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Healthy Breakfast Club
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Healthy Breakfast Club
Program Guidelines October 2012:
Enjoy a healthy breakfast each morning at the same time during October
Eat any variety of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lean meat, or low-fat dairy products
ONLINE REPORTING: 9,347 reporting, 8,234 compliant
Did you eat a healthy breakfast on at least 24 mornings
during October?
96% YES
4% NO
Even though this program only required you to eat a
healthy breakfast, some participants lost weight. If you lost
weight during this program, how much weigh did you lose?
1,923 participants lost 7,598 pounds
Have you become more responsible for your overall health
and lifestyle during the past month as a result of your
participation in Healthy Breakfast Club?
84% YES
16% NO
Website & Tracking4.12
Egg Muffin Pan
Overall Program
Eating a healthy breakfast
Time management3.40
Productivity work/home 3.51
Overall well-being
Eating a healthy breakfast
4.10 18% p
Time management3.70
9% p
Productivity work/home 3.79 8% p
Overall well-being 3.83 9% p
Will you participate in the next program – Attitude Of
96% YES
4% NO
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Information may not be reproduced, copied, cited,
or circulated in any printed or electronic form without
written permission from Integrated Health & Wellness.
Eggcellent! : ) We all know better, just a little encouragement goes a long way!
Thanks! I feel I waste less time at work because I do eat breakfast at home!!
I had a check-up last week and my blood pressure was the best it has been in 23
years. Medicine was decreased!
The short positive emails were something I looked forward to each day. I felt
immediate results on my body. Though I did not lose weight, I felt I lost inches.
Incredible! Where have you been all my life?!
I now eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Before, I never ate breakfast.
Absolutely love the egg muffin pan! Makes eating breakfast easier because it’s so fast.
I actually have time to eat. :)
The egg cooker thing is the only useful/good 'freebie' I've gotten in all the time I've
participated with this program. I LOVE IT and use it at least 3-5 times a week.
These programs are so helpful to all that are trying to stay fit and beautiful!
We are like a "kid with a new toy" with our Egg Muffin Pan!! :)
I absolutely love the egg muffin pan - and have heard nothing but positive comments
from co-workers about eating healthy breakfasts. This program, and especially the
daily reminders, helps us to focus on small steps to improve our overall health.
I love the direct link to log in to complete the program. I have too many usernames
and passwords to remember, this process was painless and was easy to do!
It does motivate me to be able to check off a day, so on some days when I was going
to skip a proper breakfast I went ahead and took the time to do it right.
Participating in this program made me feel healthier and had given me a lot of energy
to come to work every day. I feel a lot happier now about my health than before joining
this program. Thank you so much.
I actually made a conscious effort to eat a HEALTHY breakfast instead of just eating
something. I found I had more energy and focus throughout the day and actually
wasn't as hungry during the rest of the day. I'm sure this has played a big part in my
losing the 5 pounds. I love the EHA wellness programs!! They have been a big
success for me and I'm finding a healthier me in more ways than one. Thank you so
This is really helped with my diabetes. And My 13 year old daughter did it with me and
lost 8 lbs.
What an awesome program!! We stress to our students to eat a healthy breakfast.
BUT there are many teachers that do not because of time!! This program showed how
easy it really is!!
This is the first time I have participated: overall a positive experience; appreciated
the daily encouragement and tracking.
The egg muffin pan is fabulous. It is so handy and useful - my kids all love it. We
have chickens so this uses up many of our eggs.
7 months ago I decided to improve my eating habits. I ate a healthy breakfast, ate
lean proteins, and non-starchy fruits and vegetables, and exercised at least 3 times a
week, with 2 of the days including weights. I've lost 27 lbs, and feel 100% better! :)
Thanks for all the time and effort put forth into this wellness program; certainly makes a
difference in one's health.
I have better time management and productivity at home it seems during the summer,
before the program and the school year began. We were all very impressed with the
quality of the egg muffin pan.
This program is helping me learn to manage and balance life better. Thank you for
providing it!
I'm a diabetic that runs low every morning around 10, the egg McMuffin pan was put to
use with a variety of my ideas the extra protein took me through the morning with
excellent readings.
I have loved every program so far....keep it up!!
I love this program! Since joining last fall, I've lost and kept off 20 pounds and feel
great! I make better choices about exercise. My word for this year is Balance. Thanks
for promoting wellness!
This was a great program. I lost 9 pounds this month because of eating a good
healthy breakfast every day. Because I started each day with a good breakfast I made
sure I ate we'll for the rest of the day. More productivity at work is much better too.
Thank-you for the time and effort you put into creating these challenges. They
definitely help me stay focused on health.
I like these programs. It gives me the incentive to do more.
The EHA wellness program is very helpful. I like the idea that I can make small
changes over time to have a positive effect on my health.
This program is very motivational. And I like how easy it is to log into. Look forward to
the recipes every day.
I usually ate a healthy breakfast every morning before this anyway but all the other
areas (exercise, fruits/veggies, etc) it made me more aware of what I was doing and
because I had to track it - it made me more accountable and I wanted to make sure
and do it. My husband loves the egg muffin pan!! Thanks!
Thank you - I really like these programs!!
I love the egg muffin pan. I bought more at Wal-Mart to give as gifts. I've been told I
sound like paid spokesman for the Egg Muffin Pan.
The daily emails were wonderful reminders not only to record my progress, but to offer
variety to my breakfast meals!!
I like being able to go directly to the site to report my progress. I didn't have to look up
my password each time and log-in.
Love the recipes too.
With a new baby and working full time, it's been difficult to make time for a sit down
breakfast, but with this program as inspiration, I began making myself a sandwich to at
least eat on the way.
Not eating in a healthy manner is not an issue with me. Lack of exercise is. Being at
school an average of ten hours a day with minimum down time, energy to "work out" is
a problem. Time management (a.k.a - procrastination probably, to be honest) is my
down factor to not marking excellent above. However, I AM ten pounds less this year
than last year at this time. There is some success!!
Thank you very much. I have always been a morning sweet person. I like my donuts
and sugary snacks. This program really helped me enjoy a varied breakfast and to
see that a healthy one goes a lot farther in having a productive day. :)
I love the egg muffin pan…so do my kids. They also use it during the week. I now keep
low-fat ham and eggbeaters at home for them to use too. We've been experimenting
with different kinds of bread…some good…some not. But they are trying them. How
funny a simple little microwaveable dish can inspire!
I am super over-weight, on top of that I am pregnant (for the 3rd time) I was 222 lbs
when I started the program and now I am 217 lbs and my doctor said I am doing well
keeping my weight, at least I am not gaining any weight which I do not need during the
pregnancy. Thank you for helping us out and I am going to keep doing it for the rest of
my life!! I am so happy and once I have the baby I will lose all the weight I gained since
my 2 pregnancy.
This was a very easy program to follow because I was already doing it!
Absolutely helps to have the e-mails daily to click and update! I enjoyed being held
accountable for my behaviors and truly have seen an improvement in my attitude and
health throughout the month!
Thank you!!!
Loved the egg pan!
Enjoyed the program. I always eat a healthy breakfast, but it was nice to have some
new recipes.
I really enjoyed the recipes especially the easy and prepare ahead as it helped me to
pack my breakfast and take it to work and eat it there rather than having to get up
earlier and eat at home. I think that is the reason I was able to complete the program.
The egg muffin pan is fantastic! A healthy breakfast to go.
Thanks for another great program! I appreciate this program and the focus it brings to
healthy living!
Excellent variety of recipes. Thanks!
I like how you added direct link to report progress.
Excellent incentive!
Everything was great! Enjoyed the recipes.
Thanks for the programs you provide. They help bring a heightened awareness to
doing the right things to have a healthy lifestyle.
I enjoy all the wellness programs.
I really enjoy the egg muffin pan. It is awesome!
Great recipes - Thanks!
This program got me up and something healthy in my belly. I found that when I ate the
protein I wasn't hungry as soon as I was when I didn't.
Love the egg muffin pan. I know eating breakfast is important, but this month's
challenge motivated me to really eat breakfast every morning. I had more energy
through the morning.
Use the egg muffin pan almost every day. Really like it.
Great motivation!
A great program, easy to follow, great results.
I love the egg muffin pan! Use it all the time! Thank-you!
I discovered that this program helped me eat healthier breakfasts on more week-end
days, when I often did not. I liked the tidbits of info each day, too!
Wonderful motivator to continue what doing!
I looked forward to the emails each day. The online tracking held me more
accountable. At the end of the month I could go back and see some patterns in my
eating habits that I never noticed before.
It's fun to be part of 'something' that helps me track and offers an incentive too! I love
the recipes and helpful tips and the quotes!
Keeping track of what I ate for breakfast, made me think about what I was eating all
Thank you.
By my eating a healthy breakfast, my husband started to slow down a little and eat
before work. He has never been a breakfast eater before.
Eating a healthy breakfast is very important even if it is just a banana or granola bar.
We love the egg muffin pan! My husband actually uses it more than I do as he is
retired and has to fix his own breakfast.
Great recipes and program, made me more aware of eating a healthy breakfast
I loved getting the recipes via email and the direct link for reporting made it very easy
to participate. The muffin pan is a really great incentive!!
The egg muffin pan was great!
I really enjoy this program. I can see a difference in my eating habits because of this
program. I also like the monthly challenges.
I love the egg muffin pan. It is so easy to use! My family loves it. It makes a great
Sunday breakfast.
I have really enjoyed the egg muffin pan, however, I'm more of a mid-morning
breakfast eater, not 1st thing in the morning, when I do so I am encouraged to do
better with not just grabbing whatever is handy.
Enjoyed the daily tips!
Love just having to log into my personal calendar!
Love the muffin pan. Just made an easy breakfast a little more "fun."
Daily suggestions for eating a healthy breakfast were useful, and I've really enjoyed
using the egg muffin pan.
I've ate more eggs this last month than I've probably ate in 5 years. I'm sure they are
good for me.
Daily suggestions for eating a healthy breakfast were useful, and I've really enjoyed
using the egg muffin pan.
I like being challenged every month to try to do something healthy for my body.
Suggestions for eating a healthy breakfast were useful, and I've enjoyed using the egg
muffin pan.
I have always had breakfast. During this time I have read often how important
breakfast is when it comes to managing eating the rest of the day. I wasn't snacking or
craving sweets as much. Double bonus!
Excellent program! Thank you!!
This was a great way to enhance a diet or new way of eating in my life. It was a
reminder to eat something in the morning; for years I have always skipped breakfast.
Love the egg cooker!! Would buy more if you offered them.
This program made me aware that I was starting each day in a healthy way. It was
good to see that I was following a good plan already. Nice encouragement though!
This was a great incentive to start a very important healthy habit!
This was very easy for me!
Love the egg muffin pan!!
Unfortunately, I gained weight - ha! But that's okay because I have more energy!
I loved the recipes and tips for planning breakfast. The egg muffin pan is great! My
sons are using it too!
Thank-you; the reminders are good!
Loved the egg pan!!
I definitely felt better when eating a healthy breakfast.
I definitely was more aware of what I was eating in the morning and felt better when it
came to lunch time. I didn't eat so much for lunch.
My day went so well every day because of a strong and healthy breakfast. I am much
more productive because of having a good start to the day. Eating a good breakfast
also helped me to lose 9 pounds.
The egg muffin pan is wonderful! I use it all the time.
Thank you for reminding me to log on and record my data. The emails are a great
Just liked the reminders to eat a healthy breakfast.
I have eaten many more breakfast than before and I love the Egg Muffin Pan. I use it
all the time.
Always believed in eating a high protein breakfast.
After this program, I worry about eating healthy breakfast every morning.
I have only been taking time for breakfast in the last year or so. It does make a
I've been eating healthy breakfasts all of my life - my mother (former teacher) insisted
upon it when I was growing up and the habit stuck, so I guess that is my success story.
Eating better at breakfast has really helped my energy level. I found it doesn't take
that much extra time for a healthy breakfast as I thought. Well worth the program and
when starting the morning eating healthier I continued throughout the day better.
Eating a good breakfast helped curb and urge to snack for me.
What we eat determines who we are and also how our health is.
Enjoying the use of the egg muffin pan.
Great program to stay motivated. Really made me think before I just grabbed
something in the morning and called it breakfast!
It made me not snack on junk food before lunch!
Loved the egg muffin pan!
The program helped me be more vigilant about eating healthier breakfasts. I
appreciate the push.
The egg pan was wonderful and I enjoyed reading the recipes but I have my breakfast
routine that doesn't change much.
Nothing wrong with this program. I just need to exercise more.
Although I know the importance of eating a good breakfast every day, it was very
beneficial to track this. Made me more accountable.
Good program. Thanks!
I love the recipes and the suggestions.
I LOVE the egg muffin pan. Most mornings that was my breakfast along with a glass
of juice. It was nice not to need butter or anything to cook the egg in to keep it from
Loved the recipes and breakfast ideas.
I love the egg muffin pan. It cooks my egg so quickly that I always have time for
I really liked the recipes. Used some of them on the weekends
Thank you for the direct reporting link. It is a helpful time saver!
Thank you.
Kept me going in the right direction!
The egg muffin pan works great.
Good information...although we have participated in this program in the past.
I love all of these healthy programs. It keeps me honest with myself!
The daily e-mails were a great way of keeping me on track and focused. The Nordic
egg muffin pan is AWESOME. Everyone at the office loves it and it was a great idea.
I started a diet during this eating a healthy breakfast did help.
I learned that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I understand the
importance of taking the time to eat healthy right away in the morning. Thank you for
all the delicious recipes as well!
Loved the direct link with code already included for easy easy to use
Your programs help to hold me accountable towards planning and carrying out healthy
lifestyle choices. Thank you!
I have been eating healthy since July for all my meals this was a encouragement for
me to eat healthy.
I always eat a healthy breakfast, but perhaps those who didn't, do now.
I drink a protein shake for breakfast each morning, so participating in the Healthy
Breakfast Club was easy. The e-mail information and recipes encouraged me to stick
with my breakfast plan. I lost about 3 lbs. this month!!
I have come to look forward to my protein/fruit smoothies in the morning! I have not
been a breakfast person since I was in the 5th grade, just not an appealing time of the
day to eat. I found smoothies fill me up, make me more alert and keep me from
reaching for junk around 10am. I also starting bringing string cheese with me to work
to eat between 10am and lunch. Great program, thanks!
Although productivity time management stayed the same because of requirements and
deadlines, I felt better just knowing I was intentionally taking care of myself by eating
breakfast regularly. I lost 3 pounds as well.
I forgot to mention how wonderfully the egg muffin cooker worked!!!
I like the organization of tracking my behavior.
This one was easy for me. I eat a healthy breakfast EVERY morning without fail. I am
a firm believer that breakfast is the MOST important meal of the day.
I enjoyed some of the new recipes.
The program made me focus on this. Found I had more energy all during the day and
didn't feel famished at lunch.
Helps keep me on track.
I have been able to eat at least something healthy almost every single moment, which
for me from not ever eating breakfast in the past 5-10 years is huge. It has given me
more energy during the day (specifically in the morning) and has helped curb my
appetite throughout the day.
In the past I would have thought it okay to skip breakfast if I didn't have time. During
the program, I made a conscience effort to eat a healthy breakfast even if I had to take
it in the car with me.
It made me get going in the morning to make sure I could eat my breakfast. It was a
great program and I liked the breakfast egg pan.
I always eat a healthy breakfast but loved the egg muffin pan. It was an easy program
to participate in.
The recipes were GREAT!
Always enjoy the programs and appreciate the effort that goes into them.
I picked this because it was more health/behavior related. Also, I always eat breakfast,
so it was easy. I don't like the attitude/mental based programs and don't see how they
are helpful. I really got a lot out of the exercise based programs last year. They keep
on track for exercise and are very motivating. The goals could be more challenging
I found that if I ate a healthy breakfast, I was more likely to eat a healthy lunch, too.
And because I felt good, I often did not want to ruin my day with a huge dinner.
Thanks for the nudge in the right direction.
Thought this was a great program.
LOVE the little egg pan! I bought my daughter one and she loves an egg sandwich on
her way to classes at UNL.
I have been eating a healthy breakfast for several years, but just being on the program
made me pay attention to all my other eating habits. Plus I am having surgery in Dec.,
so it was a good time for the program to work on being healthier.
I loved the egg muffin pan, it's very useful.
Prior to the program, I was pretty good about eating a healthy breakfast. However, this
has forced me to focus on how important it is and how it is something I can do every
morning. I was able to eat a good breakfast every morning the entire month!!!
Thanks for the egg muffin pan!
Muffin pan was awesome, use it often!
I really think about eating some protein each morning now. I'd love to just have a
bagel every day, but it doesn't stick with me and I end up overeating all day.
Love the program!!!
Loved the egg McMuffin pan!
I love fruit for breakfast...and now I know it doesn't mean several trips to the grocery
My whole family loves the egg muffin pan!!
I always eat breakfast and try to make it w/protein and fiber.
I usually always ate a good breakfast before this program, so this program was easy
for me.
I love using the egg muffin pan. The recipes were so fun to try! This was a super
I loved the egg muffin pan.
I made an effort to eat a healthy breakfast every day.
I like that a lot of people at my school do these programs because it's easier for me to
be healthy if I have a team doing it with me.
I thought the recipes were interesting, easy and good.
My husband really likes the egg muffin pan! On the strength of his recommendation, I
had to order additional pans for our adult sons.
Very worthwhile and it showed me how little changes can do a lot!
Thank you!
The constant reminder helps.
I am scheduled for major surgery on the 26th of this month. Have to hold off till after
that for other programs.
The emails helped me most. Good program, I'm just going through a difficult transition
phase of life.
I love that egg pan - so convenient...And those recipes are excellent. Thanks!
Always been a firm believer in eating a healthy breakfast!
Thank you for this program, It has helped to enrich my life. Looking forward to what
comes next.
Egg muffin pan great. I use it all the time. A time saver.
This was a fun one!! I love the egg pan! Thank you
Enjoyed the healthy ideas.
I love the egg muffin pan!!!
I love the recipe ideas given.
Eating a healthy breakfast is one of the easiest steps one can do for one's health. I
appreciated the recipes.
I like that you made a direct link for reporting. That's nice. I usually eat breakfast, but
this program made me more accountable and eat healthier. Thanks.
My family has made great use of the egg muffin pan. Really enjoy trying some of the
recipes. Thanks!
Thank you for the recipes - it helps to have ideas for variety.
Not only did I eat better breakfasts, but my husband also started eating better
breakfasts as well. We both loved making the egg muffin sandwiches before taking off
for the day.
This focus on breakfast really did impact my mornings. I've never really been a
breakfast person. But I feel like I have good habit in place. I think about it in relation to
the rest of the day.
It was a great way to start my day. By making good choices first thing in the A.M.
encouraged me to make better choices throughout the day.
My mornings were better and I felt better through the day.
Breakfast is a great meal, thanks for some new ideas for it.
Very good program.
Great way to stay on track with good habits being formed. Thank you.
I really enjoyed doing this. It seems to make me more accountable.
I think this was an excellent activity because so many people do not eat breakfast.
Enjoy the program!
Egg Muffin Pan worked great! The program made me more conscience of what I ate
for breakfast.
This plan helped me take my meds without getting sick to my stomach. And, provided
me with more energy through the day. The recipes were great. Thanks!
Really like the program. It has helped me to eat more healthy!!
I LOVED the egg muffin pan, use it often for a fast, easy, creative protein breakfast.
I very much enjoy the healthy breakfast program. It was amazing how much of a
difference a filling and nutritious breakfast made on my day; it was a feeling of
perpetual energy!
I used to eat oatmeal for breakfast every day. Since this program, I have changed to
only eating 2 hard boiled eggs, cutting way down on my carbohydrate intake, therefore
losing weight in the process.
I really enjoyed the egg muffin pan. : )
Having the reporting system really helped me to keep eating a healthy breakfast.
I love the recipe books! I also like the thought for the day!
Program helped me realize how important it is to have a healthy start to my day. I also
gave me ideas to incorporate high-fiber and more fruits into breakfast.
My husband loves the muffin pan and is eating breakfast a couple times a week using
this. He was not a breakfast eater, before.
The importance of eating, unrushed and at the table, every morning is #1 priority,
before I start working at anything...this is etched in my mind!
This program helped me slow down my morning routine and make sure I was getting a
healthy breakfast. I use to skip breakfast a lot because I didn't think I had enough time
but now I have proved to myself that there is enough time to be healthy!
Decided to eat a hot cereal every morning either oatmeal or cream of wheat....kept me
from getting that "10am drop" where I thought I needed a snack of some "unhealthy"
Great program!
Getting the emails each day keeps me on task to do my best to eat breakfast each day
and it does feel real good.
Gives good habits!
I have really enjoyed the EHA Wellness programs, they make me more conscious of
what I am eating and doing. I am always excited for the next program.
Enjoying challenging my non-breakfast eating husband to eat breakfast with me at
least 24 days this month.
EHA wellness helps remind me to eat healthy and exercise.
Loved the egg pan! My whole family has used it!
Love my egg muffin pan, add some bacon just a little to give it favor.
Loved the muffin pan. It is easy to use to make a quick breakfast in the morning and
easy to wash.
I have always cooked a big breakfast. When our boys were growing (they were raised
vegetarian) I would make them breakfast burritos or potatoes & beans, or eggs and
potatoes, always big. Now that it's just my husband that I cook for we eat our heavy
meal in the morning and light meal (soups, broth, stir fry) in the evening. I have lost 12
lbs by switching our meals around in this manner plus sleep so much better! We are
up at 4 am and out the door at 7am. So we have plenty of time to visit and eat and get
housework done...& go to bed early 9pm!
I eat a good breakfast most days but it was fun to keep track of anyway.
Keep sending new recipes and new works that we can do if we have trouble walking or
standing too long.
Even though I didn't complete 24 morning of a healthy breakfast it did improve for the
days I did! It was a nice change from the usual granola bar to eat on my commute.
The daily emails and tracking encouraged me to get in the habit of eating a healthy
breakfast every morning.
Think this is a great program. It really makes you aware of what you are putting into
your mouth at the beginning of the day.
The program was very helpful and motivating.
Recipes looked pretty good for the most part but I am diabetic and some had way too
many carbs for me.
I love the egg muffin pan and used it consistently and found a variety of ways to use it.
It's become my favorite breakfast tool.
I try to eat a healthy breakfast but sometimes just grab whatever is handy. This
reminded me to take better care of myself.
Participating in the program helped me do a better job of eating breakfast.
Heightened my awareness to start my day off better with breakfast. I made it a priority.
Thank You.
I like these programs as they force me to take a look at what I am doing or not doing.
Love the egg muffin pan and it's so easy that my husband can manage it without effort.
I'm feeling better and having more steam at the end of the workday. Thanks for doing
I love a healthy breakfast and eat one every day. It gets my day off to a good start.
I have tried to eat a healthy breakfast before school prior to the program. I did
however add whole grain cheerios as one of the breakfast choices.
Being a diabetic I have to eat a good breakfast and I did, however, it was often on the
run. This program helped me set a goal to get up in time to relax and eat before
starting out on my daily schedule.
Felt more alert. Ate less at lunch.
Because I got an Egg Muffin Pan I took the time to eat something other than pop tarts.
I just overall felt a lot better. I have always tried to eat a healthy breakfast, but after the
breakfast wellness program I am more aware of eating a healthy breakfast. Thank
The program is very beneficial and reinforced what I need to eat for a healthy
Thanks for sponsoring the promotion of wellness!
This program has helped my collage age daughters also eat a good breakfast.
The egg muffin pan was awesome, my husband(who never eats breakfast) even
started eating breakfast because the pan made it so easy.
I loved eating a healthy breakfast because I didn't feel sluggish at 10am when my
blood sugar would have normally dropped!!
Eating breakfast proved executing more energy!
I LOVED the Egg Muffin Pan we got I use it all the time for my breakfast meals!!!!
Enjoyed the recipes
Appreciate the daily reminders!
Enjoyed the egg muffin pan. So easy to get all the protein needed for one day in just
one meal. I used egg, cheese, and a thin slice of maple-flavored ham. Just add fruit or
fruit juice, and it's a healthy, well-balanced meal.
These programs are very helpful.
There was a time several years ago that I neglected to eat breakfast. I have been
much healthier since I made the decision to eat a healthy breakfast every morning.
Daily breakfast promoted more energy throughout the day!
Nice program and had great ideas for a healthy breakfast. Great information!
This was very helpful!
Excellent program.
This program made me more aware of what I was eating in the am and how important
eating healthier was.
I have never before been a breakfast eater. This has been very good for me and has
changed my thinking about eating that important morning meal! I plan to continue with
this new habit.
I feel that I have developed healthy lifestyle changes.
I am noticing that eating every morning gives me the energy that is need to get
throughout the entire day. This is better than power drink!!!!
My breakfasts became more varied and I became better at incorporating each of the
food groups. It was a very good program! Love the egg muffin maker!!!
Kept me on track!
I never used to eat Breakfast, now I do every morning. Thank You!!
The program definitely made me more conscience of eating breakfast, which I continue
to do.
I have always been an advocate for eating a healthy breakfast every day. I think
everyone should start their day with breakfast.
I will continue to eat a healthy breakfast every day.
Great recipes!
This was a fun program. I really love the egg muffin pan.
Used my egg muffing pan a lot to make my breakfast sandwiches. Very yummy!
The Egg Muffin Pan works very well. I add Salsa instead of cheese to it and
sometimes one of those pre-cooked thin strips of bacon. Great!
I have always eaten breakfast; however, I really enjoyed the daily recipes for new
Love the Egg Muffin pan!
I love the recipes! They are easy, nutritious and taste good! The daily email
reminders keep me motivated and on track.
I like the fact that this program makes you stop and think for a few minutes every day
about what and when you eat. I've lost weight continuously and look forward to
keeping my well-being something to think about every day! (I met a goal. Heading
toward the next one.)
Thank you!
The egg muffin pan is awesome.
Now if I can continue! 
I am not one who needs weight loss, but I must say that I have always eaten a healthy
breakfast…so this information is just an extension of good health.
LOVE the egg muffin pan- use it all the time!!
Excellent program thank you so much.
Thank you for offering this program. I was already in the habit of eating a good
Eating a healthy breakfast was already a habit for me already, but I loved the recipes
and will continue to eat a healthy breakfast each day.
Excellent program than you so much.
I really liked all the suggestions on having a well-balanced breakfast to start your
day...and to take time to eat! Helpful ideas one can apply to one's own situation. Thank
Great reminders!
Really liked the recipes for this one!!!
It made me think of going healthy instead of just grabbing anything that was close to
satisfy my morning hunger fix.
I loved the muffing pan, wished I had a couple more for the rest of the family. Great
recipes this time!
I did not join the program to lose any weight because my current weight is good. I
joined the program to keep my morning healthy and to get good eating habit choices.
I am not a breakfast eater. I usually eat wheat toast with peanut butter, but during this
program I have noticed a difference in how I feel. I have been walking a mile each day
to stay healthy, we tend to forget that the food we eat does help, too. I am allergic to all
melons so i do not get much fruit in my diet. I eat veggies. Thank you for this program.
I was so happy when I was putting on my pants and see that I didn't have to struggle to
zip my pants.
The only reason not much changed for me is because I normally eat a good breakfast
I eat breakfast every morning but I have learned with the help of this program is how to
eat healthier.
The egg muffin pan is awesome!
Became more aware of eating habits. I learned information I had not known. I also lost
some weight.
Eating a good breakfast help me not to snack in the morning. I made better choices to
what to eat. I added more whole grains to my diet.
Even though I am an avid exerciser, I do not always eat the healthiest. I made a more
earnest effort to vary my eating habits.
This was the easiest of all your programs to complete, as I normally eat a healthy
Most breakfasts were very good and served enough for the whole family.
Breakfast promoted more energy throughout the day!
I loved the recipes.
This one was easy because it just required a little time management in the morning.
I really focused on whole grains (45 calorie whole grain toast, cream of wheat,
oatmeal) and egg beaters.
I think it helps to be held accountable for yourself which these programs make you do.
Being held accountable for yourself is a helpful tool!
I really liked this one I am a breakfast eater and had to find ways to make it healthier
and I did
Since I started this breakfast program I noticed people at home started to eat healthier
breakfast too.
I enjoyed this!
Have been more aware of healthy eating in all areas. I feel I have improved. Good
recipes. Thanks for the egg muffin pan. Very useful.
I like the recipes and keeping track of my food helps me eat better all the time.
I always try to eat a healthy breakfast. I believe this makes you feel great all day - just
remembering to do so on the weekends, helped keep me focus with this program - so
The egg muffin pan was a great idea and time saver. My son even eats a healthy
breakfast now because of the egg pan, he loves it!
Definitely helped me focus on breakfast.
Always did eat breakfast. It's a good habit that I grew up doing and now I never miss
having a healthy breakfast. Gives me a great start to the day!
Emails kept me on my toes. Thank you.
I enjoyed the program - and my family LOVES the egg maker!!
I like the egg muffin pan. It makes a great egg in a short amount of time. Best of all it
is healthy way to cook, no fat other than the fat in the egg.
I work at maintaining a healthy life style regardless of the program but it is nice to have
little reminders and the egg pan is a bonus. Thanks.
Loved the muffin pan! Best thing I've done in quite a while. I'm still using it & plan on
getting another for home! Thanks!
Family absolutely loved the egg muffin pan. It is quick and easy to make before
heading out the door.
l have always read that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This program
helped me to prove it.
I liked reading the inspirational quotes.
I always eat a healthy breakfast in the mornings even before this program. Thanks.
I always eat a healthy breakfast, it's the late afternoon snack that I have trouble with!
I have always eaten a healthy breakfast, even before participating in this program.
To see some weight come off (in all the wrong places); I will continue to try to lose
weight because my gut does not match my butt! (My butt is so much smaller!) :)
I am being more conscious of the things that I eat. I wish I had done this sooner. I
hope I can stick to the goal of eating a healthy diet every day.
I am more conscious of the things that I eat. I want to stick to a goal of healthy eating.
I am very conscious of the things that I eat. I wish that I had done this sooner. I hope I
will be able to keep my goal of eating healthy every day.
I loved looking at and trying the recipes.
The recipe book was great! I loved all of the healthy recipe ideas and nutritional
values! The egg muffin tray has helped me create some healthy breakfasts as well!
Good ideas!
I like that I got a reminder every day. This gave me incentive to do good all day long.
Great ideas. Loved it
I like the variety of recipes for a healthy breakfast. What I was eating was same old,
same old. I now enjoy eating breakfast again.
I have been one to eat breakfast most days but I enjoyed the quotes and the recipes.
Basically, I was reinforced for a behavior I was already doing!
Very easy to follow.
I really enjoyed the recipes and love the muffin pan. Thank you so very much it helps
me to remember to eat the most important meal of the day.
Thank you for the muffin pan. I received it today and am looking forward to using it.
Thank you for the muffin pan. I received it today and am anxious to use it.
Good idea, breakfast is something I can’t do without!
Great encouragement for staff to eat healthier lets do lunch and
I always eat a good breakfast...Nice idea to encourage EVERYONE to do so.
Anything to encourage a healthier employee is great!
Love the Egg muffin pan!
I really appreciated the calendar to check in every day. Thank you.
Loved the Food for Thought each day!
I can't not eat a healthy breakfast in the morning or I feel awful all day but I rarely had
time to make eggs. The egg pan helped with this and I think I get more protein now in
the morning. Thanks
I loved the recipes, I have always believed in a good breakfast so it was fun to get
good recipes.
It was a good program. I love breakfast.
Thank you for the egg muffin pan!
I loved the quotes each morning. They were a good inspiration at the beginning of the
Loved the new idea for breakfast!!
Every day, I look forward to receiving new tips and recipes.
Good program, loved the e-mails in the morning with the link to my individual update.
Love the egg muffin pan. I let my husband use it too!
I enjoyed this program. It did help me to eat healthier at breakfast and I plan on
continuing to follow this plan. I enjoyed the recipes too!
The Egg Muffin Pan was a big help in preparing a quick breakfast.
I enjoy the recipes. Keeping track of food I have every day is a good practice.
This was fun breakfast is a hard one to change up but you had great ideas. Thank you!
Great program & follow-up.
I have lost some unwanted weight since starting this program.
Thanks for providing the entire "Recipe Booklet" to photocopy at the end! Great ideas!
I have always eaten breakfast. This program made me work to a broader range of
breakfast foods i.e. more fruits vs eggs etc.
Great way for us to track how we start off our day. I always eat breakfast, but it did
make a difference for my family. My 17 year old daughter began eating a much
healthier breakfast and loves the muffin pan. I eat well and exercise daily, so I didn't
lose any weight, but it kept me on track and with a positive outlook on each morning.
I really liked the "egg muffin" dish. The eggs have turned out so nicely and made good
sandwiches for lunch as well as breakfast.
Also loved the Apple/Raisin coffee cake!! I plan to make this for the holidays. Thanks.
I always eat breakfast, but this program made me very aware of how important
breakfast is. Thanks for the effort.
I Loved the Egg Muffin Pan!!!
The egg muffin pan is great. It's easy, works well and is easy to clean. Thank you!
Great program!
Helped to add more variety in a healthy breakfast menu.
Like the egg muffin pan! Use it every morning now! Thank you!
Actually, this is neither of the above, but it is the explanation...I have ALWAYS eaten a
healthy breakfast so this one was easy for me. EXCEPT that my kitchen is gutted and I
am waiting for new cabinets and appliances, so no way to eat!! IF it hadn't been for this
program I would have done much worse, but I made sure I at least ate healthy cold
cereal and fruit or picked up something healthy on the way most days!! So thanks, it
was just what I needed to keep from breaking a good habit!
I love the Egg muffin pan and my kids often use it to make their own breakfast! Thank
Breakfast is so important! Thank you for helping me concentrate on this! I LOVED the
egg muffin pan and used it all the time! I can't imagine being without it now!
I probably one of the few people which this was not a change for me, I cannot leave
home without having breakfast; it has been a habit of mine for years.
I love the egg muffin pan!!
I always enjoy the programs you do and find that it is helpful to get the e-mails as
reminders. Thanks!
It made me think of more healthy recipes for breakfast. I have always been a big
breakfast eater.
I have skipped breakfast for so many years that this was a big test for me to do every
day and I enjoyed doing it-I will continue to follow this program.
More active with my special people in my life with autism.
Just keep up the good work on helping us keep on tract of our Wellness.
I liked some of the recipes.
I feel good. Ready to face the day.
Loved the recipes!
I love the muffin pan! Thank you for that!
These programs help me to be aware of my eating, exercise and sleep habits.
Great program I enjoy the emails and info.
Thanks for all your advice and help.
Recipes seemed more 'normal' and something I would actually make versus some of
the other ones we've had in the past.
Great ideas for a variety of recipes.
I love the egg muffin pan! If you haven't tried it yet you are missing out. You can
make an excellent breakfast sandwich, actually a healthier one. Thanks!
Certainly made me think about trying to eat a healthy breakfast more often. Even
saved a little money by not stopping at fast food restaurants for breakfast.
Love these challenges!!!!!
Great program!
Just feel better in general!
Liked the daily "reminder" - made me feel responsible.
I was already in the habit of a healthy breakfast but it was a good reminder.
I love breakfast and have always eaten very healthy food for breakfast. I could miss
the rest of the meals in a day and I wouldn't mind as long as I get a healthy breakfast.
So this month was easy for me and I enjoyed doing it. I like all of the daily comments
that reinforced eating breakfast. Thank you so much for all of your work to help us all
be healthier!!
Daily info. was helpful in trying to convince my teenage son of the importance of a daily
Used egg muffin maker many mornings to make breakfast burritos with flour tortillas.
I really enjoyed this month's challenge. Thank you so much for the Egg Muffin Pan - it
was a great addition to my kitchen tools!
I lost twelve pounds!
I am doing great I HAVE LOST 3 POUNDS!
I think I filled this out already... :) Love the program!
Thanks for the great ideas for preparing healthy meals in the morning. Great
awareness. I like my little egg cooker, too. :)
Love these programs! Appreciate the email...good reminder and incentives to be
Your emails motivate me and make me want to be healthier!!!
It is a good program. Works better for me than others I have participated in but I just
personally did not do well this time. Not your program's fault, all mine. Thanks for what
you do!
Ate more breakfast's than I normally do. This kept me on track to think about
preparing and eating breakfast.
I enjoy being a member.
Love the Egg Muffin Pan!
Love the muffin pan!
This program has me on a better eating regimen and I have lost 5 pounds within the
last 45 days.
Great program. Microwave egg cooker awesome!
The reason I did not lose any weight and the program did not improve my breakfast
habit is because I eat very healthy BF's, in most cases healthier than the recipes the
program shared. I found most of the recipes still had too much saturated fat and sugar
than I'm used to. But, it was a start for most people. Thanks!
I really like the encouragement that your program offers!
Love the Egg Muffin Pan...and learning new Recipes and inventive ways to make
I get up earlier and look forward to getting up more often when I look forward to
breakfast. I am also not as hungry at lunchtime or after work.
Excellent program this month!
I love the daily quotes and sayings!
I have into healthy living for many years to be honest. This includes 30 minutes of
tread-mill every AM, eating healthy Breakfasts, Lunches, and Dinners. Breakfast is a
bowl of Great Grains cereal w/ a sliced banana and glass of OJ. I still appreciate your
reminders, however.
Your EHA Wellness Program is a good idea.
The program reminded me of the importance of starting your day with a health meal! I
had very seldom eaten breakfast for over 30 years!
Thank you for the muffin pan. I'm ANXIOUS TO USE IT!
I am probably the extreme when it comes to eating healthy and exercising. I enjoy this
program. Thanks.
I love these programs it gets me to do things that I don't always do daily.
Always helpful to have accountability and encouragement.
Excellent Program.
Thanks for motivating me to try to be healthier!
I tried to eat one apple before each meal, helps my digestion, and I eat less.
I need all the positive I can get. Thanks for the encouragement!
Although I did not lose any weight I did reengage in water aerobics and jazzercise.
I love that egg muffin pan! Thank you so much!!
Role modeling was an awesome suggestion! Thanks!
I really enjoy these programs, as they help to keep me on track with healthy
I LOVE the egg muffin pan!!!! Thank you!!
Makes me look at what I am eating so that I am eating a more healthy diet!
Love the microwave egg cooker. I use it all the time.
Good program!
Keep up the great work!
All was awesome, I like how we got a reminder everyday. :)
It was a great program. I loved the daily emails.
Great program and easy to follow. Thank you so much
I like all of the programs. I would like more of a challenge. Something like a healthy
snacking challenge.
The website and tracking was good, I just wasn't good at utilizing it.
This was a great program that I'll continue to do in the future.
Just keep going with this program. I so enjoy it!!
Just thank you for the egg muffin pan - it's terrific and works well with egg substitute,
Liked this program!
The emails, recipes and charting progress kept me on track and I looked forward to it.
I appreciate the program and am learning to use it
Love everything you have been doing. Keep up the great work!
Will always eat something for breakfast from here on!
Will practice breakfast each day!
Will continue to stay on this successful path, but will include more fish in my choices.
Didn't know that sushi...taste so good.
Repeat this program!!! It's such a good reminder of the importance of a good
breakfast! It was like still having my mom around. She always made sure I had a
good breakfast. My parents always had a good breakfast --- even in their 90's!
If you don't have the time to make a meal, you can always have a healthy protein
shake or protein/fiber bar to start your day.
LOVE the egg maker. Where can I order another one? My husband also started using
it, and having an extra would be helpful.
Will practice eating breakfast each morning.
I have learned to eat a healthy breakfast and it gives me more energy for the morning.
I don't eat as much at lunch due to a healthy breakfast because I am not as hungry. I
love your program and ideas.
Like this program even though I didn't follow through very well.
All good!
Trying to make a commitment to myself to eat healthier and regular physical activity
Loved the egg muffin pan!
Recipes were too time consuming to make on weekdays.
Thank you for the egg pan.
I did not get my egg muffin pan in the mail until October 29th. :(
Keep it going.
Healthy lunch recipes.
Can you show us how to put more time in our day!!! :)