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New Event Celebrates Nova Scotia Wine with a Picturesque Twist
Contact the Grapevine: [email protected]
The Grapevine was established in 2004
until 3:30pm, guests will have the
opportunity to visit five wineries
each offering a distinctive Nova
Scotia wine experience. Be it
tastings, vineyard tours, musical
entertainment, childrens’
activities, picnic packages, food
and cheese pairings, grape
stomping there will be something
for the entire family.
Wolfville, NS – Imagine
being chauffeured through
the picturesque and aromatic
Annapolis Valley during harvest
season to experience awardwinning Nova Scotia wine in a
charming, traditional British
double-decker bus. See Nova
Scotia wine country from a new
perspective and enjoy some of the
most distinctive, premium quality
grape varietals in North America. Guests will have the opportunity
to visit Muir Murray Estate
Winery, Domaine de Grand
Pré Winery, Luckett Vineyards,
L’Acadie Vineyards and Gaspereau
Vineyards. Stay an hour or stay
longer, the double decker bus
will make one hour round trips
to either take you to your next
vineyard destination or back to
Wolfville to enjoy a wide array
of merchants, eateries and
restaurants along with renowned
accommodations to round out a
wonderful visit to Wolfville and
During the Nova Scotia Fall
Wine Festival, five wineries that
surround Wolfville have teamed
up with the Wolfville Business
Development Corporation
(WBDC) and the Town of
Wolfville to launch the Wolfville
Magic Winery Bus tour on
Saturdays and Sundays from
September 1st to October 14th. “There is tremendous potential
to grow our local wine industry
and share it with the world. Wolfville is surrounded by the
best vineyards and wineries
in Atlantic Canada; it is at the
Leaving from Wolfville’s
downtown at 10:30am, and
departing again on the half-hour
• R
T •
Winemaker's Dinner with Mike Mainguy
from Luckett Vineyards & Privet House's
Chef Jamie Smye. Thurs. September 13th
This is one of 1500 copies!
Banner by William Roberts
August 30 - Sept 13, 2012
STARDROP August 30 - September 13, 2012
Visit us online: www.grapevine.wolfville.org
heart of an emerging wine
tourism destination. This new
and innovative wine experience
will be like no other and we look
forward to welcoming our visitors
and local residents on the Magic
Winery Bus,” said David Hovell,
Executive Director, WBDC.
Tickets for the Wolfville Magic
Winery Bus are $10 for adults
(children are free) and can be
purchased when boarding the
bus in Wolfville (cash only). For more information visit
or join our event on Facebook
Furry Feature brought to you by
Lee-Ann Cudmore Acupuncture
& Traditional Chinese Medicine
189 Dykeland St Wolfville
902-300-5100 | valleyacu.ca
Direct billing for some Blue Cross Plans
Day and evening appts available
MAGGIE is a 5 1/2 year old
spayed female dilute tortie/tabby.
She is very sweet and would love a
new home.
Wolfville Animal
Hospital, Dr. Peter
Bligh, 542-3422
For additional information contact:
David Hovell, Executive Director
Wolfville Business Development
Corporation. 542 – 4093
[email protected]
UPDATE on Kentucky:
Not Adopted
A Winter Icewine Festival Culinary Event February 12 and 13 12 noon -­ 5 pm $10.00 Includes wine tastings and food samples Traditional method sparkling and unique dessert wines paired with a classic cheese fondue and chocolate. 310 Slayter Road, Gaspereau 542-­8463 www.lacadievineyards.ca Wolfville's newest fine dining establishment. Limited seating, please reserve.
460 Main Street, Wolfville, 902-542-7525
*Buy 1 entree at regular price, and get a 2nd
entree (of equal or lesser value, up to $20) free.
Not valid for specials. Expires September 15th, 2012
Dr. Peter Bligh,
The Grapevine
August 30 - September 13, 2012
• Labor costs required to supervise the process
samples are sent to an outside testing agency to
test fluoride levels
The estimated labour cost associated with
fluoridation is $2,500 annually. This includes
our costs for in house sampling
4. I would like to receive the name of
the fluoride product purchased for
the Town's water supply. The product we
Dear Mr. Kerr:
I would appreciate hearing from you
answers to the following questions
regarding the fluoride debate:
1. What, if any, is the naturally
occurring level of fluoride in our
Town Water System? The naturally
occurring level of fluoride is below the registered
detection level. The RDL is 0.1 mg/l and the
fluoride levels as tested at the wells before
treatment is <0.1 mg/l
2. What is the dose of fluoridation
to the Town's water supply? The
fluoride dose is 0.7 mg/l in accordance with
current Province of Nova Scotia recommendations
3. What schedule of fluoride testing does the Town's Water utility
maintain? The fluoride levels in the system
• Annual testing costs
use is hydroflourosilicic acid
The annual testing cost are included in our
quarterly sampling and are estimated at
$6.00 per test for an annual total of $24
5. What is its chemical formulation?
The chemical formulation is H2SiFl6
6. From what company do you
purchase the fluoride product?
Respectfully yours,
S. J. Hauer
[email protected]
We purchase the product from Brenntag
7. What are the total costs of the
fluoridation program:
• Total annualized life cycle costs of
the required equipment
(storage, dosing, monitoring etc.)
The equipment required is minimal and the estimated annualized life cycle costs are
approximately $500
• Annual chemical costs
The annual cost of the hydroflourosilicic acid is
are tested daily Mon – Fri in house and quarterly
Kevin also told The Grapevine that:
"According to our information fluoridation
was started in 1959 and to date we have been
following the recommendation of the Province.
With respect to the continued fluoridation of
our water, Susan’s letter will be in the Council
package for their consideration at the September
meeting. We will take our direction from Council
once they have had time to consider the issue."
Kevin Kerr
Director of Wolfville's Public Works
[email protected]
ECMA 2013 Award & Showcase Submissions Now Open!
ward and showcase submissions for 2013 East Coast
Music Week being held in Halifax,
NS March 6-10 for the 25th Anniversary event are now open. The East Coast Music Association
(ECMA) is pleased to announce
that we will be using Marcato this
year for all ECMA submissions.
Submissions can be made through
ecma.com. Deadline for all submissions is Monday, October 1st,
The 2013 event will see the
return of the following Showcase
stages: Bluebird North Showcase,
Rising Star, Rock Stage, Country
Stage, Roots Room, Soundwaves,
Songwriters Circle, Breakout
Stage and the Canadian Music.
East Coast Style. Export Buyers
Showcase. The ECMA is also accepting
submissions for awards in
Music (31), Industry (10) and
Honourary (5) categories. East
Coast artists who have released
recordings between June 1, 2011
and October 1, 2012 are eligible
to submit for consideration to an
East Coast Music Award for 2013. Early Bird Submission Discount
Any artist/group who submits
for an award or stage by
Friday, September 7th, 2012
Suppliers of yarn,
fibres, spinning and
weaving equipment.
830 Gaspereau River Rd
[email protected]fibres.ca
Photo by Ernest Cadegan
will qualify for the early bird
submission discount of $5
per submission. Early Bird
Submissions are $25 through
PayPal opening at 5:00pm AST on
August 20th, 2012 until 11:59pm
AST on September 7th, 2012.
Starting at 12:00am AST on
September 8th, 2012 submissions
are $30 through PayPal officially
closing at 11:59pm AST on
October 1st, 2012.
annual event organized by the
East Coast Music Association
as a critical part of its mission
statement. The 2013 event will
take place in Halifax, NS from
March 6-10. The ECMA is a notfor-profit organization whose
mandate is to foster, develop,
promote and celebrate East Coast
music locally and globally. The
ECMA currently has over 800
Submitting artists must be
current ECMA members. More
information on membership can
be found online.
For more information contact:
Meghan Scott
Marketing & Communications Manager, East Coast Music Association
802-5996 / [email protected]
East Coast Music Week is an
Massage Therapy
& Yoga
Tues level 1-2 5:30 - 7:00pm
Thurs level 1 9:00 - 10:15am
7 Gaspereau Avenue, Wolfville
Cozy Bamboo Knit Sweaters
East end of Railtown, Wolfville
542-7790 • www.boso.ca
The Grapevine
August 30 - September 13, 2012
7:30 PM
$20 with wine, $15 without.
Please Reserve. 542-0343
[email protected]
NSCC Fall 2012 Continuing Education:
The Renaissance of Tea
ea is the #1 beverage in the
world – second only to water!
Wine was once thought to have a
secular ardour, yet understanding
wine has come into its own.
Coffee took off some 20 years ago
to break through the mundane
of freeze dried to demanding
excellence. So too, tea has
emerged into a new light. No
longer satisfied with the low grade
and singular taste of grocery
teabags, appreciation for all that
tea can be has grown.
Tea’s popularity has grown
exponentially over the last 5
years and is forecasted to grow
another 40% by 2020. Why?
Well, there are hundreds of teas
available from various parts of the
world with their own signature
profile that makes delving into
the myriad cups of tea to be a
long and enjoyable journey. No
longer associated with genteel
ladies' afternoon gatherings, tea
can be enjoyed at the breakfast
table or in the boardroom and be
the foundation of any manner of
themed gathering.
You can look to local companies
that have a variety of tea on hand
and begin discovering for yourself
one cup of tea at a time; you could
read any one of the number of
books available to understand
more of the history and what the
differences in tea is about; or, you
could sign up for ‘Introduction to
Tea’ at NSCC this fall (2012).
A 12 hour ‘Introduction to Tea’
will be taught this October on
both the Akerley Campus and the
Kingstec Campus on Monday or
Wednesday nights respectively. Developed by the Tea Association
of Canada and taught by Tea
Sommelier, Margot Bureaux
(yours truly), this is the first of
a possible eight courses that, if
you wanted, could guide you into
becoming a Tea Sommelier as
well. Just want to know a little
more about tea and begin your
individual journey? This course is
a right foundation.
Register for either location on the
NSCC website (Introduction to
Tea): nscc.ca/Learning_Programs/
I look forward to seeing you in my
Margot Bureaux
[email protected]
The full article is found on annapolisvalleynews.com. Reprinted with
Our Philosophy 'Every Child is
Entitled to Quality Care'
CENTRE is proudly celebrating 40
years in our community. We are
a not for profit child care facility.
We opened in 1972 at Acadia
University, servicing students
and faculty. Today we serve not
only the Acadia community but
families living or working in
Wolfville and the surrounding
areas. We offer early
learning and child care for
children 18 months to 5 years
and an after school program for
ages 5-12 years. Our goal is to
continue to keep our daily rates
low as we offer a service that is
inclusive of all members of our
As we celebrate 40 years of caring
for Wolfville youth, we ask that
you join us in helping to make
another 40 years a reality. WCC
has a special BBQ chicken dinner
planned for Friday, September
28 at the Lions Club, 36 Elm St
from 5 pm to 7 pm. EAT IN or
TAKEOUT. Have an early dinner
before you join DEEP ROOTS
At this time we are fund raising
by contacting community
businesses, service organizations
and individuals who may be
able to help. We are hoping to
raise $20,000 for our facilities.
Monies will be used for a variety
of improvements including:
windows for improved heat
and air quality, an improved
refrigeration system and ongoing
playground enhancements. We
are in the process of making this
happen but we need your help.
Come to our dinner and look for
more ways to make a donation in
the future. See you at dinner on
Friday, September 28. Tickets are
$13. Call: 542-5087.
“Enjoy the Benefits”
Valley Flax Flour is the only milled flax produced right here in Atlantic Canada. Our GLUTEN FREE guarantee makes using our premium quality products safe & easy.
Flax provides soluble fibre, omega-3 fat, and anti-oxidants. Whether you need to lower your cholesterol, control your blood sugars, reduce inflammation in your joints, or provide soothing relief for your stomach and bowels, Valley Flax can help.
Visit www.valleyflaxflour.com for information and monthly recipes. Find us on Facebook. Go North Tours -Official Partner of the Winery Association of NS
902-352-2552 or 1-877-365-2552
[email protected]
The Grapevine
August 30 - September 13, 2012
Free Community Business Listings & Two-Week-Tweets brought to you by: Just Us! Coffee Roasters Cooperative
Main St. Wolfville & Hwy #1 Grand Pre, 542-7474 “Every time you buy something, you have the power to make a statement about what you value, and to help shape the future of your community – BALLE NS” www.ballens.ca
Buy One Get One FREE Drinks
NO TAX on Travel Mugs
Save at Just Us! Wolfville & Grand Pré now through September 30th with valid student ID.
These listings work on a 1st come, 1st served basis. Email [email protected] every two weeks for your free
placement. Or, reserve your place with a 5-issue minimum commitment at $10 per issue.
Suggested Theme: Well, the summer break from school is fast ending and, I hate to say, the fall will be here soon. It's
that time of year when the town's energy turns with the incoming students. With that in mind, what's your welcome message to the returning school body?
Mermaid Imperial
Performing Arts Centre
106 Gerrish St, Windsor, 798-5841
after you've
bought your
books, why
not buy
tickets for
a show? This year, all tickets
are available online! The line-up
includes: The Modern Grass, Jill
Barber & Joel Plaskett Emergency. See our full events schedule
on page 6. What a line-up!
Mermaid Imperial Performing
Arts Centre, formerly Windsor's
Imperial Theatre, was purchased
by Mermaid Theatre of Nova
Scotia in 2003. Since 2008,
MIPAC has presented an annual
season of varied performances,
including our Family Fare Series,
unique in the province. For our
fifth season, we're now offering
tickets for sale online and at all
Ticketpro outlets.
Wolfville Children’s Centre – 17 Earnscliffe Ave, Wolfville,
542-5087 / nsnet.org/wolfvillechildrenscentre • We would like to
welcome back returning students
to Acadia and invite anyone who
is interested in volunteering with
children in their spare time to
contact us. Your energy is much
appreciated! We also say welcome
to all our own new fall students!
Atlantic Lighting Studio – 16
Elm Ave. Wolfville, 542-3431 / atlanticlightingstudio.com • Welcome
to Wolfville, Students! Good
study lights have a major impact
on your ability to stay awake and
stay focused. Recent studies also
show that comprehension levels
are greatly affected. Ask us about
the right light and the right placement.
Harvest Gallery – 462 Main St.
Wolfville, 542-7093 / harvestgallery.ca • This month Chatelaine
Magazine (pg. 110) confirms
what we already know ... Wolfville
is a "HOT HOOD". Come in and
see what's new at Harvest Gallery.
Bring us your custom framing!
Everyone, students and residents,
is welcome!
Bluenose II Company Store –
121 Bluenose Drive on Lunenburg’s
waterfront, 634-1963 / bluenose2.
ns.ca • The narrowest point of
our province is between Windsor
and Chester. We’re a short 35km
south of Chester. Clothing for all,
books, DVDs, CDs by local artists,
pictures, rope, unique gifts, pieces
of Bluenose II wood.
Sister Lotus Body Care Products, Belly Dance & Herbal
Education – 680-8839 / sisterlo-
tus.com • Fall's coming & it's time
to start focusing on detoxing &
building immunity for the winter.
Might an herbal consultation be
of interest to you? I see clients in
my home office & design health
programmes & personal tea
blends with life-changing results.
Quality long and short term accommodations in Wolfville:
Inner Sun Yoga Centre – 112
Front St. Wolfville, 542-YOGA / innersunyoga.ca • Here comes toonie
week, just in time for students' arrival. Check out 15 classes including flow, restorative and dance.
Free this week or donate a toonie
to the food bank.
FELTasticFashion – Port Wil-
liams, 692-1462 / facebook.com/
FELTasticFashion • New school
year...It's the perfect time to
learn new things. Hot-on-shelf
FELTasticFashion Felting DIY kits
& workshops are the next cool
things to try! Let's "Felt It. Love
It. Treasure It."
Applewicks – 10 Gaspereau Ave.
Wolfville, 542-9771 / larchehomefires.org/applewicks • Students:
It's hard to be away from home.
Come into Applewicks, have a
tour and get to meet the wonderful folks who live and work in this
community. We sell fantastic
candles and woven items & you
can watch them being created!
boso Bamboo Boutique –
Harbourside Drive (Railtown)
Wolfville, 542-7790 / boso.ca • To
the students, to people moving
here, and to the Sept. tourists
- Enjoy Wolfville and all it has
to offer. Check out our new fall
fashions while taking in the great
view of the Minas Basin.
Apple Valley Driving School
Inc.– 30 Highland Ave, Office
628, Acadia U. Students' Centre,
Wolfville, 542-4422 / 698-2332 /
applevalleydriving.ca • Welcome
Acadia Students! You keep our
town fresh and vibrant. Just remember to always be safe on our
roadways. We would be honoured
to serve you.
Harwood House Bed &
Breakfast – Wolfville, 542-5707 /
877-897-0156 / harwoodhouse.com
• This weekend we are again welcoming families of students, as we
have for the last 14 years. Always
an exciting time, both for parents
and their sons and daughters
starting Life at Acadia.
Pumpkin Moon Farm &
Herbals – Welsford, 538-3079 /
pumpkinmoonfarm.com • Welcome
to Wolfville! To all our new and
returning students, and to our
autumn visitors, a warm welcome
to this beautiful region from the
team at Pumpkin Moon Farm!
CentreStage Theatre – 61
River St, Kentville, 678-8040
(reservations) / 678-3502 (info.)
/ centrestagetheatre.ca • The Sept.
30th matinee of Said the Spider to
the Spy will be followed by a pork
barbecue at 4pm (Meadowbrook
Meat Market). $30 for the show
and dinner, reserve by Sept. 21st!
Singing Nettles Herbal
Clinic – 538-3662 / [email protected]
singingnettles.ca / singingnettles.ca
• We are here to provide holistic
health consultations, herbal teas
and medicines to cope with stress,
anxiety and support general
wellbeing, workshops, walks, and
courses, Reiki and Life Coaching to help de-stress and guide
students on their way.
32 Main St., Wolfville, 542-3420 | www.roselawnlodging.ca
The Grapevine
at to the beat
presented byThe CD Collective 678-9011
[email protected] | William Pick
Find Us @ th
e Wolfville Farmers' Market
Spitfire Arms
Alehouse (Windsor):
Open Jam w/Carle
Boutlier (30th), w/Jay
Amar (6th), w/Kevin
Myers (13th) 7pm
Le Caveau (Grand
Pre): Martinis, Mojitos
& Tapas w/Mark Riley
& The Players Club
(30th), 7pm
Paddy’s Pub (Kentville): The Hupman
Brothers (30th, 6th,
13th) 9pm
Library Pub
(Wolfville): Samurai
Nights (30th, 6th,
13th) 9pm
Mud Creek Grill
(Wolfville): Karaoke
(30th, 6th, 13th) 9pm
Paddy’s Pub
(Wolfville): Trivia
(30th, 6th, 13th)
Anvil (Wolfville): DJ
(30th, 6th, 13th) 9pm
Blomidon Inn
(Wolfville): Jazz Mannequins (31st, 7th)
6:30 – 9:30pm
Spitfire Arms
Alehouse (Windsor):
Paul Marshall & the
Croaking Toads (31st),
3-Way Radio (7th)
The Port Pub (Port
Williams): Jon Duggan
(31st) 8:30pm
Union Street Café
(Berwick): Open Mic
w/Andy & Ariana
(31st), w/Beer in
the Headlights (7th)
Mud Creek Grill
(Wolfville): Uncle
Mark's Band (31st),
TBA (7th) 9pm
Lounge (Kentville):
Open Mic w/Morghain
Lee (31st), TBA (7th)
Westside Charlie’s
(New Minas): DJ Fade
(31st, 7th) 10pm
Dooly’s (New
Minas): DJ Gizmo
(31st, 7th) 10:30pm
Farmer’s Market
(Wolfville): Hugh
Sweeney & Friends
(1st), Amanda LeBlanc (8th) 10am-1pm
Library Pub
(Wolfville): Irish Saturdays w/Bob and Ro
(1st, 8th) 2-4pm
Anvil (Wolfville): DJ
(1st, 8th) 9pm
Dooly’s (New
Minas): Video Dance
w/DJ Gizmo (1st, 8th)
Tommy Gun’s
(Windsor): DJ The
Buzz (1st) 10pm
Spitfire Arms
Alehouse (Windsor):
Carl Boutlier (2nd,
9th) 5pm
Paddy’s Pub
(Wolfville): Irish Music
Session (2nd, 9th)
Paddy’s Pub
(Wolfville): Open Mic
w/Darren Arsenault
(3rd) w/The Hupman
Brothers (10th) 8pm
Spitfire Arms
Alehouse (Windsor):
Arrin Sorochan (1st),
Darren Arsenault
(8th) 7pm
The Kings Arms
Pub (Kentville): TBA
(1st, 8th) 8pm
T.A.N Coffee
(Wolfville): Open Mike
& Donna (4th, 11th)
Westside Charlie’s
(New Minas): The
Good Feeling Band followed by DJ Fade (1st)
8pm, DJ (8th) 10pm
Lew Murphy’s
TBA(8th) 8:30pm
Paddy’s Pub (Kentville): Al King (8th)
Paddy’s Pub
(Wolfville): Adam
Hewey (1st), Wood
Scott (8th) 9pm
Mud Creek Grill
(Wolfville): Tom Hall
(1st), TBA (8th) 9pm
Paddy’s Pub (Kentville): Irish Music Session (4th, 11th) 8pm
The Port Pub (Port
Williams): Open Mic
(4th, 11th) 8:30pm
Mud Creek Grill
(Wolfville): Open Mic
w/Guest Hosts (4th,
11th) 9pm
Farmer’s Market
(Wolfville): George
Symonds (5th), Karen
Warner (12th) 4-7pm
Westside Charlie’s
(New Minas): Karaoke
& Open Mic w/Margie
& James (5th, 12th)
August 30 - September 13, 2012
Babies & Books Drop In —
Wolfville Memorial Library
10-11am. Newborn to 2 years.
INFO: 542-5760 / valleylibrary.
Cochrane’s Walk & Talk —
Pharmasave, Wolfville 10am.
A Heart & Stroke walkabout
program. Also on Tuesdays. TIX:
no charge INFO: 542-3972
In the Round Knitting Group
— Gaspereau Valley Fibres.
1-5pm. Also Tuesdays 6pm
INFO: 542-2656
Seniors Afternoon Out —
Wickwire Place, Wolfville 1:304:30pm. Supervised & friendly
environment, social afternoon
with peers. Also on Thursdays.
TIX: $10 second visit & beyond
INFO: 698-6309
Berwick Farmers' Market
— Town Hall, 236 Commercial
St. 3-6pm INFO: 375-2387 / [email protected]
Yoga For Everyone (Community Yoga) — Farmers’ Market,
Wolfville 12-1pm All-levels,
mats available. Also on Wednesdays. TIX: $5 donation drop-in
Wolfville Farmers' Market
— DeWolfe Building, Elm Ave.
Wolfville 8:30am-1pm September 1st Music: Hugh Sweeney
and Friends. September 8th
Music: Amanda LeBlanc. INFO:
Windsor Farmers' Market
— Coach House, Waterfront
9am-1pm INFO: [email protected]
Peace Vigil — Post Office,
Wolfville. 12-1pm
Weekly West African Drumming Workshop — Wolfville
Baptist Church. 1-3pm INFO:
[email protected]
Valley Youth Project — Civic
Centre, New Minas 4-6:30pm.
Are you a young LGBTQ-identified person or ally looking for a
community? Drop-in on the 1st
and 3rd Sunday (Sept. 2nd) each
providing professional, creative, catering service for your special events
month. TIX: no charge INFO:
[email protected]
Wolfville Trail Runners —
Join on Facebook for afternoon
run times. Meet at Trail Shop on
Main St. Also Mondays @ 6pm
INFO: 697-3115
Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong
(CFQ) Practice Group — St.
Francis of Assissi Church Hall
basement, Wolfville 7-8:30 pm.
Open to all who have taken CFQ
Level 1 TIX: free will donation
INFO: [email protected]
Book in the Nook — Wolfville
Memorial Library 10-10:30am.
Suggested age range: 3-5 INFO:
542-5760 / valleylibrary.ca
45’s Card Parties — Community Centre, White Rock 7:30pm.
Lunch provided, prizes available.
TIX: $2 INFO: 542-3109
Farmers' Market — Baxter's
Harbour Community Center
4-6pm. Until mid-Oct. INFO:
Andree-Anne 430-7472
Kentville Farmers’ Market
— Centre Square, Kentville
10am-2pm. INFO: kentvillefarmersmarket.ca
Home Schooling Play Group
— 10am. All ages welcome,
email for location. TIX: no
charge INFO: Alisa @ [email protected]
La Table Francaise — BAC,
room 325, Acadia 12-1:30pm.
Come practice your French
with the lecteurs. TIX: no charge
INFO: [email protected]
Wolfville Farmers’ Market
— DeWolfe Building, Elm Ave.
Wolfville 4-7pm. Featuring
Community Market Suppers!
September 5th Music: George
Symonds; Theme: Back 2 School.
September 12th Music: Karen
Warner; Theme: Fall Recreation
Registration. INFO: wolfvillefarmersmarket.ca
The Wolfville Community
Chorus — Wickwire Place,
Wolfville 5:30-7pm. New members welcome. INFO: 542-0649 /
[email protected]
The Grapevine
August 30 - September 13, 2012
Brought to you by
Same Time Next Year —
CentreStage Theatre, Kentville.
Fridays & Saturdays until Sept.
1st 8pm. • A comedy by Bernard
Slade about a man and a woman
who, through chance and an
impulsive gesture, meet and
discover a compelling attraction
for each other. TIX: $12 adults,
$10 students/seniors INFO: 6788040 / centrestagetheatre.ca
Wolfville’s Gravely Ghost
Walks — ClockTower, Main
Street. Thursday, Sept. 6th,
8:30pm • Back for a 5th season,
meet Jerome the Gravekeeper,
the host of this theatrical history
lesson. Family friendly. TIX: $13
adult, $8 student INFO: 6928546 / valleyghostwalks.com
Grapely Ghost Walk — Muir
Murray Estate Winery, Wolfville.
Sat. Sept. 8th, 7:30-9pm • With
the Minas Basin as a backdrop
between the vines, this is a
creatively spooky way to get a
history lesson of a truly unique
part of the world! Please prebook, space is limited. TIX: $20
with wine tastings, $15 without
wine INFO: 542-0343 ext 1 /
[email protected]​urrayestate​winery.
UPCOMING: Said the Spider to
the Spy — CentreStage Theatre,
Kentville. Fridays & Saturdays,
Sept. 14th-Oct. 20th, 8pm. Sunday
Matinee Oct. 14th, 2pm • A
fast-paced comedy of mistaken
(and borrowed) identities! Who
is who? TIX: $12 adults, $10
students/seniors INFO: 6788040 / centrestagetheatre.ca
Brought to you by
designerkentville.ca 902 . 365 . 3322
Carol Pye: Recognition —
Harvest Gallery, Wolfville. Until
Sept. 2nd • Working en plein
air, with a rapid spontaneous
style, she tries to express the
mood of the land at a particular
moment. INFO: 542-7093 /
Up? — Acadia University Art
Gallery, Wolfville. Until Sept.
30th • The series details the
attempt to maintain a genuine,
unadulterated identity in
contemporary, consumer-driven
society. INFO: 585-1373 /
[email protected]
Barbara McLean: Abstract
Landscapes — Harvest Gallery,
Wolfville. Opening Sept. 8th,
1-4pm. Until Oct. 7th • Barb will
be in attendance at the opening
and give a brief talk. Her
signature brushwork and love
of abstraction is very much in
evidence, as is her strong sense
of composition. INFO: 542-7093
/ harvestgallery.ca
June Brown and Pauline
Sullivan — T.A.N. Windsor
• Two local artists who use
watercolours to create beautiful
work inspired by botanical,
landscape, seascape and semiabstract themes. INFO: [email protected]
Kristiina Lehtonen — Designer
Cafe, Kentville. Until Sept. 3rd •
"Breeze from Finland" - Etching/
prints. INFO: 679-9930
Valley Visual Narratives
— Jack's Gallery, Acadia
Cinema, Wolfville. Until Sept.
9th • Local artists: Eileen
Boyd, Shelley Crowe, Judith
Leidl, and Carl Snyder. INFO:
[email protected]
Jody MacDonald: Will the
Real Slim Shady Please Stand
Judith J. Leidl — Oriel Fine Art,
11 Bay St., Wolfville • Featuring
colourful and beautiful acrylic
paintings, prints and ceramic
art by Judith Leidl as well as
Fine Inuit Arts and Crafts
from Pangnirtung, Baffin
Island. Open by chance or by
appointment. INFO: 542-2772 /
[email protected]
Marshview DEEP
Call for Volunteers
• High Quality Units for Adults
• Completely Renovated
• Close to Downtown Wolfville
• Bright and Spacious
• Quiet Location
• Covered Parking
• Heat and Electricity Included
Call 542-4064
Interested in volunteering for this
year’s festival? We particularly need
volunteers for September 28th, 29th
and 30th. If you are interested in
helping out and experiencing the
festival behind-the-scenes, visit our
website for volunteer registration
php). The helping hands of our kind
volunteers is
what makes this
festival possible,
and every effort
is appreciated.
Elbie Mackenzie & Carmen
Dalrymple — Captain Hall's
Treasure Chest, Hall's Harbour.
11-6pm • Beautiful pottery by
our featured artists. INFO: 6783855 / blueskypottery.weebly.
Home & Business Service | Greenwood to St. Croix | Free Pick-up & Delivery
(902)798-6123 (new) Cell • [email protected] • www.GencoComputerSolutions.ca
The Acadia Page
Acadia University
The Grapevine
15 University
Ave, Wolfville.13,
30 - September
Kings Transit Proposal to Students
n an attempt to make economical transit
services available to as many people as
possible, Kings Transit would like to offer the
U-Pass bus program to post secondary education students within our service area.
planning to offer fare-free service to students
during September 2012.
Evangeline Express between WolfvilleNew Minas-Kentville: This bus would travel
between Wolfville and Kentville (subject to
final timing of this route, it may be possible
to travel as far as Coldbrook with this bus),
on the Evangeline Trail (Main St. Wolfville
- Commercial St. New Minas - Park St.
Kentville). This service will not go through
neighborhoods or into parking lots, allowing
faster travel time through this commercial
corridor. The service commences in Kentville
at 7am and the last bus on this route will
leave Kentville at 10pm. The Wolfville service
begins at 7:30am with the last departure
from Wolfville at 10:30pm, terminating at
the Kentville transfer point in downtown
Kentville. Basically, U-Pass would allow all participating
students to use the entire Kings Transit bus
system fare-free year round, not just when
class is in session. Students must vote on the
proposal in a September Referendum. Once
approved, all students would pay for U-Pass
($100 annually) as part of their student fee
package (currently the Kings Transit Student
Pass is $65 per month). Kings Transit will
be proposing an initial 4-year agreement
to allow adequate planning and budgeting
for the proposed changes in the operation
(including the purchase of two new vehicles).
The U-Pass service would begin in September
2013 at which time the first U-Pass fee would
be added.
Which route is the most/least desirable?
you have alternative routes to propose?
Are there other places Kings Transit should be
The Belcher Street Bus between Wolfville
and Kentville via Port Williams, Kingstec,
North Kentville and the Valley Regional
Hospital: This service will provide connections
between Kingstec and Acadia with access to
neighbourhoods along the route. The first
bus would leave Kentville at 7:15am and
Wolfville at 7:45am and the last bus would
leave Kentville at 10:15pm and Wolfville at
10:45pm terminating at the Kings Transit
headquarters in New Minas. Kings Transit would like to fine-tune the
proposal in preparation for the Referendum
and would appreciate your advice and welcome
your thoughts on how to best present this
proposal to students. Kings Transit is already
These services would all be in addition to the
existing route which leaves Wolfville (Baptist
Church) at 15 minutes past the hour, arriving
in Kentville (Cornwallis Inn) at 45 minutes
past the hour, and leaves Kentville (Aliant
Kings Transit would like to hear the student's
reactions to the proposed additions to the
Staffed Switchboard 8:30am-4:30pm.
[email protected] – General Inquiries
building) at 25 minutes past the hour, arriving
in Wolfville (town centre bus shelter) at 53
minutes past the hour). It is worth noting that
the existing bus connects with service all the
way to Weymouth in Digby County to the west
and Brooklyn, Hants County to the east and
this entire area will be covered by the U-Pass.
This will result in buses leaving Kentville
bound for Wolfville at :00, :15 and :25 and
buses leaving Wolfville bound for Kentville at
:15, :30 and :45 (the last buses leave Wolfville
at 8:15, 10:30 and 10:45.)
The core system of Kings Transit (Kings
County) will be placed on Google Transit to
provide better route and schedule information
For more information, Bill Zimmerman, 5425157 / [email protected]
La Table Française 2012 CIS Football Top 10 Rankings
Come practice your French with the three
lecteurs of Acadia, Alexandre, Florine and
Caroline! Starting on September 12th, join us
every Wednesday between 12 and 1:30pm at
the Beveridge Arts Centre (room 325). Bring
your own pique-nique and stay for the entire
lunch period or just come and spend a few
minutes. We will be there to chat with you in
French about anything and everything. Venez
parler français! Students, professors, support
staff, members of the local community,
everyone is more than welcome!
We are looking forward to meeting with you
in a couple of weeks for our first lunch. On
compte sur votre présence, venez en grand
nombre! For more information, please contact
us : [email protected]
/ [email protected] / [email protected]
acadiau.ca If you want to know more about
our activities, visit us online: french.acadiau.ca
Shelagh Cochrane
B.Sc. Pharm.
1. McMaster 2. Laval 3. Calgary 4. Montreal
5. Western 6. Queen’s 7. UBC 8. Saskatchewan 9. Acadia 10. Windsor
Exhibition Game, Sept 1
St. FX X-Men @ Acadia Axemen,
Season Opener, Sept 8 Saint Mary's Huskies @
Acadia Axemen
For all statistics:
2011 regular season record: 7-1
regular season standings: 1st Place AUFC
playoff record: 1-1
playoff finish: Lost 45-21 to McMaster
(eventual National Champion) in National Semi Final Uteck Bowl
Hours of Operation: • Mon, Tues & Thurs: 9am - 5pm
• Wed: 9am - 8pm • Fri: 9am - 5pm • Sat: 10am - 5pm
(902) 697-3101
12 Elm Avenue, Wolfville, NS B4P 1Z9
The Grapevine
August 30 - September 13, 2012
What's Happening from Aug. 30 - Sept. 13, 2012
Send your event listings to [email protected] for publishing in this list
End of Summer Party &
Movie — Recreation Centre,
Glooscap Lives Here —
Upper camping site, Blomidon
Provincial Park 12-8pm. Also Sept.
1St & 2nd • Elder and Spiritual
Leaders Emile Gautreau &
Louise Goodwin invite you to
the teepee for a cultural journey
through drumming, singing and
storytelling. TIX: no charge INFO:
582-7319 / [email protected]
Wolfville 6pm • Activities include:
soap slide, sucker pull, mini sticks,
sidewalk chalk, and face painting.
5% discount if you sign up for
our After-School & In-Service
Day Programs (this day only)! A
community-wide game of Capture
the Flag starts at 7pm and The
Muppets movie starts at dusk.
Bring chairs. TIX: no charge INFO:
542-3019 / [email protected]
Blogging for Business —
Library, Berwick 6-8pm. • Learn
how to blog. It looks like a web
page, but it is easily updated and
will always look fresh. For ages
18+. TIX: no charge INFO/Reg:
538-4030 / valleylibrary.ca
Facebook for Business
— Murdoch C. Smith Memorial
Library, Port Williams 6:30-8pm •
This workshop will assist you in
creating business pages that can
help you connect with current
and potential customers. TIX:
no charge INFO: 542-3005 /
Public Consultation — Fire
Hall, Berwick 7pm • The Town of
Berwick invites you to see the
draft Municipal Planning Strategy
changes for the Town of Berwick!
These changes have been moulded
from the public input sessions
in April. INFO: [email protected]
berwick.ns.ca /
Meeting: Wolfville
Community Development
Committee — Council
Chambers, Town Hall, Wolfville 7pm
• Discussing Economic Action Plan
& Public Participation Meeting
TIX: no charge INFO: 542-5767 /
Concert: Steve Poltz
World Tour — Al Whittle
Theatre, Wolfville 8:30pm • A live
event to remember, energetic
does not begin to describe the
action. Australia, USA, UK, and
now....Wolfville TIX: $15 @ Box of
Delights, Wolfville INFO: Courtney
542 0113 / [email protected]
Barn Dance — Ross Creek
Centre for the Arts, Canning 6pm •
End-of-the-summer barn dance!
North Mountain Ceilidh Band,
chicken dinner (veg option),
dancing at 7pm! All ages, preregister to guarantee your dinner!
TIX: $10 adults, $10 for dinner,
child prices available INFO/Reg:
582-3842 / artscentre.ca
Summer Concert Series —
Lockhart and Ryan Memorial Park,
New Minas 7-8:30pm • Aug. 31st:
Valley Concert Band TIX: no charge
INFO: 681-2399 / newminas.com
Back to School Basics —
Muir Murray Winery, Wolfville
10am-4pm. Also Sept 2nd • Join
us for SWIG, face painting
and balloons, croquet games
and a Scavenger Hunt in the
vineyard! There will be woodfired pizza to eat! TIX: no charge
INFO: 542-0343 ext 102 / [email protected]
Magic Winery Bus — Town
of Wolfville , Wolfville 10:30am5:30pm. Also Sept. 2nd,8th, 9th
• Wine your way through the
Annapolis Valley! The doubledecker bus will make a one hour
trip to five great wineries: Muir
Murray, Grand Pre, Luckett
Vineyards, L'Acadie Vineyards,
Gaspereau Vineyards. Wolfville bus
stop at Town Centre. See article
page 1 TIX: $10 Adult, Children no
charge INFO: 542-7000 / [email protected]
Battle at the Park Grand
Finale — Upper Clements Park
1-3pm • The winners of Rounds
1 through 4 (Liam Potter & The
Funtime Brigade included) are
battling it out for the Grand
Prize, including $750 and a paid
gig at the park next year. TIX:
no charge INFO: Jay 691-4747 /
[email protected]
Axemen Football — Raymond
Field, 5pm • Exhibition Game:
St.FX vs. Acadia Axemen TIX:
$8 Adult, no charge for students
INFO: sports.acadiau.ca
Concert: Tidal Funk —
Evergreen Theatre, Margaretsville
8pm. • Annual funkathon (jazz,
blues, pop) from John Gillies,
Richard Bennet and others from
Margaretsville and environs. The
group is again happy to feature
the paintings of abstract artist
Jean-Marcel Dumontier. TIX:
$18 INFO/RSVP: 825-6834 /
Harvest Festival — Northville
Farm Heritage Centre, Billtown 9am
• Teamsters weigh in at 9-9:30am,
ox-pull at noon. Baking and garden
competition. Entries must be in
by 12:30pm, judging at 1pm. All
childrens' activities begin at noon.
Reaping in the am, threshing after
lunch. TIX: freewill donation INFO:
678-7088 / [email protected]
Rescue Dog Show — Hants
County Exhibition, Windsor 10am3pm • 2nd Annual Dog Show! Lots
of vendors, small dog fashion show,
BBQ by Shani Farms. All friendly,
leashed dogs welcome, proceeds
towards dogs in need. TIX: $2
adults, no charge under 12 INFO:
997-1141 / [email protected]
IncrEdible Picnic &
Fundraiser — Meadowbrook
Farm Meat Market, Somerset 11am6pm. • Meadowbrook pig roast
from 4-6pm and entertainment
by: Ruth Manning, Graham
Moorehead, Matt Lunn, Kings
Fiddlers, Donna & Andy and more.
Hot air balloon rides, Al Bernard
show, Jimmie dog bbq, petting
zoo, carnival games, and more.
Proceeds for Camp Brigadoon TIX:
$5 adult, no charge 16 & under,
Try a free class and donate a toonie
to the food bank
4th to the 10th.
$12 Pig Roast INFO: 538-1106 /
Scotian Hiker: Taylor
Head Prov. Park — Taylor
Head Prov. Park, Spry Bay 11:30am
• 8km coastal walk around Taylor
Head + 6km round trip hike to Bob
Bluff. Check website for directions/
updates on hike morning before
setting out (come prepared). TIX:
no charge INFO: scotianhiker.com
/ Facebook: Scotianhiker
MONDAY, 3 Labour Day!
Family Fun Day — HC
Lindsay Funeral Home, Berwick
11:30am-3pm. Rain date Sept. 9th •
Hosted by Annapolis Valley Cheer
Club, bounce castle, face painting,
fish pond & much more. TIX: no
entrance fee INFO: 691-3331 /
[email protected]
Labour Day Celebration
— Memorial Park, Kentville 11am2:30pm • BBQ, bounce castle,
MLA in the dunk tank, and more.
Fundraiser for Chrysalis House.
TIX: no entrance fee
Meeting: Committee of
Council — Council Chambers,
Town Hall, Wolfville 1:30pm-4pm •
TIX: no charge INFO: 542-5767 /
Wolfville Newcomers'
Club — Farmers' Market, Wolfville
7-9pm • 1st monthly meeting
for 2012-13. Open to everyone,
newcomers and long-time
Annapolis Valley residents. Meet
new people, learn about the area.
TIX: no charge INFO: 306-0570
/ [email protected] /
Neighbourhood Opportunities for Wolfville
(NOW) — Wolfville Farmes'
Market 4-7pm • Looking for your
feedback to develop strategies
to address the negative impacts
on neighbourhoods, related to
542-YOGA (9642)
The Grapevine
August 30 - September 13, 2012
Valley Event Ticket Giveaway: Chance to win 2 tickets to:
Sahara Jane's CD Release, Sat. Sept 8, 2012. Al Whittle Theatre.
Draw date: September 3rd. Enter at valleyevents.ca/win
excessive alcohol consumption.
See article page 15. TIX: no
charge INFO: 542-5767 /
[email protected]
Mary's Huskies @ Acadia Axemen
TIX: $10 Adult, Free for students
($6 to reserve) INFO: sports.
Bike Safety for Ages 50+
Concert: Remembering
Elvis — Mermaid Imperial
— Ocean Spirit Studio, Canning
7-9pm • If you are 50 or older and
would like an opportunity to learn
the rules of the road and safety for
bikes, Constable Blair MacMurtery
will be on hand to help. TIX: no
charge INFO/Reg: 582-7507 /
Paint Our Town Red and
Blue — Central Ave., Wolfville
Performing Arts Centre, Windsor
7:30pm • International World
Champion Elvis tribute artist
Thane Dunn and his eight-piece
Cadillac Kings. Widely regarded
as one of the very best in the
business at creating the illusion of
Elvis onstage. TIX: $37 @ Windsor
Home Hardware, Box of Delights,
Wolfville, online or by phone INFO:
1-888-311-9090 / ticketpro.ca
Concert: Sahara Jane's
3-6pm • The Wolfville Business
— Al Whittle Theatre, Wolfville
Development Corporation invites
8-10pm • Release concert for
local businesses to engage new and
the CD "Lonesome Sky". With
returning Acadia students. Enjoy
accompanying guests: Ken
an afternoon for the entire family!
Shorley, Andy Flinn and Ariana
TIX: no charge INFO: David 542Nasr. TIX: $10 @ Box of Delights,
4093 / [email protected]
$12 at door INFO: 542-0558 /
[email protected]
Grow With Art — NSCC-
Kingstec, Kentville 1-3pm (register
@ 12:45pm) • Cartooning with
Mark Oakley. Ages 5-14 TIX: $2
per child INFO: Irene 542-0234 /
[email protected]
Ladies Night — Annapolis
Valley Shooting Sports Club, Canaan
/ Kentville 1-4pm • All shooting
equipment will be provided, bring
personal protection equipment
(hearing protectors and safety
glasses) and a jacket. Shoot a
variety of handguns and rifles,
possibly a shotgun or two as well.
TIX: $5 for ammo INFO: 690-7372
/ [email protected]
Ultimate Frisbee Weekend
and Water Slip & Slide —
Muir Murray Winery, Wolfville. Also
Sept. 9th • Join us for ultimate
frisbee and a giant waterslide
in the vineyard! Hayrides,
scavenger hunt, and create
your own pizza! TIX: no charge
INFO: 542-0343 ext 102 / [email protected]
Axemen Football — Acadia,
2pm • Season Opener - Saint
Paint Windsor — Pheonix
Hollow B&B, Windsor 10am-4pm
• A day of art and charity as local
artists paint, sculpt, and create
around town while their works are
being sold at the lovely Phoenix
Hollow B&B. Supporting the Hants
community Hospital Auxiliary
Society, silent auction at the end
of the day for the works that the
artists are working on. See ad page
6 TIX: no charge INFO: Kelly 4722436 / paintwindsor.com
Walk for ALS — Village Park,
Coldbrook, 11am • Coldbrook Kentville Walk for ALS. Check in at
10am, walk begins at 11am. INFO:
679-1599 / walkforals.ca
Scotian Hiker: Pennant
Point — Crystal Crescent Beach
Provincial Park, East Pennant,
Halifax County 11am • 11am
meetup at the first parking lot
at Crystal Crescent Beach. Check
website for directions & updates
on hike morning. TIX: no charge
INFO: scotianhiker.com/ Facebook:
Living Titanic — Prescott
House Museum, Port Williams
2-4pm • A Musical Memoir of Nova
Scotia's only survivor, created and
performed by Rosalee Peppard.
Quilt display, tea and homemade
apple crisp. TIX: $10 INFO: 5423984 / [email protected] /
1466 / [email protected]
Burial Ground Care
Society — Sobey's Community
Room, New Minas 7:30pm • All
interested parties welcome! TIX:
no charge INFO: 542-2649 /
[email protected]
Fundy Film screens:
Moonrise Kingdom — Al
Whittle Theatre, Wolfville 4pm &
7pm • In this ‘60s period comedydrama from Wes Anderson,
two exceptional star-crossed
youngsters make a secret pact and
run away into the local wilderness,
throwing their island hometown
into a frenzy as an ominous storm
approaches and strikes. With
Bruce Willis, Bill Murray, Edward
Norton, Frances McDormand
and Tilda Swinton. See ad pg. 15
TIX: $8 INFO: 542-5157 / [email protected]
Children's Nature Ramble
— Upper parking lot, Blomidon
Provincial Park 10am-12pm •
Children of all ages invited to
ramble along the park’s trails with
naturalist Charlane Bishop. See
the transformations of plant and
animal life. All weather event,
dress accordingly. Bring a picnic!
TIX: no charge INFO: 582-7319 /
[email protected]
Valley Gardeners Club
Corn Boil — Agricultural
Research Centre, Kentville 5:156:30pm • Members and friends
invited to enjoy corn boil for a
small donation. Regular meeting
afterwards, 7:30pm in room
2101, Kingstec campus, Kentville.
Author Clarence Stevens speaks
on "Butterflies in the Garden,".
House plant & perennial exchange
after the meeting. TIX: donation
INFO: [email protected] /
Fundy Film screens:
Marley — Al Whittle Theatre,
Wolfville 7pm • Bob Marley’s
appeal, impact on music and role
as a social and political prophet is
undeniable. Marley is the life story
of the musician, revolutionary,
legend and the man—from
early days to international
superstardom—with rare footage,
never-before-seen performances,
previously unreleased music and
revelatory interviews. See ad
pg 15 TIX: $8 INFO: 542-5157 /
Mix & Mingle: The Big
One — Windsor Waterfront,
3-7pm • Businesses from all over
Ai Ripples — Community Centre, the area are getting involved
Port Williams 7-9pm • "The Way
of the Heart" with Ailsa Keppie
& Connie Fisher. Evening will
also include a group meditation
and discussion/Q&A time. TIX:
donations appreciated INFO: Ailsa
404-9787 / [email protected]
Alzheimer Cafe — Kings
Riverside Court, Kentville 2-4pm •
Monthly events provide a relaxed,
accepting social environment and
the chance to meet and converse
with others in similar situations.
TIX: no charge INFO: 1-866-966-
Mention this ad for a 10% discount on your first booking
to help us showcase the Avon
Region's offerings. Sip, chat,
connect, BBQ. INFO: (877) 2779797 / [email protected]
Thomas Head Raddall
Prize Reading — The Box of
Delights, Wolfville 7pm • Gaspereau
Press and Goose Lane Editons
present an evening of readings
and lively discussion by Thomas
Head Raddall Atlantic Fiction
Prize shortlisted authors: Heather
Jessup (The Lightning Field) and
Valerie Compton (Tide Road). TIX:
no charge INFO: 678-6002 / [email protected]
Rob Brezsny's
ARIES (March 21-April 19): I'm
afraid your vibes are slightly out
of tune. Can you do something
about that, please? Meanwhile,
your invisible friend could really
use a Tarot reading, and your
houseplants would benefit from a
dose of Mozart. Plus -- and I hope
I'm not being too forward here
-- your charmingly cluttered spots
are spiraling into chaotic sprawl,
and your slight tendency to
overreact is threatening to devolve
into a major proclivity. As for that
rather shabby emotional baggage
of yours: Would you consider
hauling it to the dump? In
conclusion, my dear Ram, you're
due for a few adjustments.
TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Is
happiness mostly just an absence
of pain? If so, I bet you've been
pretty content lately. But what if
a more enchanting and exciting
kind of bliss were available?
Would you have the courage to go
after it? Could you summon the
chutzpah and the zeal and the
visionary confidence to head out
in the direction of a new frontier
of joy? I completely understand
if you feel shy about asking for
more. You might worry that to
do so would be greedy, or put
you at risk of losing what you
have already scored. But I feel
it's my duty to cheer you on. The
potential rewards looming just
over the hump are magnificent.
GEMINI (May 21-June 20):
I've got some medicine for you to
try, Gemini. It's advice from the
writer Thomas Merton. "To allow
oneself to be carried away by a
multitude of conflicting concerns,"
he wrote, "to surrender to too
many demands, to commit oneself
to too many projects, to want to
help everyone in everything, is
to succumb to the violence of our
times." It's always a good idea to
heed that warning, of course. But
it's especially crucial for you right
now. The best healing work you
can do is to shield your attention
from the din of the outside world
and tune in reverently to the
glimmers of the inside world.
CANCER (June 21-July 22): I
dreamed you were a magnanimous
taskmaster nudging the people
you care about to treat themselves
with more conscientious
tenderness. You were pestering
The Grapevine
For the week of August 30th
them to raise their expectations
and hew to higher standards
of excellence. Your persistence
was admirable! You coaxed them
to waste less time and make
long-range educational plans
and express themselves with
more confidence and precision.
You encouraged them to give
themselves a gift now and then
and take regular walks by bodies
of water. They were suspicious of
your efforts to make them feel
good, at least in the early going.
But eventually they gave in and let
you help them.
LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): In the
spirit of Sesame Street, I'm happy
to announce that this week is
brought to you by the letter T,
the number 2, and the color blue.
Here are some of the "T" words
you should put extra emphasis
on: togetherness, trade-offs, tact,
timeliness, tapestry, testability,
thoroughness, teamwork, and
Themis (goddess of order and
justice). To bolster your mastery
of the number 2, meditate
on interdependence, balance,
and collaboration. As for blue,
remember that its presence tends
to bring stability and depth.
VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22):
In the creation myths of Easter
Island's native inhabitants, the
god who made humanity was
named Makemake. He was also
their fertility deity. Today the
name Makemake also belongs to a
dwarf planet that was discovered
beyond the orbit of Neptune in
2005. It's currently traveling
through the sign of Virgo. I regard
it as being the heavenly body that
best symbolizes your own destiny
in the coming months. In the
spirit of the original Makemake,
you will have the potential to be
a powerful maker. In a sense you
could even be the architect and
founder of your own new world.
Here's a suggestion: Look up the
word "creator" in a thesaurus,
write the words you find there on
the back of your business card,
and keep the card in a special place
until May 2013.
LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): When
novelist James Joyce began to
suspect that his adult daughter
Lucia was mentally ill, he sought
advice from psychologist Carl
Jung. After a few sessions with
the Stella Rose B & B
August 30 - September 13, 2012
her, Jung told her father that
she was schizophrenic. How did
he know? A telltale sign was
her obsessive tendency to make
puns, many of which were quite
clever. Joyce reported that he, too,
enjoyed the art of punning. "You
are a deep-sea diver," Jung replied.
"She is drowning." I'm going to
apply a comparable distinction to
you, Libra. These days you may
sometimes worry that you're in
over your head in the bottomless
abyss. But I'm here to tell you
that in all the important ways,
you're like a deep-sea diver. (The
Joyce-Jung story comes from
Edward Hoagland's *Learning to
Eat Soup.*)
SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21):
No false advertising this week,
Scorpio. Don't pretend to be a
purebred if you're actually a mutt,
and don't act like you know it all
when you really don't. For that
matter, you shouldn't portray
yourself as an unambitious
amateur if you're actually an
aggressive pro, and you should
avoid giving the impression that
you want very little when in fact
you're a burning churning throb
of longing. I realize it may be
tempting to believe that a bit
of creative deceit would serve a
holy cause, but it won't. As much
as you possibly can, make outer
appearances reflect inner truths.
21): In Christian lore, the serpent
is the bad guy that's the cause
of all humanity's problems. He
coaxes Adam and Eve to disobey
God, which gets them expelled
from Paradise. But in Hindu and
Buddhist mythology, there are
snake gods that sometimes do
good deeds and perform epic
services. They're called Nagas. In
one Hindu myth, a Naga prince
carries the world on his head. And
in a Buddhist tale, the Naga king
uses his seven heads to give the
Buddha shelter from a storm just
after the great one has achieved
enlightenment. In regards to your
immediate future, Sagittarius, I
foresee you having a relationship
to the serpent power that's more
like the Hindu and Buddhist
version than the Christian. Expect
vitality, fertility, and healing.
© Copyright 2012 Rob Brezsny
the Looking Glass, the Red Queen
tells Alice that she is an expert at
believing in impossible things. She
brags that there was one morning
when she managed to embrace six
improbable ideas before she even
ate breakfast. I encourage you to
experiment with this approach,
Capricorn. Have fun entertaining
all sorts of crazy notions and
unruly fantasies. Please note that
I am not urging you to actually put
those beliefs into action. The point
is to give your imagination a good
AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18):
I'm not necessarily advising you to
become best friends with the dark
side of your psyche. I'm merely
requesting that the two of you
cultivate a more open connection.
The fact of the matter is that if
you can keep a dialogue going with
this shadowy character, it's far
less likely to trip you up or kick
your ass at inopportune moments.
In time you might even come to
think of its chaos as being more
invigorating than disorienting.
You may regard it as a worthy
adversary and even an interesting
PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20):
You need more magic in your life,
Pisces. You're suffering from a lack
of sublimely irrational adventures
and eccentrically miraculous
epiphanies and inexplicably
delightful interventions. At the
same time, I think it's important
that the magic you attract into
your life is not pure fluff. It needs
some grit. It's got to have a kick
that keeps you honest. That's why
I suggest that you consider getting
the process started by baking
some unicorn poop cookies.
They're sparkly, enchanting,
rainbow-colored sweets, but
with an edge. Ingredients
include sparkle gel, disco dust,
star sprinkles -- and a distinctly
roguish attitude. Recipe is here:
CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19):
In Lewis Carroll's book Through
611 Main St. • Wolfville's newest 4-1/2 star B&B
697-2368 • www.thestellarose.com
The Grapevine
Mike Uncorked Fall Out of Summer!
igh, the summer’s almost
over. Well, in terms of calendar days we still have a bit to
go, but kids and mature students
will soon be back at the grind,
the evenings have started to cool
off, stores are shifting from their
summer hours and the number of
tourists has depleted. I can’t complain because I had a great summer with lots of sun and many
things to do. I read lots of books,
saw some wonderful plays, hung
out with many friends and family
members, and I got to spend
a lot of time with my partner
which was really the highlight of
the season. I finished my 20th play
and started a new season of Ghost
Walks and I had a very successful
Yard Sale and a great summer at
work. I love the autumn however,
and I can’t wait for the leaves to
change, the burst of diversity in
Wolfville from the arrival of the
students and all the great events
that happen in the early fall in
this area, like Deep Roots and the
crop of new Fundy Film movies.
I highly recommend taking in
the first selection of the Fundy
Film Society’s incredible Fall line
up, Moonrise Kingdom. Showing
Sunday September 9th at 4pm
and 7pm, this light-hearted
romantic comedy is set on a
fictitious New England island in
the summer of 1965 and tells the
story of two young
star-crossed lovers
who flee their town,
which causes a local
search party to fan
out and find them.
Moonrise Kingdom
is directed by Wes
Anderson who has
written and directed
some of my favorite
films including
Rushmore, The Royal
Tenenbaums, Bottle
Rocket, and the stop-motion
animation masterpiece Fantastic
Mr. Fox and it stars Bill Murray,
Bruce Willis, Edward Norton
and Academy Award Winning
Actresses Tilda Swinton and
Frances McDormand. You will not
be disappointed with this film,
which is filled with wonderful
characters and great visuals,
including some shots inspired by
Alex Colville paintings!
And then on Wednesday
September 12th at 7pm, head
to the Al Whittle theatre for the
Documentary Marley. I love all
kinds of music, everything from
the Four Tops to 80’s hair bands,
and I also love movies so the
combination of great music and
filmmaking, will make Marley a
must-see. Bob Marley’s appeal,
impact on music and role as
a social and political prophet
is undeniable and Marley is
the life story of the musician,
revolutionary, legend and the
man, from his early days to
international superstardom.
This fascinating documentary
combines rare footage, neverbefore-seen performances,
previously unreleased music and
revelatory interviews to create
a terrific portrait. Check out
the new complete fall line up at
fundyfilm.ca , there’s lots of great
things to see.
It seems at this time
of year, much like in
January, I make some
resolutions, both for
life and work. I have a
lot of ideas brewing for
articles... fun things to
challenge myself. I have
a lot of great people to
write about and many
events to promote...
it’s an exciting time of
year... enjoy it to the
~Mike Butler
August 30 - September 13, 2012
Back to School - created by MaryBeth Clarke
1. for geometry
2. when you write with this,
mistakes can be erased
3. a big red one for the teacher
4. for measuring angles
7. to help you add
8. the lined paper found in binders 5. when your pencil breaks, use
9. more permanent writing tool
6. for cutting paper
12. many words to read in these
10. clips that hold looseleaf
13. for mistakes...you'll need these together
14. Hilroy...for one
11. the students seats
Artist & festival Information Online
You can view artist biographies on our website (deeprootsmusic.
ca/), along with ticket information, the festival lineup, and much
more. You can also enjoy beautiful photos from last year’s festival by
visiting the Photo Gallery.
Pie r Squared “The Valley in a crust”
Find us at the
us at the Wolfville
Farmers’ Market 697-2502 www.pie-r-squared.com
Homemade savoury pies and
Wolfville Farmers' Market!
The Grapevine
August 30 - September 13, 2012
Like the Free Business Listings, this page works on a first come, first served basis
(limit 1 listing per person). Or, to reserve a placement, pay $5 per issue (3-issue
minimum commitment). Please keep listings to 35 words or less.
Private Music Lessons:
Voice, piano, & drums. Individual
weekly instruction available in
New Minas for all ages, levels &
styles! Music teachers with over
10 years of experience, limited
spaces available. INFO: Kelly,
365-6141 / [email protected]
Cadance Academy: Yearlong dance classes begin September 10th. 8-week fall session
begins September 17th. INFO:
679-3616 / [email protected] / cadanceacademy.ca
Music for Young
Children (MYC): w/ Jessica
African Dance: Friday
Sept. 14th, 7pm, Acadia Chapel
Basement. Traditional West African dance (a great workout) with
instructor Cynthia Lewis to the
beat of live drummers! TIX: $15
adults, $10 students INFO/Reg:
Bruno 681-9870 / [email protected]
Arabic Dance and
Drumming Workshop:
Sunday, Sept. 16th, with drummer Ken Shorley & dancer Colleen
Hagen. For Men and Women.
TIX: $26 until Sept. 7th, $35 at
door INFO: Colleen, 365-5268 /
Volunteer Photographers: Experienced photog-
Hansen. Keyboard Based Music
Program. Empowering children,
enriching families! Register Now
for Fall Classes! Private Piano
Lessons also Available. INFO/
Reg: 670-5726 / [email protected]
yahoo.ca / myc.com/Teacher/
raphers wanted to join our team
to capture the highlights of Deep
Roots Music Festival 2012 (Sept.
28th-30th). INFO: photo team
leader, Bruce [email protected]
Herbal Adventures
for Kids: One Sunday a
Donate Junk Jewellery
and Baubles: Our work-
month, 10am-12pm, starting Sept. 16th. A fun & natural
plant exploration with Clinical
Herbalist Amanda Dainow. All
ages/abilities welcome. Bursaries
available. TIX: $220 for the year
(12 classes), or $60 per quarter,
or $20 per class INFO/Reg: 5383662 / [email protected]
/ singingnettles.ca
Fall Belly Dance Classes, w/ Angie Oriana
Jenkins: Intermediate/
Advanced: Mondays, Sept. 3rdOct. 15th, (No class Oct. 7th)
7-8:30pm @ Ocean Spirit Studio,
Canning. Beginners: Thursdays,
Sept. 6th-Oct. 11th, 7-8:30pm @
Wolfville Farmers' Market. INFO/
Reg: sisterlotus.com
Watercolour Workshop w/ Jude Caborn:
Oct. 6th, 9:30am-4pm @ Wolfville
Recreation Centre. Advanced
watercolour techniques , max
16 students. Sponsored by the
Evangeline Artists Co-op TIX: $65
INFO: [email protected]
shops on Deep Roots Saturday
(Sept 29th) need materials to
create fancy hats and crowns, and
fascinatin’ rhythm instruments
and such. Feathers, glitter, junk
jewellery, beads, whatever. All
accepted for this year’s parade!
INFO: Lisa [email protected]
100 miles to Arden
& Iliad by Fire Campaigns: Two Planks and a
Passion Theatre will stage two
timeless works: Shakespeare's As
You Like It and Homer's The Iliad.
To help make our 2013 season
a reality, the first 100 patrons
who donate $100 or more will be
invited to a special preview of As
You Like It on July 6th. INFO/
Donate: 582-3842 / twoplanks.ca
/ CanadaHelps .org
After School & InService Day Fall Programs: Parks & Playgrounds,
Art Works, Earth Quests, Outdoor Adventure Club, Kids Yoga,
and Athletics in Action. We'll also
be heading to OnTree Fun & Adventure Park, Dalplex, Ross Creek
Centre for the Arts and more! Our
program brochure has more information. INFO/Reg: 542-3019 /
[email protected]
New! Youth Leaders
Core Program: Info
Session: Sept. 12th, 6-7pm @
Wolfville Recreation Centre. New
program for ages 13+ who are
interested in being engaged community members! Youth will volunteer in their community, learn
new skills, learn and participate
in healthy active living opportunities, plan outings and have the
option of working towards the
Duke of Edinburgh Award (all
levels). INFO: 542-3019 / [email protected]
Gary Grinkle's Battle
with Wrinkles: Wed.,
Sept. 5th, 7pm @ CentreStage
Theatre, Kentville, upstairs theatre. 10 roles (ages 10 to adult).
Family show to be performed: Oct
20th, 21st, 27th, 28th, Nov 3rd
& 4th INFO: 542-4049 / [email protected]
Kentville Ghost
Walks: Looking for cast
Writing, Editing,
Proofreading: Profes-
sional author/editor available to
write or check your documents,
resumes, essays, web content,
manuscripts, letters; any form of
the written word. Make your writing shine and be letter-perfect.
INFO: Pamela 697-2926 / [email protected]
Sweet Cat (Elsie) Needs
Home: Wonderful inside/out-
side cat, great
around adults &
children. Litter
trained. Due to
illness ,the owner
can no longer
look after her.
INFO: 542-0631 /
[email protected]
The Footlight Volunteer Awards (the
Footsies!): Sunday, Oct. 14th
7pm @ CentreStage Theatre. An
evening of glitz, glamour and
gourmet goodies as we celebrate
and recognize the contributions
of the many volunteers who have
given of their time and talents
over the past 29 years! RSVP by
Oct. 1st. INFO/RSVP: 678-8040 /
[email protected]
members for two historical
productions. Friday nights: Sept
21st, Oct 5th, 19th. Saturday
nights: Sept 22nd, Oct 6th, 19th.
Sept shows are dress rehearsals,
experience with acting preferred.
Paid positions, lots of fun. INFO:
692-8546 / [email protected]
Free Piano: Autopiano with
bench. New owner is fully responsible for moving it. It works
well and was tuned recently.
INFO: 542-2772 / 670-7422 /
[email protected]
RENT: Sunday, Sept 23rd,
Rhythm and Sole, Skyway Drive,
Wolfville, Edalene casts for their
9th production. High intensity
music, actors/resses 16 to mature
adulthood. INFO: Kerri 697-2515
/ [email protected]
for $15-$25 each or $80 for all.
INFO: 542-2772 / 670-7422 /
[email protected]
Glory Days: Quick As A
Wink Theatre seeks 'bar rowdies'
(males) for their Nov/Dec musical
INFO: 472-7229 / [email protected]
6 Hamster Cages for
Sale: $30-$50 new, selling
Boxes of Tiles: 16 boxes
(20 tiles each) of Castelli Noce
ceramic 12"x12" tiles. Boxes not
opened. Purchased from Rafuse,
Wolfville, for $1200, selling for
$900 INFO: 542-2772 / 670-7422
/ [email protected]
Bicycle Wanted: I have
$50 to put towards a road-ready
chariot (mountain bike preferred). INFO: Jeremy 692-8546 /
[email protected]
Canning Studio 582-7028 or weekly at the Wolfville Farmers' Market
The Grapevine
Staghorn Sumac-Ade
From Jenny Osburn of Union Street Cafe • [email protected]
didn't need any more reasons to love the staghorn sumac tree. I
love that in spring its limbs are coated with velvety fur, like a freshly
antlered deer. Long fern-like leaves emerge, then gorgeous red cones
that keep their colour and beauty as the leaves turn to autumn red
and orange. In early winter when the leaves have fallen it is perfectly
elegant, bare stretching branches topped with those same red bracts
providing a perky splash of colour against a snowy backdrop.
So when I saw a glass of what looked like pink lemonade on my
friend Angie's facebook page with the label "Sumac-Ade" I was greatly
intrigued. Supposedly she had made it from the cones of the sumac
tree! It was late at night but I found my sumacs by flashlight and
snapped off a few flower clusters. I made a little batch of the most
delicious drink you could imagine just by soaking the berries in cold
water and adding a little sugar. It's sour like lemonade but with a
distinctive taste.
• 6-8 Sumac Cones
• Cold water to cover
• Sugar or Maple Syrup to taste
Shake off any insects on the
cones and place them in a large
pot. Crush and break the cones
apart and cover with cold water.
Let sit for an hour, then strain. Add a little sweetener and serve
over ice.
183 Commercial St, Berwick
"handmade food and fun"
We are pleased to welcome Dr.
Wasan Al-Saadi. A University of
Toronto graduate , Dr. Al-Saadi
is licensed in Nitrous Oxide
administration. She is fluent in
English, French and Arabic and
looks forward to welcoming new
patients. Call us, send us an email
or book your
online by our
mainstreetdentalcentre.com|[email protected]
August 30 - September 13, 2012
Student Fall Special
Purchase a 3 Month
Student Membership at
$129.36 +tx (Sept 1 - Oct 15/12)
That’s 4 months for the price of 3!
A current Student ID Must be presented
8934 Commercial St., New Minas
365-3210 • www.absolutehealthclub.com
Chef Kerina Dykstra 902-300-1268
Let’s Eat! Personal Chef Services
Let’s Eat! Personal Chef Services is
a dynamic chef service brought to
you by Chef Kerina Dykstra, a Red
Seal Chef based in the Annapolis
Valley - the ultimate food and
farm centre of the Maritimes.
Personal chef services are growing
in popularity across North
America and Let’s Eat! Personal
Chef Services wants to bring this
healthy and affordable option
into your home. Enjoy the
convenience of promoting good
health and satisfying your taste
buds, while keeping within your
spending budget.
The diverse culinary services of
Let’s Eat! Personal Chef Services are
designed with one goal in mind -to promote health and happiness
in people’s lives through simple
whole foods. After a consultation
with Chef Kerina to discuss your
unique needs, she’ll design a
custom menu that you’ll savour.
All menus are created using
the highest quality ingredients
available. Chef Kerina can create
any meal in the very basic of
kitchens with finesse -- you may
never view your kitchen in the
same light again!
Let’s Eat! Personal Chef Services
offers other unforgettable food
experiences, such as Cooking for
Candida – a three month meal
plan that helps people with yeast
allergies cook delicious meals with
whole foods while continuing to
heal their bodies, Dinner for Two
-- an intimate three-course meal
prepared in your home, perfect
for celebrating a special occasion;
and the Perfect Pairings Progressive
Dinner and Wine Tour -- a tour of
Annapolis Valley wineries, which
explores exciting food and wine
pairings in partnership with Go
North Tours.
See ad above
The Grapevine
August 30 - September 13, 2012
The Grapevine Asks:
Dear Mayor and Councillors,
As the elections approach (Saturday, October 20), I'm wondering if you'd be able to share 2-5 sentences on what it takes to be on council. There
could be a few people in the community wondering if they should put their name in the hat but unsure of what it really entails. With your
experience, I'm sure you'd be able to offer some words of wisdom on the topic.
to serve on our
Town Council
requires a
sacrifice of
private time
of about 25
hours a week
for reading,
meetings, educational programs (learning).
Being prepared to participate as part of a
team to govern a busy municipality which
already knows “what it wants to be when
it grows up”. Team work and trust are
Wolfville Mayor, Robert Stead
need a mix of
skills to make
an effective
contribution to
Town Council.
They should
have a good
feeling for the
strengths of
the community, and the people who live here.
They will need to understand how budgets
work, how policy is developed and what the
most effective means are of communicating
with citizens. The more of this experience they
bring into office, the faster they can make
a start at influencing the decisions made at
Town Council. Councillors are not advisors
to Town staff, but are the leaders accountable
to the public. Therefore Councillors should
be comfortable setting direction for the
organization, and being accountable for the
results. Not every Councillor starting out has
all these skills but an ability to learn quickly
on the job is important.
The most effective Councils are those that can
constructively debate and make decisions.
The ability of individual Councillors to work
as a team and utilize each other’s strengths is
It takes patience, commitment and teamwork
to be on Town Council."
Councillor Keith Irving
To become a candidate, nominations can be filed by appointment with the returning officer (Denise Bonnell [email protected]) in the five
business days prior to nomination day (September 11th, 2012).
Stardrop by Mark Oakley:
Stardrop is brought to you by
The Box of Delights - A Delightful Little Bookshop on Main St Wolfville
542-9511 www.boxofdelightsbooks.com
The Grapevine
August 30 - September 13, 2012
Who's Who: Angel and Sherry Kozlowski: High Kicking Sisters
am always looking for a
challenge when I write these
Grapevine articles. I take suggestions for people and topics
and I try to follow through no
matter what the subject might be.
This Who’s Who came to me by
suggestion and my interest was
snatched from the beginning. I
believe this is my second double
duty Who’s Who profile... it’s
always nice to challenge yourself.
Let me introduce you to Angel
and Sherry Kozlowski, yes the
outfits.... I know, I know, I’m
getting to them... just read on!
Angel and Sherry grew up in
White Rock. Sherry graduated
from Acadia in 1999 with a BSc.
and received a diploma in Dental
Hygiene from Dalhousie in 2003.
She now works for Alliance Dental
in Coldbrook and when Angel is
not spending time with her kids
she is also employed in the Dental
And now the outfits! Sherry
and Angel have been training
in Taekwondo with Master Jo
Wagner for 20 years. Angel
received her black belt in 1995
and is currently a 3rd degree
black belt. She trains (for fun)
in Brazilian Jiu Jitso, Muay Thai,
Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and
Taekwondo. Sherry has won
several medals at Taekwondo
Nationals and is Silver medalist
their classes would be beneficial
to Acadia’s diverse student body,
looking for something different
and fun to do!
for 2011, Silver at the Olympic
Carding, and she is currently
taking a Sport Nutrition course
and trying to build herself as a
Personal Trainer. Sherry and
Angel are also the co-owners
and instructors behind Victory
Taekwondo, a school specializing
in training those of interest in
these special fields that Sherry
and Angel have become experts
in. Victory Taekwondo operates
out of the Abhaya Mixed Martial
Arts Facility in Port Williams
but is an independent club.
Taekowndo is great for both men
and women, of all ages and fitness
levels. You'll learn how to kick,
stretch, get fit, increase flexibility,
balance, increase confidence,
learn proper breathing techniques
or just have fun. For more
information about classes, private
lessons, or general inquiries
contact Angel and Sherry at
[email protected] or call
670-7897. And check out the
http://www.abhaya.ca/ website
for more information.
Angel and Sherry find this area
useful to both their interests and
their business because there is
no other taekwondo school in
the area and they are in the same
building as the ever growing sport
of Mixed Martial Arts. Sherry
and Angel want to mention that
Now it’s not all kicks and punches
with these two. Sherry enjoys
cooking and baking when she’s
not working out and Angel is
currently filming a reality TV
show called Cubicle to the Cage, a
13 episode show following regular
people in their journey to become
Professional MMA fighters. The
show is being filmed in Halifax;
therefore she trains with Titans
MMA for the show and saw this
as a great opportunity to learn
from some great instructors and
when the show is over she will
fight for ABHAYA MMA. Best of
luck to you both!
Now, I need a challenge for
my other Grapevine article...
you know, Sherry and Angel
mentioned I could take a few
taekwondo classes and then write
about them.... can these two help
me get my kicks? It is always nice
to challenge yourself, isn’t it?
~Mike Butler
Brought to you by
Neighbourhood Opportunities for Wolfville (NOW)
n Wednesday September 5, 2012 from
4pm-7pm, members of the newly created
Neighbourhood Opportunities for Wolfville group
(NOW) will be at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market
in search of public input. Specifically, they are
looking for your feedback to develop strategies to
address the negative impacts on neighbourhoods,
related to excessive alcohol consumption.
NOW members include representatives from the
Town of Wolfville, Acadia, RCMP, Acadia Student
Union and other stakeholders, which to date have
included local lounge owners and landlords.
Rather than focusing on legislation and bylaws,
the goal is to work together as a community to
build mutual respect for all aspects of community
life; and to deter destructive behaviour including
noise and damage to personal, business and
public property.
NOW has already developed suggestions for
improvements but they are looking for your help
to further these ideas.
Diane Mombourquette
542-5767 / [email protected]
DEEP ROOTS: Tickets & Passes
Passes and tickets are available for purchase through our TicketPro.ca website get yours today!
If you have questions, contact the Deep Roots office in person or at 542-7668 / [email protected]
ca. Our office is located downstairs from The Box of Delights Bookshop on Main Street in Wolfville. Our
Volunteers will be in the office Tuesdays through Saturdays, 11 - 5
Fundy Film Society
The world's best films in Wolfville
films subject to change without notice
Cinema's AlKingdom
Whittle Theatre
450 Main Street, Wolfville
Sept 9: 4 & 7 p.m.
Wednesday, Sept 12: 7 p.m.
Once Upon a Time in
Sunday, Sept 16: 4 & 7 p.m.
Al Whittle Theatre 542-5157
Pete Se
6-Packs: $36
available 30 m
General adm
The Grapevine
August 30 - September 13, 2012
Scotian Hiker
There’s no place like
home to roam.
Thursday, Sept 6 th @ 8:30pm
Sharp!. Adults $13, Students $8
Please pre-book, space limited
[email protected]
692-8546 (family friendly)
in NS can you find the
1 Where
warning sign "Danger. Please do
Fireworks & Yurts. Congratulations on the wedding Josh Herbin & Erin Dalton!
In what town can you find the Fire- photo by: Ashley Noto, caverhillphotography.com
Builders of Nova Scotia coppice wood yurts, inspired by the Kyrgyz and
fighters Museum of Nova Scotia? Mongolian styles, Little Foot Yurts' mission is to make these beautiful shelters
What is the name of the shale gas Gaspereau Valley or online: lfy.ca
exploration (fracking) zone stretching from Wolfville to Maitland?
Harlow & Genevieve escaped to the beautiful Blomidon beaches over the hot long weekend. Photo by Joss
accessible through rentals, sales, and educational workshops. Visit them in the
what year was the first official
4 InApple
Blossom Festival held?
1. Mastodon Ridge, Stewiacke; 2.
Yarmouth; 3. Windsor Block; 4. 1933;
5. Basking Shark
What type of shark was recently
beached at Sandy Cove?
Brought to you by: Jeremy Novak &
Jocelyn Hatt with contributions by
Mike Butler, Lisa Hammett Vaughan
& Monica Jorgensen.
Contact us: 902 . 692 . 8546
[email protected]
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Printed at
The Acadia
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We love submissions of: Art Banners,
Random Acts of Kindness, Events, Articles END OF SUMMER SALE CONTINUES!
BitterSweet welcomes Acadia Students...
Come check us out! WISHLANTERNS &
CONFETTI CANONS arrived just in time to
celebrate a party, wedding or get-together!
344 Main St. Wolfville 542-3331
vintagesweetshoppe.ca / bittersweetboutik.ca
Brought to you by: Daniels’ Flower Shop Ltd. 40 Water St, Windsor
798-5337 www.danielsflowershop.com
My daughter was desperate
to build a very specific type
of shelving unit and between
both of us we had no idea
what we were doing. We went
to a large store in New Minas
to look at lumber and came
away discouraged with their
"cut it yourself" set up - not
a salesperson in sight to help
two people who had never cut a
piece of wood in their lives. Back
to Wolfville to Rafuse Home
Hardware. They had nothing
on the floor that would work
for us so Ken pointed us to the
warehouse and said the guys
back there might be able to help.
The guys were so incredibly
helpful and after much digging
we found two different materials
that would work. No charge
either since it was just left overs!
However cutting the stuff was
going to be the tough part. We
needed 12 2 foot lengths all
4 inches wide. A young fellow
named Mark offered to take the
pieces home with him on his
lunch hour and do the cuts on his
tools. No charge. We were both
shocked. Wolfville is were the
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The Grapevine
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Submission Deadline for February 2nd issue, January 31st
13th issue is September 11th
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Where to find The Grapevine:
95% of all businesses in Wolfville, Grand Pré , Gaspereau & Port Williams receive at least 1 hand-delivered copy. Additional papers can be found at these fine locations: Wolfville: The Post Office, EOS, Pita House, Muddyʼs Convenience, Cinematopia, the public Library, Just Us! Cafe, Wolfville Farmersʼ Market, T.A.N., Whatʼs the Buzz? Rolled Oat
Greater Wolfville Area: •Grand Pré - Convenience Store, Just Us! Coffee
Roasters. •Gaspereau - Valley Fibres, XTR Station, • Port Williams - Wharf General Store, Tin Pan Bistro. Canning - Art Can, Alʼs Fireside Café, Aspinall Studios.•Windsor - Moeʼs Place Music, Yum Bakery, T.A.N. café •Hantsport - R & Gʼs Family Restaurant,
Pizzaria •Berwick - Kateʼs Pantry, Rising Sun Café, Drift Wood •Kentville - Designer
Café. Hall's Harbour - Copper Fox Gallery
Tide Predictions at
Cape Blomidon
Source: Canadian Fisheries & Oceans
* Highest High: 42.7 feet
** Lowest High: 32.5 feet
Please note, there are normally two high and low tides a day
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