“Reactions `Marked` by Emotions” Mark 16:1

“Reactions ‘Marked’ by Emotions”
Mark 16:1-8
Sermon Outline
- Why are there four distinct versions of the resurrection story? Are all ‘adaptations’ of a
familiar story all the same?
- The Gospel accounts narrate the story of Jesus from unique perspectives and make unique
theological statements.
- Mark’s Gospel is probably the first and most ‘primitive’ of the Gospel traditions, so it’s not
surprising that his rendition supplies very raw and immediate details.
- If you were to stage the resurrection appearances in the most convincing way possible, how
would you have done it?
1. On the way to the tomb …
- Isn’t it interesting that the main characters in the burial and resurrection accounts are not
among the twelve disciples? Perhaps this has something to say about what it means to be a
follower of Jesus.
- The early morning scene during the resurrection was one filled with emotion, and the women
had good reason for it.
2. At the tomb …
- The women were immediate met with a series of miracles that surrounded Jesus’ resurrection.
- Many of the elements the women encountered were bound to leave the women frazzled at
what had happened. They would have caused questions and maybe even hindered belief that
Jesus had risen.
- The angel gave instructions that needed to be obeyed in order for the disciples to be
3. Leaving the tomb …
- Mark’s account is gloomy as he tells of the fear and astonishment that gripped the women as
they left.
- Belief in the resurrection, despite the clear evidences, is not immediate to those who
experience it.
- Interestingly, unbelief in the resurrection is a theme that runs in the Gospel accounts.
- For many things in our everyday life, we can be convinced with very little evidence. Why is it
with the resurrection, it takes a lot to believe?
- It seems God did not make it easy to be convinced of Jesus’ resurrection. The miracle of faith
is still a necessary component to following Jesus.
- John 6:63, 10:25ff. The ability to believe in Christ is itself a miracle. This is what it means to be
saved by grace alone.