the instructions

Box Contents:
1 x Ant Arena Combi S - 20 x 10cm. (Vertical nest area built within the feeding tank)
1 x Glass and Aluminium mesh lid 20x10cm
1 x Sand loam mixture 200g
1 x Clay Granules 200ml - red
2 x Stoppers for the connecting 27mm holes
1 x Stainless steel tweezers
1 x Plastic tweezers standard
1 x Plastic pipette 3ml
1 x Ant Outbreak Defence Oil 10ml
2 x Feeding Dish 14mm
1 x Water dispenser
1 x Drainage pipe
1 x Red Acetate 20x10cm
1 x Hand magnifier - 2x magnification - 30mm
1 x (10 piece) Food Mix Set
Begin by checking the contents of the kit against the list above. Read through the instructions before
starting the setup. The nest tank is sectioned off into two areas. The vertical area is used for nesting
and the larger area is used for foraging (feeding).
Step 1) Take the glass nest tank and place the some of the clay granules into the bottom of the
vertical nest area up to the bottom of the two exit holes. Any spare granules can be placed in the
foraging area of the tank, you may wish to save a few to scatter on the surface of the sand loam
once it has been added for decoration. The granules create a small water reservoir underneath the
colony which will prevent both over-watering and drying out of the nest. Water can be added to the
nest in the future by inserting the water tube down into the soil and using the pipette to add water
directly to the reservoir.
Step 2) Add the sand loam mixture ontop of the clay granules in the vertical nest section filling the
nest area right to the top of the glass partition. Any remaining sand loam can be used in the foraging
area as ground cover. Once the sand loam mixture is in place use the pipette to add water gradually
so that the sand loam is moist but not soaking.
Step 3) The stoppers can now be inserted into the openings at each end of the tank to seal the
habitat. These holes are there so additional habitats can be connected as the colony grows.
Step 4) The feeding and water dishes can be added to the tank. Step
5) If you have purchased a colony remove the bung and place the test tube into the tank. Over time
they will move from their tube into the nest area.