Hama Bead Swan Lake 3D Pattern Design.

Hama Bead Swan Lake 3D Pattern Design.
My daughter, age 10, created this 3D pattern from Midi Hama Beads.
It requires:2 interlocking Square Midi Bead Boards
White Midi Hama Beads (01)
Yellow Midi Hama Beads (03)
Pink Midi Hama Beads (06)
Blue Midi Hama Beads (09)
Green Midi Hama Beads (10)
Dark Brown Midi Hama Beads (12)
Grey Midi Hama Beads (17)
Black Midi Hama Beads (18)
Beige Midi Hama Beads (27)
Apart from Grey and Dark Brown, all these can be found in a standard Sold Mix (00) pack.
The full range, though in small quantities, can be found in the Complete Mix (68).
Ironing Paper
Ironing Instructions
This pattern set will work best with a mixture of ironing techniques. For the base,
ironing firmly on just one side will give a nice flat base. Try not to squash the base
too flat as the slots will change shape and be hard to put the pieces in.
For the swans and eggs, iron on both sides for strength, but put straight under a
book to keep them flat.
For the nest, iron on both sides, but not enough to deform the central slot. Do not
flatten; the curl produced by the heat makes it nest shape!
All the pattern pieces are in the correct quantities except the cygnets. You will need 8 of
these. (When those eggs crack, Mummy and Daddy Swan will be even busier parents than
Make the two base plate pieces on 2 interlocking boards with the pond to the left.
This pattern set was produced in memory of our baby boy Freddie, who was born the day
after the original design was made by Maddy. If you have purchased it, at the cost of £1,
that money is donated in goods and memorial gifts, to Hinchingbrooke SCBU unit who cared
for him during his short life.
Thank you.