Newsletter - Asheville Amblers Walking Club

Volume 19, Issue 2
See You At Holmes... and Dupont
It’s coming soon! – to forests near you (or far away as the case may be): Three Traditional Events AKA
Regular Events. The name has been changed since there is nothing ‘regular’ about it. In fact, it is very
special. I think of it like a special Thanksgiving. You have invited all your favorite family and friends
from across the southeast and the nation. Not all of them can come but many will and you want it to
be a memorable occasion.
April 18/19 the Amblers will celebrate our 35th birthday with three memorable events. Centered on
scenic Holmes Educational State Forest with its spacious pavilion, our guests (that includes you) will
sign in for desired walks and may opt to enjoy world famous Brat or Hotdog platters/plates and drinks.
Of course, there must be a piece of Birthday Cake for all.
They can choose any or all of 3 walks: Holmes Forest, Dupont Falls and Dupont Lakes. Dupont is just 5
miles down the road from Holmes and is unsurpassed for walking pleasures.
All this will take lots of willing volunteers to help (that includes you). These jobs require no prior experience; we have excellent on the job training. If you have not signed up or seen the worklist, contact
[email protected], 828-628-4343.
How can you walk and work? Look for information on ‘worker’s walks.’
The trails will be offered as often as possible until that weekend.
Take advantage of walking with guaranteed good weather and a guide.
These walks also allow us to proof the maps and directions.
The brochure for all these festivities, giving more detailed information
and directions, is downloadable at Members
opting for paper copies of the newsletter should have received a brochure with this newsletter. Preregistration is encouraged (although not
necessary) and must be received by April 15; form is on the brochure. Of
course, if you were occupied with other forms due April 15, just come to
Holmes, sign up and enjoy.
Need a brochure? Want to work? Want to do a worker’s walk?
Have questions? Need more information? Just contact me at
[email protected] or 828-628-4343.
Judy Michele, Traditional Event Coordinator
Welcome to Spring!
We have made it
through the winter of snow,
ice, and cold, and bulbs are
up and welcoming Spring
all over. We have enjoyed
outstanding turnouts for
our winter walks except for
Spartanburg, when the
weather forecast was dismal. After our coming
walk in Columbia, SC, on
the Saturday of Easter
weekend, we will be back
close to home with a more
normal starting time.
Our big event in this
coming period will be our
35th Anniversary weekend
on April 18 and 19, with
walks in Holmes and
DuPont State Forests. Dennis and Judy have
put a lot of work into the
planning for this, and we
can support them and show
off our club by being there,
walking, and signing up to
help where needed. Please
be generous with your
time, and be sure to register
in advance for your Saturday bratwurst lunch.
As this is the year for
our national convention,
there will be quite a few
issues requiring our
vote. Please read the information in this and the next
newsletter, as well as emails sent out to you, carefully so that your board can
accurately represent your
wishes for our organization's future.
Enjoy the season!
Perry Rawson
The Asheville Amblers
Walking Club exists to
provide people of average athletic ability
opportunities for leisurely, noncompetitive walks in
scenic and historic
Perry Rawson
Jim Walters
Michelle O’Brien
Allen Michele
POC Coordinator
Jan Weeks
Traditional Events
Judy Michele
Jon Whiteside
Derrick and Jan Weeks
Malory Presley
Flo Byron
Trail Master
Dennis Michele
Dues are $10/yr. for
single and $15 for couple or family. These
dues are good until Jan
1 of the following year.
The Asheville
85 Tunnel Rd. Ste.
Asheville, NC 28805
New Members
Ambler Achievements
A big Ambler Welcome goes
Pat Limeri
Eric Michele
50 events and 5000 kilometers
Bob and Cathy Crosby 75 events
Allen Michele 350 events
Terri Reiling 10000 kilometers
Holly Reiling 19000 kilometers
Pat Graeber 650 events and
7000 kilometers
We’re glad to have you with us!
We really need your pictures to share on
the website and in the newsletter. Please
email to [email protected]
Car Pool Fees
When car pooling—the cost per person will depend on price of gas at the time of the trip. Please
use the following guide lines:
$3.01 -$3.50 per gallon the cost $1.00 per 20 miles $3.51 -$4.00 per gallon the cost $1.00 per 15
miles $4.01 -$4.50 per gallon the cost $1.00 per 10 miles
Capital Day for a Walk in Columbia
Saturday, April 4, we will do our
Columbia Capital city YRE. We’ll meet
at the Start Point, Columbia Convention
Center, at 12:30 to register and step off at
1 PM.
We tour the state capital grounds, part of
the University of SC, the Governors
Mansion, beautiful neighborhoods and
splendid parks. The spring flowers should
be in full bloom and the trees
Both a 5 and 10 KM version is available
and the walk is rated 2A (one hill).
For those interested, we will meet at 5
Guys (close to Start Point) for lunch at
noon. Also, this is a great opportunity to
carpool, so if you want to drive or ride,
let Dennis know by 9PM April 2 and
we’ll try to arrange things.
Directions to Start Point, Take I-26
and turn onto I-126 (downtown Columbia) to exit for Huger. Take
Huger to Gervais. Left on Gervais
to Lincoln. Go right one block on
Gervais and Center is on your right.
For parking, continue past Center
to parking lot at end of building.
Amblers Upcoming Events
Columbia, SC
Regular Event
35th Anniversary Walks
Swamp Rabbit Bike
Lake Lure
Brevard City - National
Trails Day
1:00 PM
10:00 AM 2:00 PM
10:00 AM
10:00 AM
10:00 AM
Pat Mahaney and Dennis Michele
Judy Michele and Friends
Charlie Hess
John Hammond and Perry Rawson
Jim Walters
Perry Rawson
Message from the AVA President – Voting on IVV-Americas
The following is a listing of reasons to join or not join IVV-Americas. To some the pros may seem cons and
the cons seem pros. Some are difference between how we do business and how IVV-Americas does theirs. The
listing was prepared from input by the IVV-Americas President, Curt Myron; Bob Wright, the AVA representative to the IVV-Americas Bylaws formation committee and Lori Seitz, the AVA attorney. For more information on IVV-Americas, it is strongly recommended that you visit the IVV-Americas website, ( and read their FAQs which will give more insight on what they are and what they hope to accomplish. While there, take a look at their Bylaws to see how they will govern. I hope that you will give the
issue the importance it requires and fully determine what your club wishes to do.
Issues Concerning Joining IVV-Americas
Reasons for: 1. Primary mission is to promote volkssport in its geographic area through education: creation of
new clubs in other countries and helping them obtain IVV membership; and provide advice, guidance and support to keep these clubs viable. 2. Secondary mission is to support its client members (AVA if join). 3. Status
of AVA in IVV unchanged. We still represent AVA at IVV Congresses. 4. IVV-Americas does not have the
authority to hold or approve events in the US and its possessions. 5. IVV-Americas President has a vote at
IVV Presidium. 6. Allows IVV-Americas Olympiads to be held in even numbered years. IVV-Americas
would sell right to hold the Olympiad and host would reap any benefits from holding such events which can
attract world-wide interest. 7. IVV-Americas will derive its income from member country dues (presently
$100), annual fees from other forms of membership, sponsorship, an IVV-Americas special event book, and
fee from member nations to hold Olympiads.
Reasons against: 1. No real support to AVA or its ability to service individual clubs. Emphasis on new countries. 2. Sponsorships could be in direct conflict with AVA efforts to gain sponsorships. 3. No budget. Activities including travel other than IVV-Presidium to prospective members could be expensive and would require
higher fees and assessments. 4. AVA would have largest number of member clubs, financial reserves, and
events yet only same number of delegates’ votes as other members. 5. Short notification by written notification of meetings (60 days for Annual meeting and 21 days for Special Meetings) does not provide enough
time to digest and formulate inputs and positions with AVA. 6. Quorum is 10% of members eligible to vote.
With present membership, quorum could be 3 people. 7. No term limits for IVV-Americas Governing officers. 8. Members of Nominating Committee may accept nomination for office. 9. Governing Council may
amend any part of the Bylaws except those concerning conditions of membership, notice of meetings, transferable membership and absentee proxy voting. This ability to change purpose of activities could conflict with the
provisions of our Charter and our status as a non-profit entity. 10. Not recommended by our attorney who has
concerns about the possible effect on our IRS non-profit status.
Election of Regional Director:
Per AVA bylaws, an election is held every two years for the Regional Directors, and that time has come. David
Bonewitz, our current SE Director, is a candidate for re-election. Anyone else wishing to run for this office should
let Duncan Brantley of the Georgia Walkers, and an Amblers member, know by April 6 at [email protected] Each
club in the region has a vote, and unless there are other candidates, we will plan to vote for David. If you are
interested, and want to know more about the position, contact Duncan or Dennis Michele.
HAVE you taken a picture on a volksmarch that you think is great? Well, why
don't you show it off? The AVA will be sponsoring a Photo Contest as part of
the 2015 Biennial Convention in Oregon this coming June, and all club
members are eligible to compete. Here are some guidelines:
Your photo (color or B & W) must have been taken between May 1, 2013 and
December 31, 2014, and must be in one of three categories - People/ Places/ Things.
The photograph must be of something seen while at an AVA event, club social
gathering or while walking on a sanctioned trail.
Submission limit of three total images per person please. All three may be
entered in the same category.
Judges will select winners based on technical quality, originality,
creativity, interest and AVA related themes.
The pictures included with this article, are some that have won awards for
my husband, Derrik, and me over 4 different conventions. The winners are
announced at the convention, presented with a ribbon and the photos are then
published in the AVA newspaper-The American Wanderer. You don't need to be
present at the convention to win.
To find the entry form and official rules go to:
Click on the Administrative tab
Click on General Admin, and then Publications/Policies
Click on the link for AVA Checkpoint-Digital Newsletter
To the right of March 2015, there is a link for the Biennial Publicity
This will open up the official entry form which includes all the rules.
You can fill out this form and then print it out to include with your
Questions? Shoot me an email - I'll be glad to walk you
through the process!
Jan Weeks
[email protected]
Amble the Arboretum May 2
Enjoy the NC Arboretum in the spring. Maybe there will be azaleas in bloom? Other flowers
are sure to be! Start point is the NC Arboretum Baker Center at 100 Frederick Law Olmsted
Way. Signup begins at 9:30AM and the walk starts at 10:00AM.
Ride with other members that have yearly passes to avoid the $12 parking fee or carpool and
share the expense.
The walks will offer 5K and 10K options. Enjoy lunch at the Savory Thyme Café on property.
From I26, take Exit 33. Follow NC 191 south approximately three miles. Turn right at light
onto ramp to Blue Ridge Parkway. Entrance is a right turn off the ramp. From the Blue
Ridge Parkway, take the exit for NC-191 at mile marker 393 and turn left into Arboretum.
Thanks to the following Amblers for contributing photos: Jan Weeks, Mary June, Susan
Baumann and Perry Rawson.
Bike the Swamp Rabbit Trail
On Thursday, May 7, 2015 The Asheville Amblers
Walking Club is scheduled to doff their hiking gear
and hop-on their bicycles to journey down the Swamp
Rabbit Bicycle Trail from Travelers Rest S.C. to
Greenville, S.C. As many of you are aware, this is an
annual event hosted by the Amblers and one that many
of the members look forward to with anticipation as
the weather starts to turn towards spring and the flowers start to bloom, especially “off the mountain” in
South Carolina. The ride distance is approximately 40
miles, round trip, and usually takes about 4 hours at a
leisurely pace, but can be accomplished in as little as
two and a half hours. John Hammond will be leading
the ride again this year and will be ably assisted by
Charlie Hess who will be serving in the role of
“sweeper” to keep the group “reasonably” together and
assure that no one gets lost. As in past years, we will
be meeting at Sunrift Adventures in Travelers Rest (1
Center St. Travelers Rest SC 864-834-3019) at approximately 9:30 a.m. where individuals needing to rent
bicycles can obtain needed equipment. Please notify
Perry Rawson ([email protected], tel: 828-6986760) if you plan on joining us for the ride and if you
will be renting equipment from Sunrift Adventures.
Perry will be handling registration of participants at the
Bicycle Shop and will also be coordinating rentals with
the shop management. We are looking to have a good
turnout at this event again this year as it has always
been fun in the past. There are several options for
lunch in Travelers Rest after the conclusion of the ride
for those of you who wish to take advantage of the
Hope to see you on the trail on May 7th!
Lounging in Lake Lure
Lake Lure 5/16 10:00AM
Directions:From 1-26, take exit 49A (US 643
East) for 12.7 miles. Take a right on US 64/NC 9/
Come join the Amblers for a gorgeous day walk- US 74A East for 3.9 miles to the Inn on the right.
ing Lake Lure. Don’t miss the Flowering Bridge, From I-40, take exit 64 and go south on NC 9 for
totally maintained by volunteers, this bridge is a 12.7 miles. Left on NC 9/US 74A East for four
sight to behold and a gardener’s paradise. Enjoy miles to the Inn on the right. Park in the spaces
the village of Chimney Rock and it’s cute shops. on the south side of the Inn.
Take in the stunning views of Chimney Rock and
Hickory Nut Falls. Enjoy the parks and marina.
Lots of interesting places to eat with great waterfront views. Both 5 and 10K options are available. The walk begins at 10:00am with sign-in
starting at 9:30 in the lobby of the Lake Lure Inn
and Spa, which is an interesting place to spend
some time in itself.
News From Other Clubs
The start time for the Myrtle Beach walk is 10 AM at the
Ocean Dunes Resort Health Club (201 75th Ave., North
Myrtle Beach, SC.)
Directions to Myrtle Beach:
From Highway 17 Bypass in Myrtle Beach, turn East on
76th Ave. North. Cross Business 17 and turn right onto
Ocean Blvd. Go one block and turn left on 75th Ave.
North and then right into Ocean Dunes Hotel parking lot.
Health Club is on the right of the hotel entrance.
The Triangle Trailblazers have a new President Keung
Hui and a new start point for their Chapel Hill YRE:
HIGH POINT ON 4/25: The walk will start in Armstrong
Park at 9 am. The restrooms in the park are usually not
open, so find some on the way there. The box will be at
the start so registration will not involve going to the
Golden B Restaurant. Directions: To get to Armstrong
Park from Main St, turn North on Lexington Ave (Right if
you are coming from Greensboro way or Left if you are
coming from Winston-Salem way) for 4 blocks to Blain
St and turn right. On Blain St., turn left at the 4th street
on the left (Parkway Ave. E) and then an immediate left
turn into the parking lot.
Come join the Triangle Trailblazers on March 28 for a
pair of walks in Durham. At 10 a.m., the Historic
Durham Walk will go through the downtown commercial area, the home of the Durham Bulls and the American Tobacco complex. This walk qualifies for 10 programs, including several in their grace year. At 1 p.m.,
the Duke Walk will take you through the Duke Memorial Garden and Duke University. The start point for
both walks is the Mad Hatter Bakeshop & Café, 1802
W. Main Street.
Krispy Kreme, located on 157 East Franklin Street, has
agreed to host the box, which is located inside next to
the community bulletin board.
Other Events in
the Carolinas &
4/4 Salem Lake 10AM WW
4/11 Wilmington 10AM RR
Southport 2PM RR
Chapel Hill 10AM TT
4/12 Myrtle Beach 10AM RR
4/25 High Point 9AM WW
5/2 Smithfield 9AM TT
5/9 Asheboro Zoo 9AM WW
5/16 Kannapolis 9AM RR
5/23 Greensboro Parks 8AM
5/30 Davidson 9AM MW
For More Information:
Metrolina Walkers
[email protected]
Triangle Trailblazers
919-876-3714 or
[email protected]
Winston Wanderers
276-403-0608 or
[email protected]
Rowan Roamers
[email protected]
Ready, Set, Walk!
[email protected]
Editor’s Note:
Club/Group Walks are usually
held at YRE locations and are
open to all.
For directions call or e-mail
the club contact person or
see your From The
Mountains To The Sea guide.
DATE _________________
Membership runs from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31
Your active participation is important to the Amblers.
Please circle at least one area of interest:
Service Food
3. If joining Oct. 1 or after it’s good thru Dec.
of the next year:
Individual $10 or Household $15 ______
Name (s) Please list all:
Asheville Amblers
85 Tunnel Road, Ste 12A—262
Asheville, NC 28805
If joining between Jan. 1 and June 30:
Individual $10 or Household $15 ______
2. If joining between July 1 and Sept. 30:
Individual $5 or Household $7 ________
City, State, Zip:
Primary Phone
Cell Phone
Editor - Malory Presley
85 Tunnel Road, Ste. 12A-262
Asheville, NC 28805
Please make check payable to:
Cut here