Press Release “Packaged Car Park Solution” from AnalyticsReady

Press Release
“Packaged Car Park Solution” from AnalyticsReady
Have you ever experienced the problems that things don’t work together when you are sourcing
with multiple suppliers? AnalyticsReady is here to help you solve this problem.
Vehicle headlights always present challenges not just to any surveillance system but also to the people
who are watching it. AnalyticsReady has the right solution to give you a crystal clear image of the
license plate information even in a poorly lit car park. AnalyticsReady's cameras are equipped
with many special features to filter out the headlights of oncoming vehicles, and to operate at night and
in low light conditions. AnalyticsReady’s plate detection package is for enclosed car park environments
but it can easily be upgraded to an outdoor environment.
This packaged Car Park solution is a joint effort from AnalyticsReady and iOmniscient (with world's
leading Video Analytics technology). The cameras are the eyes of a video based surveillance system. The
video analytics is the brain. AnalyticsReady now offers you specially designed “eyes” packaged with the
world’s best “brains” to provide unique video analytic solutions at a very competitive price.
This package allows for a comprehensive management of the car
park area. The license plate detection system is a video triggered
system that can automatically detect the plate of any incoming or
outgoing vehicle. The system does not require the installation of
external underground induction loops or
mechanisms to trigger the detection of the vehicle.
iOmniscient’s more comprehensive License Plate Recognition
system is also available as an optional extra.
Figure 1 AnalyticsReady Car Park Solution
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Press Release
About AnalyticsReady
AnalyticsReady provides a wide range of cameras and peripherals, Edge and Super Edge devices which
are optimized for various Video Analytic applications. All our equipment is OPEN in that it can work with
any video analytics software from any company. It can enhance the performance of software which has
fairly limited video analytics capabilities. For software from the most advanced video analytics
companies, the specialized hardware provided by AnalyticsReady can reduce the computing load by
reducing the work required to be performed by the software.
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