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Quilts by DaMore’ – T-Shirt Quilt Order Form
Please Note: Current delivery for new orders is 6 weeks. However this can change as backlog
increases or decreases.
Pricing includes everything needed to complete a machine quilted t-shirt quilt. I provide all
material and labor; all you need to do is send your t-shirts to me with the order form enclosed and
I will turn those old t-shirts into a memorable quilt.
Please note the following:
All t-shirts should be laundered and in good condition – stains and tears will show up on your quilt
Please do not cut your t-shirts – if t-shirts are cut too small there will be an additional charge to
resize them. I will return any shirts if they are not used. Remnants, however, will not be returned.
The sashing, border and binding are done with either a solid or batik cotton material in a color of your
choice. Please note on the order form the color you would prefer and I will email you a picture of
what I have available for your approval before I start on your quilt.
I use a high quality cream cotton muslin for the backing. If you prefer a different color for the
backing, an additional charge may apply depending on the material.
Please pin a note to each t-shirt indicating whether you want the back, front or both sides of the t-shirt
used. Or, group them together in separate bags labeled back, front or both sides.
Small emblems from pockets or sleeves can be appliquéd to the t-shirt square for a small additional
charge if you desire. Please note this on your t-shirt also.
If you would like a personalized label added to your quilt (such as To:___ and From:___) please
enclose a note with this information. Labels are computer generated, printed on fabric and then
attached to the back of your quilt for no extra charge.
The quilt top, batting and backing are quilted together in a stippling pattern with thread colors that
closely match each t-shirt square and border material. If preferred, one overall color of thread can be
used. Please note this with your order.
There are two styles of t-shirt quilts to choose from in a variety of sizes:
Standard T-Shirt Quilt – A standard t-shirt quilt is made from shirts that are all cut into squares of the
same size and set in a grid pattern. The T-shirts squares are sewn together in rows with sashing in
between the t-shirts and with an added border. Pricing is based on using 12 1/2” squares cut from the tshirts. I will try my best to include as much as the design as possible. If you would like the t-shirt
squares cut larger, please contact me for a quote as the price will be slightly higher.
Please select the number of shirts you are using in your quilt and the size. Please note if you are using
both side of a t-shirt this counts as 2 shirts.
PRICING (plus shipping – see below)
2” Sashing with 3” Border
3” Sashing with a 4” Border
_____ 12 shirts – approx -46” x 60” - $155.00
_____ 12 shirts – approx - 50” x 65” - $165.00
_____ 16 shirts – approx - 60” x 60” - $210.00
_____ 16 shirts – approx - 65” x 65” - $225.00
_____ 20 shirts – approx - 60” x 74” - $250.00
_____ 20 shirts – approx – 65” x 80” - $270.00
_____ 24 shirts – approx - 60” x 88” - $300.00
_____ 24 shirts – approx – 65” x 95” - $325.00
_____ 30 shirts – approx - 74” x 88” - $360.00
_____ 30 shirts – approx – 80” x 95” - $390.00
_____ 36 shirts – approx - 88” x 88” - $430.00
_____ 36 shirts – approx – 95” x 95” - $465.00
_____ 42 shirts – approx - 88” x 102” - $485.00
_____ 42 shirts – approx – 95” x 110” - $525.00
Variable T-Shirt Quilt – This type of quilt is made by cutting the t-shirts into various size squares.
This works well if you have a lot of t-shirts with various size logos as well as logos on pockets and
sleeves. Sashing is used between blocks as needed to bring the quilt to the right size plus a 2-3” border.
The number of t-shirts needed will vary. When choosing this style quilt, each shirt will need to be
clearly marked, showing what part(s) of the shirt you want included in the quilt. I will do my best to
include all the shirts you send to get the size quilt you want. However, some shirts may need to be left
out or more added. Note: Pricing is an estimate. Final cost is based on the actual finished size of the
quilt and number of t-shirts.
PRICING (plus shipping – see below)
_____ Throw size – approx - 48” x 64” - $210.00
_____ Twin Size – approx – 64” x 82” - $290.00
_____ Full Size – approx – 82” x 96” - $410.00
Border, binding, sashing color __________________(please indicate the color you would prefer)
Please add $15.00 for shipping and handling. Quilts are shipped by UPS and include insurance.
Total Price of Order: $_____________ (quilt + shipping)
Personal/Shipping Information:
Name :_______________________________________________________________
Address: _____________________________________________________________
City, State and Zip Code: ________________________________________________
Email Address: ______________________________ Phone # __________________
(email and phone are used for contact purposes only)
Method of Payment: (check one)
50% payment due at time of order and the remainder prior to shipment of your quilt
Payment amount: $____________
______ Check (payable to Dorothy Moore)
Please send this order form with your t-shirts to:
Dorothy Moore
Quilts by Damore
1631 Cardinal Ridge
West Bloomfield, MI 48324
Please contact me if you have any questions:
[email protected]
_____Money Order