resume - Alex Marple

An efficient, reliable developer able to assess an organization’s needs and create a web presence
from the ground up. Experienced in all the stages of the web development process including:
information gathering, planning, design, development, testing and delivery and maintenance. Skilled
in an array of scripting languages and web tools.
Technical Skills
Languages: ​
HTML5, CSS3 (Sass), JavaScript (jQuery, Angular, Backbone), PHP
Other Tools: ​
Git, SVN, WordPress, Atlassian (JIRA, BitBucket, etc.), Trello, Harvest, Gulp, Grunt
Independent Projects
Seattle Elections 2015​
I am wrapping up a project meant to be a repository for all of the Seattle City
Council seats up for election this year. The city switched to districts this year so every seat is up for
grabs and a deluge of candidates have entered the race. This project involves heavy manipulation of the
Google Maps API and the use of Angular to build out several features of the site (such as the submission
of new candidates).
Angular To Do​
In an effort to get up to speed on one of the more important MV* frameworks, I made a
very simple to do application in AngularJS. I value Angular for its clarity of construction and ease of
Professional Experience
Developer | 2015
● Build custom portals from client-submitted specs.
● Modernize the Custom Development code by modularizing. remodeling with the latest
standards and reducing technical debt.
● Build special projects (a themer for the Brainshark player for customers to use).
Zocalo Consulting
Junior Developer | 2014-Present
● Build wireframes and mockups.
● Draft and submit proposals for RFPs.
● Create and maintain WordPress themes.
● Clean up code and triage any breakpoints.
● Assist clients with any questions before, during and after the project.
Northeastern University​
- ​
The College of Social Sciences and Humanities asked Zocalo to help update its
existing departmental websites and bring them in line aesthetically with the rest of the university.
I came into this project a bit after the discovery phase and was tasked with several different jobs. One
was to move all existing content to the new WP sites. While half of the websites were already
WP-based, they had existing additions (e.g. custom post types) that had to be rewritten or jettisoned.
The other half was a lot of pulling information from a relic custom CMS.
Beyond that I took ownership of writing a lot of the CSS (all of which was done using Sass), building the
structure of certain pages (in HTML and PHP) and working with Advanced Custom Fields to augment
the sophistication of the sites.
Toronto Centre for Active Transportation​
I wrote the proposal that won this contract. A Canadian
non-profit wanted to modernize their web presence. As it was, the website was a Drupal-based site
built around 2006. They also wanted to build two microsites (​
It’s Your Move​
and ​
) devoted to special projects.
We went through several rounds of discussions about the best way to rebuild this site and incorporate
the microsites in a thematic way. After making those decisions I was tasked with building the
scaffolding for all of the sites. I also worked on several of the post types, template pages and other
elements of the site (written in PHP). Since I had secured the contract I was also the point person in
engaging with the client about any additional insights they had.
The Evergreen State College
B.A. Political Economy & Comparative History