AKBLG 2015 Conference - Association of Kootenay & Boundary

AKBLG 2015 Conference
APRIL 22 – 24
To assist our members to provide effective, responsible and accountable
local government through dialogue, education and advocacy.
AKBLG President
Mayor Debra Kozak ......................................... City of Nelson
AKBLG Vice President
Mayor Gerry Taft ............................................. District of Invermere
AKBLG Directors
Mayor Patricia Cecchini ................................... Village of Fruitvale
Director Rob Gay ............................................. Regional District of East Kootenay
Director Garry Jackman ................................... Regional District of Central Kootenay
Mayor Jessica Lunn .......................................... Village of Slocan
Councillor Caleb Moss ..................................... Town of Golden
Director Roland Russell ................................... Regional District of Kootenay Boundary
Director Linda Worley ..................................... Regional District of Kootenay Boundary
To contact a member of the executive, please email [email protected]
Arlene Parkinson
Mayor’s Message/AKBLG President’s Message ..................................................... 5
Program Schedule - April 21 & 22 .......................................................................... 6
Program Schedule- April 23 ................................................................................... 8
Program Schedule - April 24 .................................................................................. 10
Meet the Presenters ............................................................................................. 11
Sponsors................................................................................................................. 14
Schedule at a Glance .............................................................................................. 18
Although most Nakusp restaurants, accommodations,
and the Royal Canadian Legion are within 10 minutes
walking distance of the Nakusp and Area Sports
Complex, limited delegate transportation will also be
Following both social events: Wednesday Welcome
Reception/Karaoke/Casino and Thursday Gala and
Entertainment, the following options are available:
Two vans (15 and 12 passenger) will provide
transportation to outlying Bed & Breakfasts,
Cabins, Chalets and Campgrounds.
If you have your vehicle at the event and don’t
want to drive, ask for the Duo Driver Program.
A designated driver will drive you “home” in
your vehicle, followed by another vehicle to
bring the designated driver back. Please talk to
one of our staff.
One BC Transit Bus (20 passenger) will follow a
set a route which will include stops at: Leland
Hotel, K2 Rotor Lodge, Selkirk Inn, and Canyon
Court Motel
NOTE: If you are returning to Nelson on Friday
morning, feel free to catch a ride on the BC Transit
Transportation will be provided to Halcyon
Hot Springs at 9:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m.
BC Transit is happy to partner with AKBLG to provide
transportation services to conference delegates.
DINNER THROUGHOUT TOWN – see enclosed menu
Remember to make your dinner reservations for Wednesday night!
Please let us know if you have mobility issues and we will arrange for transportation and/or assistance to the Trade
Show area for meals and breaks, if required.
Enter your name for our fantastic door prizes by turning in your name badge at the registration desk on Friday
morning! You can win ONLY if you are in attendance at draw time – 10:15 Friday, April 24 in the Trade Show Area.
There is an old saying that says there are only two things in life that are
certain – death and taxes.
In our world there is another certainty and that is change. The world has
changed enormously and with that we are continually facing new challenges
in our everyday lives and in our lives as Local Government.
We all recognize that in order to do our jobs better, more efficiently and
obtain success we need to look at collaborating with our neighbours and
other levels of government whenever possible. We need to look beyond our
borders and see how we can work together, to collaborate in these changing
and challenging times.
Nakusp is located on the shores of Upper Arrow Lake in the Selkirk Mountains in south central British Columbia. It is
situated in a valley surrounded by spectacular mountains, clear lakes, rivers, streams and breathtaking scenery.
Several natural hot springs are located in the area, and development of potential recreation sites and leisure
attractions, such as helicopter skiing and houseboat holidays will continue to bring increasing numbers of people to
the area.
Through a combined effort from the BC government, BC Hydro, the Historical Society, Village Works, the K-40 Club,
and many families, a beautiful walkway consisting of gardens, grassy areas, a picnic area, gazebo, and a washroom /
concession building was constructed along the waterfront. Come and relax on any of the twenty-seven benches along
the walkway.
In 2013, the Arrow Lakes Arts Council purchased a magnificent marble sculpture,
“Deepening Peace” by Toru Fujibayashi. Be sure to stop and enjoy this marvellous
addition to the Waterfront Walkway.
On behalf of the Village of Nakusp, I extend a warm welcome to delegates, guests and
sponsors to our beautiful Village. We are excited about showcasing our community and the
variety of services that we offer as a small community.
The theme of Change, Challenge and Collaborate fits in well with what we are all
experiencing in today’s ever changing and challenging world.
Please enjoy our waterfront walk and take the time to explore our downtown.
We are very pleased to have Deb Grey as our keynote speaker; you will find her entertaining
and informative. Deb will also be offering an extra session - A Conversation with Deb Grey.
Take the time to visit and talk to this wonderful and interesting woman.
We hope you enjoy the sessions we have booked and your stay here. We hope that you will return to us again soon.
Mayor Karen Hamling
Village of Nakusp
Dear Delegates,
I'd like to welcome new and returning delegates to this year's AKBLG conference. 2015
marks the 82nd year that we have hosted conferences for elected representatives and each
year they continue to get better.
When Nakusp volunteered to host, it was with some trepidation. Organizers were worried
that there wouldn't be enough room for all of us, but I think you'll agree with me that those
fears were unfounded. When you take a good look around at this beautiful BC town, who
could possibly stay away?
The excellent planning and preparation by the community of Nakusp has resulted in a strong program this year. From
keynote speaker Debra Grey to sessions that will engage and educate you, and excellent entertainment, I'm sure
you'll find this year memorable.
The AKBLG Executive extends its sincere thanks to the people of Nakusp and wishes all of you a good conference.
Warm regards,
Mayor Debra Kozak
President, AKBLG
Tuesday, April 21
Trade Show Setup (first opportunity)
Nakusp & Area Sports Complex Arena
Early Registration
Sports Complex Lobby
Wednesday, April 22
Trade Show Setup
Nakusp & Area Sports Complex Arena
Sports Complex Lobby
Transportation is provided and both tours leave from the Nakusp & Area Sports Complex at 9:00 a.m.
Please arrive 10 minutes before departure in order to pick up a coffee/drink and snacks to go.
Nakusp Hot Springs / Kuskanax Footbridge
Remember to bring walking shoes, towel & bathing suit
Visit the award winning Kuskanax Creek footbridge
which has already become a focal point for visitors
from all over the province. The completion of the
footbridge ensures safe access for staff to the hot
springs source and for the public to access the myriad
of trails located across the bridge.
Next visit the Nakusp Hot Springs which are vital to the
economy in Nakusp. These hot springs are community
owned and operated and have the cleanest, clearest
soaking mineral pools, with 200,000 litres of fresh,
filtered water entering each pool every day. You will
tour the energy-saving features of thermal water and
enjoy a refreshing dip before the Conference begins.
Tour recently completed infrastructure projects
including the Micro-hydro Power Plant, Water
Treatment Plant and Wastewater Treatment Plant.
Completed in March 2014, the Micro-hydro Plant,
which runs continuously, is an innovative system using
the Village of Nakusp's existing water collection
infrastructure for an additional purpose. The plant is
now successfully producing energy for the Village
helping save up to $100/day.
Completed and operational since January 2014, the
Waste Water Treatment Plant project provides tertiary
treatment to the existing wastewater system to allow
for deep water discharge into the Arrow Lakes and
future reclaimed water district irrigation as per the
Municipal Sewage Regulations (MSR).
Using an innovative product new to Canada, a cover
was installed at the Nakusp Waste Water Plant lagoon
which helps mitigate algae growth and limit odours.
Trade Show OPEN
Trade Show Area (Lower Level)
Take time to enjoy and speak to our sponsors at the Trade Show. This wide representation of
organizations will be providing invaluable information, products and/or services.
Trade Show Area
Welcome and Introductions
Karen Hamling, Mayor of Nakusp
Wednesday, April 22
RDI Overview and Economic Development
Capacity Benchmarking
This session will provide you with 10 facts on the RDI and using the 'clickers' you will be asked
to help benchmark economic development capacity in the region.
Sponsorship Presentation
Columbia Basin Trust with Wendy Booth
Resolutions and the Role of UBCM
with Gary MacIsaac, Executive Director, UBCM
2:45 - 2:55pm
Sponsorship Presentation
Interoute Construction with Sante Pulice
Networking/Refreshment Break
Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust
with Luanne Chore
Overview of SIDIT
Trade Show Area
Municipal Insurance Association
with Deb Kozak
A summary of the history of the MIABC and the new products and services now offered.
Municipal Finance Association of BC
with Rob Gay
Welcome Reception sponsored by the Trust
Royal Canadian Legion
Dinner throughout town (Meal Vouchers)
Casino Night/Karaoke
Royal Canadian Legion
Thursday, April 23
Trade Show OPEN
Trade Show Area
Hot Breakfast
Trade Show Area
7:45 – 8:00
Presentation by Kootenay Country Booth Committee Trade Show Area
with Audrey Repin
Opening Ceremonies
 Piper / Singing of National Anthem
 Regional District of Central Kootenay (RDCK) Chair/Mayor of Nakusp– Karen Hamling
 Katrine Conroy, MLA, Kootenay West
 Councillor Laurey-Anne Roodenburg – Quesnel representing North Central Local
Government Association
 LMLGA President, Councillor Chuck Puchmayr (New Westminster) representing
Lower Mainland Local Government Association
 Marg Spina, President of Southern Interior Local Government Association (SILGA)
 Sav Dhaliwal , Union of BC Municipalities (UBCM) President
 Association of Kootenay Boundary Local Governments (AKBLG) President – Deb Kozak
 Hans Cunningham - Update on Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM)
 Linda Reimer, MLA for Port Moody – Coquitlam and Parliamentary Secretary to the
Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development
UBCM President Address
with Sav Dhaliwal
AKBLG AGM Business Meeting
Sponsorship Presentation by Telus
with Steven Jenkins
Networking/Refreshment Break
Sponsorship Introduction by Columbia Power Corporation
Trade Show Area
Frank Wszelaki, CEO
Audrey Repin, Director, Stakeholder and External Relations
Keynote: “oN A KUSP of Change”
with Deborah Grey, who will:
♦make you chuckle as she tells you stories of her elected life;
♦cheer you on in yours;
♦challenge you to change/collaborate without sacrificing who you are.
Trade Show Area
Sponsorship Presentation by Selkirk College
Trade Show Area
with Angus Graeme, President
AKBLG AGM Business Meeting
Conflict of Interest: A Legal Perspective
with Alyssa Bradley, Young Anderson, Barristers and Solicitors
This session will discuss the case law and provisions in the Community Charter regarding
conflicts of interest and provide helpful tips to keep out of trouble.
Networking/Refreshment Break
Trade Show Area
Concurrent Sessions (Choose One)
A Conversation with Deb Grey
Take advantage of this opportunity to engage in conversation with keynote speaker Deb Grey who
encourages a practical and fun, no-nonsense approach to life, believing in compassion and honesty,
and in the ability to laugh at oneself, as well as life’s challenges. Her warmth and spirited attitude,
combined with her experience and knowledge will make this a beneficial session.
Village of Nakusp - Grid-Tied Micro Hydro System
Curling Rink Lounge
with Justine Thielker, AT, Designer & Project Coordinator, 9dot Engineering Inc.
9dot Engineering Inc. and Aqua Diversities inc. of Nelson, BC, provided Design Build services to the
Village of Nakusp for the implementation of their grid-tied micro-hydro system. A pre-purchased 50
kW Pelton-wheel turbine and controller from Thomson & Howe Energy Systems Inc. was installed and
commissioned utilizing existing infrastructure. The system is connected to the BC Hydro utility grid via
a bidirectional meter, resulting in Village revenue of approximately $40,000 annually.
The Role of Community Colleges in Supporting Local
Concession Area
Economic and Community Development
with Gregg Neelin, Selkirk College
How can local community colleges support municipalities and other community stakeholders in local
economic and community development?
“The Canada Council on Learning suggests that Canada's future prosperity is directly tied to how
lifelong learning is promoted and supported from early years to elder years - not just in individuals,
but at the community level. Community-based lifelong learning is critical to capacity building, social
and economic development, and an important determinant of community health and sustainability”.
How can local communities in the West Kootenay - Boundary region and Selkirk College realize the
full potential? Through an interactive workshop format, Gregg will facilitate a problem-based
discussion which examines way and means for working together to support and facilitate communitybased solutions to local problems, challenges and opportunities.
Water and Sewer Ain’t Sexy ‘til it Ain’t
with Christina Benty
Local infrastructure provides the foundation for the health, well-being, and economic prosperity of
communities across the country. Dependable core services, such as water, sewer, transportation
networks, fire halls, recreation amenities, and more, make up the built environment and exist to
provide services that residents rely on every day. Historically, local governments have built
infrastructure and acquired assets with insufficient consideration for depletion, depreciation, and
amortization. Most people take for granted the basic necessities of life, which include the provision
of cost-effective and high-quality services, such as drinking water, sewage treatment, solid waste
management, snow clearing, and road maintenance services. The general public remains largely
unaware of the cost implications of maintaining and renewing existing infrastructure. It is time for
local governments and citizens to face their growing problems with aging infrastructure together.
Citizens cannot afford to call for a reduction in taxes and an increase in services because local
governments cannot afford to do either. The gap between expectations and resources must be
narrowed. Major investments can no longer afford to be deferred. This presentation will address the
importance of building a common language and understanding that allows communities to address
this complex issue in a collaborative manner.
Sponsorship presentation by
Interior Lumber Manufacturers' Association, Council of Forest Industries and Woodworks
Wine & Cheese
Gala Banquet
Sponsored by ILMA, COFI and Wood Works
Trade Show Area
8:30–midnight Dance featuring local talent 23North
Friday, April 24
Hot Breakfast
Resources to Support Informed Community Development
Trade Show Area
with Terri MacDonald and Lauren Rethoret
Local government officials are expected to provide leadership on an exceptionally diverse array of
services--each with its own set of issues. While the prospect of making well-informed decisions on
everything from water systems to downtown revitalization may be daunting, tools and data are
available to help decision-makers design and implement successful programs. Our presentation will
highlight several of these resources, providing live demonstrations where appropriate. We will also
take some time to discuss key research needs for local governments in the Kootenay and Boundary
regions, allowing attendees to share challenges and lessons learned, and to identify possible future
9:15–10:15am The Tsilhqot'in Nation and Duty to Consult Cases:
What do they mean for local government?
with Reece Harding
A review and discussion related to the 2014 landmark Tsilhqot'in Nation aboriginal title case and its
implications for our Province and local government. There will also be a review and discussion of the
most important duty to consult case such as Neskonlith Indian Band v. Salmon Arm and Squamish
Nation v. Whistler and the lessons learned from these cases for local government.
Refreshment Break/Prize Draws
Trade Show Area
AKBLG AGM Business Meeting
Closing Ceremonies
2016 Host Community/ RDCK Board Chair / AKBLG President
Adjournment / Lunches to go
Meet our Presenters...
Keynote Speaker
Deborah Grey
Deborah Grey on leadership: “Get input from your team, but at the end of
the day, as leader it’s up to you to make the decision and live with it. It’s your
name on the lawn sign…business…or project”
Always a straight shooter, Deborah Grey’s quick wit and sense of humour,
(which often got her in trouble during her youth and on Parliament Hill), now
characterize her style on the platform, alongside her compassionate nature.
Though she had a long career in public life, her desire to make a difference for others began much earlier.
Hers is a story of day to day life working as a passionate teacher and advocate for disadvantaged youth, and as a
single foster mother to native children, to becoming a voice to be heard across the country. It is also an inspired story
of how someone of humble beginnings with genuine ambition and an incredible sense of fun and energy can go on to
accomplish great things.
Always lead from the front lines and take up new challenges is Deborah Grey’s mantra. Her book title tells it all: Never
Retreat, Never Explain, Never Apologize. Though now retired from politics, she retains the honour of being Canada’s
first-ever female Leader of the Official Opposition – and who’s first legislative assistant was a young Stephen Harper.
She has taken on challenges and opportunities as an educator with First Nations children, known as ‘Grey Eyes’
amongst the students (and as a woman who could catch a fish with her bare hands!). A true Oilers fan, her episode
advocating for Wayne Gretzky as CBC’s The Greatest Canadian was nominated for a Gemini. For her distinguished
record of public service and for her advocacy on behalf of youth and education, she was awarded the Order of
Canada in 2007.
Councillor Sav Dhaliwal, UBCM President 2014 - 2015, was first elected to City of
Burnaby Council in 2002 and is now serving his fourth consecutive term. At the City level, he
has acted as Chair of the Burnaby Parks, Recreation and Culture Commission and the Traffic
Safety Committee since 2009.
Regionally, he has served on the Board of Metro Vancouver since December 2008 where he is
currently a member of the Regional Culture Committee and the Environment and Parks
Committee. He also served as a board member for the Lower Mainland Local Government
Association (LMLGA), including a term as president, for six years.
At the provincial level, Councillor Dhaliwal has been a member of the UBCM Executive for the past four years where
he has sat on the Presidents’, Convention and Resolutions Committees. He was also a member of the BC RCMP
Contract Management Committee.
Councillor Dhaliwal has been a member of several standing committees of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities
(FCM) since 2006, where he joins seven other BC area directors in representing BC.
Councillor Dhaliwal, and his wife Cheryl, have lived in Burnaby for 35 years. They are the proud parents of one son
and grandparents to four young children.
Alyssa Bradley is a partner at Young, Anderson. Before attending law
school, Alyssa worked in forest research for the University of Alberta and the
Canadian Forest Service. She maintained a strong environmental interest at law
school being actively involved and holding an executive position with the
University of Victoria Environmental Law Centre. Alyssa is a solicitor as well as a
litigator and has appeared in all levels of Court in British Columbia. She has also
appeared before the Environmental Appeal Board and the Agricultural Land
Commission. She has been a guest lecturer at the UBC Faculty of Law in municipal law and the UBC School of
Community and Regional Planning in planning and land use law as well as various seminars and courses on municipal
and land use law sponsored by the Simon Fraser University and Capilano University. She has also spoken at the
Canadian Institute of Planners National Conference and the Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute at the Sturm College
of Law in Denver, Colorado. Alyssa is past co-chair and currently treasurer of the Canadian Bar Association BC
Environmental Law Subsection. She has co-authored a paper on local government drinking water liability for the
Pacific Business and Law institute and a paper on municipal pesticide regulation for the International Municipal
Lawyers Association. She has also authored and presented papers for the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC
and updates the chapter on Development.
Christina Benty is the former Mayor of Golden. She retired after having served 12
years’ in local government. She has over 16 years’ experience on numerous policy governance
boards spanning from health care, government, information technology, and community
planning. She was a director on the Columbia Shuswap Regional District and President of the
Association of Kootenay Boundary Local Governments.
Christina has a keen interest in governance and governance structures. She is passionate
about leadership development, organizational culture, systems theory, asset management,
and community engagement. She initiated the Community Conversations events in Golden that
became a pilot project for other communities throughout the AKBLG. In addition to her lived experience in the
political arena, she studied political science for her undergrad and just completed her Masters of Arts in Leadership at
Royal Roads University with an organizational leadership project on community engagement and asset management
for the Town of Golden.
Luanne Chore as at July 1, 2014 has been appointed as the CEO for the
Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust.
Luanne is an accomplished leader, with a track record of working with numerous
businesses that encompass diverse backgrounds, from start-up ventures to growth
companies to successful seasoned businesses. She brings a great mix of leadership,
inspiration, operational experience, technical breadth, and passion for customer
service. Luanne was a long-term 26 year employee of HSBC Bank of Canada
ultimately achieving the role of Sr. Manager Commercial Banking. In 2005 she
joined Business Development Bank of Canada where she served in the roles of
Senior Partner Consulting, Area Manager Business Development, and Senior Manager Business Development.
Subsequent to leaving BDC, Luanne provided support to the global accounting firm Grant Thornton LLP as a Senior
Manager Business Development prior to joining SIDIT as Senior Portfolio Manager in 2013.
Luanne currently serves on the Board for the Southern Interior Innovation Fund (SIIF) and the BC Cancer Foundation
Southern Interior Regional Development Council.
Reece Harding, a partner in Young, Anderson,
holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Simon Fraser
University and graduated from the UBC Faculty of Law in
1992. He articled with the Attorney-General of British
Columbia. His practice is primarily focused on local
government law litigation, but includes significant
components of aboriginal law, assessment and taxation
law, natural hazard risk avoidance, mediation and police
law. Reece has appeared routinely in the British Columbia
Provincial Court, Supreme Court, Court of Appeal, the Federal Court of Canada and recently appeared in
the Supreme Court of Canada. He also appears before several administrative tribunals including the
Property Assessment Appeal Board and Coroner’s Court and routinely conducts hearings before local
government Councils.
Reece is a member of the Municipal Law subsection of the BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association and
instructs, as a guest lecturer, at the Municipal Administration Training Institute. In the past he has served
on the Ministry of Environment ad hoc committee on local government liability issues arising from the
contaminated sites legislation and on the advisory committee to the Attorney General providing guidance
on amendments to the British Columbia Limitation Act.
Reece is also an appointed member of the Canadian Soccer Association Judicial Panel.
Gary MacIsaac is the Executive Director of the Union of British Columbia
Municipalities – a position he has held since 2007.
Gary has spent his entire career in local government. He started his career as Clerk-Treasurer
of a small town in Nova Scotia, spent five years in the City Clerks Department with the City of
Vancouver in the mid-1990s, and spent 9 years as the CAO for a county government in Nova
Gary has a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Dalhousie University and he and his
wife,Marion, live in Saanich and have 3 school-age children.
Gregg Neelin’s background draws from graduate studies in adult education and
community development. He has worked in the fields of community development and social
planning, organization development, the community college system in BC and Manitoba, and
workforce training and skills development in business and industry. His development
approach focuses on enabling leadership capacity within communities and organizations
which builds on a Hopi Elder saying – “We are the leaders we have been looking for”.
Terri MacDonald, RDI Regional Innovation Chair in Rural Economic Development, holds
a Ph.D. in Educational Studies from the University of British Columbia, and M.A. in Policy and
Administration from the University of Calgary, and a B.Sc. and B.Ed. from Lakehead
University. Dr. MacDonald has worked for over 12 years in economic development across
British Columbia, primarily in the Kootenay region. Terri’s research interests include regional
economic development, the role of community colleges in rural development, and the use of
indicators to support informed decision-making.
Lauren Rethoret is researcher with the Columbia Basin Rural Development Institute.
She holds a Master’s degree in Resource and Environmental Management (with a
specialization in land use planning) from Simon Fraser University and a Bachelor’s degree in
Geography (with a specialization in globalization, society and the environment) from Carleton
University. Lauren’s research interests include community based resource management,
landscape level planning, public policy in rural areas and sustainable infrastructure
management. She has worked and studied in Columbia Basin rural development issues since
Justine Thielker is an Architectural Technologist with various
experience in technical development of community infrastructure, planning
and architectural design including water and wastewater system drawings,
and process and instrumentation diagrams. Justine has significant technical
experience in the coordination with suppliers and manufacturers, providing
designs that are accurate and buildable.
Murdy & McAllister