M ea s u r i n g ... Cu r t a i n s To determine curtain width:

S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
M ea s u r i n g fo r
Cu r t a i n s
To determine curtain width:
To determine curtain length:
The width measurement required is the width of the
rail or pole (from finial to finial on your window.)
Ideally the rail or pole position should be a minimum
15cm (6”) above the window and 15-30cm (6”-12”)
either side of the window, so curtains can be drawn
clear of the window allowing maximum light
through. Include also the width of overlaps and
returns. See figure 1 below
Measure from the top of the rail or bottom of the
pole rings (where pole is to be exposed when
curtains are hanging) to the required length. There
are three typical length positions.
Measure from the pole or rail to:
15cm (6”) below the window sill
(assuming no obstruction such as a radiator)
2.5cm (1”) above the radiator
Rail or Pole
2.5cm (1”) above floor level
Curtain Track
See figure 2 below
rail or pole position minimum 15cm (6”) above window
measure full width of track from A to B
Curtain Pole
measure full width of pole from finial to finial
A to B
Corded Rail
measure width of track A to B
add width of return B to C x 2
add width of overlap C to D
figure 2
figure 1
Always use a metal rule or measuring
tape as plastic tapes can stretch.
Alternatively avail of professional
measuring service.
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
M ea s u r i n g fo r Cu r t a i n s
fo r a B ay W i n d ow
2.5cm (1”) above floor level
For width of bay: measure A — B, C — D, E — F
For dressed curtains i.e. mock curtains on outside
of bay: measure K — L, M — N
For drop required:
1. Where there is a radiator or window seat
measure G — H
2. For floor length curtains measure I — J (2.5cm
or 1” above floor level)
■ Each bay window is unique and therefore requires
specific measuring. We recommend our own Hickeys
fitter measures for a bay window.
■ Check and see if your rail can go on the wall or
ceiling, most rails will go both ways.
■ Hickeys recommend a double duty (heavy weight)
metal rail with a pull cord system. This is a
customised rail to suit your specific measurements.
Please ask your sales assistant for details.
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
A quick guide to estimating
fabric widths required
for your curtains
Pencil Pleat Curtains
Fitting on a Rail based on 137cm (54”) wide fabric
Rail Width
Number Lengths Required
Number of Widths Each Side
3 lengths of cloth
1 /2
4 lengths of cloth
5 lengths of cloth
2 /2
6 lengths of cloth
7 lengths of cloth
3 /2
Fitting on a Pole based on 137cm (54”) wide fabric
Pole Width
Number Lengths Required
Number of Widths Each Side
2 lengths of cloth
3 lengths of cloth
1 /2
4 lengths of cloth
5 lengths of cloth
2 /2
6 lengths of cloth
Tab Top curtains require less fabric.
For an estimate of the meterage required for Pinch or Pencil Pleat curtains,
please refer to the fabric Ready Reckenor overleaf.
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
H i c key s S e r v i ce s :
M a k i n g H o m e Fu r n i s h i n g
E a s i e r fo r Yo u
At Hickeys & Home Focus at Hickeys, staff
have an excellent knowledge of fabrics and
colour co-ordination. It is always helpful if
you have a sample of carpet, wallpaper or
cushion covers with you, to help in coordinating your colour scheme.
Curtain Making Service
Each of our stores has a team of highly skilled curtain
makers with expertise in all styles of curtain and soft
furnishing designs. The illustrations included in this
guide can be made up to your specific measurements
and design requirements within approximately four to
five weeks.
Our making service includes:
■ Curtains
■ Pelmets
Expert advise from all staff
Professional Window Measuring
Unsure of your exact window measurements?
Is there an unusually shaped window?
Our professional curtain fitters are fully qualified to measure for all
window sizes for blinds nets, curtains and pelmets. The curtain fitter will
call to your home at a convenient time, measure the required window(s)
and rely the details back to your Hickeys store where the staff will then
complete an estimate for curtains, blinds or your chosen treatment.
■ Swags and Tails
■ Roman Blinds
■ Cushions
Quilted Bedspreads
■ Throws
■ Quilted Throws and
Custom made cushions and curtains
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Curtain Fitting Service
When your new curtains or blinds are
ready, Hickeys can arrange for them to
be professionally hung for you in your
home, including putting up any rail or
pole required and placing tiebacks. We
recommend that any difficult window
treatments such as swags and tails or
hard pelmets are professionally hung
by an experienced Hickeys fitter.
Please ask your sales assistant for
details of this service
Fabric Flame Proofing
It is highly recommended that
upholstery fabrics are treated for fire
when used for couches and chairs etc.
Hickeys can arrange for your chosen
upholstery fabric to be treated for you.
Details of charges are available form
our sales staff instore
Stain Proofing
Stain proofing helps protect fabrics
from spills. It is especially beneficial
for upholstered furniture. We can
arrange for your chosen fabrics to be
stain proofed.
Please ask a sales assistant for details
of charges
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Rea d y Re c ko n e r
fo r Cu r t a i n s
Fre n c h P l ea t o r Pe n c i l P l ea t
Cu r t a i n s o n a R a i l
Hem allowance of 30cm (12”)
Rail Size
up to 120cm
up to 184cm
up to 240cm
up to 300cm
up to 365cm
up to 137cm drop (54”)
5.0 mts
6.7 mts
8.4 mts
10.0 mts
11.7 mts
up to 180cm drop (72”)
6.4 mts
8.6 mts
10.7 mts
13.0 mts
15.0 mts
up to 230cm drop (90”)
7.8 mts
10.4 mts
13.0 mts
15.6 mts
18.2 mts
Above meterage is based on curtains being 2 /2 times fullness.
Hem allowance of 30cm (12”)
Rail Size
up to 120cm
up to 184cm
up to 240cm
up to 300cm
up to 365cm
up to 160cm drop (63”)
5.8 mts
7.7 mts
9.6 mts
11.6 mts
13.5 mts
up to 223cm drop (88”)
7.7 mts
10.3 mts
12.8 mts
15.4 mts
18.0 mts
up to 287cm drop (113”)
9.6 mts
12.8 mts
16.0 mts
19.2 mts
22.4 mts
Note: For pole fitting, less fabric is normally required (no additional allowance of fabric necessary for returns and
overlaps as required with rail).
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Curtain Styles
Curtain Making
Your order for curtains and soft furnishings
will be made by our designated curtain
makers to the highest standard. Finished
curtains are folded and bound in their pleats
and wrapped in a protective plastic covering.
All curtains are pinned or hooked ready to be
There are three curtain making processes.
Hand Sewn:
Curtain hems, sides and
headings are all hand sewn
in place. This is a very
tailored finish and is often
required on voiles and
heavy weight fabrics such as
velvet and chennille which
can not be machine sewn.
Custom Made: Curtain sides and heading
are machine felled while
hems are hand sewn in
place. Suitable for all types
of curtains except interlined
curtains and heavy weight
fabrics which should be
hand sewn.
Machine sewn: Curtain hems, sides and
headings are all machine
Recommended only on
pencil pleat curtains. Not
suitable on voiles and heavy
weight fabrics.
Pencil Pleat Finish
Informal style used frequently in
bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.
Suitable for all types of fabrics.
Made using a 3” tape with three hook
settings which allows for flexibility in
hanging. Top pocket used with a pole,
bottom pocket used with rail to conceal
Fabric required is generally 2 or 2 /2 x the
width of the rail/pole for sufficient
French or Pinch
Pleat Finish
More formal style than the pencil pleat
Used frequently in sitting rooms, dining
rooms and halls or to give a more
elegant look to bedroom windows.
Pleats are hand stitched in place and
curtains are made to fit the exact rail
French Pleat Heading
10cm (4”) or 15cm (6”) Buckram used
at Hickeys for custom-made curtains
giving a very professional firm finish. 6”
Buckram is advisable for full-length
Buckrum is used on all goblet and french
pleat curtains and the headings are hand
stitched in place. At Hickeys and Home Focus
stores we use a customised finish unless
fabric requires hand stitching.
Pencil Pleat Heading
Fabric is recommended at 2 /4 — 2 /2
times the rail width.
Buttons, in a contrast fabric, often
enhance the look and finish of this style.
French Pleat Heading
with Contrast Buttons
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Goblet Pleat Finish
Note: By their nature, a goblet finished
curtain has a fuller heading and when
stacked back, these curtains take up to 1 /2
times more space than a standard finish. It
is therefore advisable to account for this by
allowing extra pole or rail length at each
side of the window to ensure sufficient
space to draw the curtains back off the
window. Refer to section on measuring for
advice on accurate window/rail measuring.
Graceful and stylish finish for more formal
room settings suitable for all types of fabrics.
10cm (4”) to 15cm (6”) buckram is used for
a goblet finish. Alternatively goblet pleat
tape provides a very professional finish
whilst also allowing two positioning options
on the pole or rail.
Pleats are hand sewn in position,
approximately 10cm(4”) apart.
Goblet heading
Fabric is recommended at 2 /4 — 2 /2 x times
rail width for sufficient fullness.
Goblet Curtains are often enhanced by
adding buttons in a contrasting colour as
shown here. The shape is held by stuffing
each goblet with wadding or similar
Goblet Heading with contrast buttons
Tab or Loop Top Heading
■ Increasingly popular and
contemporary curtain style for a
casual setting. Not suitable if curtains
are to be drawn frequently as tab can
fray due to friction along the pole.
■ Often used as a decorative finish on a
Tab top curtains with contrast buttons
Tab or loop top heading
■ Tab top curtains are often enhanced
by using contrasting fabric for tabs
with buttons covered in a matching
Rivet or Eyelet Finish
Modern and contemporary finish using a
tape and eyelets. The Eyelets come in
Chrome, Brass and Black. Fabric required is
recommended recommend 2 — 2 /2 x
width of pole. The pole is slotted through
the eyelets.
Eyelet finish
■ Fabric required is recommended at
1 /2 times pole width.
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Valance or Pelmet Styles
Valance or Pelmet Styles
At Hickeys and Homefocus at Hickeys we can
make a variety of pelmet styles. Each design
is given individual attention by our
professional curtain makers. Your Sales
Assistant will be more than happy to help
you choose a style to complement your
curtains and window setting.
Pelmets can be prepared using tape or
buckram on a valance rail or upholstered on
to a wood board — for a more formal look.
Note: Board fitting is recommended for
window widths of 3.6m (10’) and over.
Straight pencil pleat pelmet
Straight Pencil Pleat Pelmet
Straight, Pencil Pleat Pelmet for informal but
stylish finish. Pencil pleat tape used for
gathered effect. Minimum 12” drop
recommended (allowing a minimum 3”
below the window frame). One extra width
of fabric over that used for curtains is
recommended to ensure fullness. Pelmets are
normally lined. When measuring allow for
returns of approx 15cm (6”) each side.
Straight pencil pleat pelmet with a fringe trim
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Curved Pencil Pleat
A curved pencil pleat pelmet can add extra interest
and character to enhance any window. One extra
width of fabric over that used for curtains is
recommended. Centre of pelmet is a minimum
30cm (12”) with sides a minimum 45cm (18”).
Fitted with a valance rail or a twosome rail or
stapled on to a wooden board attached by wall
Curved pencil pleat pelmet with contrast fringing
French or Pinch Pleat Pelmet
Elegant, formal finish ideal for dining rooms,
lounge or bedrooms. Pleats are hand-stitched in
place approx. 4” apart and hung from a separate
rail. The pelmet is lined to provide more body.
One extra width over curtains is required to allow
for pelmet fullness and returns. Depth of pelmet
can vary but a minimum 15cm (12”) is
recommended. For windows of 3.6m (10’) or over
a board is recommended in lieu of a rail.
French pleat pelmet with contrast braid
A trim of braid or fabric in a
contrasting colour can help distinguish
the pelmet while blending with other
colours in the room.
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Formal Swags & Tails
Very formal and elegant finish always
accompanied by full-length curtains. Swags
are lined with sateen lining while the tails are
generally lined in a contrasting fabric colour.
Generally there is an uneven number of
swags — usually three or five. The number of
folds per tail is determined by the finished
length of the tail. As a general guideline,
1.5m of fabric are required for each swag and
each tail plus a similar quantity of
lining/contrast fabric. Hickeys make swags
and tails to specific measurements and design
specifications. Swags and tails are supplied
fitted to a wood board. It is recommended
that these are professionally measured and
fitted in your home.
In Bay Windowscravets
are required between
each swag
Please enquire about our fitting service.
Informal Swag
Suited to long windows or doors and for widths of 1.8m (6’) or
less only. General drop of 45cm (18”) at the centre point. Side
tail is generally 60cm (24”) drop. Fabric required — for a 1.8m
(6’) window allow up to 4 metres. Fabric is self lined or lined in
a contrast fabric. Tails are tapered. Swag is fitted to a wooden
board for firm support and drape effect is produced using swag
holders at each top corner.
Note: not suitable for doors opening inwards or for tilt
Simple Swag
Very elegant and increasingly popular draped pelmet. Used
with curtains but also looks good on its own to dress a window
frame. Fabric required is determined by the width of the pole
plus the required drop on each side. This is very much down to
personal taste. Generally left unlined to prevent bulkiness and
provide softer folds. May be fitted using Velcro and a curtain
pole. Alternatively draped over two swag holders, as overleaf.
For smaller windows i.e. bathrooms — valance creators are
often used to provide the same effect — ideal with voiles. Tails
may be ironed into shape prior to fitting.
(See overleaf)
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Measuring Guidelines for a
Hard Pelmet
We recommend that Hard Pelmets are
professionally measured and hung by
our professional curtain fitter.
Fabric is upholstered onto a wood board
and hung on wall brackets.
There is a wide choice of pelmet shapes
available — or you can design your own.
Our sales assistant will be happy to
advise you.
Stiff Pelmet
Measure A — B width
C — D length
A — C returns
Stiff Pelmets are most suitable for full-length
curtains. A pelmet is normally 1/6 of the drop
of the curtains.
Please note that any pelmet cam be trimmed
in a contrast fabric or braiding. Our sales
assistant will be more than happy to discuss
these options with you.
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Hard pelmet options: Please ask your sales asistant for advise
Style A
Style G
Style B
Style H
Style C
Style I
Style D
Style J
Style E
Style K
Style F
Style L
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Fabric Care Code Guidelines
All fabrics must be treated carefully when cleaning. Many curtain and upholstery fabrics are dry clean only. Please refer
to the swing ticket attached to each roll of fabric in our stores for details of specific care instructions or ask your sales
assistant for advise.
Curtain Care
Before cleaning your curtains, remove the curtain hooks and loosen the draw cords. Handwash only where recommended using
a powder detergent fully dissolved. Avoid rubbing the fabric but wash by gently squeezing motions. Machine washable fabrics
should be washed at the recommended temperature — do not wash or spin for longer than advised. Rinse thoroughly.
Lined and interlined curtains should always be dry-cleaned unless otherwise specified.
Net Curtain Care
Net Curtains should be gently hand washed in warm water and detergent. Shake out all dust prior to washing. Use a Curtain
Whitener available in Hickeys to restore net whiteness. Net curtains should not be machine washed or dry cleaned as the
delicate fabric may be damaged.
Machine wash at 30°
Machine wash at 30°
with special care
Machine wash at 40°
Machine wash at 40°
with special care
Machine wash at 60°
Machine wash at 60°
with special care
Machine wash at 95°
Machine Wash at 95°
with special care
Do not wash
Cool hand wash only
Cool iron only
Medium iron only
Hot iron only
Do not iron
Dry clean
Dry clean with
special care
Do not dry clean
Tumble dry
on mark #1
Do not tumble dry
Tumble dry
on mark #2
Chlorine bleach only
Do not bleach
Note: Curtain and upholstery fabrics may shrink if washed or
dry cleaned. The accepted industry standard is shrinkage of up
to 5%
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Creating a Simply Swag to
Dress a Small Window
Valance Creator
Valance Creators
Are used to dress smaller windows i.e.
bathrooms or landings. Best used with a 54”
lightweight fabric ie. voile or muslin. They help
create a soft elegant finish on small windows
and look great with a window blind.
Figure A
Steps to take:
1. Attach the valance creator above your
window. figure A
2. Cut a length of fabric equal to A — B x 2
(your required drop) plus A — C plus 1
metre for the rosette and hems. We
suggest using a lightweight fabric such as a
voile no more than 135cm (54”) wide for
best effect.
Figure B
3. Fold your fabric into 10cm (4”) pleats down
the length, drape over the arms of the
valance creator ensuring the curtain tails are
of equal length as in figure B. Arrange the
pleats of fabric above the window into a
Figure C
4. Holding the swag in place on the arm of
the valance creator, take hold of the curtain
tail about 20cm (8”) down from the arm,
pull this tail into a loop through the spiral
from the back to the front just below the
ball as in figure C.
5. Holding the loop through the middle with
one hand, pull out all the pleats with the
other to create a rosette as in figure D.
Why not use the valance creator to enhance an
existing pair of curtains or even a window
blind. Using a contrasting piece of fabric you
can create a dramatic two tone layered effect.
Figure D
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Net Curtains & Voiles
Net Curtains
A variety of designs are stocked in selected Hickeys and Homefocus at
Hickeys stores including plain and patterned nets in cream or white.
These are available in a number of standard designs and finished drops.
■ We can arrange to have any net curtain drops
altered to suit a specific window size.
Please ask your sales assistant for advice on this.
■ For nets we recommend at least twice fullness. (Measure your curtain track
and double it for the length of net curtain required). This is a matter of
taste, it is not unusual for customers to request 2 /2 times fulness or greater.
■ Fine sheer or voile fabric is also a substitute for net curtains. Voile is
available in a number of colours — both plain and patterned. Most voiles
are 54” or 72” wide.
Hanging Net Curtains
Net curtains are traditionally hung using net
wire hung within the window recess.
Alternatively, tension rods are suspended
within the recess offering a firm and straight
support for hanging nets. Tension rods are
telescopic and can be adjusted to your exact
recess size.
Voiles or sheers are an increasingly popular
alternative to nets. Voile is available by the
meter and can be made up with a simple 1”
tape or lined with 3” tape or buckrum.
A selection of ready made voile panels in
different designs and colours is available at
Homefocus and a number of Hickeys stores.
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Curtain Linings
There are a number of advantages to lining your
■ Sunlight can cause fabrics to fade, lining helps prevent this.
■ Linings add weight and bulk to curtains enabling them to hang
better and making them look fuller and softer.
■ The addition of curtain linings helps block out light, increase
insulation and helps minimise outside noise.
■ Linings provide a uniform look from the outside of the house.
Types Of Curtain Lining
■ Solprufe: which comes in white or cream and helps to
prevent curtains from fading
■ Blackout: This blocks out light completely and is used most
frequently in children's rooms or where someone is working a
night shift. It also increases insulation.
■ Thermal: Increases insulation — cool in summer, warm in
■ Poly Cotton: this is available in ivory and white.
■ Interlining: This lining is used between fabric and any of the
above linings it creates a very luxurious effect.
Lining adds bulk to curtains making them
look fuller & softer
Readymade linings are available in pre-made sizes. These can
be attached to unlined curtains by inserting the existing curtain
hooks through the tape on the readymade lining. Readymade
linings can easily be removed for separate cleaning.
Readymade Lining Sizes
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Curtain and Upholstery
Fabric Information
Curtain and Upholstery
Fabric Information
All our fabrics have a swing ticket
at the end of each roll.
Each ticket contains useful
information to support your fabric
choice including:
■ pattern repeat
■ composition
■ name and colour
■ width
■ care instructions
■ price per metre
■ suitability (upholstery or
curtain only)
Fabric for upholstery purposes may require flameproofing
Upholstery Fabrics
Hickeys and Home Focus stock a number of
upholstery fabric ranges. Upholstery fabrics can
be identified by checking the labels at the end
of each fabric roll. If the label specifies (UPH)
beside the name, as shown overleaf, the fabric
is suitable for upholstery use. Fabrics with the
label abbreviation (CTN) are not suitable for
upholstery purposes.
When purchasing fabric for upholstery
use it is strongly recommended that
the fabric is flame proofed before use.
Hickeys can provide this service. Our
sales staff will be happy to supply you
with details.
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Fabric Information
— see the swing ticket on each roll of fabric
Suitable for upholstery
use (therfore also
suitable for curtains)
Fabric name
Fabric colour
Fabric width
140cm or 54”
Price per
Care code
(see care code
guidelines in this
Suitable for curtain use
only (not suitable for
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Trims and Edging
Enhance the finished look of curtains, pelmets, cushions and throws
with a simple edging of braid fringing or a banding of fabric in a
contrast colour. Our professional curtain makers can include any such
design specification when making curtains.
See our curtain accessories and trimmings section for some ideas,
alternatively your sales assistant will be happy to advise you.
available at Hickeys
■ a band of fabric in a
contrasting colour
■ a trim of braid in a similar or
contrasting colour
■ tassels
The finished look of your curtain or pelmet can be enhanced by
adding a frill or edging especially in a contrast colour, fabric or
See our Curtain Accessories department for a wide choice of
braids and fringing.
Plain Straight Border
(use a contrast fabric or
Tassel or Braid Edging
(see our wide selection
of braid styles and
Braid Edging — Use a Similar or Contrast
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Accessorise Your Soft Furnishings
Trims and Edging
At hickeys and Home Focus we stock a huge range of
curtain accessories from curtain hooks to tiebacks. Our
staff can help you choose the right accessories to
optimise the finished look of your curtains and soft
Add a little more luxury to curtains,
cushions, throws and other soft
furnishings with braid trim or
fringing. This is a great way to
introduce another colour or to
co-ordinate colours within a room.
There is a wide choice of
contemporary fringing and braiding
in store.
Tassels are a colourful way of
decorating cushions, throws or
Curtain Hooks and rings,
tapes, coverbuttons.
Cover buttons
Tie back hooks
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Curtain Tie-backs
and Hold-backs
Curtain Tie Backs
Tie backs are used to draw back curtains allowing
more light in to the room and can be made to
match your curtains in a similar or contrasting
fabric or purchased separately from an extensive
range of rope tie backs in store.
Rope tie-back in a contrasting colour
There is a wide range of roped tiebacks available at
Hickeys and Home Focus stores.
Allow .75metres of fabric per pair.
Standard custom made tie-backs are stiffened and piped.
Custom made plaited tie-backs
Tie-backs can be made to your design and fabric
specification either plain, piped or trimed in a contrast
fabric or edging.
Hold Back
Holdbacks are also used to hold
curtains back and can very often
match your curtain pole
Hook position — for long curtains we
recommend you place hook level with
widow sill and for shorter curtains 12 –
30cm (10 —12”) above window sill.
Custom made cresent tie-backs
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Curtain Tapes
and Accessories
Pencil Pleat Heading — Regis Tape
Regis tape — is recommended for a perfect pencil pleat heading.
Suitable for all types of fabric curtains and valances except very
lightweight fabrics and nets.
The three non-slip draw cords ensure pleats stay in place.
Woven pockets prevent pocket sag.
Three rows of hook pockets provide a choice of three positions —
the top pocket for use with curtain poles and the bottom pocket
to cover curtain tracks.
Deep Regis Tape
Deep Regis tape is a styling tape for perfect deep pencil pleats,
especially for longer curtains.
Two non-slip draw cords ensure pleats stay in place.
Three woven pockets prevent pocket sag.
Recommended for use with all types of curtain except for
lightweight fabrics and nets.
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Box Pleat Tape
Creates crisp, tailored box pleats
Recommended for use on valances with
all types of fabric
Tridis Tape
A styling tape for elegant fanned pinch pleats.
Recommended for use with all types of curtain
and valance fabrics. Two non-slip draw cords
ensure pleats stay in place. Woven pockets
prevent pocket sag. 4” deep heading of full pleats
individually stitched to the specific rail or pole size
special metal grip pin hooks are used.
4” or 6” Buckram can also achoeve the same
elegant finish.
Net Pleat tape
For crisp pencil pleats on nets and voiles. Two
non-slip draw cords ensure that pleats stay in
place. Woven pockets prevent pocket sag. Allows
suspension from track or stretch wire.
Note: curtain hooks are not necessary when using
net wire. Simply thread the wire or rod through
the vertical loops at the back of the tape.
Goblet Pleat Tape
Curtain Styling for a formal and elegant goblet
pleat finish. Two non-slip draw cords prevent
pocket sag. Sewing lines make machining easy.
Recommended for all types of curtain and valance
fabric. 2 /2 times fabric fullness is recommended.
6” Deep heading. 6” Buckram used with pin on
hooks can also achieve the same elegant Goblet
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Austrian Blind Tape
Creates stylish Austrian blinds
Special woven loops mean no need to sew on
rings. Translucent tape does not show through
nets or fabric. Fabric allowance recommended
is the drop plus 45cm and 2 times the
window width. Recommended for use with
medium to lightweight fabric including net,
voiles or lace
Roman Blind Tape
Creates crisp horizontal folds on Roman Blinds
Special woven cord guides mean no need to
sew on rings. Recommended for use with all
types of fabric except very lightweight fabric,
net, voile or lace
Festoon Blind Tape
Creates stylish festoon blinds
Only one row of sewing required. Twin
pleating provided for perfect pleats. Fabric
allowance of 1 /2 to 2 times required drop and
2 times the width. Recommended for use
with all types of fabric including net or lace
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Readymade Curtains
Today readymade curtains provide
a convenient, stylish and
inexpensive way to dress
At Hickeys and Home Focus at
Hickeys we have created a range
of readymade curtains of excellent
quality and value. In many cases
we source the fabric, design the
finish and have them made to our
own high standards. Most of our
readymade curtains are fully lined
in a choice of key widths and
drops, with 3”pencil pleat tape.
Some Readymade Curtain Ranges
can be customised to your specific
width and drop for a small
surcharge. This special readymade
order will be available within four
weeks. Please ask your sales
assistant for details.
Readymade pencil pleat curtains
Standard Ready made curtain sizes
66” width x 54” drop to suit up to a 6ft pole
66” width x 90” drop
66” width x 72” drop
90” width x 54” drop to suit up to 8ft pole
90” width x 72” drop
90” width x 90” drop
The above sizes are common to most ranges however
wider widths and longer drops may also be available.
Other ready made curtain products
■ Matching pelmets and tiebacks
■ Voile Panels
Readymade tab top curtains
Pelmets are available with many
readymade curtain designs
■ Tab Top or Loop Top Curtains
■ Readymade curtain linings
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Hanging Your New Curtains
Having invested time and money in your new curtains you want
them to look their best for a long time. It is important therefore that
you follow the simple instructions below when draping your curtains
for the first time. You’ll continue to see the benefits for a long time
Ensure you have sufficient curtain hooks and an equal number
of curtain rings or gliders.
Begin hanging the curtains from the window edge towards the
Once both curtains have been hung, check that they overlap in
the centre and cover the walls at the ends. If necessary adjust
the pleats accordingly. Where cords have been pulled, knot
these securely and hide the cord in the lining or use a cord
tidy. (Available from our accessories department)
Pull the curtains open fully so they are stacked at the window
Begin to pleat the curtains with your fingers so that the
leading edge is turned towards the window and no lining faces
into the room. The bigger the window the larger the pleats
should be.
When the curtains are completely pleated, tie a
few strips of fabric or lining securely around them
at intervals from top to bottom. Make sure that
the pleats fall uniformly.
Leave the curtains to settle for 2-3 weeks if
possible. When released they will fall beautifully
into perfect pleats.
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Bedding and Throw-overs
At a number of our larger Home
Focus stores you will find good
choices of bed linen, pillows, duvets,
sheeting and bed spreads.
All stores can provide a quilting
service from your chosen fabric (see
below) or have duvet covers, pillow
cases and throws made to order
from a fabric of your choice.
Please check suitability of fabric for
customised bed linen. Your sales
assistant will be happy to advise.
Homefocus at Hickeys bed linen department
Customised Quilted Throws
A selection of some of the designs available
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Customised Quilting
Some quilting design options
Complete the look of your bedroom by designing your own
bedding — quilt, throwover, valance and/or cushions
At Hickeys and Homefocus at Hickeys we can arrange for a fabric
of your choice to be quilted so you can have a co-ordinated look
in your bedroom. There’s a choice of designs available
Fabric Requirements
3’ Single
4’6” Double
5’ King
6’ Queen
82” x 118”
100” x 118”
106” x 118”
118” x 118”
6.5 metres
10 metres
10 metres
Please allow an extra 2.5 metres of fabric for valance quilts.
For Borders and jumbo rolls allow a further 1.80metres.
Our standard Specification for throwover quilts includes 5oz
wadding and polycotton lining. Quilts are finished with a turned
up hem, round corners at the bottom and enough length for a
pillow tuck.
Coloured lining and/or other weights of wadding can be used if
Quilt styles available include:
Fitted Quilt
Throwover Quilt
Fully Fitted Quilt
Valanced Quilt
See overleaf for measuring guidelines.
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Measuring for Quilts,
Throws and Valances
Platform valance styles
1. Fully gathered valance
For a quilt or throwover measure
the full length from A — B
(including allowance for covering
the pillows).
Measure the full width from
C — D (required drop of each
2. Boxed valance
3. Straight valance
When measuring for custom made quilts
or throws it is advisable to dress the bed
as normal before measuring to ensure
accurate measurements of lenght and
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Measuring for Blinds
You will need to take into
consideration the direction in
which your window opens to
avoid interference with the blind.
Inside of Window Recess
To select your correct size.
Measure width of recess at both top A — B and
bottom E — F area of window. (Inner width may vary
slightly — or if bottom section of recess is tiled use
lesser measurement).
Measure length of recess C — D.
1” minimum
Blinds Outside Of Window Recess
Measure width allowing 1” minimum wall surface
each side of the window receess M — N. This prevents
light filtering through. Measure length from the
required position above the window O — P.
Note: Does Window open into or out of room.
Windows opening into room will limit options
available. When measuring blinds for glass doors allow
clearance for door handle when deciding on required
Please ask our Assistants for advice.
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Choosing a Blind
Customised Blinds
At Hickeys and Homefocus at Hickeys, you can
choose form a wide range of designs and colours
with a large selection of fabric options. Blinds can
be made to fit either inside or outside the
window recess or door. Your sales assistant will
be more than happy to advise you.
At Hickeys a choice of blind styles are available
Roller Blinds
Ideal for most window and door types. Choose
from a wide selection of styles available. A blind
in your chosen fabric can be made to your
specification. A variety of finishing treatments are
(scallops, turret, straight, shaped).
Please refer to our instore blind catalogue.
3” and 5” veins available. Suitable for glass doors
especially patios. Choose from a variety of
colours. See our blind catalogue.
Available in Fabric and Wood.
Roller Blind with straight edge finish
25mm, 35mm and 50mm slat size available.
Choose from a variety of colours. See our blind
catalogue/book for details.
Flat blind, pleated up form base to provide a
contemporary look. Supplied with a pull cord
which can be strung to the left or right hand side
of the blind. Hickeys make roman blinds up to
one width of fabric. Recommended 1 width of
54” wide maximum.
Venetian Blind on a
Velux Window.
Specialised blind.
Please check the
reference code on
your window and
our Sales Advisor can
provide the relevant
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Some Inspiring Ideas for
Unusual Windows
Unusual Shaped
Arched/Apex — our trained staff
will be willing to discuss
treatments for these windows.
Converted Attic: Blind options for
Velux windows
Options for the treatment
of bay wondows.
There are lots of options to consider in the
treatment of unusual windows. At Hickeys and
Homefocus at Hickeys our furnishings staff can
help you determine the best option.
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k
Rails and Poles
All our stores offer an extensive choice of rails
and poles. Rails and poles are on display in the
curtain department. All popular rails and poles are
held in stock in each store. Other more
specialised styles on display can be ordered and
are generally available within one week.
Bay Windows
Made to measure rails for bay windows are
charged per foot required and are specially
manufactured to your specific window
requirements. These usually take no more than
10 days to produce. We recommend that bay
windows are professionally measured and fitted.
Sugar blasted finial
Hickeys and Home Focus stores have a
wide selection of rails, poles and curtain
tracks in stock. PLus a huge selection
available to order.
Shepherd crook finial
Measuring your window
for a rail
When measuring your window for a rail, add at
least 15-30cm (6-12”) extra on each side of the
window to allow the curtains to be drawn back
off the window. The rail should be fitted a
minimum 15cm (6”) above the window recess.
Wood poles are available from stock in
narrow, regular or extra wide width
Pig tail finial
S o f t
f u r n i s h i n g s
g u i d e
b o o k