The road to better patient care

2014 | 2015 ANNUAL REPORT
The road to better patient care
A most enjoyable part of being President has
been travelling the province and meeting with
so many of you.
I learned many things, including your specific
regional concerns and that different regions share
many concerns—but above all, I learned that we are
united in our commitment to provide the best care
for our patients and their families.
Many physicians are taking active roles in helping
build a better health care system in BC. Doctors of
BC has worked hard to enable this participation.
The collaborative programs that we co-manage
with government allow physicians to share decisionmaking in the areas of primary care, rural health,
specialist services, and the provision of seamless
patient care. In fact, this Annual Report contains
many stories of the innovations fostered through
these collaborative committees. For example,
Divisions of Family Practice made big strides with A
GP for Me helping patients get a family doctor.
Moving forward, this program will be expanding,
as will an exciting engagement initiative derived
from the Physician Master Agreement enabling
facility-based physicians to have a stronger voice
in health authority decision-making. For Doctors of
BC to provide value to you as members, we need to
be fully engaged with you—to hear your concerns
and to respond to them—so in 2015, you will see a
new initiative supporting increased engagement
between Board delegates and members.
We are also developing new proposals for changing
the governance structure of Doctors of BC,
including one for a smaller Board. You can expect to
see a web-based process this fall that will allow you
to have ongoing input into this.
Following the Supreme Court decision on physicianassisted death, Doctors of BC will be participating
in CMA-led input into any new federal legislation, to
ensure that physicians’ voices are heard.
It has been a privilege to represent you as your
President. I want to thank the members of the
Board and the staff of Doctors of BC for making
this a rewarding and fulfilling year for our whole