Dance Descriptions 2015 - Allegro School of Dance

Acro is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with acrobatics. Unlike conventional gymnastics, no
apparatus is used. The tricks performed in this class are typically taught on mats and eventually move to the floor. Students
in this class will focus on improving their strength and flexibility so that they are able to safely execute the moves that are
demonstrated in an Acro routine. This fun and dynamic class is a favourite of kids that like to be on the move and is offered
in several levels to accommodate the various degrees of expertise and strength. Acro is well demonstrated in professional
dance performances such as Cirque du Soleil.
Classical Ballet is the most elegant yet technical of all dance forms and also the foundation for all dance. Students in ballet
class will work on their posture, grace, balance and muscle control through a series of traditional exercises performed at the
barre and in the center. Ballet is a fun and expressive dance class that inspires an appreciation for movement and classical
music. Most major cities worldwide are represented by a classical ballet company including Toronto’s National Ballet of
Canada and The Royal Winnipeg Ballet Company in Manitoba.
Creative Movement is a fast paced and interactive class that introduces pre-schoolers to the fundamentals of dance. This
class allows beginners to express themselves through instinctual movement and musical interpretation. Basic ballet steps
and exercises for strength and flexibility are combined with imaginative games to keep young dancers inspired and
stimulated while having fun. A variety of age-appropriate music is played in this class ranging from classical symphony and
piano tunes to Disney themes and Children’s traditional sing-along songs.
Hip Hop is an eclectic street style of dance that is performed in running shoes to current upbeat tempos. The dynamic
moves taught in Hip Hop class are fast, stylish, funky and similar to those seen in music videos. This class is appropriate for
high energy dancers that are driven by a beat. Similar to a Jazz class, Hip Hop is broken down into 3 parts – warm up,
corner work/technique and choreography. Students in a Hip Hop class will work on their strength, flexibility, and musicality
through intricate fun and fast paced funky choreography. Since the tempos are usually quicker than any other dance form,
the choreography in a Hip Hop class provides a great cardio workout and is also a fun way to exercising the mind and
Jazz is a lively and expressive dance form that combines contemporary moves with ballet technique. This is a high energy,
fun class that encourages rhythm, coordination, strength and flexibility. A jazz class is typically divided into 3 parts – warm
up, corner work and choreography. The pace of a jazz class is much quicker than a classical ballet class and is conducive to
high energy dancers that like to jump and move. The music played in this class ranges from top 40 current tunes that you
might hear on the radio to classic rock, pop and jazz songs with an upbeat tempo. Many of the entertaining moves taught
in Jazz class are commonly seen in Broadway shows and musicals.
Lyrical dance combines elements of ballet, modern and jazz techniques. It is often set to pop music with vocals and the
choreography tells a story to imitate the lyrics of the music. Lyrical dance uses gestures, facial expressions, emotions and
drama. The technique in a Lyrical class is more contemporary than conventional and is very expressive. Since this class
focuses primarily on choreography, it is recommended for more experienced dancers who have mastered traditional ballet
and jazz first. Lyrical at Allegro is offered to dancers’ ages 11+ that are also enrolled in ballet.
Pointe is a form of ballet presented on the tips of the toes, made possible by specialized pointe shoes. Ballet en pointe
focuses on grace and technique. Dancers must have good ballet technique and sufficient strength in their core, legs, ankles
and feet before beginning pointe work. Usually students will be at least 10-12 years of age before going en pointe. This is
because bones and growth plates in the feet are often not yet fully developed prior to this age and can be injured by pointe
work, despite the strength and skill that the student may have.
Tap dancing is a very musical form of dance that concentrates on precise footwork & rhythm. In this fun & lively class,
dancers will learn to incorporate syncopated beats with the melody of the music. In a tap class, the emphasis is primarily on
the footwork and most of the choreography happens from the waist down. This class is extremely effective in fusing
musicality with co-ordination while and focuses on many of the same elements that would be introduced in a music class.
Tap is a dance form that is constantly evolving; however many of the traditional steps taught in Tap class are similar to
those performed by Fred Astaire or Gene Kelly.
Musical Theatre is a form of theatrical performance where the story of a piece is communicated through spoken dialogue,
acting and dance. In this class, students will be taught three different disciplines – dancing, singing and acting ; and each will
be practiced every week. This fun and eclectic class is fun for everyone but may be best suited for “triple threat” performers
with big personalities!