Gourmet desserts offer quality and taste you and your

Gourmet desserts offer quality
and taste you and your
customers so richly deserve.
Made from scratch recipes
offer homemade quality in
every slice. With our dedication
to uncompromising quality,
you are guaranteed to serve
your customers a dessert to
remember. A memorable dessert
will make a lasting impression
on customers long after they
leave the restaurant!
Indulgence in Every Bite
Chocolate is the #1 Trend! Any type of chocolate dessert, chocolate cake,
chocolate mousse pie, or any other chocolate creation.
Devonshire® gourmet
desserts are made with
the finest ingredients
including Bel GioiosoTM
mascarpone cheese,
100% cream cheese,
Barry CallebautTM
chocolate, fresh
pasteurized eggs, real
butter, real whipping
cream, pure sugar, real
vanilla and premium
fruits and nuts.
Our desserts do not
contain any partially
oils, margarine or
Chocolate Cake Tower
768507 600458 1/160 oz.
Scored 10
Nicknamed the ”10 pound cake,” this chocolate
lover’s fantasy is one of our most indulgent
desserts! Four gigantic layers of chocolate cake,
iced and layered with a rich chocolate icing and
finished with chocolate cookie crumbs. Made
from scratch.
Triple Chocolate Threat Cake
5686126 364833 2/104 oz.
14 Slices
For the dessert lover who appreciates mild, white,
and semi-sweet chocolate…this cake is sure to
satisfy! This dessert is two layers of moist chocolate
cake filled with dense chocolate mousse, topped
with chocolate cake crumbles, chocolate curls,
milk and white chocolate curls and drizzled with
Gourmet Chocolate Cake
725077 600453 2/108 oz.
14 Slices
Sinfully chocolate! A four layer chocolate cake
filled and iced with a rich chocolate ganache and
delicately accented with toasted almond pieces.
Gourmet Chocolate Turtle Cake Ultimate Chocolate Cake
4866299 309664 2/134 oz.
14 Slices
Three layers of moist chocolate cake filled
with a caramel whipped cream mousse and
covered with all butter chocolate icing. The
top is decorated with caramel, pecan halves,
and chocolate curls. The sides of the cake are
completely covered in chocolate curls.
768564 600459 2/90 oz.
14 Slices
Chocolate Heaven, a foundation of chocolate
decadence, a layer of chocolate mousse, and a
layer of chocolate butter cake, iced with all butter
chocolate icing.
Black Forest Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Chocolate Mousse Cake
White Chocolate Mousse Cake
7510969 606350 2/64 oz.
14 Slices
A double layer of red velvet cake surrounded
and topped with a real cream cheese icing.
Garnished with chocolate.
9510967 606381 2/104 oz.
14 Slices
Three layers of decadent dark chocolate cake
filled and iced with a delicious chocolate mousse.
This cake is then finished with chocolate shavings
around the perimeter for true chocolate
*Products listed may not be stocked in all U.S. Foodservice locations.
778779 600442 2/96 oz.
14 Slices
Three layers of dark chocolate cake riddled with
cherries and iced with whipped cream. Finished
with chocolate curls and cherries. Made from
732180 600461 2/64 oz.
14 Scored
Three layers of dark chocolate cake filled and
iced with white chocolate mousse, topped with a
chocolate ganache.
Nothing adds drama to a meal quite like our premium cakes and tortes.
Choose from any of our rich chocolate cakes, featuring real Barry CallebautTM
European chocolate, or select a light and flavorful fruit or carrot variety.
Carrot Cake Tower
Gourmet Carrot Cake
Grandmother’s Carrot Cake
Italian Lemon Cream Cake
Lemon Mist Cake
Tropical Coconut Lime Cake
Old Fashioned Strawberry Shortcake
Mimosa Escape Cake
Swiss Chocolate Chalet Cake
768515 600450 1/208 oz.
Scored 10
Four monster layers of super-moist carrot cake,
iced and layered with a silky cream cheese icing.
Finished with chopped almonds and walnuts.
4557419 198997 2/66 oz.
12 Slices
This Lemon delight is filled with tangy lemon
cream and topped with a light dusting of
confectioner’s sugar.
5970900 438233 2/124 oz.
14 Slices
Reminiscent memories of summers past. Three
layers of pound cake layered with real whipped
cream and ripe strawberries, and covered with
a whipped cream topping, and garnished with
premium white chocolate curls and strawberry
filling on top.
725044 600444 2/96 oz.
14 Slices
Three delicious layers of moist cake loaded with
shredded carrots, pecan pieces and crushed
pineapple, finished with a real cream cheese icing
and garnished with pecans.
782524 605526 2/96 oz.
14 Slices
Made from scratch, this cake contains a rich
lemon filling and real whipped cream between
four layers of génoise. Finished with lemon French
butter creme, and delightfully decorated with
qroqant and candied lemon slices.
5970843 438227 2/128 oz.
14 Slices
A moist orange layer cake made with crushed
oranges and blood orange flavoring, with a custard
filling. The three layers of orange cake is iced with a
champagne flavored whipped cream and garnished
with caramelized hazelnut bits around the perimeter.
*Products listed may not be stocked in all U.S. Foodservice locations.
755207 600445 2/72 oz.
14 Slices
A moist cake that is loaded with shredded carrots,
pecan pieces and crushed pineapple, covered
with a delicious cream cheese frosting and
garnished with chopped almonds and walnuts.
5970934 438236 2/115oz.
14 Slices
Escape to the tropics with this one of a kind
citrus coconut cake! Three layers of moist white
cake soaked with Florida Key Lime juice, filled
with rich premium coconut custard; infused with
tropical coconut flakes.
5970884 438231 2/118 oz.
14 Slices
Chocolate lovers wanted! This tri-level cake starts
with a rich Guittard™ Swiss chocolate cheesecake;
topped with delicate white chocolate mousse then
finished with a layer of moist dark chocolate cake.
The cake is covered with an all butter chocolate
icing and drizzled with white chocolate and dark
chocolate curls.
Old Fashioned Tiramisu
White Chocolate Éclair Torte
Variety Pack Cakes
755199 600428 2/75 oz.
A traditional Italian dessert consisting of
mascarpone cheese filling, lady fingers that have
been skillfully soaked in espresso with a touch of
liqueur for added flavor. Finished with a dusting
of cocoa powder.
768531 600435 2/90 oz.
14 Slices
Our velvety white chocolate cheesecake supports
a fresh baked éclair pastry topped with a
generous helping of Bavarian Crème. Made from
9341215 600429 2/54 oz.
An espresso soaked sponge cake layer topped
with a coffee flavored mascarpone cheese filling
surrounded by lady fingers accented with cocoa
powder and garnished with whipped cream. Made
from scratch.
Chocolate Decadence Torte
1342096 600452 2/64 oz.
16 Slices
This low flour, semi-sweet chocolate torte is baked
slowly for a dense fudge like taste and texture.
Then finished with a double-drizzle dark chocolate
ganache for an elegant presentation.
789115 606044 4/28 oz.
14 Slices
Carrot, Chocolate, Apple Spice and Lemon Poppy
seed make up this variety cake pack. All varieties
are made from scratch.
Vanilla New York Style Cheesecake
755306 600352 2/60 oz.
12 Slices
755298 600353 2/60 oz.
14 Slices
755280 600354 2/60 oz.
16 Slices
768523 600355 2/60 oz.
20 Slices
755330 600356 2/64 oz.
16 Slices
4340576 600350 6/30 oz.
12 Slices
Made with only the finest of ingredients, cream cheese, sugar,
whole eggs and pure vanilla. Smooth and creamy cheesecake
is our specialty!
*Products listed may not be stocked in all U.S. Foodservice locations.
By far America’s favorite dessert, cheesecake is a must-have on every
dessert menu. Our selection features something for everyone from tried and
true classics to unique and innovative flavor combinations.
New York Style Vanilla
Cheesecake Royale
New York Style Vanilla
Supreme Cheesecake
2340602 600357 2/96 oz.
14 Slices
This six pound New York style cheesecake rests on
top of a graham cracker crust creating a mouthwatering dessert
7510977 606290 4/30 oz. 14 Slices
Our original New York Cheesecake recipe, and
a special graham cracker crust, all No Sugar
New York Style Hot Fudge
Sundae Cheesecake
Dulce de Leche Cheesecake
Gourmet Turtle Cheesecake
3340601 600358 2/128 oz.
12 Slices
New York style cheesecake made larger with the
same creamy taste.
4557336 198989 2/96 oz.
14 Slices
8340606 600377 2/96 oz.
14 Slices Our Dulce de Leche cheesecake features swirls of
A New York style cheesecake, smothered with rich buttery caramel in a graham cracker crust. Topped
with a unique caramel mousse and detailed with a
chocolate fudge. Each slice is decorated with a
dollop of whipped cream, a long stem cherry and caramel drizzle.
chopped pecans. Baked in a chocolate cookie
crust for an extra chocolate touch.
Amaretto Almond Cheesecake Key Lime Cheesecake
755249 600359 2/64 oz.
16 Slices
A great combination of amaretto flavoring and
almonds added to our original New York style
cheesecake and placed on a graham cracker
732214 600378 2/96 oz.
14 Slices
Vanilla Cheesecake with Key Lime flavor. Baked in a
graham cracker crust, topped with whipped cream.
*Products listed may not be stocked in all U.S. Foodservice locations.
New York Style Vanilla
Cheesecake, No Sugar Added
755124 605530 2/96 oz.
14 Slices
New York Style Cheesecake resting on a thick
layer of fudge, covered with a caramel sauce,
garnished with chopped pecans all in a graham
cracker crust.
Raspberry Chocolate
732172 600376 2/96 oz.
14 Slices
A layer of chocolate fudge topped with a
raspberry swirled cheesecake on a chocolate
cookie crust.
Pumpkin Cheesecake
Turtle Cheesecake
Crème Brûlée Cheesecake
Caramel Apple Pie
Cafe Latté Cheesecake
Raspberry Swirl Cheesecake
789461 600379 2/72 oz.
16 Slices
Uniquely flavored, our original cheesecake
is blended with pumpkin puree and spices,
finished with a graham cracker crust and
garnished with whipped cream and cinnamon.
755165 600360 2/96 oz.
14 Slices
A New York style vanilla cheesecake nestled
between two layers of sliced Granny Smith
apples, enhanced with walnuts and golden
raisins, topped with a rich caramel sauce on a
graham cracker butter crust.
Strawberry Cheesecake
732206 606088 2/96 oz.
14 Slices
A sweet combination of strawberries and New
York style cheesecake nestled in a graham cracker
crust. A classic smooth combination.
789099 606089 2/64 oz.
16 Slices
Our New York style Cheesecake on a layer of
fudge, topped with caramel sauce and garnished
with chopped pecans.
768549 600362 2/96 oz.
14 Slices
Indulge with our Café Latté cheesecake on a layer of
fudge, topped with a mound of cappuccino whipped
cream, all in a chocolate crust.
Variety Pack Cheesecakes
5340609 606090 4/30 oz.
14 Slices
New York Vanilla, Raspberry Swirl, Silk Tuxedo and
Chocolate Chip Cheesecake make up this variety
*Products listed may not be stocked in all U.S. Foodservice locations.
4557286 198984 2/81 oz.
14 Slices
Our Crème Brulé Cheesecake features real vanilla
bean with a delicate caramel glaze.
755140 605533 2/64 oz.
16 Slices
A fruitful raspberry puree, delicately swirled
throughout our New York style cheesecake batter
and placed on a graham cracker crust.
Pump up a your
dessert with value
added ingredients;
like seasonal fruits,
chocolate shavings
or a fresh whipped
cream dollop.
Small plates of individual desserts are the new trend because of their versatility
and great plate appeal. Devonshire® signature individual desserts are
designed with ease of serving in mind, making it easier for kitchen preparation.
Palace Fusion Miniature
Cheesecake Collection
Chocolate Lava Cake
4894796 317418 105/1.25 oz.
These small indulgences are packed with distinctive
flavor combinations infused into a true baked
cheesecake. Available only as an assortment which
includes: Mango, Pomegranate, Key Lime, Dulce
De Leche, Vanilla Bean, Chocolate Hazelnut and
White Chocolate Raspberry.
Royale Miniature Cheesecake
779496 605520 1105/1.25 oz.
Our famous desserts made smaller for just the right
bite! Chocolate Cappuccino, Silk Tuxedo, Vanilla,
Chocolate Chip, Lemon, Raspberry and Amaretto
Turtle Chocolate Lava Cake
Black Raspberry Chocolate
Lava Cake
Sweet Dark Cherry
Chocolate Lava Cake
Key Lime Pie Divine
Turtle Cheesecake Divine
4866471 309683 24/5 oz.
This individual rich, dark chocolate cake,
with a decadent caramel center garnished
with pecans and caramel, is made with fresh
pasteurized eggs, real butter and Barry Callebaut™
chocolate. Heat in the microwave for 30 – 40
New York Style Vanilla
Cheesecake Divine
9340597 600383 24/5 oz.
Our creamy New York Vanilla Cheesecake on
a graham cracker crust in a cylindrical shape
individual dessert.
4862900 309191 24/5 oz.
This individual rich, dark chocolate cake, with
raspberry flavored ganache center garnished with
white chocolate curls, is made with fresh pasteurized
eggs, real butter and Barry Callebaut™ chocolate.
Heat in microwave for 30 – 40 seconds.
789057 600412 24/5 oz.
Refreshingly tart key lime cylindrical shape
individual dessert baked on a graham cracker crust
*Products listed may not be stocked in all U.S. Foodservice locations.
7342090 600456 24/5 oz.
Dark, dense, chocolate decadence in a
cylindrical individual dessert. Heat in the
microwave for 30 – 40 seconds.
4849188 306738 24/5 oz.
Individual rich, dark chocolate cake, with a
sweet dark cherry liquid center, is made with
fresh pasteurized eggs, real butter and Barry
Callebaut™ chocolate. Heat in the microwave for
30 – 40 seconds.
8340598 605532 24/5 oz.
Classic individual cheesecake on a graham
cracker crust topped with caramel, fudge and
Quadruple Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Bundt Cake
4557229 198978 24/4 oz.
Pie Divine
Old Fashioned Red Velvet Mini
198970 4557146 24/5 oz.
Layers of chocolate mousse in between our dark
chocolate decadence and artfully swirled white
chocolate mousse make up this sinful treat. It’s
then finished with a dusting of cocoa.
A delicious, moist, individual chocolate cake formed 5686159 364836 72/1.5 oz.
into a unique mini bundt form that is filled with
Like your Mom used to make…Red Velvet mini
creamy, rich, chocolate ganache.
cake with cream cheese topping. An old fashioned
Lemon Poppy Seed Burst
Mini Cake
Caramel Apple Spice Mini Cake Tropical Mango Raspberry
5686407 364861 72/1.5 oz.
Mini Cake
5686324 364853 72/1.5 oz.
Refreshingly delicious, lemon poppy seed mini
cake with lemon icing then lightly sprinkled with
poppy seeds.
The perfect blend of sweet and spice, apple spice
mini cake dunked in caramel then topped with
wafer crumbs.
Double Chocolate Mini Cake
364840 5686191 72/1.5 oz.
Chocolate mini cake dunked in chocolate
ganache and sprinkled with milk chocolate square
decorettes. A chocolate lovers dream!
*Products listed may not be stocked in all U.S. Foodservice locations.
5686282 364849 72/1.5 oz.
Tropical and fruity mango mini cake with raspberry
filling garnished with almonds. Paradise in a cake!
Piled high with quality ingredients, such as farm fresh fruit and dark
chocolate, our gourmet pies and tarts add unexpected elegance to
traditional favorites.
Caramel Apple Pie
Kentucky Bourbon Pecan Pie
Key Lime Pie
Key Lime Pie
Gourmet Boston Cream Pie
Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie
Mudslide Mousse Pie
Quadruple Chocolate Mousse Pie
732222 600407 2/88 oz.
12 Slices
Sliced Granny Smith apples in a homemade pie
filling, laced with cinnamon and brown sugar,
baked into a butter crust, and then complemented
with a generous helping of rich caramel sauce.
789040 600410 2/76 oz.
14 Slices
An authentic key lime pie made with authentic key
lime juice. This pie is baked in a graham cracker
butter crust, iced with real whipped cream and
decorated with candied lime slices.
7361322 600414 2/76 oz.
14 Slices
A chocolate mousse pie filled with a Chocolate
Decadence center, topped with whipped cream
and fudge. This rich pie is nestled in a chocolate
cookie crust.
755264 600416 2/88 oz.
14 Slices
Large buttery caramel pecans, layered on a rich
gooey filling with a hint of Kentucky Bourbon, all
resting in an all-butter short paste crust.
4557062 198962 2/71 oz.
16 Slices
Luscious vanilla pastry cream between two
layers of yellow cake, finished with a semisweet
chocolate frosting, and garnished on the sides
with finely sliced almonds.
755256 600409 2/90 oz.
14 Slices
For the chocolate lover! Beginning with our
Chocolate Decadences, we add a layer of
chocolate mousse topped with a white chocolate
mousse and finished with a dusting of cocoa
powder. This divine dessert sits in a chocolate
cookie crust.
*Products listed may not be stocked in all U.S. Foodservice locations.
755223 600411 2/80 oz.
12 Slices
This refreshingly light pie is made with zesty key
lime juice. It is baked in a graham cracker butter
crust and topped with a mound of real whipped
5341227 600415 2/80 oz.
14 Slices
A layer of rich chocolate covered with a creamy
peanut butter filling, on top of a graham cracker
butter crust. Garnished with whipped cream and a
peanut butter cup piece.
Old Fashioned Coffee Cake
732198 600460 2/50 oz. Unsliced
A traditional bundt coffee cake accented with a
cinnamon swirl, finished with a light apricot glaze
and chopped walnuts.
Harvest Bread Pudding
5341219 600422 4/75 oz. Unsliced
A moist custard bread pudding baked with a
perfect combination of apples, cinnamon, sugar
and chopped walnuts for that added crunch. Serve
slightly warmed.
Mountain Berry Cream Flan
779504 600425 2/56 oz Unsliced
A mixture of blackberries, blueberries, and
raspberries on top of a silky custard filled short
paste crust, finished with a light dusting of
powdered sugar for that elegant look.
Customers love rich, lavish desserts. In spite of our fitness minded, heath
oriented, low carb consciousness, sinfully sweet desserts continue to
garner higher sales on menus.
Chocolate Fudge Brownie
2341212 600418 4/52 oz.
Thick chewy fudge brownies, drizzled with
Fudge Walnut Brownie
782516 600419 4/52 oz.
Thick chewy chocolate fudge brownies filled with
walnuts, topped with walnut pieces and chocolate
*Products listed may not be stocked in all U.S. Foodservice locations.
Perfect for picnics, high tea, or paired with ice cream or pudding, our
thick, indulgent dessert bars suit both buffets and sit-down menus alike.
Select just one flavor or choose from several variety packs to suit a range
of preferences.
Blondie Bar
Seven Layer Bar
Old Fashioned Lemon Bar
Dessert Bar Assortment “A”
Dessert Bar Assortment “B”
Dessert Bar Assortment “C”
4556965 198951 4/47 oz.
An old fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe
made with semi-sweet chocolate chips.
9361734 600402 4/48 oz. Unsliced
Key Lime, Tempting Treasure, Blondie and
Chocolate Chip Macaroon Bar are in this
bar pack.
8361735 600400 4/43 oz.
Luscious layers of chocolate and butterscotch chips,
crunchy walnuts and sweet cocoanut.
2361749 600404 4/47 oz. Unsliced
Rocky Road, Tropical, Dutch Apple, and Peanut
Butter Chocolate make up this bar pack.
*Products listed may not be stocked in all U.S. Foodservice locations.
2361723 600393 4/51 oz.
Refreshing lemon filling baked on a sugar cookie
crust and dusted with powered sugar. Made from
755215 600405 4/52 oz. Unsliced
Mount Caramel Oatmeal, Lemon, Seven Layer, and
Raspberry Rhapsody bars are in this bar pack.
1. Make desserts easy for servers to plate and deliver to the table.
2. Promote sampler platters of miniature desserts or offer desserts that are easy to share.
3. Consider offering a discount when more than one dessert is purchased at each table.
4. Remind servers that convincing just one member of a party to order dessert will most likely persuade the rest.
5. Develop a to-go dessert program, complete with portable packaging and disposable utensils.
6. Include a range of favorite dessert types and flavors on your menu and rotate selections often.
7. Make at least one type of cheesecake a mainstay on your dessert menu.
8. .Create themed dessert miniature trios or offer a mix and match option.
9. Pass out samples of desserts to your customers.
10.Market your dessert menu through word-of-mouth, table tents and menu pages.
11. Price desserts as part of a meal bundle to attract customers.
12.Promote desserts as breakfast and lunchtime fare, not just as the ending to an evening meal.
Keep Your Dessert Menu Fresh
• Brand your dessert line with unique names and themes
• Feature a dessert of the day or month
• Rotate your desserts
Fight the Too Full Problem
• Ask your consumers to order dessert during their meal
• Sample! Sample! Sample!
• Offer a dessert take-out program that pairs desserts with coffee
Presentation Tips
• Offer a diversity of shapes, sizes, and unique plating ideas to spur
impulse sales
• Use creative sauces and topping. Have fun by combining more
than one sauce on a plate
• Consider interesting cups and containers — chocolate boxes, puff
pastry shells, martini / wine glasses
• Decorate your plate with stencils, paper doilies, or other interesting
Entice Your Customers
• Utilize dessert sample platters
• Present a dessert platter and sell by unit
• Create a dessert platter complemented
with dipping sauces
• Have a server walk the restaurant with a dessert tray to drive
impulse sales
• Deliver knowledge — Promote your desserts with a menu, a dessert
tray or display
• Made from high quality ingredients with a hand
crafted finish
• Offers your customers a made-on-premise quality sure
to bring them back
• No partially hydrogenated oils, margarine, or
• Eliminates the occurrence of artificial trans-fats to meet
the trans fat requirements of many major municipalities
• Many items pre-sliced or pre-scored
• Makes portion control easy and efficient
• Products are thaw and serve with out of the box
• Ease of use reduces labor and associated costs
• All products are shrink-wrapped
• Maintains freshness
Your partner beyond the plate.
U.S. Foodservice® offers exclusive brand products, created for foodservice professionals and foodservice applications.
For more information about Devonshire® products, contact your U.S. Foodservice Representative.