Shopping List

Shopping List
For your Perler Beads Snapshot project, you will need:
4 Large Clear Pegboards
*includes ironing paper
1047 White Beads
120 Creme Beads
87 Toothpaste Beads
155 Yellow Beads
48 Light Pink Beads
196 Pastel Yellow Beads
43 Orange Beads
16 Bubble Gum Beads
6 Butterscotch Beads
47 Peach Beads
14 Pink Beads
266 Hot Coral Beads
8 Cheddar Beads
285 Red Beads
3 Plum Beads
99 Magenta Beads
48 Raspberry Beads
250 Sand Beads
43 Rust Beads
38 Dark Grey Beads
4 Pastel Lavender Beads
clear tape
household iron
34 Pastel Green Beads
37 Kiwi Lime Beads
53 Brown Beads
22 Grey Beads
9 Pastel Blue Beads
214 Turquiose Beads
15 Light Green Beads
50 Parrot Green Beads
37 Black Beads
21 Tan Beads
22 Green Beads
15 Light Brown Beads
6 Purple Beads
6 Blush Beads
1. Cut out the pattern pages.
2. Tape the images together as shown below to create your pattern. Use clear tape
so you do not cover the colored dots.
Now that your pattern is ready, you can begin laying out the beads.
3. Place your clear pegboard (or pegboards) on top of the pattern. Line up the pegs
with the colored circles.
4. Begin placing your beads on the pegboard following the pattern until you have
filled the entire design.
5. Ask an adult to fuse your project.
Viola! Your very own Perler Beads masterpiece!
Note: If the pegs are not lining up with the colored circles, check your print settings.
Make sure that no scaling has been applied to the print out. It must be printed at 100%.
Only an Adult Should Iron
Fusing Instructions
1. Place pegboard on flat heat-safe surface.
2. Set household iron to the medium setting. Place ironing paper over pegboard.
In a circular motion, begin to iron project. Let cool.
3. Remove paper and beaded design from pegboard. Flip design over
to expose the non-fused side. Repeat step two. Let cool completely.
Note: Beads need heat for about 10-20 seconds per side to fuse evenly. Depending
on the size of project (medium/large) additional heating time may be required.