A Message from Howard Ward Happy Autumn, SAS!

Fall 2011
A Message from Howard Ward
Happy Autumn, SAS!
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The leaves are beginning to fall, the
temperature is dropping, and life in
Student Auxiliary Services is busier than
ever. Again, I want to thank you all for
another marvelous opening and I echo
Carla DiLella’s, director, Housing
Operations, sentiment from a seasoned
parent who conveyed—―This is the best
move in process ever!‖ I hope this high
enthusiasm and sentiment will remain
the same as we progress through the
remainder of the academic year.
I also want to thank those of you who
completed the How Happy Are You
Survey administrated by Mary
Niedermaier, executive director, SAS
Facility and Retail Operations. Although
we did not have enough responses to be
statistically valid, I did receive enough
feedback which indicated that folks are
generally happy working within SAS.
Several of you mentioned during our fall
gathering that you would like another
opportunity to take the survey. I have
asked Karen Overmyer, SAS senior staff
assistant, to make hard copies and
distribute to your supervisors. Please
complete the survey at your earliest
convenience and return to Mary
Niedermaier (USC, room 1459). I thank
you again for your valuable feedback!
Also as a
result of our
fall gathering, I have
decided to
make our
gatherings an
annual event
instead of
having one in
the fall and
another in the winter. Therefore,
future SAS gatherings will now take
place in late February or early March
when the students are on spring break.
I also apologize for not having a sound
system, which will be corrected for our
next gathering.
Again, thank you all for making
Student Auxiliary Services a great
place to work and an exceptional,
stand-out operation!
Save Time, Skip Cooking with the RITZ Sports
Zone’s Blitz Meals and Under $6 Meals
Visit Dining’s Locations
page for online menus
for your favorite
locations, and to
connect with them on
Book your next event,
meeting, or party
online through Brick
City Catering at
rit.catertrax.com or at
the RITZ Sports Zone
at rsz.catertrax.com
The RITZ Sports Zone is expanding its offering of convenient value meals. In
addition to the location’s popular Under $6 Meals offered on a daily basis, the RITZ
has added Blitz Meals - a gourmet meal, such as grilled flat-iron steak with two
fresh sides, that will be available on a limited basis and quantity.
Blitz Meals will be currently announced via email through RIT’s Message Center,
and then primarily through the RITZ Sports Zone’s Facebook and Twitter pages.
The first meal announced was sold-out in a little over an hour! Don’t miss out—
connect with the RITZ today for Blitz Meal announcements!
Blitz Meals and Under $6 Meals are available for dine-in or take-home providing
convenient, inexpensive, gourmet meals for yourself or your entire family. It’s the
next best thing to having your own personal chef at home!
RIT Dining Services, RITZ Sports Zone
Introduce Crazy O’s Tiger Sauce
RIT Dining Services has joined the
ranks of innovators as a food innovator!
The first introductory bottles of Crazy
O’s Tiger Sauce were available for
purchase during Brick City Homecoming
and is currently sold-out. The sauce
that adds kick to any meal was named
after creator Steven ―Oscar‖ O'Flynn,
chef at the RITZ Sports Zone. Chef
O’Flynn’s recipe has been a long-time,
popular favorite of current and past
RIT students, faculty, and staff who
can now bring the ―ultimate sauce
experience‖ home. The bottle’s wildly
fun, tigeresque label was designed by
Barret Furton, design & marketing
coordinator for Student Auxiliary
Services. Connect with the RITZ on
Facebook for more info!
Tiger Bucks: Payroll Deduction Raffle
Page 2
To encourage RIT staff and
faculty to take advantage of the
10% cost-saving and convenience
benefits available through Tiger
Bucks, any staff/faculty that are
currently enrolled or sign up for
payroll deduction before Nov. 17
will be entered to win one of
three $25 RIT Dining Services gift
cards. Winners will be announced
on the RIT Dining Services
Facebook page in December.
To Be Introduced in
January 2012
RIT Dining Services is committed to
providing guests with relevant and comprehensive information on eating and
living well on campus. To educate and
assist the RIT community in making
informed and smart food choices, RIT
Dining Services will introduce Smart
Nutrition, a comprehensive nutrition
program that will offer a number of
nutrition services and tools. The
program will be introduced in January
2012 and will be rolled out in phases.
In January, the RIT community can look
forward to:
a more robust website accessible
via mobile devices dedicated to
providing nutritional information
for products and meals offered in
many dining locations.
introduction of ―Smart Seals‖ that
relay dietary restrictions.
nutritional labeling on select graband-go & pre-packaged foods items
resources to find additional
nutritional information and tools.
special cooking demo and info
nights with Mary Anne McQuay,
registered dietician, and Stephen
Kingston, executive chef.
Stay tuned for more information and
visit Dining’s current Nutrition website
to access nutritional information
available for many locations.
Fans Look Forward to
Another Season of
RITZ Tailgate Parties
Hockey season has started at RIT and
Carol Lynn Zamites, supervisor at the
RITZ Sports Zone, has a line up of
exciting tailgate parties planned for
the year! Highlights this quarter
include Pepsi Max and Lays Chips sponsored tailgates with tons of free giveaways and prizes. RITZ tailgate parties
begin at 5 p.m. and continue through
the game. Come for some pre-game fun
or kickback and watch the game on our
big-screen HDTV while enjoying great
food and bar specials! Visit the RITZ
website and connect with them on
Facebook for the latest tailgate news!
Join your favorites
Dining locations on
Facebook! Click the
location name below for
specials, promos, and
Artesano Bakery & Café
Ben & Jerry's
Brick City Café
Fall Quarter Tailgate Party Schedule:
October 22—RIT vs. Union
November 4—RIT vs. Army
Pepsi Max sponsored tailgate with
free giveaways and samples.
November 5—RIT vs. Army
November 11—RIT vs. Air Force
LAY’S sponsored tailgate with free
samples and trivia specials to win
discounts on LAY’S products.
November 18—RIT vs. Holy Cross
November 19—RIT vs. Holy Cross
At every tailgate!
Free billiards, face painting, Wii
games, and tailgate toss—play darts,
video games, and air hockey in our
Game Room—win great prizes playing
hockey shoot-out and trivia!
Dining Services Connecting Through Facebook
Part of RIT Dining Services’ mission is to connect with customers and what better way to engage with the community than through social media? The new RIT
Dining Services Facebook page was introduced in early October and offered a
coupon for a free cup of coffee or fountain drink as a thank you and incentive to
new fans. The coupon helped increase the page’s likes from 20 to over 400 in one
day! All 15 dining locations are increasingly connecting through Facebook—make
sure to follow your favorite dining locations today!
Brick City Catering
Bytes on the Run
The Café & Market at the
The College Grind
The Commons
The Corner Store
Ctrl Alt Deli
Global Village Market
Global Village Cantina
and Grille
RIT Dining Services
RITZ Sports Zone
Sol's Underground
Page 3
Gracie’s Offers
Faculty/Staff Special
Meals Bundle for $30
Special Delivery: New
Products Added from
Bytes and GV Market
Gracie’s holds five spectacular
Special Meals every academic year that
commemorate holidays or follows a
special theme. As an exclusive offer to
RIT faculty and staff, Gracie’s is
offering a Special Meals Bundle to
encourage faculty and staff to dine at
Gracie’s and engage with RIT students
over a gourmet, affordable, all-youcare-to-eat meal.
Special Delivery is an exclusive gift
service provided by RIT Dining Services
that offers parents the opportunity and
convenience to send their RIT student
warm thoughts from home. New specialty
gift baskets designed by Bytes and The
Market at Global Village join a number of
gifts created by The Corner Store. All
gifts are available for ordering on the
Special Delivery website. Suzanne
Winter, manager of The Corner Store, the
first dining unit to offer Special Delivery,
oversees overall ordering and delivery
and gives special attention to all orders
ensuring that gifts are delivered to students with love and care. Rene
Rodriquez, manager of Bytes, and George
Johnson, supervisor of The Market at
Global Village, used their creativity and
product-customer knowledge to create a
number of new gift baskets including a
custom M&M’s basket and Jelly Belly fan
basket created by Bytes and an international candy basket and Taste of Asia
basket created by The Market. Visit the
Special Delivery website to view the full
online catalog!
RIT members can choose to attend
any three out of five special meals for
only $30—a 20% discount! Enjoy an
evening filled with fresh and savory
appetizers, soups, salads, hot entrees,
and desserts with an all-you-care-toeat offering accompanied by live
Special Meals Calendar
4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Harvest Celebration
October 26
Holiday Dinner
December 7
Valentine’s Dinner
February 14
Southern-Style Dinner March 20
Carnival Celebration
May 3
Page 4
Special Meals bundle may be
purchased by calling Gracie’s at
585-475-2500 or in-person at Gracie’s
located in Grace Watson Hall (GWH).
Tiger Bucks, cash, and Visa/Mastercard
accepted. All meals are placed on your
RIT ID. Simply show the cashier your ID
when attending a meal and one meal
will be deducted from your account.
Annual Mini Photo Trade Show a Success
The Digital Den's annual mini photo
trade show held on September 22 was
one of the store's most successful
shows to date. The full-day event gives
RIT student, faculty, and staff the
opportunity to meet with expert
representatives from the top-leading
photo industry brands including Canon,
Nikon, and Olympus to name a few.
Companies shared the latest product
news and industry innovations with RIT
members who were eager to take
advantage of the expertise made
available to them. Vicki Struble,
photography manager at the Digital
Den, coordinates this valuable oncampus event and collaborates with
the School of Photographic Arts &
Join the Digital Den on
Facebook for specials,
promotions, and new
Digital Den Promotions
Daylight savings time ends on
November 6! Stop by the Digital Den
for all your batteries needs and don't
forget the old saying—fall back and
spring ahead!
Shop the Digital Den Online! The
Digital Den’s e-commerce website
allows students, faculty, and staff
to purchase the latest computer
and photography equipment and
accessories with ease and
convenience. Educational pricing is
available on all products. Shop the
Digital Den online today!
Become an HP Academy customer
today and take advantage of
exclusive educational discounts!
1. Order online at
hpdirect.com/academy/rit. Fill
out the sign-in info with your
name, e-mail address, a
password of your choice, and
our school PIN Code: AP5232.
2. Order by phone by calling 1-866433-2018, 8:30 a.m.— 2 a.m., 7
days a week. Identify yourself as
a student/parent/educator at
RIT and provide our school PIN
Code: AP5232.
Page 5
Housing Leverages Technology, Social Media to
Enhance Student Services
Join Housing Ops. on
Facebook for updates
on Housing events,
procedures, and news.
With fall move-in over (vetted as one of the most successful yet!) and students
settled into their housing, Housing Operations staff wasted no time jumping into a
number of new initiatives. Staff will be busy fall quarter working with a StarRez
consultant to add functionality to the myHousing portal that will allow incoming
freshmen to view floor plans and self-select their own room in the residence halls.
In addition, students will also be able to select their own roommate by using
StarRez and social media. Housing will also use YouTube, Power Point, and
voiceover programs to create instructional videos related to Housing student
processes that will be posted on Housing's Facebook page, website, and the
myHousing portal.
Housing Operations
Continues to Bring RIT
to the Inn
Housing Operations kicked off the
academic year by co-hosting a festive
luau party at the RIT Inn for incoming
transfers and the students living at the
Inn. It was a beautiful day that gave
students a fun opportunity to mingle,
swim, eat lots of good food, and meet
various staff - including RITchie!
Housing also partnered with Parking
&Transportation Services by greeting
RIT Inn students with free donuts and
coffee as they took the early morning
shuttle buses to classes.
Housing Operations is leading an
ongoing initiative to "bring RIT to the
Inn" by connecting with RIT Inn
students and bringing campus fun and
exclusive activities to them.
Page 6
Field House Introduces New In-House
Ticketing System
The Gordon Field House has
purchased AudienceView, a ticketing
system that will provide GFH staff
in-house control over ticket sales,
discounting, and distribution. The
system is currently being installed and
will be implemented in stages throughout the academic year. The first
completed stage has allowed the GFH
to sell tickets in their box office and
utilize access scanners. The second
stage, which will be implemented later
this year, will allow the GFH website to
accommodate online ticket sales.
Discounted online tickets for RIT
students, staff, faculty, and alumni
with verification through RIT database
is just one of the worthwhile benefits
the new in-house system provides.
Discounted tickets for RIT members
was not possible with Ticketmaster,
the previous ticketing system used at
the GFH. Stay tuned for more info!
Upcoming Events at the Gordon Field House
RIT Open House
October 22
Join the Gordon Field
House on Facebook for
up-to-date info on
concerts, events, and
For a full listing of
upcoming events and
details, visit
American Youth Cheerleading
October 22
Concert: Far East Movement with
guest Mike Posner
November 4
Speaker: Frank Warren of PostSecret
October 26, Clark Gym
Tickets on-sale Sept, 26 @ GFH
Section-Five Cheerleading
October 29
Veteran's Day Breakfast
November 11
Rochester General Hospital Gala
November 19
RIT Men's and Women's Hockey
Tickets On-Sale Now
Visit rit.edu/fa/hockeytickets for more
Page 7
Welcome to SAS: Staff Appreciating Staff, a
reoccurring section where you can give your
co-worker a Thank You, Well Done, Celebrate,
Great Idea, or Congrats!
Adriana Delibert-Polizzi,
Housing Operations, on your
marriage to Sam Polizzi on
September 24, 2011!
Charleen McMahon, Dave
Panish, and Amanda Frey, Dining
Services, for completion of the
StarRez Dining portal and billing
pro-rate module! The project was
“fast and furious” and you did an
amazing job getting it up and
running in a short timeframe!
Craig Hauschild, Housing
Operations, and your team for
your recycling efforts and generating extra department income!
Housing Operations staff for
your diligent work moving in
over 7,000 students and working
to ensure all keys, facilities, and
amenities were ready to go for fall
move-in! It was the smoothest
process we’ve had to date due to
your fantastic work!
Page 8
Joanne Lindsey, Housing
Operations, for an outstanding job
with your first time assigning all
incoming freshmen!
Kory Samuels, Dining Services,
on completing your Executive
Masters Degree in Business
Administration this quarter!
Kurt Ingerick, Student Auxiliary
Services, for carrying the torch
and overseeing sustainability
efforts for SAS areas!
Vicki Struble, Digital Den, on
orchestrating another successful
mini photo trade show!
Wendy Marks, Shop One², on
going above and beyond to assist
the Development & Alumni
Relations division! Wendy
received a special “thank you”
from Lisa Cauda and Colleen
Brade, Director of Donor
Stewardship, for creating an
environment of teamwork and
collaboration at RIT.
To all of the following
SAS staff and areas that
are making news!
Upcoming Events
Stephen Kingston, RIT Dining Services executive
chef, wins bronze award in the Gold Medal®
Medallion Culinary Challenge for his BBQ Pizza
recipe, April 2011.
The Market at Global Village
Food Management, June 1, 2011
"New Store Design Award: Market at Global Village"
Trunk Show @ Shop One²
Tuesday, December 8
4 p.m.— 7 p.m.
Join us for an evening of art
and shopping and meet some
of the shop’s talented
featured artists, including
Blynn Nelson of Reckless
Necklace (pictured).
Rochester Business Journal, June 3, 2011
"RIT finds its new village pays off fast"
Convenience Store Decisions, July 2011 cover story
"Serving Today’s Students: RIT’s Global Village has
earned accolades for its new convenience store,
restaurants and international flavor"
Chef Herlan Manurung, sous chef at the Café &
Market at Crossroads, wins Dining Services' 2nd
Annual Food War, “Battle Burger,” with his Umami
Burger, August 2011.
Stephen Kingston, Herlan Manurung, Steven
O'Flynn, and Adam Soucy, RIT Dining Services
chefs, win bronze award in the 17th Annual Tastes
of the World Chef ACF-sanctioned culinary
competition, August 2011.
Brian Haygood, receiving clerk at the Café &
Market at Crossroads, wins the Dancy Duffus
Outstanding Citizen Award at RIT’s Staff Recognition
Awards, October 2011.
Give the Gift of Art
Not sure if they'd prefer the
pendulum wall clock by
Barclay Fine Woodmaking or
the delicate porcelain
votives and luminaries by
Tabbatha Henry? (Both
items pictured.)
Give the gift of shopping
pleasure with a Shop One²
gift card - perfect for
family, friends, and
For more info on gift cards,
hours, and location, visit the
Shop One² website or
contact the shop at
[email protected] or
585- 475-2335.
Connect with Shop One² on
Facebook for new products,
promotions, and events!
Page 9
An abbreviated list of staff-related workshops, courses, and events.
Visit https://events.rit.edu/ or http://finweb.rit.edu/cpd/scheduleofcourses.html for a full list of events
and CPD courses offered fall quarter.
Oct. 20
2 p.m.— 4 p.m.
CPD—The Performance Appraisal Process
See link/CPD site
Oct. 22
8:30 a.m.
RIT Open House
Oct. 22
3 p.m.
American Youth Cheerleading
Gordon Field House
Oct. 22
5 p.m.
RITZ Tailgate Party: RIT vs. Union
RITZ Sports Zone
Oct. 24
10 a.m.— 12 p.m.
CPD—Individual Conflict of Interest & Conflict of Commitment
See link/CPD site
Oct. 26
9 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
CPD—Employee Action Form Training: Promotions & Transactions
See link/CPD site
Oct. 26
4:30 p.m.—7 :30 p.m.
Gracie’s Special Meal: Harvest Celebration
Oct. 27
3 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.
CPD—Employee Action Form Training: Promotions & Transactions
See link/CPD site
Oct. 28
9 a.m.—5 p.m.
Dining’s Halloween Hop: Pumpkin coffee samples
Café & Market at
Oct. 28
5 p.m.—6 :30 p.m.
Dining’s Halloween Hop: Pumpkin carving contest
Corner Store
Oct. 29
9 a.m.
Section V Cheerleading
Gordon Field House
Oct. 29
1 p.m.
RIT Swimming & Diving hosts SUNY Fredonia
Gordon Field House
Oct. 29
Dining’s Halloween Hop: Feed the Zombie activity
GV Market
Oct. 31
Dining’s Halloween Hop: Graveyard Buffet
Nov. 3
12 p.m. — 1 p.m.
CPD—Know your Numbers
See link/CPD site
Nov. 4
5 p.m.
RITZ Tailgate Party Sponsored by Pepsi Max: RIT vs. Army
RITZ Sports Zone
Nov. 4
8 p.m.
Far East Movement with Mike Posner
Gordon Field House
Nov. 5
5 p.m.
RITZ Tailgate Party: RIT vs. Army
RITZ Sports Zone
Nov. 8
4 p.m.—7 p.m.
Trunk Show
Shop One²
Nov. 9
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
CPD—PowerPoint 2007 Level 1 Training
See link/CPD site
Nov. 10
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
CPD—Excel 2007 Level 1 Training
See link/CPD site
Nov. 11
9 a.m.—10 a.m.
CPD—The Importance of Credit
See link/CPD site
Nov. 11
5 p.m.
RITZ Tailgate Party Sponsored by Lays Chips: RIT vs. Air Force
RITZ Sports Zone
Nov. 18
5 p.m.
RITZ Tailgate Party: RIT vs. Holy Cross
RITZ Sports Zone
Nov. 19
5 p.m.
RITZ Tailgate Party: RIT vs. Holy Cross
RITZ Sports Zone
Nov. 29
10 – 12 p.m.
CPD—Procurement Card Process
See link/CPD site
Nov. 16
9 a.m.—11:30 a.m.
CPD—Building Respect and Civility in the Workplace
See link/CPD site