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Volunteer Application Form for Adults
Volunteers form an important and valued part of our organisation. We thank you for your interest to
participate as a volunteer for The Society for Animals in Distress (SAID).
In order for us to get to know you better and to establish the areas in which you would be best suited,
kindly complete the below form and indicate the area/s in which you would be most interested in
(Please mark the relevant block/s)
Assisting with coordinating the collection of various donations within your workplace/ social circle
Assisting with second-hand book sorting, cataloguing and sales
Collecting donations from the general public outside planned shopping centre venues
Participating in other promotional events
Walking dogs at the animal hospital
(If you are in the process of studying for a degree or diploma in the below fields, please indicate with a
yes in the relevant block - where applicable)
Counselling – HIV/ AIDS in the workplace/ Family/ Trauma
Hydrotherapy for domestic animals
Medical field
Physiotherapist / occupational therapist for domestic animals
Psychologist for domestic animals and humans
Veterinary Doctor
Veterinary Nurse / Veterinary technologist
If you would like to donate your skills as a qualified and certified specialist in a specific field, please
indicate with a yes in the relevant block:Electrician
Garden services
Qualified doctor / nurse / therapist
General maintenance
Vehicle mechanic
Information technology
Veterinary Nurse / Veterinary technologist
Marketing / advertising
Veterinary Doctor
Other (please specify)
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If you / the company you work for may be able to donate equipment, produce or other such donations
please indicate with a yes in the relevant block:
Cleaning equipment
Horse / dog / puppy/ cat products
Computer equipment
Medical supplies
Corporate gifts / curios
Paint and hardware
G.A.Y.E. (give as you earn)
Printer cartridges
Horse / dog / puppy/ cat food
Other (please specify)
Volunteer Application Form for Adults
First Name
Days / dates available for volunteer
Date of birth
Telephone (home)
Cell number
Physical home address
Do you own a dog/s
Please give us the names
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Do you have experience working with
horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, sheep,
goats or ducks?
Company name (if self-employed)
If you have any queries, please contact us on 011 466 0261, or you can email us on the details provided
Please return your completed form to The Society for Animals in Distress:
Fax: 086 626 5441
Scan and email: [email protected] or [email protected]
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