Prices & Policies Booklet Summer 2015

Summer 2015 at
Airborne Gymnastics & Dance
Payment Policies and Prices
Flexible Tuition Program— All Airborne Classes are included in the Flexible Tuition Program!
Our flexible tuition program makes it easy to continue your classes — or try something new.
The goal for our summer programs is for everyone to be able to participate in classes and camps, but still be able to
go on family vacations. To make this possible we offer a flexible tuition schedule for our classes during the
summer, which means you sign up and pay for only the number of weeks you will be here! The more classes you
attend, the more you save per class. We also offer a variety of camp programs for ages 2½ and older.
Early Enrollment Special: Enroll (and pay in full) for Summer by May 1st, and get a FREE 3-hour
T&T Camp (ages 5+,) or a 3-punch TumbleBee Open gym card (ages 1-5.)
Registration begins 3/23 for current students, 4/6 for everyone else.)
Decide on classes and camps: Look over your calendar and our schedule and determine the number of weeks
you will be attending class, and which weeks you want to attend camps. Classes and/or camps you enroll for do not
have to be consecutive. You will need to know exactly which days you want to attend
camps. However, for classes you will only need to tell us how many weeks you will
be attending, not which weeks. The Summer class session is 11 weeks long and
runs from June 1st through August 15th.
Enrollment Period: Enrollment begins March 23rd at 9:30 AM for current
students and April 6th for new students. Enrollment is taken on a first-come, first-served
basis. After April 6th, students may enroll at any time on a space-available basis. To save space
in classes and camps, you must enroll in the summer auto-pay program or pay in full at time of
Summer Auto-Pay Program: You may elect to have your credit card automatically
charged for your summer camps and classes on May 15th. (You may also pay with a postdated check.) If you choose not to enroll in summer auto-pay, you must pay the full tuition
for all the classes and camps at the time you enroll your student.
Sign up for Summer by May 1st, and get a FREE 3-punch pass for TumbleBee Open Gym (ages
1-9,) OR one free T&T camp (ages 5+.)
June 13th – we will be closed due to a National-level staff training opportunity in Colorado Springs.
Fourth of July – Saturday, July 4th – Sunday, July 5th
End-of-Summer Break: August 17th – 22nd
Fall 2015 Classes will begin on Monday, August 24th
Airborne Gymnastics & Dance
Summer 2015 Class Price List & Payment Policies
Flexible Tuition Schedules for ALL Airborne Classes
Pay only for the classes you plan to attend!
Sign up for 8 or
more weeks of
summer classes!
General Information
Sign up and pay in full by May 1st & get a FREE punch card!
Classes run from June 1st through August 15th.
There is no need to worry about making up classes that you miss while you are away for
vacation. Simply sign up for the number of classes you plan to attend!
You may sign up for all 11 weeks or as few as 4 weeks. The more classes you sign up for,
the less you pay per class.
No Summer Administration Fee! The Annual Administration Fee of $39 will be due when you enroll for fall classes.
Time per Week
90 to 95-minutes
2 hours (or 2 hrs 10 min)
2 hrs 40 min or 3 hours
4 hours
11 weeks
10 weeks
9 weeks
8 weeks
7 weeks
6 weeks
5 weeks
4 weeks
FLIP-N-TWIST DROP-IN CLASS: $15 per class. $10 for students currently enrolled in another Airborne class.
guests; $12 for non-members. 10-punch cards available for members, $75.
SATURDAY WORKOUT: $10 for members. Students must be currently enrolled at Airborne, or enrolled in May 2015, to
attend. 10-punch cards available for $75.
Time per Week
1.25 hours
1.5 hours
2 hours
3 hours
4 hours
11 weeks
10 weeks
9 weeks
8 weeks
7 weeks
6 weeks
5 weeks
4 weeks
Camp Program Pricing: See opposite page.
Summer Class Discount Special
Sign up for any camp program and all of your summer classes are 20% off!
Summer Camp Pricing 2015
Half-Day Camps
New this Summer! Daily Pricing on half-Day Camps!
You can mix and match all of the 3-hour camps. If you come to two camps in one day, just bring
a lunch in addition to two snacks and your child can spend lunch with one of our teachers!
Quantity Discount: for Half-Day Combo, Gymnastics, and T&T Camps
(Number of camper-days per child)
1= $40
2= $75
3= $109
4= $141
5= $172
6= $201
Each additional camp: $30. Sibling Rate for camps- $30 per camp. Must
attend same camp time as sibling to get this rate.
Princess Camp Prices
Quantity Discount: for Princess Camp
(Number of camper-days per child)
1= $35
2= $66
3= $94
4= $119
Each additional camp: $25
Sibling Rate for camps- $25 per camp. Must attend same camp week as sibling to get this rate.
Week long, Full-day Camps:
Rock the Big Top, Cheer Camp*, Ninja Warrior Camp*
Early registration
discount dates
BEFORE May 1st
BEFORE June 1st
June 1st or LATER
Less than one week
prior to first day of camp
Sibling Discount
Full day camp, 9-3:30,
ages 7+
$25 late fee applies (if
there is space available.)
$25 off
*Junior Camp optionMWF 9-12, for ages 5-6
$15 late fee applies (if
there is space available.)
$15 off
$50 non-refundable deposit
is required to register.
Balance will be charged to
your credit card one week
before your camp. There
will be no refunds after this
time. Deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable.
(If you do not wish to have a credit card on file with us, the entire tuition is due upon registration.)
Registration will be accepted until one week before the camp starts, on a space-available basis. After that,
if space is still available, a $25 late fee will apply.
During the summer, we offer a flexible tuition schedule, which should eliminate the need for make-ups. However,
we do realize that kids still get sick in the summer, so you may schedule up to two make-up classes during the
summer. All make-ups must be completed within the summer session and MUST BE SCHEDULED through our
office in advance. Students in the GymStars or Trampoline & Tumbling programs may also use the Saturday
Workout (12:00-2:00) as a make-up. Makeups can also be done in the age appropriate Open Gym, see the class
schedule for days and times. We do not pro-rate or give credit for missed classes or camps.
BOUNCED PAYMENT FEE: $15 for first occurrence for paper checks. $10 for denied auto-pays.
CLASS CANCELLATION POLICY: Classes with fewer than four students enrolled per week may be cancelled or
If you wish to drop out of a camp, you must let us know a full week (seven days) before the camp begins. If you
give us a week’s notice, we will give you a full refund as an account credit, to be used for any future Airborne
expenses. If you cancel six or fewer days before the camp begins, there are no refunds or credits.
The Annual Administration fee is $39. This is a family fee and remains the
same regardless of the number of immediate family members enrolled at
Airborne. This fee is paid upon initial enrollment and every 12 months
thereafter. The annual administration fee is not refundable or transferable, but
we will honor its value for 12 consecutive months.
The Annual Administration
Fee is due when you enroll for
fall classes
Our annual administration fee helps cover the cost of registering and
maintaining your family in our records. As members, your immediate family is eligible for our discount programs,
as well as special prices on our open gyms, birthday parties, vacation camps, and other special activities throughout
the year.
CLASS TUITION & DISCOUNTS: If your child attends more than one class of the same type (i.e. two
gymnastics classes) there is a substantial discount the more time you spend at Airborne (30-40%, depending on the
program). Add up the total amount of class time per week, and find that time on the price list. Go to the number of
weeks for which you are enrolling, and that is your tuition. If your child attends two or more different types of
class (i.e. one gymnastics and one dance class), you will determine each tuition separately.
FAMILY AND MULTIPLE-CLASS DISCOUNT: You pay full price for the most expensive tuition in your family;
all additional tuitions are 20% off. The family and multiple class discount does not apply to camps or clinics, see
CAMP DISCOUNTS: We offer a generous discount on multiple weeks of camps. Please see the camp information
page for more information. If you have a student enrolled in any camp program, all of your family’s summer class
tuitions will be charged at the Family Discount rate.
Come to our 4th of July Party!
If you want to watch the fireworks in a family atmosphere
with convenient rest rooms, come spend the 4th with us.
The fireworks are right down the street, which makes for
awesome viewing!
Please leave your fireworks, sparklers, glass bottles,
cigarettes, and anything else that lights on fire, at home.
Reminder: Airborne will be CLOSED July 4th-5th.