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• Knifty Knitter™ Large Round Loom
• 1 skein Sensations™ Rainbow Classic yarn
• Crochet hook
• Yarn needle
1. Using 2 strands of yarn as one, e-wrap the entire
loom twice. Knit off using one-over-one stitch.
Knit 18 rows total.
2. Make sure you have only one row of loops on all pegs. Push the row of loops to the bottom of the pegs.
Reach inside the loom and pull loops from your first row of knitting over the corresponding pegs, as follows:
Pull up the long, loose yarn at the beginning of your knitting and place it between the first and last pegs. This
will help align the loops with the pegs. The loop is actually the long bar of yarn that runs between two stitches
(figure 15). Starting with the peg to the right of your original loose yarn, pull the loops up until all of the pegs
are covered. You now have two rows of yarn loops on your pegs.
3. Knit off using one-over-one stitch.
4. Continue wrapping the yarn around the pegs and knitting off, just as you were doing before you started your
brim for 20 to 22 rows or desired length.
5. Cut yarn leaving a 12" end to bind off.
Note: Refer to package for Knifty Knitter™ directions.
knifty knitter™ loom hat
Skill Level 1: No experience needed
Please read and follow all manufacturers’ instructions for all tools and materials used.
Provide adult supervision if children participate in this project.
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