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The Metropolitan Washington DC area has many
excellent full service supermarkets:
Harris Teeter
Shoppers Food Warehouse
and more specialty markets:
Whole Foods
Trader Joe’s (raclette cheese)
Dean & DeLuca (selection of French food)
MOM’s (organic)
Costco (membership needed)
Fresh Market
1649 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
240 221 0780
150 Branch Road, SW
Vienna, VA 22180
703 242 8923
Bulk nut and dried fruit mixes, gluten-free offerings, juices, spices, fresh fruit and
vegetables. Fish, meat and breads all super fresh.
Dutch Country (Amish) Farmers Market
9701 Fort Meade Road
Laurel, MD
301 421 1454
Thursday 9am - 6pm
Friday 9am - 8pm
Saturday 8am -3pm
Meats, candies, pretzels, cheeses, poultry, BBQ,
produce. Well worth the trip.
World Market (locations in DC, MD and VA)
Offers an array of international foods.
Sharing a meal brings community, and familiar
foods bring warmth and a feeling of home. We
would like to share with you a few places where you
might find familiar food.
Rodman’s Discount Gourmet
5100 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20015
202 363 3466
5148 Nicholson Lane
Kensington, MD
(301) 881-6253
A family-owned store that is unique to our area with a large selection of
international groceries: sardines from Spain, tomatoes from Italy, biscuits from
the United Kingdom, chocolates from Switzerland, German jams, gluten free
food, and a large selection of wine and beer.
Down the escalator in the Washington store, you will find almost anything you
need: pharmacy, home health aids (rental wheel chairs), cleaning supplies,
toiletries, kitchen supplies, travel needs, including electrical adapters, small
electrical appliances, watch repair and even pearl restringing, glasses, candles
and seasonal items, including British Christmas crackers!
Remember to check expiration dates on all purchases
Afghan Market and Groceries
5713 Edsall Road
Alexandria, VA 20852 703 751 0162!!
Freshly baked bread, halal butcher, cheeses and spreads, open bins of dried
fruits and nuts. Frozen foods, large selection of teas and a variety of fruit
tobaccos for hookahs, of which there is also a wide selection. Large bags of red
lentils and rice, ginger and garlic paste, kabobs. Tea pots and wedding
accessories. Cooked foods in back. Also DVD’s for sale.
African Grocery and Meat Market
6243 Little River Turnpike!
Alexandria VA 22312
703 914 2525!
Everything from custard powder, cassava flour and bulk rice
to enormous industrial cooking pots and plastic laundry
baskets. Smoked, dried catfish and tilapia. CD’s of world
music and essential oil diffusers.
Red Apple Farmer’s Market !
Takoma Park, MD 20912!!
7645 New Hampshire Ave!
301 434 8861
African, Caribbean, Latin and West Indian food items. Exotic fruits, fresh
vegetables, and a fine selection of meats and seafood that are not commonly
found in other grocery store chains. Fresh meat like goat and oxtail, innards
such as tripe and kidney and some unusual fresh fish like parrot fish along with
kingfish, codfish, snapper and mackerel. Smoked bonga and kini fish.
Sugarcane, mangoes, papayas and breadfruit in season. African peanut butter,
jute, cassava and water leaves, palva sauce, Bird’s custard powder, Effie’s West
African bread, jerk seasoning, plenty of cloves and cumin. Ginger beer, cola
champagne and ping (a grapefruit soft drink) are some of the unusual beverages
that are on the shelves.
Sierra International Foods
Alexandria, VA 22394
5145c Duke Street
703 823 0129
Smoked, frozen koko fish from Sierra Leone, frozen cassava leaf, potato leaf,
red palm oil, Marmite (from England), ground shrimp, ground cassava fufu and
Effie’s Bakery and Caterer
Alexandria VA 22312
6441 General Green Way, Suite B
703 642 2888
West African bakery and caterer with sweet white bread, tea bread the the buns
bread from Ghana.
Super H Mart
10780 Fairfax Boulevard
(Lee Highway)
Fairfax, VA 22030
703 273 0570
Grand Mart
6326 Arlington Boulevard
Falls Church VA 22042
703 533 1700
Grand Mart and H Mart both have extensive selections of Asian
foods, particularly produce. Both have seafood and meats as
well. Grand Mart also features a wide selection of Hispanic and
Indian products including spices and condiments.
H Mart
Silver Spring, MD 20902
12012 Georgia Avenue
301 942 5071
Wonderful store with lots of fresh produce, and every conceivable Asian goodie.
Prices are very reasonable.
Korean Korner International Market
Wheaton, MD 20906
12707 Veirs Mill Road
301 933 2000
The vegetable bins overflow with fresh Mexican guava, chayote and jicama,
canned Longan fruit, horchata juice, giant radishes and spaghetti squash. The
meat counters offer: sliced shank beef, pork bellies, sliced fajita and innards.
Fish of all sizes and types on ice in the baskets lining the aisles. Also salted
croaker with chopped, salted brined seaweed. The ready-to-eat section has
boxes of seasoned pickles, squid, anchovies and pressed pork.
Maria’s Bakery & Cafe
Rockville, MD 20852
1701 Rockville Pike, Suite B
301 984 2228
Delicious Asian baked goods, plus a cafe.
Kam Sam Supermarket
Rockville, MD 20850
300 No. Washington St.
301 315 9558
Good Asian market with fresh produce, fish, plus loads of canned, dried and
frozen items. It is also very clean and has some hot foods.
Las Americas International Market
Rockville, MD 20852
785 E. Rockville Pike
301 424 9550
Wide assortment of food products from Central and South America,
the Caribbean and Spain. Meat department has Spanish,
Mexican, Argentine and Salvadoran style sausages; Peruvian,
Salvadoran and Colombian style tamales. Deli with cooked, made
to order food is superb. Great wine selection. Frozen lulo and other
tropical juices.
Lotte Assi Plaza
13625-A Georgia Avenue
Silver Spring, MD 20906
301 962 3355
If you live in Aspen Hill, MD and it is convenient for you, OK. Otherwise go to H
Mart - more variety and better prices.
By Brazil
Silver Spring, MD 20902-4619
11333 Georgia Avenue
866 638 3090
Brazilian brand name products from Acia, Guarana and Salgados. Cookies,
beverages, rice, beans, flour, candy, chocolates. Fresh baked pastries including
pastel and coxinha. Acai smoothies, manioc starch, goaibada, queijo minas,
linguica calabreza. Super friendly folks run it.
Brazilian Bakery
Silver Spring, MD 20906
13655 Georgia Avenue
301 962 7109
Bakery & deli. Coxinha, pao de queijo, empanadas. Very friendly - great if you
live in Aspen Hill area.
European Foods
2700 N. Pershing Drive
703 524 6800
Arlington, VA 22201
Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish imports: seafood
sardines, cheeses, wines, homemade Argentine,
Guatemalan and Brazilian sausages. Produce, olive oils,
coffee. Thursday deliveries of imported fish from Portugal sardines, bacalhau. Baby goats and suckling pigs to order in
BestWay Supermercado
Washington DC 20010
3178 Mount Pleasant Street, NW
202 265 3768
Spicy red sauces and products from familiar imported brands like Goya, Inca and
Mexican Nestlé. Pickled radish and jugo de coco, thick corn tortillas and Peruvian
hot peppers. Some African and Asian products.
International Progreso Market
Washington, DC 20010!
3158 Mount Pleasant Street, NW
202 462 1529
This store is smaller than BestWay and focuses more on food from Central and
South America. Brazilian cassava flour, lots of beans, cream from Guatemala,
Honduras and Mexico. Corn husks. Friendly atmosphere.
Americana Grocery
6128 Columbia Pike!
10897 Main Street
Falls Church, VA 22041! Fairfax, VA 22030
703 671 9625!
703 934 0100
8541 Piney Branch Road
Silver Spring, MD 20901
301 495 0864
Every kind of dried chili, spices, frijol, queso, cream, Knorr Suissa products and
coffee. The bakery has real bollios. The meat counter has chorizo, ceviche and
milanesas. To make mole there are the three kinds of chili and the semillas.
Bolivian empanadas. Fresh produce and food items from Mexico and Central
merica like yuca, wheat bulgur, corn tortillas and fine maize meal. Unique soda
from Latin America.
Caribbean Market !
Takoma park, MD 20912!!
7505 New Hampshire Avenue
301 439 5288
This market has everything you may be looking for if you are from the islands seasonings, produce, fresh meats, candies, baked goods. Barrels of brown
sugar, bun and cheese. Ovaltine cookies, canned ackees, cassava hips, runner
beef, cured navel beef, Irish sea moss, almond paste, milo sugar cane, hard
dough bread, tamarind balls, genips, callalou, yams, breadfruit, saltfish, king fish.
It is all there. Imported sodas.
Great Wall Supermarket
700 Hungerford Drive
Rockville, MD 20850
240 314 0558
Great Wall
2982 Gallows Road
Falls Church, VA 22042
703 208 3388
The seafood counter is multiple times as long as the “normal”
seafood areas. Buffalo fish, carp, tilapia are all swimming
around in water in glass walled tanks. You can point to the
one you want and they will fish it out for you. Crabs of
different kinds: Dungeness, Stone and Crystal. Jelly fish skin
is also available as well as fresh eels and frogs. At the meat
counter you will find boneless duck feet, pickled pig snout and
calves intestines. At the large vegetable and fruit tables, select
from the array of banana flowers and bamboo shoots. Birds’
nests. Swallow nest beverage. Shelves of different kinds of soy sauce
Habesha Ethiopian Market
Washington, DC 20001
1919 9th Street, NW
202 232 1919
This shop is also an informal eatery. It sells roasted Ethiopian coffee beans, tea
leaves, vibrant-colored spices like turmeric and berberé and injera.
Skyline Shopping Mall
3800 block of South George Mason Drive
Falls Church, VA 22041
Lots of small shops with ethnic foods. The best ones with the most variety of
goods are in the back of the mall. Most of the markets carry: injera (the
Ethiopian bread), meat (most of the markets have their own butchers), dry
ingredients (red pepper powder, spices, legumes), coffee (green beans and
roasted), incense (frankincense, myrrh), coffee accessories.
Of particular note are:
Al Amanah Market!
No. 3811-I
703 37ied figs, Indian and Ethiopian spices, labeneh,
Moroccan sardines, dates, couscous, halal meat and bins
full of beans.
Al Amal Market! !
No. 3817-G
703 820 2828
Frozen food, samosas, Chinese green tea, Goya canned
food, dried lemons, pickled cucumbers, canned eggplant in
salt, sesame paste, fresh vegetables and marshmallows - lots of marshmallows!
Marhaba Market!
No. 3819-S
703 820 7589!
Breads, halal meat - whole lamb, chicken, teff, coconut oil, natural sizma and tea
House of Spices - Nazret Baltina !
No. 3821-E
Fun shop. Small sunflower seeds, charcoal, dates, whole wheat, white tigray
honey (yet gray nechmar), strong mustards from Ethiopia. Black seed oil and
halal butcher.
Azieb Market,Inc.!
No. 3823-S
Bakery with ambasha and injera. They make their own flour. The bread is
baked on the premises. So fresh and delicious.
Skyline Butcher Shop
No. 3823-E
Opened in 1984 by a Palestinian. Halal. Will come and butcher your goat for
Eid. Whole lambs. A few groceries, ghee, grape leaves and cream cheese
Washington, DC 20004
202 524 4500
Washington, DC 20007
202 524 4630
801 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
1078 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
French bakery and cafe. Croissants, baguettes, pastries,
quiches, salads.
Patisserie Poupon
Washington, DC 20007
1645 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
202 342 3248
Pastries, breads and super salads with ice cream in
Saint Michel Bakery
5540 Wilkins Court
Rockville, MD 20852
301 770 5090
Wonderful French bakery with croissants, baguettes and
great pastries.
Manila Asian Foods
Laurel, MD 20707
9709 Fort Meade Road
301 776 9655
If you are checking out the Dutch Farmer’s market this shop is worth a visit.
They have lumpia shanghai, Yan-Yan, siopao, sitaw.
Heidelberg Pastry Shoppe
2150 N. Culpeper Street
Arlington, VA 22207
703 527 8394
Every kind of pastry, marzipan animals and shapes at holiday time.
Café Mozart
331 H Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
202 347 5732
Besides being a restaurant it has a fairly good sized shop with a selection of
German food.
German Gourmet
5838 Columbia Pike
Falls Church, VA 22041
703 379 8080
German, Swiss and Belgian specialities: meat, seafood, spaetzle,
dumplings,dairy, chocolates, wine, beer and toiletries.
Aphrodite Greek Imports
Falls Church, VA 22041
5886 Leesburg Pike
703 931 5055
Olives, large golden raisins and Easter foods. Dolmades (grape leaves stuffed
with rice) and frozen goodies like spanakopita. Freshly prepared specialities like
tzaziki, taramosalata. Decorative items.
Daily Spices
Fairfax, VA 22031
8424 Lee Highway
703 752 2314
Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern and Asia Pacific groceries. Frozen foods,
seeds, spices, samosas, chutneys, nuts and pastes.
Lotte Plaza
Chantilly, VA 20151
13955 Metrotech Drive
703 488 6600
This store carries foods from all over Asia at very reasonable prices. Good supply
of Indian food. Large selection of vegetables and seafood.
Kiran Grocery and Halal Meat
Sterling, VA 20164
156-B Enterprise Street
703 450 5531
South Asian sweets, halal meat, abundant supply of spices.
Pooja Groceries
Herndon, VA 20170
298 Sunset Park Drive
703 471 4378
Makhan ghee, teas, spices, samosas, Indian dishes, frozen
food, kulfi, chutney.
Indo-Pak Spices
Herndon, VA 20170
422 Elden Street
703 709 5842
This is a small curry heaven. Lots of spices, vegetables, naan and roti.
Flatbread, dairy, beans and all sorts of chutneys.
India Bazaar
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
383 Muddy Branch Road
301 963 7070
Indian spices, produce, sweets and a good selection of ice creams
Indonesian food online store
Wide selection of Indonesian products from pickled mango, quail eggs to
pandang extract.
The Italian Store
3123 Lee Highway
703 528 6266
Arlington VA 22201
Vodka sauces, fresh mozzarella balls, basil bunches and floury raw dough.
Fresh lobster-stuffed ravioli, subs and pizza.
A. Litteri (closed Sundays and Mondays)
Washington, DC 20002
517 Morse Street, NE
202 544 0184
Large, very large selection of wine, olive oils, vinegars.
Pastas, sauces, dried spices and Italian staples. Deli.
Great prices.
3315 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008
202 363 1999
4705-07 Miller Avenue
Bethesda, MD 20814
301 654 6367
Italian delicatessen homemade pizza dough, meats,
sausages, assorted frozen and canned Italian goods.
Bella Italia
Bethesda, MD 20816
4934 Hampden Lane
301 654 2667
Fine Italian gourmet and ceramics. Olive oil, vinegar espresso, pasta, spreads
and sauces, truffle products, grains, beans and chocolates.
Hinata Sushi Carry Out (closed on Mondays)
Bethesda, MD 20814
4947 Saint Elmo Avenue
301 656 1009
Market and carry-out. Three small tables. Japanese staples. Sushi. The fish is
from Tsukiji, Japan - the most famous fish market in the world.
Hana Japanese Market
Washington, DC 20009
2000 17th Street, NW
202 939 8854
Fresh vegetables, frozen and prepared food. Thursday deliveries of fresh
organic Japanese bread from Chicago, sushi from a Japanese chef. Japanese
rice, soy sauces, teas, snacks and candies. Onigiri, Yakult and green tea ice
Maruichi Grocery
Rockville, MD 20852
1047 Rockville Pike
301 545 0101
Sake and beer soft drinks, some sashimi, uni odeng and decent selection of
snacks. Green tea ice cream. Great hair products - Shiseido Tsubaki, Kzo
Assence and Gatsby hair wax. Everything is imported from Japan.
Kosher Mart
4860 Boiling Brook Parkway
301 468 0400
Rockville, MD 20852
Large assortment of kosher foods and kosher wines. Good fish counter. Small
Shalom Kosher Market
Wheaton, MD 20902
2307 W. University Boulevard
301 946 6500
Meat department is glatt kosher, parve (non-dairy) bakery, kosher wines, full line
of groceries. Deli.
Lebanese Butcher and Restaurant
Falls Church, VA 22046
150 Hillwood Avenue
703 533 2903
A halal butcher shop and café where most meats come from the owner’s
slaughterhouse. Pita bread, pickled lemon, chicken shawarma, vegetables.
Lebanese Taverna Market
Arlington VA 22207
4400 Old Dominion Drive
703 276 8681
Delicious freshly prepared mezze daily - hummus, tabbouleh, baba ghanouj,
stuffed grape leaves. Lots of canned goods and spices from Lebanon and the
Middle East. Their shawarma is worth the visit.
Al Nakheel Lebanese Grocery
Vienna, VA 22180
340 Maple Avenue West
703 938 4220
Call ahead and order meat or kebabs to be prepared. Kefta kebab is particularly
3301 New Mexico Avenue, NW
202 686 7070
Washington, DC 20016
Great hummus, baba ghanouj, taramosalata, fruit
syrups (the raspberry syrup is particularly delicious on
fresh berries), pita bread, cheese, olives.
Union Halal Butcher and Grocery
5102 Wilson Boulevard
Arlington, VA 22205
703 294 6070
Halal meat and organic chickens. Bulgur,
Moghrabieh, fava beans, black turtle beans, spices
teas, nuts, cheeses and frozen vegetables.
Gourmet Basket
McLean, VA 22101
6829 Tennyson Drive
703 848 2456
Delicious cocktail size meat and cheese pies and vegetable kibbe. Imported
food items include pine nuts, rose water, candy, tahina and string cheese.
Yekta Deli Imported Grocery
Rockville, MD 20852
1488 Rockville Pike, Suite A
301 984 1190
Great selection of Persian and Middle Eastern food. Dried and preserved fruit,
pickled foods, spices, kosher foods, Israeli products, ghee, cheeses and yogurts.
Herbs and baking products. Pomegranate molasses, fenugreek seeds, angelica
powder. Cookies. Fresh produce. Olives, olive oil. Spacious and spotless.
Asadur’s Market
Montrose Plaza
Rockville, MD 20852
5536 Randolph Road
301 770 5558
Large selection of Middle Eastern and Turkish products. Turkish delight and
sahlab mix, Turkish teksut, falafel mix and red and white vinegars from Greek
wines along with white kalamata balsamic vinegar. Lebanese pickled labneh and
pickled lemons. Sugar-coated fennel and other seeds as well as toasted and
untoasted red lentils.
Mediterranean Bakery and Café
Alexandria, VA 22304
352 Pickett Street
703 751 0030
Groceries as well as eat-in and take-out options. Rows of olive oils. Large
selection of balsamic vinegars. Argan oil from Morocco. Cheese. Variety of
Middle Eastern sweets. Tea pots.
Halalco Supermarket
Falls Church, VA 22046
155 Hillwood Avenue
703 532 3202
Wide variety of halal meat, they have a great selection of cheeses from the
Middle East. Spices, daal, herbs and some fresh vegetables. Very clean and
well stocked.
Fair Price International Supermarket
Alexandria, VA 20852
5703 Edsall Road
703 751 0786
Orange blossom water, spices, breads, snacks, fresh halal meat, large selection
of syrups, pickled foods, honey with nuts, tahini paste, pickled labneh, teff flour
from Ethiopia, who wheat flour from India, plantain fufu, lamb tripe, teas, beans,
lentils, Moroccan sardines, hair products, Al Fahke tobaccos for hookahs.
Kielbasa Factory
1073 Rockville Pike (upstairs)
240 453 9090
Rockville, MD 20852
Mostly Polish, some exceptions: Hungarian and a smattering of German
products. Great selection of pirogis, sweet as well as savory - such as fresh
cabbage or blueberry and cheese. All kinds of blintzes - recipes for preparation
of same are provided. Soup mixes such as cabbage and white borscht are
available, plus multigrain rye and pumpernickel breads and some Ruegenfish
goods. Wonderful selection of sausages - yes - kielbasa, as well as lean Danish
bacon. Variety of mustards.
European Foods
Arlington VA 22201
2700 N. Pershing Drive
703 524 6800
Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish imports,
seafood, cheeses, wines, homemade Argentine,
Guatemalan and Brazilian sausage. Olive oil, coffee.
Thursdays imported fish from Portugal: sardines and
Russian Gourmet
11431-B Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
301 816 0550
1396 Chain Bridge Road
McLean, VA 22101
703 760 0680
Assorted foods from Russia, Poland, Hungary and Moldova. Farmer’s cheese
which is the equivalent of European cottage cheese i.e. Topfen. Large
assortment of sausages. Various kinds of ham, soups, sour cherries, preserved
mushrooms. Pickled cabbage leaves (for the delicious cabbage rolls with pork
meat and rice - “sarmale”) or salt pickles.
European Bazaar
Rockville, MD 20850
1488-I Rockville Pike
866 912 0798
Homemade baked goods. Primarily a Russian deli, bakery and grocery store.
La Tienda on line
A selection of ham, cheese and rice .
Arlington, VA 22201
2700 N. Pershing Drive
703 524 6800
Brazilian, Portuguese and Spanish imports, seafood, cheeses, wines,
homemade Argentine, Guatemalan and Brazilian sausage. Olive oil, coffee.
Thursdays imported fish from Portugal: sardines and bacalhau.
A & H Seafood Market
Bethesda, MD 20814
4960 Bethesda Avenue
301 986 9692
Fresh deliveries on Thursdays of fish from Portugal and Spain. Variety of
groceries from Spain and paella pans of all sizes. Spanish sausages and whole
cured hams.
10100 Baltimore Avenue
College Park, MD 20740
301 345 6552
2901 Potomac Mills Circle
Woodbridge, VA 22192
703 492 1222
Small selection of Swedish groceries - coffees, breads, chocolates, various fruit
drinks and jams, frozen foods, herring, ginger cookies.
Swiss Bakery and Pastry Shop
5224 Port Royal Road
Springfield, VA 22161
703 321 3670
Artisan breads, French pastries, wedding cakes, ice
creams and sorbets. Assorted imported Swiss and
German gourmet products.
Cenan’s Bakery
Vienna, VA 22180
122 Branch Road, SE
703 242 0070
Baked goods are wonderful. The mango mousse cake is delicious. Also have
imported Turkish goods - olives, cheeses.
Le Petit Corner Store
1643 34th Street, NW
202 338 7555
Washington, DC 20007
Rose jams, boxes of Turkish delights, tahini, phyllo dough, mulberry molasses
and bags of bulgur. Fresh baked baklava and homemade borek. Frozen food and
brined sheep’s milk. They also carry a small selection of Turkish wine.
Amity Halal Meat and Grocery
10372 Lee Highway
Fairfax, VA 22030
703 532 2959
Large selection of meat and hard to find Turkish groceries. A favorite of Turkish
Eden Supermarket
Falls Church, VA 22044
6765 Wilson Boulevard
703 532 4950
Fresh udon, exotic canned produce like lotus and papaya, silken tofu, fish and
lots of sauces - black bean, garlic and soy. This market is in a mall that has
restaurants, bakeries,
jewelry stores and
coffee shops.
Rockville, MD 20852
11510 Rockville Pike, Suite D
301 231 9026
Black forest cake, white chocolate mousse
cake, fruit custard cakes, baklava, eclairs and croissants.
Silva’s Patisserie
Vienna, VA 22180
167 Glyndon Street, SE
703 255 6880
Small pastries, creme brulée, cannoli, French macaroons,
breads, marzipan, scones, croissants, cinnamon rolls,
Captain White’s Seafood City
Washington, DC 20024
1100 Maine Avenue, SW
202 554 5520
Freshly caught seafood as well as cooked food. Lobsters and crabs.
Blacksalt Fish Market and Restaurant
Washington, DC 20007
4883 MacArthur Boulevard, NW
202 342 9101
A variety of fresh fish.
Cannon Seafood, Inc.
Washington DC 20007
Fresh fish and shellfish. Shad roe in season.
1065 31st Street, NW
202 337 8366
A & H Seafood Market !
Bethesda, MD 20814! !
4960 Bethesda Avenue
301 986 9692
Fresh deliveries on Thursdays not only of fish from Portugal and Spain, but also
Portuguese rolls and breads from New Jersey. Variety of groceries from Spain
and Portugal and paella pans of all sizes. Spanish sausages and whole cured
hams for a large party. A large variety of fresh fish from the area and Chile.
513 West Broad Street! !
Falls Church, VA 22046! !
703 534 7770 ! !
Penzey’s Spices
1048 Rockville Pike
Rockville, MD 20852
301 738 8707
Glass containers with removable lids let your nose be the judge if that particular
spice is worth trying out. Recipes tell you how these spices can be used. So
many spices that it is hard to count. A zillion different kinds of sea salt!
The Spice and Tea Exchange
1069 Wisconsin Avenue, NW! !
Washington, DC 20007! !
202 333 4540!
320 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
571 312 8505
A large selection of gourmet spices. Before you buy you are invited to smell
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