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What In The Hall?
Summer Edition 2015
Special Feature on
orientation tips on pages 3-4!
Summer 2015
Volume 1,3, Issue
Issue 1
Advice From an RA...
By: Samanrha Brockway,
Resident Assistant in Judge Hall
s a 3 year RA and having
worked with the
freshmen for 2 years, I’ve
learned a thing or two
about being a freshman. My first piece of
advice is to get involved as much as
possible. There are so many clubs to join on
campus and events to attend. This is a great
way to meet new people and to have a great
experience on campus. My second piece of
advice is to get to know your professors and
advisors. They are the ones that can help
you when you are struggling. Go to them
during office hours, talk to them when you
see them on campus. Making these
connections will help you through you time
here at Alvernia, but also after you graduate.
My third piece of advice is to try
new things and go outside your comfort zone.
College is the time to find yourself and learn
about yourself, take every opportunity to
make this journey a great one. So when the
school offers a trip to DC, go on it, join an
intramural team just because, apply for a
leadership position on campus, take a class
that you are interested in, and make friends
with as many people s possible. When you do
these things you will learn more about
yourself then you ever have before.
In this Issue:
Details from the Director
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Special Feature: orientation Page 3
Community Standards Corner Page 10
RD Articles
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Meet Our Staff
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RHA Roundtable
Page 24
My final piece of advice for those
of you who are reading this is you use the
resources given to you on campus. This is the
most important advice I could ever give you.
Page 1
summer 2015
Advice from an RA-Samantha Brockway
hen you have problems go to your RA, that’s why we are
here. Our job is to make this journey easier and to help
your transition be smoother. We will always be here to
support you in any way that we can. Another resource is
your CF or community facilitator, they are also here to help you transition into
college and to make this a memorable experience. Please do not be afraid to
seek help from one of us or any of the staff in Residence Life, this is what our
job is and we love helping you. I hope you all are excited to start your journey
here at Alvernia and I look forward to meeting you at connection days and
throughout the semester! And remember we are here to help you succeed! See
you in the fall!
Caption: Samantha Brockway (center) begins to bond with RAs TJ
Leiter, Leon Lipscombe, Abigail Cannon, and Hannah Mallets who will
all be working in Judge Hall in 2015-2016.
Details from the Director
By: Karolina Dreher, Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life
lvernia University believes that the residential experience can be an
integral part of your college education. As part of the total college
experience, residential living fosters and supports a student's
personal, social, spiritual, and academic development.
Through the residential experience, students are exposed to educational and
social programs and activities that familiarize the residents with the diversity
of lifestyles, backgrounds, and personalities of their peers. The residence
halls provide students with value-based life skills that are transferable to
the workforce and to life in general.
The halls also provide opportunities for group interaction and development of
leadership skills through the Residence Hall Association, Resident Assistant
positions, and hall/floor programs. It has been demonstrated that the
intentional group living experience contributes to the development of the
student's maturity and overall success.
Located in Veronica Hall, the Office of Residence Life is staffed a Director,
three Resident Directors, a Housing Coordinator, and Resident Assistants.
Residence Life also has a central information desk, open weekdays during the
academic year to respond to general questions and concerns. The desk is
staffed by a combination of Resident Assistants and work-study desk
Alvernia University maintains several distinctive kinds of residential livinglearning environments. The University offers housing to full-time matriculated
single students only.
Page 2
Summer 2015
Learn the Basics: New Student Move-In
Get Some Tips & Tricks for New Student Move-In & Orientation
New Student Move-In Can be a busy and confusing time.
We wants to provide some general tips and information
to ensure that the process and move-in can be as
smooth and stress-free as possible.
Important Dates & Information
New Student Orientation
Mandatory for all Freshmen
Aug. 2oth - Aug. 24th
Freshmen/transfer Move-in
Thursday, Aug. 20th
Freshmen Student Check In
When you are packing and preparing to move to Campus. There
are a few things to keep in Mind:
8:00am to 12:00 noon
(1) When you park and prepare to unload, students & Staff will
swarm your car and help unload your car. Please make sure
everything is labeled with your name and room assignment; in
case something Is misplaced.
12:30PM to 2:30PM
(2) Remember you have help moving in; but no help moving out.
Pack light because in your Residence Hall room space is limited.
Sun., August 25th beginning at 12:00pm.
Transfer Student Check In
All resident students must have completed the
appropriate medical forms by Aug. 1st in order to
receive keys to their residence hall.
Returning Student Check-In
Classes begin Mon. Aug 26th
Mon, Aug 26th there will be an adjusted class
schedule due to Mass of the Holy Spirit
Please see the Academic Calendar on the
University website for all dates of breaks, drop/
add periods, registration, etc.
I am a fall athlete. When do I check in?
Men’s Soccer
Women’s Soccer
Field Hockey
Women’s Volleyball
Cross Country
Move In for Fall Athletes ONLY Monday, August 17th.
Page 3
Summer 2015
More information coming from ATHLETICS
Get Some Tips & Tricks for New Student Move-In & Orientation
Staff will direct you to the correct parking lot when
you arrive. However, you will receive a colored sheet to
stick in your window which will designate the building
you are moving into so make sure to place this in your
Room Condition Reports & Damages
Make sure to take a note of any damages or issues you
see in the room before you move into your space. Your
Resident Assistant (RA) will be going through a Room
Condition Report (RCR) with you at some point during the
first weekend. Noting pre-existing Damages before you
move in on the RCR is the only way to prevent billing in
the future.
If you or your students is feeling homesick during
Orientation Weekend, Please notify someone (RA, OWL, CF,
STAFF MEMBER) or call our Office (610-796-8320). We will
work to ensure that the student is feeling comfortable
and is doing okay so that we can work to help them
transition into campus life and succeed as a students at
alvernia university.
Roommates & First Impressions
We do recommend Renting a microfridge for the first
year through mymicrofridge.com because all of our
Sophomore/Upper Class Housing have full-size fridges
provided by our office for the space.
When you get your roommate assignment over the
summer, it is a natural first through in today’s tech savvy
Generation to check Facebook Immediately. However,
keep in mind that facebook is not an accurate portrayal
of someone and their personality. College is a time to
meet new types of people and keep in an open mind.
Don’t put off contacting your roommate...Call them and
start to create a relationship.
If you have additional questions, please contact our
office at 610-796-8320.
Page 4
Summer 2015
Shopping Lists
Tips for What to Bring and Not to bring
What to Bring
Computer (laptop or desk top)
TV, DVD, games, cell phone charg-es, etc.
Telephone, camera
Alarm clock
Laundry bag/basket, iron, laundry supplies
HE laundry detergent
Small stereo/radio, desk lamp
Eating utensils, Tupperware, bowls, cups
Pillows, extra-long sheets, comforter
Mattress pad/topper
Flashlight and batteries
Spring rods to hang curtains
Air fresheners, cleaning supplies
Towels, wash cloths
Shower slippers, bathrobe, shower caddy
Toiletries, hygiene supplies, first aid kit
Trash can, hangers, under-the-bed boxes
Bed raisers are not necessary beds rise to approximately three feet.
Quarters for snack and soda machines
Pens, pencils, markers, erasers, highlighters, scissors, tape, ruler, paper clips, 3-hole punch, stapler
Notebooks, book bag, white-out, folders
Surge protector
Extension cord, surge protector
Flashlight, batteries, umbrella
Can opener
Gift cards/money for grocery stores, gas,
Curtains for window (blinds in all win-
Lock box for medications and important papers
Cables for computer and TV
3M Command Adhesive strips for hanging posters, etc.
Tool box, hammer, screw drivers, wrench,
What Not to Bring
To ensure the safety & security of all residents, the following items are not permitted:
Halogen bulbs and/or lamps (Especially Octopus Lamps)
Pets (other than fish)
Candles and incense
Appliances w/open heat elements (hot plates, George Foreman grills, toasters,
toaster ovens, space heaters, etc.)
Weapons, knives, etc.
Hookah, shot glasses (decorative or not)
Any items found, will be confiscated by the Office of Residence Life, and donated.
Page 5
Summer 2015
Things to know about living in...
Information for Clare & Veronica Halls
Veronica Halls
Air Conditioning: Each room is furnished with heating and air conditioning that can be controlled by
the residents.
Window Treatments: All windows have internal mini blinds. There are two windows, therefore two
tension rods are needed for hanging curtains. Curtains would need to be 32” wide x 61” long.
Carpeting: Residents must supply their own carpet. Two carpets 10’ x 5’ carpets will cover the tile
Appliances: One phone and internet jack is available per resident. Each room is allowed one
microwave, one small refrigerator, and one coffee pot with automatic shut-off.
Living Learning Communities:
Bathroom: Community bathrooms with 2 shower and toilet stalls are in each wing. Cleaning services
are provided.
Furniture: Each resident will have one adjustable bed, desk, desk chair and closet space.
Crusader Scholars
Elevator: Buildings is equipped with an elevator.
Triples: One room in each wing is a designated triple. This room is larger in size to accommodate three
Clare Hall
Air Conditioning: Each room is furnished with heating and air conditioning that can be
controlled by the residents.
Window Treatments: All windows have internal mini blinds. Windows are approximately
48” wide x 56” long. Tension rods will be required to hang curtains.
Carpeting: Residents must supply their own carpet. 12’ x 13’ carpet will cover the
majority of the tile floor.
Appliances: One phone and internet jack is available per resident. Each side of the
suite is allowed one microwave, one small refrigerator, and one coffee pot with
automatic shut-off.
Bathroom: Bathroom includes two sinks, toilet, and bathtub/shower. Shower curtains
and toilet paper are provided by Residence Life. Please provide your own cleaning
Furniture: Each resident will have one adjustable bed, desk, desk chair and closet
space. Closets would require a tension rod and a curtain size 34” wide x 96” long for
extra privacy, but is not required.
Elevator: Buildings are equipped with an elevator located in the center of each.
Suites: Each suite will have five students that share one common bathroom.
Page 6
Summer 2015
Living Learning Communities:
Leadership & Self Discovery
Common Ground
World Citizens
Live Green
What’s In A Room?
Each individual student gets the basics: bed, desk, desk chair, mattress, closet or
wardrobe, and a dresser. Each room also has an overhead lighT(s) and blinds. If your
student lives in Clare or Anthony Halls, a shower curtain is provided. Furnishings may
not be removed from a room without the permission of Residence Life.
Veronica, Clare and Anthony Hall are air conditioned. Each residence hall has a laundry
room. Laundry is free for Alvernia students.
Cable & Internet Access
You will need to bring a coaxial cable to hook-up your television.
In order to log on to the internet, you will need an Ethernet cord. Your computer must
have an updated antivirus software protection program. The Technology Dept. will scan
all computers before you will be allowed onto the network.
Phone Service
Each room will have one phone line and one phone number. However, the student(s)
will need to provide one touch tone phone. Each room will have its own Voicemail box;
therefore, answering machines are not needed. Voicemail numbers and instructions will
be provided to the student upon his/her arrival in the fall.
Who Doesn’t Love Getting Mail?
Your family/friends can send you mail
by using a correct address on all your
mail, catalogs, bills, packages,
magazines, cards and letters. Please
allow extra time for mail to reach your
students on campus.
Name (No nicknames)
Alvernia University
Residence Hall & Room #
Mailbox #
400 Saint Bernardine Street
Reading, PA 19607
Page 7
Summer 2015
Take steps to Keep Your Stuff Safe...
Although the residence halls and Alvernia University are
relatively safe communities, crime is present as there is on
any campus community. Please take your safety and the
security of others in your residence hall community seriously. Follow these simple precautions:
Keep doors locked at all times . . . Even if you’re inside
your room or down the hall for a few seconds. Carry your
keys and college identification with you at all times.
Never prop open doors because anyone could walk in for any
Don’t burn candles or incense. This can easily lead to fires.
Report lost or missing keys immediately.
When doing laundry, be certain to not to leave clothes in the
washers or dryers. It is best if you study in the laundry room while
your clothes are in the wash.
Avoid walking alone at night.
Watch your text books…keep them in sight.
Keep car doors locked and valuables out-of-sight.
Do NOT lend your residence hall keys to others.
Protect your valuables…Keep money and jewelry
locked up and out of sight. Make a photo record of your
valuables, including serial numbers. Keep this list in a safe
Vendors that Work With Residence Life
In order to best serve your students, Residence life has created
sev-eral partnerships with other vendors/companies to help provide your students anything they could need:
Aladdin - Food Services
Each Freshman is required to participate in the University’s All-UCan- Eat plan which also includes 100 bonus dollars. Students
have un-limited servings per meal period. Courtside and the Kestrel Café of-fer an additional option for students to grab snacks
or a quick meal often requiring the use of bonus dollars.
National Student Services, INC. - Property Insurance
Every year college students like yours lose millions of dollars
worth of personal property from theft, fire, flood, vandalism,
natural disas-ters and accidental damage. For a very low cost
you can protect your belongings.
(1-800-620-3307 or www.nssi.com)
Page 8
Summer 2015
Refrigerator, freezer and microwave units that can be rented for
$199.99 an academic year. Microfridge will deliver the unit at
the beginning of the school year and pick it up at the end of
the year. (1-800-525-7307 or mymicrofridge.com)
On Campus Marketing
On Campus marketing (OCM) allows parents to send their students a variety of different care package options. A percentage
of the proceeds go back to the Residence Hall Association allowing them to create new innovative programs for your students.
Worried About A Student? What Should I do?
The Office of Residence Life is here to help you in many ways. We will answer
your questions to the best of our ability and within federal guidelines. Residence
Life works closely with many different office on campus such as the Health and
Wellness Center (both the physician and counselor), Community Standards,
Student Billing, Registrar are just to name a few. Please feel free to contact our
office any time at (610)796- 8320 or [email protected] We look forward to
working with you and your students.
Health and Wellness Paperwork
The following forms need to be in the Health Center by August 1, 2015 in order to receive the keys to the residence
Medical History Form
Completed Immunization Record
If forms are not turned in you may not live on campus.
Please contact the Health Center at (610) 568-1467 if you
have questions.
They will return your call within one business week.
A Roommate? Discussion ideas for you and your roommate.
For some new students, sharing a room with
someone is a brand new experience. Even for
students who have shared a room with a sibling, living with a roommate can be very different. Learning the fine art of compromise and
flexibility will be important. Having reasonable
expectations of yourself and your roommate
will be important, too. You and your roommate
may not become best friends. Remember that
college is about trying new things and meeting
new people. The following are some suggested
topics for early discussions between you and
your new roommate:
Page 9
Summer 2015
Study and sleeping habits.
Sharing the phone.
Sharing or borrowing personal items
(i.e.: clothes, food, CDs, etc)
Habits and preferences regarding the
appearance of the room.
How to best communicate with each
other when one or the other is frustrated
or angry.
Guest or visitors in the room…who,
when and how long?
Once housing assignments have been
entered into the University’s billing
system, changes will not be made.
Community Standards Corner
The Importance of Quiet Hours
Before the semester gets underway, it’s important to starting thinking about and planning study strategies for living on campus. Finding a
quiet space to prepare for your exams is crucial for your success. There are many spaces on campus where you can study, especially in the
residence halls. 24 hour ‘courtesy hours’ are always in effect in every residence hall community. This means that noise should always be
kept at a considerate and reasonable level. In all cases, students are expected to cooperate with their fellow students and/or staff
(including RAs), when they request for you to be quiet. Please keep in mind, that the Quiet Hours policy was created to assure that all
resident students an environment where they can productively study. Quiet Hours are to be observed: Sunday through Thursday: 10pm to
9am, Friday and Saturday 1am-9am. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Courtesy and/or Quiet Hours policies, please contact
the Office of Residence Life or the Office of Community Standards.
Important Policies to Know
Alcohol on Campus: Students who are of the legal drinking age, are
permitted to possess or consume alcoholic beverages on campus in
accordance with the University Handbook.
Smoking: All residence hall floors and rooms are Smoke-Free.
Smoking is NOT permitted in hallways, lounges, rooms, or public
areas. Students must be 25 feet away from the building (including
entrances and windows) when smoking outside.
Identification Card: Each student is issued an Alvernia University
photo ID card that must be carried at all times. Your ID card is also
needed for food service, library service, and building access.
Keys: Each resident student is issued a room key, a mailbox key and
an ID card. Students are responsible for their keys and therefore
should not duplicate or lend out keys at any time. There is a fee for
key replacement. Lost keys must be reported to the Office of
Residence Life within 24 hours.
Microwaves: One microwave only is permitted per room in the
residence halls. Power requirements may not exceed 120 volts/10
Refrigerators: One refrigerator only is permitted per room in the
residence halls and townhouses. Size can not exceed 3.6 cubic feet
and power requirements may not exceed 120 volts/10 amps.
Visitation: Hours in all campus residences are Sunday through
Thursday 9:00am to 12:00am (midnight) and Friday and Saturday
9:00am until 3:00am.
For the full Student Handbook, visit http://
By: Shelly Wessner, Community Standards Coordinator
Page 10
Summer 2015
Meet the Residence Life Professionals...
Associate Dean of Students & Director of Residence Life
Karolina Dreher
Community Standards Coordinator
Shelly Wessner
Housing Coordinator
Shannon Merkey
Resident Director for the Upper Class Area
Gina Kiefer
Resident Director for the Transitional Area
Don Brennan
Residence Life at a Glance
Director of Residence Life: The Director of Residence
Life is an experienced, full-time employee of the
university who is responsible for the overall
management of the residential facilities and programs.
Community Standards Coordinator: The Community
Standards Coordinator is an Experienced, Full-time
employee of the university who is responsible for
overseeing the student handbook and community
standards conference process for students who violate
any policy.
Housing Coordinator: The Housing Coordinator is A full
time employee of the university who is responsible for
the daily management of the Office Of Residence Life.
She also addresses student and parent concerns
Resident Directors: The Resident Directors are full-time
employees of the university who are responsible for
the physical concerns and the Resident Assistant staff
in the residence halls.
Resident Director for the First year Area
AnnA Haller
Page 11
Summer 2015
Monthly Updates for the First Year
Area from Your Resident Director
Hootin’ With Haller
n behalf of the entire team, I would like to welcome you to the
First Year Area!!! Over the next few weeks, my team and I will
prepare the buildings for your arrival and I hope that you are
getting excited to live alongside us in the first-year residence
halls! The student staff are putting together many fun programs and
events that you will be able to attend in your building – these are a
great way to meet other students and get to know the people you are
living with.
By: Anna Haller, Resident Director for the
First Year Area
There is a large staff that lives and works in the first-year area buildings.
My name is Anna and I am the Resident Director. I oversee the student
staff, handle any roommate or housing concerns, and live on the second
floor of Clare Hall. There are a total of 15 Resident Assistants (RAs) that
live in the buildings. The RAs are the first point of contact if you have
questions about your living environment and they will coordinate activities
for you to get to know your floor mates. You will also have the
opportunity to interact with a Community Facilitator (CF) who is an upper
class student assigned to assist with programming for your Living Learning
Community. There are many people who work in the First Year Area and we
are all excited to get to know you this fall!! See you soon!
Thanks For Your Service
he office of Residence Life wanted to
take some time to thank Anna Haller
for her service as the Resident
Director for the first year area over
the last year. She will be leaving in early
july to chase her dreams and open her
own business. Best of luck anna!
Page 12
Summer 2015
Have no fear!
There will be a new RD for the
first year area when you come to
orientation in August!
Brennan Bulletin
Monthly Updates for the Transitional Student Area from Your Resident Director
By: Don Brennan, Resident Director
for the Transitional Student Area
wanted to take some time to
welcome our new transfer students
to the university and gave them a
few tips for campus life at Alvernia.
First, you guys aren’t new students and
have some experience in higher
education so use that experience to
make your transition easier.
to struggle their first semester academically
due to the difference in course content and
academic work between institutions of higher
education. Utilize the Learning Center and ask
for help when you need it. The Faculty and
staff are here because we like working with
college students and are here to help when
we can.
Remember, it is important to immerse
yourself in campus life to connect and
feel like a part of the community. Join
student organizations, engage with your
residence hall community, and attend
campus events.
Caption: RDs Don Brennan and Gina Kiefer are with
Assistant Director of Student Activities, Joe Benyish to
enjoy some downtime before freshmen move-in.
Finally, ask for help when you need it.
It is not uncommon for transfer students
I look forward to meeting you all and I am
excited to give any help I can to assist in your
transition at Alvernia. See you at Transfer
Orientation :)
Keepin’ up with Kiefer
Monthly Updates for the Upper Class Area from Your Resident Director
By: Gina Kiefer, Resident Director
for the Upper Class Area
s you adjust to your new home away from home
here at Alvernia, you may experience some conflict
with your roommates. There are a number of things
that you can do to help yourself and others in
these situations. At the beginning of the semester, you will sit
down with your roommate to complete a roommate
agreement. This is your opportunity to talk with your
roommates and establish some ground rules for the room and
your interactions. If you find yourself having an issue or
disagreement with your roommate, you should discuss it with
your roommate. Many times roommates may not know that a
conflict even exists because no one has brought it to their
attention. Approaching someone that you’ve only known for a few hours,
days, and/or weeks can sometimes be uncomfortable. If you feel
uncomfortable with this, please talk to your Resident Assistant (RA). They
are trained in conflict mediation and can give you some strategies on how
to approach your roommate(s). If you speak to your roommate and are
still experiencing conflict, you should contact your RA to complete a
mediation. In a mediation, all parties involved will sit down with a
mediator (RA) and discuss the issues that are causing conflict and work to
resolve the issues. You may be asked to make some compromises because
everyone will not be able to have everything they want (that’s probably
why there’s a conflict in the first place). You should come into a
mediation with an open mind to make compromises and be respectful of
everyone’s feelings. Always remember that the Office of Residence Life is
here to help you! Welcome to Alvernia!
Page 13
Summer 2015
How we house our first year students?
Learn more about our residential learning communities
here is a common misconception that on
their housing applications first year students
can preference which building they would
like to live in. Alvernia University houses
based on preference on living learning community.
Students can preference their choice of residential
communities based on their theme and the
building in which they are housed on their
housing application.
Living learning communities provide students
with an opportunity to meet other people
interested in the same theme while gaining a
greater understating of the mission and values
of Alvernia university. These communities also
offer our first year students additional
support in their first semester. You can
explore our residential communities below.
Clare Hall Communities
Live Green is a residential community that focuses on St.
Francis idea of environmental stewardship and
promotes the ideas of environmental sustainability
adopted by the university.
innovation is a residential community that offer
students the opportunity to tap into their creative side.
The arts and music have always been an important part
of liberal arts education and this community allows
students to explore these areas more.
#Dowelldogood is a residential community that
challenges student to reconsider privilege in our
society and explore these themes in our surrounding
reading community.
World Citizens is a residential community that educates
students on other cultures and asks students to
consider the greater world outside their own and what
their place is in that world.
Common Ground is a residential community that stresses
the values of st. Francis and asks students to become
an ally for the values of peacemaking and social
Leadership & Self-Exploration is a residential community
that assists students in finding their inner leader and
empowers them to use that leader through involvement
in university life.
Page 14
Summer 2015
Veronica Hall Communities
Element is a residential community designed for students in our science and mathematics
majors. The community offers students the opportunity to live in a residential environment
that offers additional academic support for their major.
Pulse is a residential community designed for students in our Health Science (Occupational
Therapy, Nursing, Athletic Training, etc.) Majors. The community offers students the
opportunity to live in a residential environment that offers additional academic support for
their major.
Crusader Scholars is a residential community designed for students who are committed to
living in a knowledge based community, sharing thoughts and insights on the world around
them and within their university studies.
Sophomore & Transfer Communities
Sophomores Serve is a residential community that gives sophomore students the opportunity
to serve in the reading community with the students they live and share a community.
Sophomores Serve is housed in village 4.
Interfaith is a residential community that gives sophomore students the opportunity to
examine their own faith while learning more about principles of other faiths. By examining
other faiths and learning, students can develop a greater sense of their own spirituality.
Interfaith community is housed in Judge hall.
Transfer Student Community is a residential community that gives new transfer students to
alvernia the opportunity to develop a sense of community with another and their fellow
students while assisting them in their transition to Alvernia university life.
Upper Class Communities
Affinity housing allows students the opportunity to
create their own themed community based around
the theme of their choice.
Academic Village offers students with internship,
student teaching, or other obligations a building
with extended quiet house and career preparation.
Page 15
Summer 2015
Meet the 2015-2016 Residence Life Staff...
Our student staff works really hard to build a strong community and work hard as dedicated students as well. We have
three different types of student staff: (1) Senior Resident Assistant, (2) Resident Assistants, and (3) Community Facilitators.
Our Senior Resident Assistants (SRAs) are assigned to lead a staff of resident assistants and community facilitators. The
SRAs work directly with their area’s Resident Director. They Assist in building strong communities.
Our Resident Assistants (ras) work and live on residential communities to assist students on their floor with personal,
social, and academic problems and offer them support. They also ensure that all residence hall policies are being
Our Community Facilitators (CFs) work with our learning community themes and offer programs built around those themes
to the members of their community. CFs work to educate students and assist in the creation of the residential
Veronica Hall
Juan Paula
Resident Assistant-1st Floor
Natalie Lucas
Semester in Position: 1st
Community Facilitator
Crusader Scholars
Olivia Dunzelman
Semester in Position: 1st
Resident Assistant-1st Floor
Early Childhood & Special Education
Semester in Position: 3rd
Matt Amatruda
Resident Assistant-2nd Floor
Criminal Justice
Semester in Position: 1st
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Summer 2015
Veronica HalL-Continued
Victoria Gowland
Resident Assistant-2nd Floor
Jennell Webber
Resident Assistant-2nd Floor
Occupational Therapy
Semester in Position: 1st
Semester in Position: 1st
Kerry Johnson
Resident Assistant-3rd Floor
Jazmine Morales
Education: Mathematics
Community Facilitator
Semester in Position: 1st
Carolyn Stabile
Resident Assistant-3rd Floor
Semester in Position: 1st
Occupational Therapy
Semester in Position: 1st
Erica Luna
Resident Assistant-3rd Floor
Janessa Rasmus
Occupational Therapy
Senior Resident Assistant-3rd floor
Semester in Position: 1st
Vieronica is planned to house freshmen students .
Semester in Position: 5th
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Summer 2015
Veronica HalL-Continued
Courtney Dumais
Kaitlyn Vane
Community Facilitator
Community Facilitator
Occupational Therapy
Semester in Position: 1st
Semester in Position: 1st
Clare Hall
Craig Grohoski
Resident Assistant-1st Floor
Semester in Position: 1st
Meredith McCarthy
Resident Assistant-1st Floor
Occupational Therapy
Semester in Position: 1st
Autumn-Raine Martinez
Lead Community Facilitator
Clare is planned to house freshmen students .
Leadership & self-Exploration
Occupational Therapy
Semester in Position: 3rd
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Summer 2015
Clare Hall-Continued
Matt Baer
Resident Assistant-2nd Floor
Elijah Boone
Community Facilitator
Common Ground
Semester in Position: 1st
Criminal Justice
Semester in Position: 1st
Aijah Hickey
Community Facilitator
Psychology & Criminal Justice
Semester in Position: 1st
Gabriella Messina
Resident Assistant-2nd Floor
Forensic Science & Chemistry
Semester in Position: 3rd
Brenna Gessner
Community Facilitator
McKenna Achenbach
Resident Assistant-3rd Floor
Occupational Therapy
Management & Marketing
Semester in Position: 1st
Semester in Position: 1st
Hannah Slawecki
Senior Resident Assistant-3rd Floor
Early Childhood Education
Semester in Position: 3rd
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Summer 2015
Clare Hall-Continued
Shelby Beningo
Community Facilitator
Live Green
Community Facilitator
World Citizens
Accounting & Management
Semester in Position: 1st
Village 4-Pods
Nina Arant
Senior Resident Assistant– 1st Floor
Semester in Position: 3rd
Zachary Seaman
Resident Assistant-2nd Floor
Athletic Training
Shelby Hontz
Semester in Position: 1st
Resident Assistant– 3rd Floor
Semester in Position: 1st
Annie Walker
Community Facilitator
Sophomores Serve
Village 4 is planned to house sophomore students .
Occupational Therapy
Page 20
Summer 2015
Semester in Position: 1st
Judge Hall
Abigail Cannon
Resident Assistant– 1st Floor
Tyler Arnold
Occupational Therapy
Resident Assistant-2nd Floor
Semester in Position: 3rd
Athletic Training
Semester in Position: 3rd
Christopher Thomas
Community Facilitator
Hannah Mallets
Resident Assistant– 2nd Floor
Political Science & History
Semester in Position: 1st
Occupational Therapy
Semester in Position: 1st
Leon Lipscombe
Samantha Brockway
Resident Assistant-3rd Floor
Resident Assistant– 3rd Floor
Semester in Position: 2nd
Semester in Position: 4th
TJ Leiter
Resident Assistant-4thFloor
Judge Hall is planned for sophomore students and
overflow Juniors & Seniors.
Semester in Position: 1st
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Summer 2015
Anthony Hall
David Dominik
Resident Assistant-1st Floor
Ashley Monzo
Resident Assistant-2nd Floor
Education: Math & Science
Semester in Position: 1st
Semester in Position: 3rd
Jamie Swaboski
Community Facilitator
Transfer Community
Anthony Hall is planned to house Sophomore and
Transfer Students.
Athletic Training
Semester in Position: 1st
Village 3-Academic Village
Jocelyn MacAleese
Community Facilitator
Nick Jaisingh
Lauren Prator
Resident Assistant
Resident Assistant
5th Year OT Student
Occupational Therapy
Semester in Position: 5th
Semester in Position: 7th
Village 3 is planned to house Juniors, Seniors, and OT
Academic Village
Occupational Therapy
Semester in Position: 1st
Page 22
Summer 2015
Zygmunta Hall
Colton Smoker
Brittany Lantz
Resident Assistant
Resident Assistant
Management & Accounting
Semester in Position: 5th
Semester in Position: 5th
Zygmunta is planned to house
Juniors, Seniors, and OT students.
JJ Clinchoc
Genesis Lopez
Resident Assistant-Assisi
Resident Assistant– Siena
Occupational Therapy
Semester in Position: 5th
Semester in Position: 4th
Townhouses are planned to house
Juniors, Seniors, and OT students.
Pacelli Hall
Kelli Fitzgerald
Senior Resident Assistant
5th Year OT Student
Occupational Therapy
Semester in Position: 7th
Page 23
Summer 2015
Amee Patel
Community Facilitator
Academic Village
Semester in Position: 1st
Pacelli is planned to house Juniors, Seniors, OT students.,
Graduate, and DPT Students.
Residence hall associationHow to get involved!
By: don Brennan, RHA Advisor
Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student
organizations about to begin its fourth year since
reforming on Alvernia University’s campus. Our goal is to
help build a stronger community at Alvernia University
through programming and involvement while advocating
for the students living in the residence halls to have a
better residential living experience.
RHA seeks the involvement of new and returning
students by becoming an active member of their
organization. Every residence Hall (Clare, Veronica,
Etc.) will have one executive chair appointed by the
president for their building but anyone may become a
member to have their voice heard and make a
difference for their Building. If you’re interested in
being appointed as the clare or veronica executive
chair, please email [email protected]
We are very excited about the
direction our organization has taken
and will continue to grow over the
next year. We won SGA Event of the year
two years ago with outrAlvernia Olympics
program. Alvernia Olympics is a new
campus tradition where every hall
competes against each other in a week
long series of competitions to determine
which hall takes the Gold.
In addition, we launched a new program
called “Quack Attack Days” where RHA
members hide rubber ducks around
campus with a number at the bottom. If
you find a duck, you bring the duck to a
designated location and get the prize
that corresponds to that number.
Executive Board 2015-2016
President-Tyra Roberts
Vice Presidents:
Mckenna Achenbach
Christopher Thomas
Annie Walker
Abigail Cannon
Patrick St. Hilaire
Sabrina Norris
National Communications
coordinator-Tori Neal
We are open to new ideas and we hope
to see you get involved by joining.
Page 24
Summer 2015
Upcoming events
Quack Attack Days
Quack Attack Days are surprise days where rha
hides rubber ducks around campus. If you find one
and return it to residence life, you will receive a
Alvernia olympics
Alvernia Olympics is a week long series of
events where residence halls and commuters face off in a series of events to
determine who wins the gold. This has
become an alvernia tradition and has
been moved to the fall this year.
Super Bowl Party 2016
Another annual event is the super bowl party. Join us to view the super bowl and
play a bunch of games to win prizes while eating free food.
For more information on our events, check
the student activities calendar.
NRHH Updates
Page 25
Summer 2015
hat is National Residence
Hall Honorary (NRHH)?
ow can I get
involved and what is
the process to be
NRHH is a national honors
society that only accepts 1%
of it’s total resident student population. Look for more information in
They have four pillars of recognition,
the fall.
Service, Leadership, and Academics.
Finally, they select otm awards every
Monthly Updtes for the First Year Area from Your Resident Director
Welcome class of 2019!
Residence Life Staff
Karolina Dreher
Office of Residence Life
Associate Dean of Students and Director of Residence Life
Dave Stuart
Director of Community Standards
Shannon Merkey
Alvernia University
400 Saint Bernardine Street
Housing Coordinator
Anna haller
Veronica Hall
Reading, PA 19607
Resident Director for the First Year Area
Don Brennan
[email protected]
Resident Director for the Transitional Area
Gina Kiefer
Resident Director for the Upper Class Area
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Summer 2015