The kitchen of Palladio The Restaurant

The kitchen of Palladio
a trip among the tastes of Sicily
The Restaurant
Here we list only a few of the dishes that you can find in our tasting menus and in the menus
for half (or full) board: they are traditional recipes at times renewed to make them lighter.
For the fish simple preparations that highlight its freshness, the use of local species less known
but delicious and the incomparable taste of the fish raw or marinated, always present in the
fishermen kitchen. Then the poor dishes of the farmers, which actually are very rich
preparations for the most part vegetarian and lastly some recipes of the nobles haute cuisine.
The written culinary tradition, born in Sicily with the recipe-books of Frederick the Great, was
then exported to the court kitchens of all Europe. It got a new great season after the
revolution of 1789, when many of the chef of the French aristocracy found refuge in the
houses of the Sicilian nobles, where they were called monsù (from the French “monsieur”),
and they succeeded in renovating with knowledge their own recipes using Sicilian ingredients.
(Eating the sea: fish and fresh seafood here have always been eaten raw or marinated with lemon,
olive oil and chilli-pepper)
Mix of Fish of the day Marinade with Sicilian Sauce of Lemon, Oil, Garlic, Parsley, Oregano
Prawns au gratin with Pistachio from Bronte
”Spatola” Fish Marinade with Salad of Oranges
“Palamito” fish Tartare with Spring Onion, Capers and Tomatoes
Codfish Salad with Cherry Tomatoes from Pachino and Fresh Herbs
Smoked Swordfish
Mousse of Codfish with croutons
Mussels au gratin
(The farmers memory: the triumph of the vegetarian dishes often humble adaptations of the refined
dishes based on game or fish from the aristocratic cuisine)
Caponata sweet&sour with Eggplant, Celery, Onion and Cacao
Salad of grilled Sweet peppers and tomatoes
Aubergines pie
Cauliflower fritters
Zucchini Pantesca (stuffed with potatoes, almonds, oregano and capers)
Cous cous salad with herbs and season vegetables
“Tiribilio” (sweet peppers, aubergines, bread, zucchini, tomatoes and onion)
Roulade of aubergines and sweet peppers
Stuffed mushrooms
Zucchini cutlet
(The table of the nobility: the tradition of the nobles haute cuisine was born in Sicily with the recipebooks of Frederick the Great, a splendid example of a synthesis of Arab and Norman elements, and
was then exported to the court kitchens throughout Europe)
Pasta “Bucatini” Palermitana with Anchovy, Wild Fennel, Raisin, Pine Seeds
Sword-Fish Risotto Flavoured with Oranges
Pasta Linguine with fish sauce
Ravioli filled with Ricotta Cheese and Pistachio topped with Wild Fennel Pesto
Timbale Made with Pasta “Anelletti” with Aubergines and Parmesan Sauce
Pasta “Spaccatelle” with Sweet peppers and Pistachio cream
Potatoes and Ricotta cheese pie
(la table of the common folks)
Fresh Home Made Pasta “Maccheroni” with Sicilian Meat Ragout and baked Ricotta Cheese
Pasta “Bavette” with Pesto of Trapani (Almonds, Tomatoes, Garlic, Basil, Caciocavallo Cheese)
Pasta Eliche with dried tomatoes, olives and capers
Lentil Soup with Rosemary and Dried Tomatoes
Sicilian Tomato Mush with beked Ricotta Cheese
Sicilian Bean Soup
(The fish of the fishermen)
Fish of the Day Grilled
Fish of the Day stew with olives and capers
Fish of the Day deep fried with mint and vinegar
Anchovy filled with ricotta and deep fried
Anchovy “beccafico” with seasoned breadcrumbs
Stockfish “alla ghiotta” with tomatoes olives capers celery onion
(The fish of the chef ”monsù” of the aristocracy)
Sword Fish with Tomatoes, Raisin, Pine seeds
Palamito fish fillet in Almond Crust
“Spatola” Fish au Gratin with Pistachio from Bronte
Stuffed Spatola fish rolls
Baked “Occhiata” fish with Emerald Sauce (Almond and Capers)
Squid stew with Tomato and Almond
(The meat of the farmers)
Rabbit ”cacciatora” stewed with olives onion celery sweet peppers
Meat-Balls Grilled Wrapped in Lemon Leaves
Small pieces of rolled meat flavoured and roasted
Veal cutlet “Palermitana”
Calf Meat stew with Fresh and Dried Tomatoes
(The meat of the patricians)
Chicken Breast with Pistachio Sauce
Calf Stew with Almonds and Capers
Veal croquettes with citrus