Gulfstream Nose/Main Wheel Spanner Socket Kit

Gulfstream Nose/Main
Wheel Spanner Socket Kit
• Superior ergonomic low
profile design
• Lifetime warranty
• Stainless steel construction
• Gulfstream approved
Aircraft Model(s)
G5, G550, G650
P/N: GSK Alt. P/N: GSE3220794
Includes: GSE3220782 & GSE3220774
Alt. P/N: 1159GSE50241-3, 1159GSE50109-5
1159GSE50109-3, 1159GSE50235-5
The Nose/Main Wheel Spanner Socket Kit is used to install and remove nose and main landing
gear wheels on G5, G550 AND G650. The low profile design and strategically placed sight holes
allow for easy alignment of the axle nut lock bolts. The top flashlight port holes are machined to
fit an included LED flashlight. This flashlight lights up the visually limited lock bolt installation
area. The kit also includes a “No Flex” breaker bar head designed to allow precise positioning
and improved final axle nut indexing. This is the perfect product for your “Fly Away” tool kit.
The GSK Kit includes:
• Two Spanner Sockets
• Main and Nose Wheel Spanner Sockets
• “No Flex” Breaker Bar Head
• Custom sized LED Flashlight
• Molded foam lined storage case
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