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Concept Book
….. it’s a movement,
not just a destination.
An Invitation
Dear Sir/ Madam,
Receive our greetings first and thanks for your interest. We have
introduced an amazing Services & Product plan which will provide
powerful Health & Wellness. We also know a person is complete with
his / her
health & become normal with his activities only be
wellness power. Today at the globalization, the young generation of
our country are
tremendous frustration and aimless
condition reasoning the day by day increased unhealthy lifestyle &
diseases situations comparison to the other healthy advanced
countries of the world. We want to reward smiles to each & every
Indians by the concept, we have introduced by the blessing of God.
Join us, we are determined to fulfill the minimum happiness of
everybody and remove all the frustrations instead of increasing
demands and will be abled to balance and keep distance with all the
negatives thinking. We are determined to give secured identity to all
Indians for lifelong. A lot of good wishes to everybody. We have
come with a lot of dreams & promises to the new generations.
Eagerly awaiting for you only. Keep well, take care.
Hope you will accept our invitation gradually.
With best regards from,
To re-define the alternative medicine market in
India by setting new standards for both our
Council along with our clients. We provide client’s
the best opportunity to grow with us through our
outstanding quality Services & Products for the
benefits of their Health & wellness.
Products Authorization :
AMRC Objectives:
The major challenges to the use of Alternative/
Complementary medicine include the lack of
organized networks of practitioners in this
field. In this context, AMRC takes the role of a
common platform to holds our main objectives
in regard of Alternative / Complementary
Framing a firm Policy that fully match
with the Government sector in respect of
Alternative / Holistic medicines.
Enhancing safety and efficacy of these system.
Ensuring easy assess of Alternative / Holistic Treatment &
Promoting rational use of Alternative/ Holistic Medicines.
All Categories Under The
Alternative Medicine / Holistic Medicine
Education Program
Distance Learning Courses:
Course Category: Diploma Course (CAM)
Course Name:
1) Ayurvedic Herbology (DAMS)
2) Basic Principles of Ayurveda (DHMS)
3) Ayurvedic Nutrition (DAN)
Eligibility : XII Standard or Equivalent.
Award of Certificate: AMRC Certification
completion the examination of the course.
Course Fee: Rs 8000.
Short Time Courses:
Course Category: Diploma Course (CAM)
Course Name:
1) Panchakarma Therapy* (D.P.T.)
2) Reiki Therapy[3]* (D.R.T.)
3) Reflexology (D.R.T.)
4) Naturopathy (D.N.)
5) Aroma Therapy* (D.A.T.)
6) Yoga & Meditation* (D.Y.M.)
Eligibility : XII Standard or Equivalent.
Duration : Home study + 3– 10 Days Practical program.
Award of Certificate: AMRC Certification after
completion the examination of any course.
Course Fee: Rs.6000 / Rs.10000*
Nutrition Development Courses:
Course Category: Certificate Course
Course Name: Edible Mushroom Culture
& Production Management.
Eligibility : Minimum XI Standard or
Award of Certificate: AMRC Certification after
completion the Online examination of the course.
Duration : 3 hours
Course Fee: Rs.1200.
One Sitting Program*:
AMRC offers a great opportunity to all Experienced
Practitioners of any system of Alternative Medicine may
join in our specially designed One Sitting Program.
Course Stream: Diploma / Bachelor / PG Degree.
Procedure : In this scheme exemption will be given
only for years not for Examination Papers. They will be
admitted directly & they have to appear all Examination
Papers in the single sitting .
Books/Study Materials: Customized course selected by
the applicant will be sent by the institute through post.
Examination : After sending the study material for the
course, question papers will be posted to the student’s
address. Completed answer scripts should be sent to
the institute within the prescribed time.
Exemption of Practical Training: Practical Training
Exemption will be granted only for Practitioners
Practicing in any system of Alternative Medicine.
But they have to produce their Service or Experience
Certificate at the time of admission.
After Completion of the Course : Mark sheets + ID
Card + Diploma/Degree/PG Degree Certificate will be
awarded to the successful students by the AMRC.
Fees : Prescribed Full Course Fee will be settled in
Single Payment at the time of Admission as per the
stream & services.
Renewal is compulsory for all Practitioners who are
registered under AMRC on their selected stream except
any certificate course.
1) Renewal for any Diploma > Rs.800 per Year.
2) Renewal for any Bachelor Degree > Rs.1000 per Year.
3) Renewal for any PG Degree > Rs.1500 per Year.
Note: Renewal date will be noticed through letter to all
Practitioners. All
Practitioners always should be maintain their Renewal Fee within the proper
period by the submission of Xerox copy of AMRC Registration Certificate
& AMRC ID Card otherwise Registration will be cancelled.
Books :
Purchase Books on Ayurveda as
Print Materials
Ayurvedic Cure of Diabetes: Rs.980 / 44 Pages
Home Remedies in Ayurveda: Rs.980 /51p
Treat Common Diseases with Ayurveda & Yoga: Rs.1880 /51p
Ayurvedic Principles Revealed: Rs.990 / 66 Pages
Ayurvedic Pathology: Rs.2400 / 264 Pages
Ayurvedic Nutrition & Cooking : Rs.1200 / 156 Pages
Losing Weight eith Ayurveda & Yoga: Rs.980 / 51 Pages
Arthritis, Ayurveda & You: Rs.980 / 50 Pages
Ayurveda for Heart Diseases: Rs.990 / 68 Pages
Ayurvedic Art of Diagnosis: Rs.1650 / 227 Pages
Review of History of Ayurveda: Rs.1350 / 225 Pages
Ayurvedic Herbology: Rs.7500 / 1000+ Pages
Ayurvedic Management of Thyroid Disorders: Rs.1400 / 156 Pages.
Ayurvedic Phychotherapy: Rs.1400 / 150 Pages
Winning over Depression: Rs.1250 / 100 Pages
Panchabhoutik Chikitsa: Rs.1650 / 229 Pages
Ayurveda for Tinitus: Rs.980 / 30 Pages
Ayurvedic Aspect of Diet & Nutrition: Rs.1350 / 126Pages
Panchakarma Book with CD: Rs.2700 / 150 Pages
Ayurvedic Yoga Management of Heart Diseases: Rs.1400/174 Pages
Ayurvedic Prakriti: Rs.980 / 42 Pages
Dhanvantari CD: Rs.2100 / 44 Pages
Ayurvedic can cure Constipation: Rs.980 / 44 Pages
Women & Baby Care in Ayurveda: Rs.1400 / 191 Pages
Books on Yoga & Meditation: Rs.1800
Buy Books & be Educated with
Ayurvedic knowledge
A.M.R.C. Certification
Promoted by the Chairperson of A.M.R.C.
Dr. Priyanka Bhattacharya
Be an Authentic Practitioner for
Social Work & Services.
Get Awards:
You are advised to send an Application Form to get Award by
the AMRC Please select the Award you are sending the
Nomination for:
Health Excellence Award*
Ancient Remedy Award*
Holistic Medicine Award*
Gold Medal*
Matribhumi Award*
For any kind of Nomination or Award* (conditions
apply), please Contact Us
Health Packages
All package under one roof.
Ayurvedic Treatment
Aroma Therapy (Beauty)
Nutrition & Diet Therapy
Naturopathy Treatment
Anti-Addiction Therapy
Astro & Vastu Remedy
For any of above service
Please Contact Us.
Donate Us
All Donation Under 80G Tax Savings Scheme.
Attractive health package for Donors.
Direct Team Social Work :
( Ayurvedic Products )
Special Treatment :
Making Product with Own Brand:
Whenever you will recommend Own Branded Product then you will
get market establishment & Trust which will be more benefited.
We will provide all services
for your Own Branding of
your desired Ayurvedic /
Unani products.
For your own branded products please Contact Us at our
office address.
Rally/Campaigning Programs:
Spread Information to the thousands of people with AMRC
Rally / Campaigning programs.
Touch the people with your
Valuable Products / Services.
Fair Campaign with nominal
Invited all Organizations to
participate in AMRC Rally /
Campaigning programs for
the social Awareness of the
general people.
To participate in our Rally/Campaigning program For your
organization please Contact Us at our office address.
Print, E-Media Publication & Events:
Make your presence with the offer of your Products /Services on our
Print & Web Publication to get a big campaigning benefits by the
following ways:
Discount Coupon promoting.
Assured Gift Coupon.
Content Promoting.
Content Sponsoring.
Display Advertisement.
Gift based Luck try offer
Issue based Events
For your own branded products please Contact Us at our
office address.
1) Rock Salt Pyramid @ Rs.3500
2) Healing Crystals 500 gms @1500
3) Detoxifying Salt 100 gms @ Rs.150
4) Edible Pink Salt 100 gms @ Rs.100
5) Stones for Astrology: As per demand.
6) Meditation Music DVD @ Rs.150
7) Meditation Essences Stick @ Rs.120
8) Thermal Treatment Kit @ Rs.35000+
9) Reflexology Tools @ Rs.4500+
10) Blood Circulator Kit @ Rs.12000+
11) CMD Mineral Drop 30 ml @ Rs.700
12) Anti Pollution Drop 10 ml @ Rs.120
13) Vegetable Purifier @ Rs.5500
14) Detox Body Gel/Soap 200 gms @Rs.190
15) Arsenic Guard Water Filter @ Rs.4500
For any Complimentary Product
please contact us.
Spiritual Plantation Program:
Book/Buy a Coconut sapling.
Name the sapling.
Promise & Devote yourself to your
Wish the sapling for your family or
loving person or someone.
Start your spiritual plantation with us.
Holistic Gift Certificate:
Choose the Amount you wish to spent
& let them enjoy shopping for just the
things they need and want.
Get same valued Discount Coupon for
you for further shopping.
For “Holistic Gift Certificate” please
contact to our Office.
Contract Cultivation:
Herbal Medicinal Plants.
Flowers Cultivation.
Organic Spices.
Bio Diesel Cultivation.
For Contract Cultivation please Contact Us.
Bio Pesticides:
100% Natural, Bio & Organic
Bio Natural Pre-harvesting &
Post-harvesting solution.
Good for Pollution control
and Bio-health activity
program for people.
Special Service
For De-Addiction Program.
Alcohol / Nicotine / Drugs
Complete Treatment
Be with us to Red Pity.
Do you have an Institution /
Organization on Alternative Health
Care related ?
If yes, then you will get a big opportunity. We are with you
all the time. All is possible by getting Accreditation
with Shri Biswanath Vikalp Arogyo Viswavidyalaya.
AMRC is an authorized Coordinator of Shri Biswanat
Vikalp Arogyo Viswavidyala.
Make Power & Value of
your Certification !
Type of Organizations:
Alternative Medicine Organizations.
Astrological & Tantra Institutes.
Alternative Health Care Education Organizations.
Be Accredited !
Boost up your Certification.
Big opportunity for NGOs
Self-Earning Program: Create self Earning of NGO by the following objects:
1) Alternative Health Care, Nutrition ,
Preventive Medicines & Various type
Awareness Programs.
2) GEMS** : Its very necessary for rural
people help. GEMS means Grameen
Emergency Medical Services . This type
of valuable program will be conducted
by AMRC or it’s authorized Partner.
Be Affiliated with AMRC !
Grow up your Organization.
Prevention Program
Yes! Its possible to prevent.
Be with us.
Participate in our Diabetes
Management Program & Get healthy life.
Prevention Program
Participate in our Cancer
Prevention Program .
We are here:
East Arjun Pukur Par, Hindusthani Para,
Naihati, North 24 Parganas,
West Bengal - 743165
Telephone: 033-3248 9431
Mobile: 9874579248
Email: [email protected]