2015 Foundation for Progress in Journalism Internship Program

2015 Foundation for Progress in Journalism
Internship Program Agreement
The purpose of this agreement is to ensure the Intern, Media Outlet, and the Foundation agree
with the goals and expectations of the internship program.
Intern Information
Degree or Graduation Date
Media Outlet/Supervisor Information
Media Outlet
Publisher/General Manager
Intern Supervisor
Supervisor Title
Supervisor Phone
Supervisor Email
Schedule of Internship
Planned Absences
Hours to work per week
Hourly Rate of Pay: $
Pay Schedule:
General Responsibilities of the Parties
A. The Intern will have the following responsibilities:
1) Work on the days and times scheduled and notify the supervisor of any planned
2) Act professionally, including conforming to the policies, procedures, and dress
codes of the Media Outlet.
3) Maintain confidentiality of Media Outlet.
4) Notify the FPJ Coordinator if any problems arise during the Internship.
5) Complete the required log of hours sheet and submit to the FPJ Coordinator at end
of Internship.
6) Complete assignments, tasks, and final project associated with Internship
B. The Foundation for Progress in Journalism will have the following responsibilities:
1) Reimburse Media Outlet for Intern’s wages, up to $3000.
2) Designate a coordinator for each Intern.
3) Participate in planning an evaluation regarding learning activities by jointly
deciding on objectives with Intern and supervisor.
4) Provide Media Outlet/supervisor with Intern evaluation forms.
5) Notify Intern of obligations and monitor Interns’ compliance during the course of
the Internship.
6) Conduct intermittent individual contacts with Interns during Internships to
critique Intern progress and professional growth.
C. The Media Outlet and Supervisor will have the following responsibilities:
1) Provide a working environment which allows the Intern to gain experience
relevant to the field of journalism.
2) Supply a safe environment for the Intern and inform Intern and the FPJ
Coordinator of any possible unsafe conditions.
3) Comply with all applicable laws and regulations with respect to Intern.
4) Present both Intern and the FPJ Coordinator with policies and operational
procedures to which Intern is expected to following during the course of the
5) Work with Intern and the FPJ Coordinator to develop goals and objectives to be
completed during Internship.
6) Notify the FPJ Coordinator of any poor work performance or problems with the
Intern placement.
7) Provide Intern with feedback on work performance.
8) Evaluate Interns’ performance at the end of Internship and submit evaluation form
to the FPJ Coordinator.
Intern Job Responsibilities
Provide a description of Intern responsibilities, including both daily responsibilities and broader
assignments to be completed during the course of Internship experience.
Goals and Objectives
Provide a description or list of Intern’s goals and objectives to be completed by end of Internship
based of professional development.
Final Project
Provide a detailed description of project to be completed by Intern during the course of
Internship. This project has been agreed upon by Intern, Media Outlet supervisor, and the FPJ
Coordinator. Include deadlines and specific components that are required for the Intern to
The Intern agrees to indemnify, defend, save, and hold harmless the Foundation for Progress in
Journalism, Media Outlet, and each of their officers, directors, agents, and employees
(“Indemnitees”) of and from any and all claims, causes of action, damage, fines, attorney’s fees,
penalties, or liability, of any kind whatsoever, arising out of or related to the performance of this
Agreement or Intern’s acts, errors, omissions, fault or negligence, except to the extent such
losses are caused by the sole acts of negligence of Indemnitees.
Intern Signature
Media Outlet
Foundation for Progress in Journalism