free 2 skill level

• One piece of 12"x18" plastic canvas
• Two 6" plastic canvas rounds
• Orange, red, yellow, green & black yarn, or your choice of colors
• Yarn needle
• Scissors
• Permanent marker
1. Enlarge pattern 230% to 8"x18"
2. Cut canvas to 8"x18"
3. Place pattern under plastic canvas, using a permanent marker trace pattern onto canvas.
4. Following pattern, stitch peppers in red, orange and yellow yarn.
5. Stitch top border with three rows. Stitch only two rows of border at the bottom. The last row is needed to sew
bottom onto canister.
6. Fill in background with black yarn.
7. Cut green yarn into 3" pieces and using regular thread stitch two or three pieces to the tops of peppers, tie in
overhand knot to create look of pepper stem. Trim as needed.
8. Use corresponding yarn to sew top canvas piece onto back seam to make lid. Using all the colors as desired,
sew the top in a circular pattern and use yarn to sew a few stitches to canister to hold in place.
9. Sew one 6" round to bottom. If desired, bottom can be stitched similar to top.
needlepoint chili pepper canister
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Project courtesy of
Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
Designed by Debra Kinzel
enlarge 230%
Skill Level 2: Needlepoint experience needed
Approximate Crafting Time: Weekend project
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