Note: This scarf is very easy to unravel. To save yourself
from disappointment, have a safety pin at hand. Whenever
you want to put down your project, pin the last stitch so it
will not unravel next time you pick it up.
Beginning 6” from the raw edge, insert hook into the top
hole of the ribbon. (Skip the next hole, ch1) 5 times.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook. Place a marker on the first
sc. Sc in each of next 3 ch. Ch1. Turn.
Row 2: Sc in each sc across. Place marker on first sc.
Ch1, turn.
Repeat Row 2 for desired length, leaving a 6” tail.
Thread the sewing needle and stitch through the last loop
of the last row, securing it in place. Tuck the loose end
between the nearest two ruffles and sew it in place. Repeat
for other end, securing first loop and beginning end.
RED HEART® Boutique™ Ribbons™
Art. E790 available in 3.5 oz (100 g),
42 yd (38 m) balls.
ABBREVIATIONS: sc = single crochet; ch = chain.
Angelina’s Scarf
Add a little sparkle and glamor to your look with
this amazing ruffling yarn. You just need one
ball to crochet this fabulous scarf!
Designed by Nazanin Fard.
Scarf Measures 50” long x 3” wide.
RED HEART® Boutique Ribbons™: 1 ball 1939 Marble
or 1937 Fire.
Crochet Hook: 6mm [US J-10].
Sewing needle and matching thread
GAUGE: Gauge not essential for this project.
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