Online Resource List for Crochet

Online Resource List for Crochet
Ravelry – - Home to over 3 million stitchers, Ravelry is the premier
yarn art site online. Find thousands of designs and chat with people at all levels of expertise, as
well as links to many other web sites that share their patterns.
The Crochet Crowd – - This is a cute site for beginners.
Mikey has plenty of projects to help you get started!
AllFreeCrochet – - This site has an amazing amount of patterns
and is well organized. Crochet – - If you like a site that focuses on tutorials and
articles, this is a good spot to visit. It also has optional email newsletters, if you like to get
reminded to visit your stash every so often.
Crochetville – - Crochetville serves as a social hub, a source for patterns,
and a source for articles rolled into one. They also spend a good bit of time talking about
crochet-related activities, such as selling your creations.
Crochet Pattern Central - - Crochet Pattern Central is
an old-school link library for free patterns, tutorials, and knit/crochet combo patterns. There are
no pictures of the projects with the links to help direct you, but if you just simply must know a
gazillion different patterns, this is a great place to visit.
All Free Crafts - - All Free Crafts doesn’t quite have the
selection that some of the other sites do, but there are thumbnail images beside each link that let
you have a reasonably good idea of whether you will be interested in a pattern or not. They also
have other craft projects available.
The Daily Crocheter - - This site is clean, professional, and has
many, many free patterns. It also has a yarn shop directory, which is not necessarily an easy
thing to find.