Specialist Baits ‘Catching with confidence’

Specialist Baits
‘Catching with confidence’
Carp Base Mixes
‘An exceptional bait’
A new concept in carp bait made without using
fishmeal. Produces instant action where standard bait has lost its edge.
Does not require pre-baiting even on pressured venues.
Ingredients: Complex meat and milk proteins, yeasts and
extracts that are easily digested in all conditions.
Use with: asm or milky1 flavour and taste liquid food.
Base Mix 1Kg - £8.99 5Kg - £45 10Kg - £85
bio shellfish
‘It’s never been matched’
Recognised and accepted as one of the best seafood-baits.
No pre-baiting needed. Ingredients: soluble fish extracts,
krill, fishmeals, yeast, milk proteins, enhancers and robin red.
Use with: asm, plum, ala salar, crab, anchovy,
spectrum original.
Base Mix 1Kg - £8.99 5Kg - £45 10Kg - £85
This superb bait
offers carp or
barbel a huge
HNV food
Main ingredients:
Best quality
milk proteins
with high casein
and lactalbumin
‘A bait for all seasons’
‘A trusted recipe’
Base Mix
1Kg - £14.99
5Kg - £69
Luxury seeds,
includes milks,
oils, honey and
Low in protein,
rich in vitamins.
Easy to roll and
Base Mix
1Kg - £8.99
5Kg - £45
10Kg - £85
*Also available as
fresh/frozen boilies
Specialist Baits
only base
Same as normal
base mix plus
hardener. Makes
Ideal with corkballs.
Available in:
taste4carp, bio
shellfish, yellow
creamseed, and
all JB favourite
base mixes.
New carp
mix ground
A luxury fish
extract ground
bait recipe, based
on bio shellfish
Includes: Toasted
seeds, krill and
fish extracts.
1Kg - £4.25
5Kg - £19.99
JB ‘favourite
base mixes’
Krunch, HNV
365, Ashlea Pool,
After October,
Red Creamseed,
etc… Ask us!
Base Mix
(Minimum order)
10kg - £85
*Also available as
fresh/frozen boilies
Base Mix
500gm Bag
- £6.99
tel: 0118 940 4943 web: www.johnbakerbaits.co.uk
Special Reserve Flavours
milky1 & asm
These unique flavours are only recently available and
have been tested and proven for several years.
They are truly outstanding attractors for carp and
barbel and are highly effective in the new taste base
mixes. milky1 flavour smells and tastes like creamy
biscuit and is perfect when matched with good
quality base mix recipes. asm is a lingering savoury
fish blend it is versatile and deadly in all savoury or
fishy bait recipes.
100ml £15.99
Original Flavours
At the heart of our flavour range these top quality
flavours are suitable for a wide range of applications.
They are made to the successful JB formula and are
unmatched for reliability.
plum, ala salar, crab
100ml £14.99
caramel banana, strawberry ttl,
butt-ringer 100ml £12.99
New pineapple ester, New banana,
maple, maplecream, dairy cream,
frost & flood, barbel search 4, chub
attack 100ml £11.99
flavour measuring kit
Syringes, pots & spoons for
accurate D.I.Y. bait making
web: www.johnbakerbaits.co.uk tel: 0118 940 4943
Specialist Baits
New Special Ingredient Range
New taste liquid food
‘Unique liquid cheese extract for paste & boilies’
New liver protein powder
‘Pure extract - very effective in boilies & paste’
New fish protein powder
‘Soluble extract from the Pacific 100% digestible’
New krill protein powder
‘Red-coloured and aromatic seafood extract’
New sweet corn liquor
‘Cooked & fermented CSL related rich liquid’
250ml £10.99
250gms £8.99
250gms £7.99
250gms £7.99
250ml £6.99
Natural Additive Range
spectrum original Savoury & fish multi-use amino and fish extract blend
spectrum milk & cream Rich white creamy additive for sweet/ milky baits
amino & liver compound Liquid amino, liver, spleen, gastric mucosa extract
liquid yeast extract Very effective versatile salty dark yeast plus herbs
liquid anchovy extract Fine-ground salty anchovies, a great bait additive
vitalok Unusual liquid vitamins and food digest enhancer
sweetfeed Thaumatin B - Natural sweet base-mix enhancer
liquid creamy sweetener Versatile strong sweetener for all mixes and dips
particle punch Complex sugars rich flavours, for boosting particles
salmon oil A fine grade of salmon oil with wide range of uses
hook bait hardener powder Makes all base mixes and hook baits rock-hard
white bait dye For ‘high-viz’ pop-up’s or hook baits 4|
Specialist Baits
tel: 0118 940 4943 web: www.johnbakerbaits.co.uk
Barbel & River Base Mixes
‘The best barbel bait we have made’
Barbel will respond quickly when they are given an alternative to fishmeal
bait or halibut pellets. taste4barbel is a new savoury bait that exploits
any dietary imbalance. It stimulates barbel to feed as part of their natural
diet and contributes to their health and vitality. Highly effective in all
water temperatures, it will work instantly without the need for
Recommended for use with: asm or milky1 flavours and taste
liquid food, for boilies or paste.
Base Mix 1Kg - £8.99 5Kg - £45 10Kg - £85
supermilk & supermilk gold
‘Two trusted river baits’
Two great recipes for milk protein followers: supermilk (as described
in carp section), and supermilk gold the river version, which mostly
contains soluble milk protein, calcium caseinate and lactalbumin.
Designed to be more digestible than standard milk protein bait, the
gold version is ideal for making high quality paste, paste ‘wrap’s’ and very
soft-skinned boilies. Bait of this quality and nutritional profile requires no
supermilk 1Kg - £14.99 5Kg - £69.00
*supermilk ‘gold’ 1Kg Bags - £15.99
barbel frost
& flood, original
barbel mix, barbel
savoury spice
Our original river baits, much
improved and revised for 2010
and ideal for paste or boilies.
Base Mix 1Kg - £8.99
5Kg - £45
big chub mix
New barbel
‘A rare treat for big
bait-shy chub!’
method mix
ground bait
The only bait made specifically
for chub! A strong meaty smell
and taste, makes a perfect
soft paste or firm boilie. Ideal
with: chub attack flavour,
anchovy extract and the
new taste liquid food.
Base Mix 1Kg Bags - £8.99
Special river ground bait with
ingredients from the taste
base mix plus soluble extracts.
As it breaks down in water a
milky cloud will leak-off in the
1Kg - £4.25 5Kg - £19.99
web: www.johnbakerbaits.co.uk tel: 0118 940 4943
‘It’s different’
Specialist Baits
Carp Bait Recipe Suggestions
These recipes will work instantly, without the need for pre baiting. Use our flavour measuring kit to
measure additives and flavours. Adjust the mount of eggs when making different quantities of bait. Keep to the
6 egg units and use the correct flavour levels. The same weight of base mix will then be used each time.
Most good bait recipes will go on catching fish for years. Keep a record of the most successful recipes.
Do not add more ingredients or extra flavour, especially in batches of bait to be used for free offerings.
The recipes detailed are just some of our most successful baits.
taste4carp ‘A uniquely alternative type of carp bait’
1: Six large eggs, 2-3ml milky1 special reserve flavour & 10ml taste liquid food
2: Six large eggs, 2-4ml asm special reserve flavour & 10ml taste liquid food.
bio shellfish ‘Carp instantly know this is great food’
1: Six large eggs, 4ml ala salar flavour, 2ml plum flavour & 10ml
spectrum original 2: Six large eggs, 3ml crab flavour & 10ml
liquid anchovy extract.
yellow creamseed
‘Fast acting recipe for use with many flavour options’
1: Six large eggs, 6ml maplecream flavour & 10ml spectrum milk
& cream 2: Six large eggs, 5ml pineapple ester, 10ml amino & liver
comp, 2ml liquid creamy sweetener.
supermilk ‘Ultimate HNV protein bait for wary carp’
1: Six large eggs, 2-3ml milky1 special reserve flavour & 10ml
spectrum milk & cream 2: Six large eggs, 2-3ml plum flavour,
¼ teaspoon sweetfeed, 10ml amino & liver compound.
Barbel & Chub Recipe Suggestions
‘A unique alternative to standard barbel bait’
1: Six large eggs, 3-4ml milky1 special reserve
flavour & 10ml taste liquid food.
2: Six large eggs, 3-4ml asm special reserve flavour
& 10ml taste liquid food.
barbel frost & flood
‘Versatile recipe for fast coloured water all year round!’
1: Six large eggs, 6ml frost & flood flavour, 10ml
amino & liver compound or milk & cream.
2: Six large eggs, 3-4ml milky1 flavour, 1ml liquid
creamy sweetener & 10ml vitalok.
original barbel mix
1: Six large eggs, 3-4ml milky1 special reserve
flavour & 10ml spectrum milk & cream.
2: Six large eggs, 3-4ml asm flavour & 10ml liquid
yeast or taste liquid food.
big chub mix
large eggs, 3-4ml asm flavour, 10ml liquid yeast
‘Ultimate HNV protein bait for barbel or chub’ Six
Specialist Baits
1: Six large eggs, 5-6ml chub attack flavour & 15ml
liquid anchovy extract 2: Six large eggs, 4ml
asm flavour & 15ml taste liquid food.
tel: 0118 940 4943 web: www.johnbakerbaits.co.uk
Fresh Boilies & Bait Rolling Service
Our fresh bait is hand-made in the traditional way.
This service is only available directly from John Baker Products.
All customer recipes are kept confidential.
We can make bait to suit specific needs or venues.
The minimum order quantity for all fresh bait and boilies is 10kilos.
The average lead time for freshly rolled and frozen bait is two weeks.
Please contact us to discuss your requirements and delivery details.
Typical prices for fresh hand-made boilies:
Boilie size 16-22mm £9.75 per kilo + P&P
Boilie size 12mm
£10.95 per kilo + P&P
Chop-up’s & sticks £10.95 per kilo + P&P
New Paste 500gm Fresh/Frozen
Paste Packs for carp & barbel
The same base mix recipes, made with fresh eggs and no preservatives.
Ideal for immediate use or for making into small batches of boilies.
Options: taste, bio shellfish, yellow creamseed and
all barbel & chub baits.
Pack Size 500gms, 2 x 250gm paste-blocks - £6.50
The minimum quantity of fresh paste made to order is
5Kg or 10 x 500gm packs
New Pop Up’s
- recipe options as listed above
taste4carp, bio shellfish, yellow creamseed, etc…
All pop-up’s 16mm size only: Pot of appx. 40 - £6.50
Suggested ‘Freshly Rolled Bait’ Recipes
New taste4carp
bio shellfish
yellow creamseed
New taste4barbel
With milky1 & taste liquid food
With asm & liquid yeast +.
With caramel banana & sweetfeed
With New pineapple ester plus additives.
With plum, ala salar & spectrum
With crab & anchovy extract etc…
With milky1 & taste liquid food
With asm, taste liquid food or yeast.
New shelf-life boilies - 16mm ‘Never say never!’
Three high quality boilie recipes that really do include the key base ingredients! Part air-dried and preserved
to human food standards. Ideal for quick sessions and holidays.
Option 1: taste milky1
1Kg Bags all options - £9. 75
Option 2: bio plum
Option 3: bio crab
5Kilo session packs all options - £45
*NB: Fresh/frozen bait may not be made available via some retail shops.
web: www.johnbakerbaits.co.uk tel: 0118 940 4943
Specialist Baits
Specialist Baits
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