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Professional Development Workshop
July 7–10, 2015 — Iowa State University
Registration information at
Applications are due June 5, 2015.
• Workshop intended for high school and community college agriculture,
science, and industrial technology teachers with an interest or background
in renewable energy.
• Lodging and meals are provided, plus $400 stipend and $250 for travel
costs covered.
• Learn from university researchers with state-of-the art laboratory equipment.
• Get hands-on experience in the lab and in the field.
• Network with colleagues from throughout the nation.
• Gain experience with learning modules that can be brought directly into
the classroom.
• Obtain graduate credit or license renewal credit.
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Each year, hundreds of thousands of new jobs are created in the renewable energy field. Because energy
production often occurs in rural areas, it is important to understand how energy and agriculture impact
each other. However, because the field is changing so rapidly, it can be difficult to keep up to the speed
of science. Therefore, this workshop aims to link research on these topics to high school and community
college teachers.
• Biogas/Anaerobic Digestion: Learn about the basics of anaerobic digestion and the potential uses on
different scales. Learn how to make a small biogas digester for use as a class project or activity.
• Wind: Learn about different scales of wind energy technology. Visits a large wind energy power plant.
Learn how to make small wind turbines to use for a class project or class activity.
• Biofuels: Visit a research farm where different crops such as switchgrass, miscanthus, and trees are
being grown for biofuels. Visit a processing facility to learn how grass and trees are converted to liquid fuel. Learn how to make biodiesel and about a student-based project based on converting waste
vegetable oil to biodiesel.
• Solar: Learn about using solar water pumping as a method to teach electrical energy concepts including Ohm’s Law and power output. Use tools to measure voltage, current, and power potential of
solar modules.
• Learning Module Training: Learn how to use learning modules on topics in sustainable energy.
• Also included in the workshop will be materials, resources, and other information to help integrate
new knowledge into the classroom. Because this year’s workshop will be a regional one, woven into
the workshop will be opportunities to share your experiences of teaching about sustainable energy
with colleagues from throughout the Midwest.
Registration information is available at
Applications are due June 5, 2015.
This professional development
workshop is a collaboration between
Iowa State University, the University
of Arkansas, and the Advanced Technology Environmental and Energy
Center (ATEEC) and is sponsored
by USDA New Era Rural Technology
Grant #2012-38414-19559.
For workshop info, contact:
Denise Mills
Iowa State University
[email protected] 952-412-7272
Michael Beck
Eastern Iowa Community Colleges
[email protected] 563-441-4085