Superior Court of California County of Orange Smart Forms

Superior Court of California
County of Orange
Smart Forms
Family Law & Small Claims
Forms now available:
Family Law:
• At Issue Memorandum For
Trial Setting, L-31
• Income and Expense
Declaration, FL-150
The Superior Court of Orange County has converted many Judicial Council and local
forms using Adobe SmartForm technology. These forms, now available here, were
tested by some of our partners in the legal profession who provided valuable feedback
to the Court.
• Notice of Withdrawal of
Attorney of Record,
The SmartForms developed so far, will further enhance service to the public, and at
the same time save our Court some of the cost associated with the imaging and
processing of court documents.
• Proof of Service by Mail,
What is a SmartForm?
• Proof of Personal Service,
• Proof of Service of
Summons, FL-115
• Property Declaration,
FL-160, FL-161
• Request to Enter Default,
• Service of Declaration of
Disclosure, FL-141
• Substitution of Attorney,
A SmartForm is an interactive form that works with Adobe Reader, which can be
downloaded free of charge, and has three essential features:
1. The form is interactive, and allows for data validations, calculations and autofilling;
2. The form is independent of any network connectivity or operating
3. The form data (XML) travels with the form template that allows for extraction
of data that feeds into our Case Management System without additional data
What are the benefits for the litigant?
Small Claims:
• Plaintiff’s Claim & Order,
• Defendant’s Claim &
Order, SC-120
The SmartForms link and
instructional videos are
available on the Court
website under
Business rules validation reduces errors and time spent filling in forms
Turnaround time for filing of forms is reduced
Forms are savable and sharable
Forms can perform number calculations, and carry numerical and written
information to other areas within the form
What are the benefits for the Court?
Increased accuracy of data
Eliminates prepping, scanning, verifying and data entry of documents
Images available after clerk review and processing of filing
Increased efficiency, rejection of documents is reduced
Less time required to review documents
Currently, the Court is working to expand the SmartForm design to forms of all case
types, and continues to expand and explore enhancements and improvements to this
exciting, innovative solution.