ALSO AVAILABLE: Luxurious Hemp Lotions: Lemon Sugar Body Scrub Bubble Bath

Luxurious Hemp Lotions:
French Lavender • Lemon Sugar
White Tea & Ginger • Coconut Creme
Bubble Bath: French Lavender
Lemon Sugar Body Scrub – Refined white sugar,
jojoba oil and organic Castile liquid soap make this unique,
non-greasy exfoliating scrub a pure delight in the shower!
Norma B’s Old-Fashioned Recipe Body Butter
Original and NEW Lavender
This amazing recipe body butter, passed down to Norma B
from a ninety year old woman with the “most beautiful
skin”, is now made available to you exclusively through
Hawkestone Soap Co. Made with all-natural ingredients and
no preservatives, it will magically hydrate your driest skin
Argan Oil – This highly prized, precious oil from
Morocco is now the most sought-after oil in high quality
skin products. Quickly absorbed by the skin, it can be used
directly on the face as a serum. After you try this product,
you may never go back to face creams again! Makes a great
conditioning hair serum too.
Fizzing Bath Salts – More fun than regular Bath
Salts. The same formula as bath bombs makes the
salts fizz, releasing skin soothing Sweet Almond oil.
Available in French Lavender, Sun-Ripened Raspberry,
Oceania, Coconut Crème and Grapefruit & Pink
Himalayan Salts.
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Specializing in Natural,
Handmade and Biodegradable
Soap Products
Our Signature Soaps:
Old-Fashioned Oatmeal • this is a perennial favourite!
A message from Hawkestone Soap Co.’s
Founder Tanya Evans:
I LOVE MAKING SOAP. Not only is it enjoyable to do but I
love the finished product. Often I have found commercial
brands of soap drying to the skin. It wasn’t until I learned
about the soap making process that I discovered why that was.
During the process of saponification (mixing sodium hydroxide
with oils to create salt aka. soap) the natural by-product of the
chemical reaction is glycerin. Glycerin is the ingredient that
attracts moisture and helps keep your skin feeling silky smooth.
In order for the soap companies to make those gorgeous, hard
shiny bars of soap, they have to remove the naturally occurring
glycerin so that it won’t stick to the rollers that roll out the
soap flakes. They then sell off the glycerin to cosmetic
companies. You end up with a bar of soap that is lovely and
lathers well but doesn’t have the main ingredient that makes
your skin feel soft.
Natural soaps like the ones we make are softer, lather
beautifully and leave your skin clean and feeling soft. Even
people with sensitive skin have been amazed by how
gentle this soap is. For those who cannot tolerate
fragrance of any kind, I even have
unscented goat’s milk
soap just for you!
I strive to create
soaps that not only
smell divine but have
an easily identifiable
ingredient list. Although I
often allow the essential oils or
fragrances naturally colour my
soaps, when I do use colour, I use
cosmetic grade pigments which are a natural colourant for soap
as opposed to dyes.
Tanya Evans
But don’t take my word for it – try one and see for yourself.
Happy Bathing!
Made with ground oatmeal for a gentle exfoliating scrub and
a rich warm scent that leaves your skin smelling yummy all
day long. Great for the whole family!
Main Ingredients for all soaps, unless mentioned
otherwise, is as follows: Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil
and Sunflower Oil, Distilled Water & Sodium Hydroxide.
White Tea & Ginger • one divine smelling bar of soap with
chunks of goat’s milk soap on top for an extra rich lather.
Damask Rose • beautifully scented, this bar will remind
you of days gone by.
Lemon Poppy Seed • scented with lemon essential oil, the
gentle exfoliating scrub of tiny poppy seeds and colourful
speckles of calendula petals makes this soap an extra special
treat in the bath or shower.
Lavender • a traditionally popular scent. Not only does
Unscented Goat’s Milk • made with the original recipe oils
lavender have antiseptic and healing properties, the scent has
been used in aromatherapy for inducing calm.
and no added fragrance for sensitive skin-types, this luxurious
bar has the extra benefit of fresh milk making the lather even
more soft and creamy. Safe for use on newborns and anyone
else who needs to take special care of their skin. Everyone in
the family will love this one!
• this pretty yellowed coloured soap is gently
scented with a sprinkle of chamomile flowers, sure to be one
of your favourites.
Confetti & Lime
• this one just keeps getting more
gorgeous the more you use it! Made with colourful soap
shavings in a yummy lime and vanilla scented base, you’ll
almost hate to use it but do because your skin will love it!
Black Raspberry Vanilla • a dark violet swirl in a natural
base, this soap smells amazing.
Blueberry Verbena • this one is one of my personal
favourites! The combination of juicy blueberries and verbena
with the extra special exfoliating scrub of tiny blueberry
seeds makes this soap hard to resist!
Almonds and Oats • almost too yummy to resist! This
white based soap contains chunks of tan coloured
oatmeal soap giving it a gentle exfoliating scrub.
Cranberry Spice • orange coloured soap with specks
of cranberry seeds to gently exfoliate the skin.
Peppermint Swirl • dark blue
ultramarine swirled into a
white base. The invigorating
scent of peppermint is a
great way to start your
• Satsuma • Coconut Crème • Sun-Ripened • Raspberry
• Victorian Rose • Oceania • Lilac • Muskoka Boathouse
We are always trying new combinations so there will be
more fragrances available as the year goes on!
Organic Aloe-Castile Liquid Soap • Unscented
You will love the convenience of this all-in-one soap with a
million uses. Can be used as a shampoo, body wash, baby
wash, hand soap, camp soap, dog shampoo, delicate clothing
wash, dish soap . . . wherever you use a liquid soap-type
product, this gentle organic formula is perfect!
Also try the same Organic Aloe-Castile formula in a liquid
hand soap, scented with the ever popular White Tea & Ginger
or French Lavender scents. Great for the kitchen or bathroom.