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A Passion for Health
A Passion for Health is the new Apple column celebrating inspiring Albertans
who are committed to improving the health and well-being of people in their communities.
We invite you to vote for the Passion for Health nominee you would like see featured in the next issue of Apple
by emailing [email protected] with your nominee’s name in the subject line.
Comments are welcome and voting is open until April 10, 2014.
Our nominees are:
Jeff Halvorsen
Jeff is a thinker and a problem-solver. As the manager of Outcomes and
Quality Assurance at Servants Anonymous Society of Calgary, he helps
women at risk of being sexually exploited have healthier lives.
Kath Hoffman
Kath is the executive director at Central Alberta’s Safe Harbour Society
for Health and Housing. Her dedication helps the society offer a safe
haven for vulnerable people in Red Deer, including those who are
homeless and dealing with substance abuse.
Bonnie Johnston
As the CEO at Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre in Calgary,
Bonnie brings together experts to help children heal from abuse. Her
work at the centre is paramount in ending the cycle of abuse and helping
children and youth reach their full potential.
Sue Keating
Sue makes it her job to ensure the youth in Edmonton have a place
to go when faced with difficult life situations. As the associate
executive director at Youth Empowerment & Support Services, she
helps opens doors to housing, education and healthy living—giving
youth hope to create a better future.
Lisa Luciano
Lisa has dedicated her career to helping people recover from addictions
for more than 14 years. She’s the clinical director at Thorpe Recovery
Centre in Blackfoot. Lisa serves her community by creating programs that
help people overcome their addictions and live fulfilling lives.
Terri Mair
A Calgary lawyer for over 23 years, Terri believes that healthy
parents want to raise healthy children and families. Along with
representing children in high-conflict situations, Terri is the legal
counsel for the director of Stoney Nakoda Child and Family Services.
You can also call 403-943-0052 or drop us a line at [email protected]
to nominate someone with a passion for health for a future issue of Apple.