this die!
A Great Notion Sewing Supply Ltd.
GO!® Half Hexagon - 1”, 1½”,
2½” Sides ** 6” x 12” mat
#AQ-55165 $45.99
Seam allowance is included
for easy, accurate piecing!
GO!® Bowties - 4” Finished by
Alex Anderson **
6” x 12” mat
#AQ-55413 $57.99
Alex brings you this adorable
die for bowtie blocks!
GO!® E
abric Cutter, you’ll save time, make more accurate cuts,
for a GO! Cutter in your sewing room?
utting Mats on our Spring Stock Up and Save Sale!
ooklet to inspire you to get your GO!® cutter out and get quilting. Perfect starter set for
riangle, 4” Finished Square; GO!® Quarter Square Triangle, 4” Finished Square ; GO!® Square on
x 12” (included with GO!® Fabric Cutter).
ONLY $429.99
g and is a great way to get started in the world of die cutting. You’ll be able to cut three
Baby Fabric Cutter; GO!® Value Die which cuts a 2½”square, a 4½” square, and two 2”
O!® Cutting Mat, 6” x 24”. This cutter will cut all 5” and 6” wide GO!® dies.
nd SAVE!! ONLY $246.99
arp cutting blades in the dies. Stock up and save by ordering by April 30th!
#AQ-55110 5” x 10” Cutting Mat (regularly priced at $9.49) SALE $8.55 OR 2/$16.00!
#AQ-55138 6” x 24” Cutting Mat (regularly priced at $14.99) SALE $13.50 OR 2/$25.50!
#AQ-55113 10” x 24” Cutting Mat (regularly priced at $22.99) SALE $20.65 OR 2/$39.00!
x sizes of mats above, one each size (regularly priced at $78.94) SALE $62.99
* Compatible with GO!®
* Compatible with GO! Baby ®
designed for English Paper Piecing, as well as staples such as Hexagons, Half-Hexagons and Equilateral Triangles
by Alex Anderson. Looking for something to eat through your stash? Try the Wedge, one of the most versatile dies yet!
sh Buster Dies!
English Paper Piecing Hexagon ½”
Finished Sides ** 5” x 10” mat
#AQ-55420 $45.99
y cut fabric and paper for English
Paper Piecing.
GO!® English Paper Piecing Hexagon
1” Finished Sides ** 6” x 12” mat
#AQ-55422 $45.99
Easily cut fabric and paper for English
Paper Piecing.
GO!® Clamshell - 4” Finished **
6” x 6” mat
#AQ-55435 $22.99
Classic clamshell. Notches
included for easy curved piecing.
GO!® Snowball - 6” Finished *
10” x 10” mat
#AQ-55330 $57.99
A classic block that looks great
paired with a nine patch using
2½” cut squares.
GO!® Clamshell - 8” Finished *
10” x 10” mat
#AQ-55436 $51.99
Classic clamshell. Notches
included for easy curved piecing.
GO!® Hunter Star -64” Finished **
6” x 12” mat
#AQ-55166 $57.99
Combine 4 blocks to create a 12”
finished block with this popular
Embellish Your Life with Sulky!
Sulky’s long-awaited new book is here! This full-colour book features over 25 great techniques
in a journal format that’s ideal to learn from and includes a fabulous Designer Gallery showing
gorgeous, finished examples of how each technique can be used. Practical wire-O binding
keeps it laying flat on a worktable as a ready reference. The included techniques can be
mastered easily - some have been revived and are made refreshingly new again by using
modern tools and stabilizers; most could be used on garments, quilts, or for home decorating
and “sew” much more. Create your own fabric journal or pick and choose the techniques that
interest you and simply stitch those. Each technique shows a finished Journal Page, steps to
accomplish it, supplies needed, and a stunning gallery piece for further inspiration. Some of
the gallery pieces have bonus instructions and patterns included on the CD in the back of the
book. You’ll find Free-Motion Play; Specialty Stitches; Surface Design; Thread Lace; Appliquè
Techniques; and Printing Labels. This is a “don’t miss” addition to your sewing library!
#ELSE-100 Embellish Your Life with Sulky …$29.99
Fabulous Embroidery by Hand or Machine!
Sulky Cotton Petites - the handiest handwork thread around!
Sulky’s 12 weight cotton threads, available in both rich solid colours and fabulous “Blendables” colours, are ideal for both hand and machine
work. It is so much easier to use for hand stitchery - one strand of 12wt Cotton Petites equals two strands of typical embroidery floss so no more
splitting floss! We’ve got 11 great assortments of their most popular colours. Each pack includes six assorted colour 50yd snap-end spools of
Sulky’s top-quality cotton thread. Use them for embroidery, cross stitch, quilting, sashiko, redwork and more! Each pack except #201 and #207
includes an assortment of solid and blendables shades.
#PCT-(col#) Cotton Petites™ 6-Pack ……$10.00
Summer Black/Gray Redwork
Neutrals Popular Greens
Ever-popular Redwork Embroidery is here in two collections - both for machine
embroidery, and the Redwork ABC Quilt also available in a hand embroidered version!
Two beautiful redwork projects to get you stitching! A. Redwork ABC Quilt is available as either a hand
stitched or machine embroidered version. Both include 26 alphabet blocks to put together into a sampler
quilt measuring 74” x 87”. The machine embroidery CD also includes a pattern
for a soft covered book using the 4” designs. Machine formats: Art V3.0, Pes, Pcs,
Hus, Sew, and Jef. B. Rufus & Rex is a machine embroidery CD with 12 adorable
machine embroidery panels and patterns to make a 45” x 56” and 29 x 36½”
quilt. Also included are files to make a cloth colouring/easy reader book to be
printed on inkjet printer fabric sheets or paper. Designs included are for 6”,
5”x7” and 8” embroidery hoops.
#TSC-202 Redwork ABC’s Machine Embroidery …$45.99
#TSC-203 Redwork ABC’s Hand Embroidery ……$18.49
#EPQ-138 Rufus & Rex Machine Embroidery ……$34.99
Need just the right thread to stitch these out? Check out the “Redwork” Petites, above, for hand
stitching, or the large sizes of hand or machine embroidery threads from Sulky:
#MST-1169 Sulky 40wt Rayon Bayberry Red, 1500 yd for machine embroidery ………$10.99
#SCH-1169 Sulky 12wt Cotton Bayberry Red, 330 yd for hand embroidery …………$6.99
A Great Notion Sewing Supply Ltd.
13 Fabulous
Paper-Pieced Quilt
Move beyond squares
and rectangles and
give your quilts a few
points-sharp points.
In this inspiring book,
Paper Piecing Perfect
Points, quiltmaking
expert Debby Kratovil presents 13 striking
designs, paper pieced for precision.
Choose from updated variations of Mariner’s
Compass, Palm, Wheel, and Flying Geese
blocks. You’ll love the process and the results
with large-sized blocks that go together
easily. Discover the varied assortment of
bold looks that you can achieve with paper
piecing. Full-size patterns included.
#PPP-100 Paper Piecing Perfect ……$33.49
Foundation Paper
that washes away
without a trace!
foundation paper
for perfect paper
A Paper-Pieced
Discover 27 truly
lovely blocks featuring
flowers, leaves, and
spritely creatures
of the garden such
as squirrels and
robins. You’ll also
find seven delightful
quilt patterns that
showcase these versatile blocks. Develop
your skills with paper piecing, machine
appliqué, and free-motion machine quilting
while you celebrate nature’s abundance with
color-splashed projects for spring, summer,
winter, and fall. Includes a fabulous photo
gallery showcasing these beautiful blocks.
#PPG-100 Paper Pieced Garden ……$31.99
Discover easy paper
piecing with Carol’s
Foundation Paper!
It’s lightweight (won’t
create bulk when
joining sections),
absorbent (less ink transfer) and it’s noncoated (fabric won’t slip on it). Use in most
inkjet or laser printers or copy machines.
Tears away easily when stitching is done! 100
- 8½”x11” sheets..
#CDF-100 Carol Doak’s Paper .......... $13.29
So Many Quilts …
So Little Time!
No-Hassle Triangles Guide!
Perfect for detailed
foundation pieced
quilt blocks, Stitch
‘n Wash Dissolving
Foundation Paper is
so easy to use. Just
print, stitch, dissolve
- you’re done! Stitch ‘n Wash dissolves in
water and won’t distort delicate stitching.
Copy, trace or transfer pattern using an inkjet
printer or any variety of marking pen. Use it
for embroidery and quilting designs as well complete instructions are included. Ten 8½”
x 11” sheets.
#SNW-100 Stitch ‘n Wash ................ $15.99
New from Sulky - Prewound Bobbins!
Offering convenience and quality, these 60
wt, continuous filament, polyester, plasticsided bobbins are virtually lint free and are
the perfect weight for most sewing, quilting,
or embroidery projects. Available in four
colours in the very popular “L” style, five
120yd bobbins per package. Choose from
White, Black, Steel Gray or Deep Ecru.
#SPB-(col) Sulky Bobbins .................. $4.99
Effortlessly mark, cut, and stitch half- or
quarter-square triangles. It’s easy with this new
guide from Clover. You can skip the guessing
and free hand cutting when it comes to
triangles - just line up the point of gauge to the
corner of a square; slide the green moveable
part of gauge to the opposite corner of square
and lock in place; mark cutting line through the
slots; stitch ¼” on both sides of cutting line and
cut apart. This guide will let you create curved
designs from squares and rectangles and create ½ square or ¼ square triangles
without cutting a triangle!
#NHT-100 No-Hassle Triangle Guide ………$20.49
225 Quilt Blocks and letters from the Civil War and
Templates Too!
Quilt lovers and Civil War buffs alike will enjoy Dear Jane. This
beautiful book contains all of the 225
patterns of the historic Jane Stickle 1863
quilt as well as a series of letters to Jane
about life and times in the nineteenth
century, with emphasis on the Civil War
and the women’s movement. Among the
patterns and letters you will find a dozen
quilts from the 1990’s, all inspired by
Jane’s supreme example of quilt-making
artistry in 1863. Over 110,000 copies sold!
The Dear Jane Quilting Templates are specifically designed for
creating Dear Jane quilting patterns. Includes triangle and square
quilting templates, each with a ¼” seam allowance.
#DJB-200 Dear Jane Book …………………………$29.99
#DJT-100 Dear Jane Template .……………………$21.99
Buy them together and SAVE! #DJB-SET Book & Templates $43.99
Spring & Summer Update - 2014
Fast Fat Quarter Quilts
The quilt patterns in this book
have fun written all over them!
Do fat quarters seem to follow you
home? Put them in the perfect spot!
The patterns in this exciting collection
invite you to use fat quarters
beautifully - and quickly. You’ll
find nine designs that work well
for a wide range of fabrics, from
batiks and jewel tones to 1930s
reproduction prints. These patterns
are a great way to use up those fat
quarters that you just weren’t able
to resist!
#FFQ-200 Fast Fat Quarter Quilts ………$15.99
Whether baby is a girl or boy, you’ll
find the ideal quilt in these adorable
designs ranging from “Sweet
Rosebuds” to “Big Boy Blue”.
Choose from nine delightfully
versatile patterns. Use lots of
bright colours, choose delicate
hues, or feature novelty prints and you’ll always have the right
#FFB-100 Fast & Fun Baby Quilts ..$15.99
Looking for quick and easy? We’ve got lots to choose from!
Easy Weekend Quilts
If you’re looking for something quick
to stitch, here in one volume, at a great
value, you’ll find a wide assortment of
terrific projects from such popular books
as A Baker’s Dozen, Modern Basics, and
Skip the Borders. Take your pick of 12
easy and appealing quilt patterns, perfect
for beginners. You’ll enjoy achievable
projects that are ideal for retreats,
weekends, and gift giving. Included are
beautiful photos and clear, step-by-step
instructions and illustrations. Be inspired
by best-selling designers Amy Ellis, Julie Herman, Jeanne Large and
Shelley Wicks, Adrienne Smitke, and more!
#EWQ-100 Easy Weekend Quilts ………$19.99
Sew beautiful projects with NO
curved seams!
Sew a gorgeous quilt in just one day, with
smooth curves that look fabulous on the
very first attempt. Make beautiful wavy
blocks in minutes, with no curved seams!
You’ll learn to use the simple “twist
& turn” method to quickly and easily sew
pucker-free curves. One Day Quilts will
guarantee a happy quilting experience,
with instructions and patterns for windmills, pinwheels, hourglasses, interlocking
shapes, scallops, zigzags and more.
#ODQ-100 One Day Quilts ………$20.99
For more great sewing & quilting products, visit our
website at:
Two fabulous new rulers for a multitude of uses from Sew Easy!
The Ascending Square Template (10½” x 10½”) will let you create multiple
designs when you use this clever quilt ruler. The template helps you to easily
create block patches, bias strips for celtic work, stems and vines, assorted
triangle shapes and sizes as well as simple straight cutting. The ascending
square template features cut-outs for marking ¼” seam allowances, as well
as 30°, 45° & 60° triangle markings. The ruler packaging includes easy to follow
directions for creating all of these shapes as well as a free pattern for creating
a Snowball Quilt. The 3 Plus Ruler (12” x 2½”) can help to cut perfect 2½” bias
or straight strips, as well as to create over 40 different sizes of circles from ½” to
23½”! Both cut-outs and holes are built in for an accurate ¼” seam allowance.
Full instructions are included in the packaging.
#AST-100 Ascending Square Template ………………$11.99
#TPR-100 3 Plus Ruler ..…………………………………$9.99
A Great Notion Sewing Supply Ltd.
Two new staples that every sew-ist and
quilter should have on hand!
SEW FRESH Odor Eliminator removes the
odors from all of your textiles - as well
as many other odors throughout the house.
This non-toxic, water-based formula uses
all-natural ingredients to permanently
eliminate odors. It is odor free – but
removes the musty smell from stored quilts
and other textiles, as well as cigarette
smoke, odors from pets, oil, paint, mildew
and more. SEW CLEAN uses natures own
citrus extract to clean your precious quilts
- the all natural way. It’s safe to use on even
the most delicate handmade treasure, and will clean all kinds of other
things too - glass, ceramic tile, plastics, painted surfaces, synthetic
counter tops, vinyl wall coverings, carpet, fiberglass and much more.
It will even remove adhesive gums, ink and lipstick! Each comes in a
16 oz. spray bottle.
#SF-300 SEW FRESH …………………………………………… $15.99
#SC-300 SEW CLEAN …………………………………………… $15.99
Another old favourite is back again!
Clover’s Fabric Folding Pen is one of our favourite
products, and wasn’t available for a while. We’re
happy to say it’s back! This liquid-filled pen makes
fabric folding easier than ever. Wherever you draw a
line, the fabric becomes pliable and easy to crease
with your fingertips. Fold fabric perfectly for origami,
quilting, sewing, and more. Just add a few drops
of the liquid, included, to water - not suitable for
permanent press fabrics. Pen includes liquid bottle.
#FFP-200 Fabric Folding Pen ........... $19.99
#FFP-500 Folding Liquid Refill (8ml) .. $9.99
All-in-One Quilter’s Reference Tool, updated
2nd edition
Here’s a wonderful reference quide, filled with
answers to all your quilting questions - and it
comes all packed into a handy, take anywhere size
with lay-flat spiral binding. No matter what your
quilting question, you’ll find the answers here - and
quickly! You’ll find information on setting secrets,
choosing supplies, piecing techniques, and number
conversions as well as easy-to-follow charts, tables
& illustrations, yardage requirements, cutting
instructions and more. This is an updated version of an old favourite
with all the best from the first edition along with 40% new content.
#QRT-200 Reference Guide .............. $21.99
Cute Quilts for Kids
Make a quilt that’s functional and fun and sure to be loved for years to come!
Babies and toddlers will be tickled to
have these bright, colourful designs
highlighted by dimensional elements for
little fingers to explore. Motifs range from
butterflies and ladybugs to dinosaurs
and rodeos. Included for you to choose
from are nine adorable patterns that
give traditional designs a fresh look.
Learn basic appliqué and embellishing
techniques as you make engaging quilts
using rickrack, ruffles, and more. These projects are easy enough for
beginners and enticing enough for experts so that anyone will want to
fit quilting into their busy lives.
#CQK-100 Cute Quilts for Kids ......... $27.49
Quilting Made Easy!
Stippling your quilt blocks or quilting borders can be easy!
You’ll love the perfect results you get when you use these adesive-edged tear-away paper patterns
for continuous machine quilting. Just adhere these strips to your quilt, stitch along design lines and
tear the paper away - it’s that easy no matter what your skill level. Each roll of Borders Made Easy
or Stipples Made Easy is 26’ long. The Borders Made Easy comes in a variety of widths for different
borders and includes 4 corner patterns too. The Stipples Made Easy rolls measure 9½” wide. Use a
walking foot for borders #102, #115. Border # 403 can be stitched with either a Walking Foot or a Free
Motion foot. All other patterns are meant to be stitched freemotion style with a darning or free motion foot. Complete instructions included.
#BME-(design#) Borders Made Easy ………………………$19.99
#SME-(design#) Stipples Made Easy ………………………$20.99
Stipples Made Easy
Borders Made Easy
Create a sampler quilt as
unique as you are with Tula
Pink’s City Sampler - 100
Modern Quilt Blocks.
Tula gives you an inspiring quilt
block collection here. You’ll be able
to make a beautiful, modern quilt
of your own design with the 100
original quilt blocks. Also included in
this collection are five city-themed
sampler quilts designed by Tula using her beautiful blocks.
#TPQ-100 City Sampler - 100 Modern Quilt Blocks ………$33.49
Easy-Cut Quilts with a modern twist
Here are seven deceptively simple quilts, each
using a variety of pre-cut fabrics. Each has
its own distinct twist and is designed with
minimal cutting and piecing, making them
perfect weekend projects for quilters of all
skill levels. Then, they’re broken down further
into smaller projects that you can complete
in a day! Alternate colourways are also
shown to help inspire you to create your own
masterpiece. 7 unique quilts with 13 additional projects created from
the featured quilts. You’ll love the easy-to-follow instructions!
#ECQ-300 Easy Cut Quilts ……………………$20.99
20 Fabulous Fabric Projects to Make,
Use & Love in Quilts from the House
of Tula Pink!
Welcome to the world of cutting-edge
fabric designer, Tula Pink, where clever
quilts show off fanciful fabric! Inside you’ll
find instructions for 10 large quilt projects,
10 accessory sewing projects, and tips
from Tula on choosing and combining
fabrics, selecting a quilt motif, step-by-step
illustrations, and super-simple sewing techniques for success.
#QHT-100 Quilts from the House of Tula Pink ………$29.99
Large Block Quilts - 16 quick and easy
quilt patterns!
Brimming with inviting projects in a range of
sizes, this collection teaches you to create
impressive quilts in a jiffy. Find fun projects
for all skill levels at a terrific value, perfect for
retreats, charity quilts, and gifts. Choose from
16 delightful designs featuring simple quiltblock patterns inspired by tradition, oversized
for quick results. You’ll learn to use fabric
choices and colour placement for a fresh new look.
#LBQ-200 Large Block Quilts …………………$29.99
i-Cozy Palooza: iPad Cover
Make a whimsical booklets to fit your
iPad snugly with this new pattern! With
four different flap styles you can find the
perfect one for you and a friend, plus, they are fat quarter friendly! The
cover is a great way to keep your iPad safe from scratches! Pattern will
work for the 1st through 4th generation iPad and the iPad Air. Not for
the iPad Mini.
#WPC-1210 i-Cozy Palooza ……...…$10.99
Pack for the perfect weekend getaway with this Sweet Retreat Bag!
You’ll love this great travel bag that’s
just the right size for a weekend trip.
This 22”w x 15”h x 8”d bag will hold
everything you need to take with you.
Inside and outside pockets give you lots
of space to tuck away your weekend
#WPC-1187 Sweet Retreat Bag ………$10.99
The ideal carrying bag for your quilting supplies, cutting
mats, quilting rulers, fabric, patterns, and quilt projects!
This Quilting Accessory Tote is perfect to take all your supplies to
class and back. It holds cutting mats up to 18” x 24” and has outside
compartments for rulers up to 25” x 8”. Two additional outside
zippered compartments will store lots of other supplies. The tote
un-zips to open flat, revealing 18 inside pockets of various sizes. Made
with sturdy nylon webbing carrying handles and adjustable shoulder
strap. Tote measures 25½” x 19½” x 4” (65 x 50 x 10cm). Contents
shown not included.
#QAT-100 Quilting Accessory Tote ……………………$48.99
EZ Quilting Hexagon Template Sheet
This handy 8” x 10” template sheet includes
templates for eleven different hexagon sizes
from ¼” to 2¾” finished sizes (side length).
So convenient and easy to use. Just trace the
shapes onto freezer paper or fabric to use.
#HTS-200 Hexagon Template …...…$11.49
A Great Notion Sewing Supply Ltd.
Welcome to our
Spring 2014 Update!
What a winter it has been
across Canada! After storm
after storm, polar vortex
after polar vortex, it’s nice
to see some glimmers of
spring coming - even if it
is only in Spring catalogues and newsletters! I
hope spring weather reaches all corners of our
country soon.
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In the meantime, here at A Great Notion,
Notion we’ve
been busy as usual finding all kinds of exciting
new sewing and quilting gadgets to streamline
your sewing projects. Planning this new minicatalogue filled with lots of new items and
specials for you to stock your sewing room with
this season and planning fun events in our stores
has kept everyone busy. Whether you sew, quilt,
embroider, or all three, I know you’ll find great
new products here that you’ll love. In our stores
and classrooms, we’ve got lots of great events
happening as well. If you don’t see something
here that catches your eye, please visit our
web page at to see our
entire product selection, and if you’re in the
Vancouver area, I hope you’ll come and visit us.
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This spring, you’ll find our booths at the
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Happy Sewing!
Make any pair of gloves
or mittens touch screen
Boye SensaThread
conductive thread
is thread for the 21st
century! The
pack includes
conductive thread
and needle to make
gloves & mittens
touchscreen compatible. Simply stitch
SensaThread to the finger tips of any pair
of gloves or mittens and you’re ready to use
your smartphone or tablet - you could even
knit or crochet your own if you like (FREE
crochet pattern included with purchase!
Includes 10yds of Boye SensaThread
Conductive Thread, 1 tapestry needle &
#BST-200 SensaThread ………………..$3.99
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Spring & Summer Update - 2014
Say YES to Free-Motion Quilting!
Learn to free-motion quilt the easy way!
We love this new training method to teach you how to get great results when freemotion quilting! The Quik-Trainer is a drawing tool to help develop hand-eye
coordination, muscle memory and muscle strength for quilting on your domestic
sewing machine or long arm quilting machine. QT can be used to practice anywhere at home, on vacation, even while watching tv! There are two versions to choose from
- one to train you to move the handlebars at a long arm machine on frame (A), the
other to train you to move the fabric at a domestic machine (B). It will take the stress
out of working with fabric until you feel ready. Each version lets you use a dry erase
marker to trace out your design until you’ve “programmed” the movement into your
muscles. Kit for long arm frame machines includes “Quik Trainer” longarm tool, eraser,
dry erase marker, practice board, and a booklet with 12 practice designs.
Kit for domestic machines includes “Quik Trainer” Tool, marker, eraser,
machine quilting gloves, clear design practice envelope, glue dots for
extra balance support and a booklet with 12 designs to practice. You’ll be
amazed at how quickly you can become a Free-Motion expert. Visit our
website for a link to view a video on using this new product.
#QTL-100 Quik-Trainer for Long Arm (on Frame) ………$44.99
#QTD-100 Quik-Trainer for Domestic Machines ………$42.99
Use a Sew-Slip free-motion mat at
your domestic machine for even
better free-motion quilting results!
501 Quilting Motifs - Designs for Hand or Machine Quilting from the Editors of Quiltmaker Magazine
This fabulous collection features 501 quilting motifs selected from more than 26 years of Quiltmaker magazine.
What a value! You’ll be able to find just the right design to finish gorgeous, one-of-a-kind quilts. Handy indexes
cross-reference each motif by size and style, so finding the perfect one is quick and easy. You’ll get clear guidelines
for selecting and transferring motifs and be able to select from quilting-motif categories such as flowers, feathers,
vines and leaves, seasonal and holidays, children and teens, geometric designs, and more. Well over a thousand
arrangements featuring the motifs can be stitched!
#FQM-100 501 Quilting Motifs ………$23.99
Come and visit us if you’re in the area!
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