Chain Reaction September 2012

Chain Reaction
Northern IL Chapter of CGOA
September 2012
Volume 14, Issue 5
Inside this issue:
President’s Letter
Premie Caps
Notes from the
A Moment in Nic
Warm Up Amer
Library Corner
Vogue Knit. Live
Upcoming 2012
Meetings &
Our Clones lace workshop with Marie Treanor was an overall success. Everyone who attended had a great
time and learned a lot about Irish Crochet! We also learned that the “language of crochet” is universal and we
have a new friend in Ireland! Thanks, also, to the Crocheters of the Lakes Chapter who joined us.
Each year we enjoy sharing our skills at Irish Fest when we reveal the
uniqueness and elegance of Irish crochet to the Celtophiles!
Sept 8: Chapter
Challenge; WUA
Sept 7-9:
WI Sheep & Wool
Oct 12: I Love Yarn
Oct 13: Bead
Oct 26-28:
Chapter Retreat
President’s Letter
Amy Steinmetz
Amy Steinmetz
Terese Conway
I find it somewhat hard to believe, but autumn is fast approaching.
Summer has flown past as we’ve been busy participating in some
wonderful crochet-related activities like attending the CGOA
national conference in Manchester, NH, attending festivals and
conferences in our own area, and studying traditional Irish lace
crochet techniques in our chapter workshop.
Hard as it is to think about, we’re in the phase now of putting
aside our lightweight fibers we love for summer, and picking up
more substantial projects geared for the fast-approaching cooler
weather. As the summer hustle and bustle ebbs and the kids get
back to school, it becomes a bit easier to find some time here or
there for our crochet work. This is such a special time, when
we’re coming down off the feast of new experiences with fibers,
meeting other crocheters, and learning new techniques; we find
ourselves drawn back into our crochet projects and tackling new
projects inspired by what we’ve experienced.
Our months ahead are still going to be busy and crochet-focused,
with chapter events and planning going on for the next year.
Whether you are planning to pull out a UFO item and turn it into a
completed project, working on pieces for some of the many
charitable organizations who distribute crocheted goods in our
community, or looking ahead to our upcoming chapter retreat,
there is much to do. But as the autumn weather gives us a
breather from the summer heat, overall the pace of activity in the
chapter gives us a bit of a breather too. It’s still wonderful and
engaging, just not quite as frantic. So sit down with your favorite
beverage close at hand, pick up your yarns, threads, and hooks,
and enjoy the relaxation and the satisfaction of seeing that piece
of thread or yarn turn into a beautiful and functional object
through the work of your hands.
Karen Angel
Nancy Reil
NIC Committees
Diana Passarelli
Mary Allenspach
Janie Lonnroth
Robyn Schoessow
Gwen Blakley
Sheila Oman
Jeanne Webster
Sindy Gentile
Premie Caps for
Northwest Community Hospital
Many thanks to Susan Venn who has been a
faithful contributor of caps for the premie
babies at our local hospital. To date, she
has contributed well over 100 caps! If you
would like to crochet for this great cause,
ask Gwen for a free pattern.
Policy &
Sheila Oman
Website &
Pam Oddi
Nancy Clark
Notes from the Net: 2012
by Diane Jaffe ecclectic compilation of current crochet tidbits and happenings from around the internet
Crochet-World’s latest free pattern is a fun, fast, Retro Wrap designed by Carrie Carpenter. You can
download this pattern from
Baby afghans are such a welcome gift for new mothers. You can access the free crochet pattern link
directory at Crochet Pattern Central
Crochetme, sponsored by Interweave, offers free crochet patterns, blogs, and chat
forums. Their CALs (crochet a-longs) are structured, well organized, and easy to follow. As long as you
have an internet connection you can ask questions, watch step-by-step progress, and offer comments when
you sign in to their website. The photo galleries at their site display beautiful color pictures of completed CAL
The CGOA Fall 2012 Conference, in Reno, Nevada is fast
approaching. It runs from September 14 -16, 2012. You can download a preview brochure, a schedule of
events, travel information, and class details. Access the entire schedule here: and discounted travel information here:
Also, you can view great pictures of the CGOA Summer 2012 Conference in Manchester, NH at!i=1968916555&k=GHwkbkw.
Here are a few YouTube videos:
1) Easy to Crochet Little Fan Stitch Pattern by Yolanda Lopez, offered in both English and Spanish has
written comments overlaying the actual video.
2) Crocodile Stitch Crochet Lessons by Catalina offers clear, concise, and very detailed step- by-step
instructions. It contains 7 parts, but none run longer than 10 minutes. That’s a matter of her computer storage
space, rather than complicated stitch directions.
1 of 7
2 of 7
3 of 7
4 of 7
5 of 7
6 of 7
7 of 7
Crochet items for sale on Etsy are perfect for getting those creative
juices flowing: Ultimate Bearded 2-Stripe Beanie for kids. The crocheted beanie with the attached beard is
just adorable.; The Peter Pan Crochet Lace Collar is a sweet way to
embellish dresses and plain tees; Crochet Adult Slippers have a beautiful flower adorning the top.
A Moment in NIC History
The Northern IL Chapter has become an important part of the
CGOA mission “to promote the art & skill of crochet through
exhibitions, continuing education and seminars.” Our booth
this year at Stitches Midwest was well received. Thanks to all
who participated!
We meet at the Rolling Meadows Library, located at
3110 Martin Lane, Rolling Meadows, on the second
Saturday of each month, 1:30-4:30 P.M. For more
info and time exceptions, visit our web site at Visitors are welcome to attend
one complimentary meeting. The next two meetings
(per year) are $3. If you would like to join the
Northern Illinois Chapter of CGOA, dues are $15.00/
year. We encourage members to join CGOA.
Warm Up America
Be sure to be stitching away on your
7” X 9” squares for Warm Up
They will be collected at our
December meeting.
Our Mission is to share our crochet
talents with each other and our
communities, continually planting
crochet seeds wherever we go.
Library Corner: Check-It-Out!
By Janice Lonnroth
New Books in the Library, Part One
As you may know, we have had the good fortune to have guild member Dorothy Schmidt recently donate
her large collection of crochet books to our chapter library. I thought I would take this opportunity to
highlight the new editions to our bead and jewelry category since we will be focusing on bead crochet during
our upcoming September meeting.
Bead Crochet Basics; Beaded Bracelets, Necklaces, Jewelry and More! By Mary Libby Neiman, 2004
Bead Crochet by Bethany Barry, 2004
Bead Crochet Ropes by Judith Bertoglio-Giffin, 2002
Beaded Crochet Designs by Ann Benson, 2005
Beadwrangler’s Hands On Crochet with Beads and Fiber by Lydia Borin, 1997 (autographed)
Crocheting with Beads by Kate Coburn, 1995
Easy Beaded Crochet by Carol Meldrum, 2006
Jewlery with a Hook; Crocheted Fiber Necklaces, Bracelets and More by Terry Taylor, 2007
Knit and Crochet with Beads by Lily Chin, 2004 (autographed)
I will bring these nine new books as well as a few other bead and jewelry books to the next meeting for you
to peruse and possibly choose to borrow but one of these particularly catches your eye feel free to e-mail me
at [email protected] before the meeting and reserve it. Also, I’m always happy to bring you any of our
other library gems; just let me know!
Vogue Knitting Live: October 26-28, 2012
Three Chicago land chapters of CGOA have been invited to assist
knitters and anyone who wants to know more about crochet at “The
Crochet Doctor” booth in the marketplace of this event sponsored
by Vogue Knitting. Many thanks to the Crocheters of the Lakes and
the Chicago Connection Chapters.