Untitled - Aim Redstone Consultancy

Step 1: Go to
Now Login in.
Step 2: Click on your chosen course.
Step 3: Once you have clicked on your chosen course, click on the play button on the left hand side on
the menu bar.
Step 4: Once you have clicked on the button, the modules will be outlined as illustrated below.
To begin the course you will need to click the first module which will be located in the first folder.
Step 5: Once your course has launched, you should see a screen as follows.
To return to a
previous slide,
press the
previous button
To proceed to
a next slide,
press the next
To exit the module press the x as shown.
Step 6: Once you have completed the module, it will turn green.
Once you have completed the course, please email for your certificate:
[email protected] Thank you and good luck with your course!