Math Instructor Job Description

Contracted Math Instructor
Apprenticeship & Non-traditional Employment for Women (ANEW) is a 30+ year old preapprenticeship training and support services non-profit organization headquartered in Renton,
Washington. This program serves diverse people and interacts with apprenticeships,
businesses, labor, workforce development, and colleges to recruit, train, and support job
placement in construction trades careers and other non-traditional employment pathways for
POSITION TITLE: Math Instructor
The main function of this position is to teach mathematics to ANEW pre-apprentices enrolled in
our Construction Pre-apprenticeship Trades Rotation Program to ensure they are math ready
for the building trades. Topics include: Basic math skills, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and
dividing fractions and decimals, order of operations, solving algebraic expressions, graphing
equations, patterns, understanding a measuring tape, determining area and perimeter.
• Lead math instruction for ANEW’s Trades Rotation Program
• Create weekly measurable goals for instruction based on industry standards
• Create or modify lessons and assessments for each week that describe the objective of
each learning activity and be able to monitor student’s progress, provide feedback
• Apply interventions when necessary to ensure all students learn
• Monitor student’s ability to meet or exceed the standards that are designed to ensure
students are prepared upon graduation for entry into the construction trades
• Bachelor of Arts or Science degree, or an Associates of Arts degree in Mathematics or a
related field
• Strong understanding of math concepts and real world applications
• Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills
• 3 or more years of experience providing instruction to adult or youth populations
• Experience working with ethnically diverse populations
• Knowledge of barriers facing hard to serve clients
• Ability to differentiate course instruction to meet the needs of all learners
• Experience with math curriculum development and assessment
• Passion for working with underrepresented and underserved populations
Ability to work one day a week for four hours, plus one additional hour for “planning”
Proof of citizenship or other authorization for employment
Continuation of this position is dependent on achievement of performance goals and
availability of funding
WORK LOCATION: ANEW Administration office –Renton
WORK SCHEDULE: 5 Hours per week for 10 weeks per cohort (4 Cohorts per year)
REPORTS TO: Executive Director
This position is paid an hourly rate of $35-40 per hour based on skills, knowledge and abilities.
This is a contracted position and reports to the Executive Director of Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Employment (ANEW). This position will be a contracted work schedule of
approximately 5 hours per week.
The schedule is to be determined by employer with scheduling being done through the Training
Coordinator. Coordinator and instructor will create schedule that is ideal for both students and
instructor. The math instructor will not change their schedules or make alternate arrangements
without the advance and express approval of the Executive Director.
This position is grant funded and continuation of this position is subject to obtainment of
contract deliverables, funding restrictions such as penalties for nonperformance, project
evaluations, and achievement of performance goals and availability of funding.
There will be no benefits associated with this contracted position.
This is an open contracted position. Current ANEW employees will be given first consideration.
In the event there are no current employees considered for the position, applicants will be
selected from an applicant pool. To receive first consideration, applicants should submit a cover
letter outlining qualification for this position along with a detailed resume. Please email
documents to:
Apprenticeship & Non-traditional Employment for Women
Attention: Nicole Ferrer
[email protected]
Apprenticeship and Nontraditional Employment for Women (ANEW)
is an equal opportunity employer. Funded by the Office of Port JOBS and
U.S. Department of Labor (DOL), Employment and Training Administration (ETA)
and various private grants and contracts.