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Shore Dog
In our premier edition you will also enjoy features like
how to join the “Pick of the Litter Club” supporting
local animal rescue organizations, Dr. Lange will share
proper flea & tick prevention, adoption stories, Buxy’s
Salty Dog recipes, Furfashion & toys . This edition is
sure to hit all of your senses, you will cry, laugh and
learn how to spoil your already pampered pet.
Shore Dog is supported by advertising and
subscriptions. Our mission is to give a portion of our
advertising and subscription revenue to local area
shelters and foundations like Bonnie Benson’s Paws
for the Cause. Our donations and future charity events
are all built to promote healthy and responsible dog
ownership in our communities. I would like to thank
you in advance for helping us make a difference in a
dog's life
We hope that you enjoy Shore Dog and we invite you
to share your suggestions and idea with us.
Welcome to the premiere
issue of Shore Dog
Magazine. Shore Dog
celebrates the devotion,
unconditional love and
character of our furry
children – our dogs. Our
vision is to deliver a local
dog magazine full of fun
and informative lifestyle
content. You can look
forward to columns like local celebrities and their
dogs, Ask Jack & Lucky, Bone Appetite highlighting
pet friendly restaurants and pubs, health & fitness and
so much more.
Hope Thomas
Creative Director & Designer
Melissa Hudson
Contributing Writers
Laura Greenback, Joy Freedman,
Rhonda Tuman, Julia Crawford
Jeannine Dennis, Joanne Cassidy
Mike Thomas
Ginny Nangle
Creative Images
Advertising Sales
Marketing & Promotions
Hope Thomas
Mike Thomas & Jake Hudson
Staff Dogs
Jack, Lucky & Marley Muffin
Shore Dog Magazine is published by Shore Dog
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Keep those tails wagging,
Hope Thomas
This issue is dedicated to my Jack Russell Nancy, my first dog.
Nancy taught me the most important lesson in life no matter my
faults or talents that it is ok to be me.
On the Cover: Jack
Photo by Melissa Hudson
All contents included in this publication
is owned by Shore Dog Magazine.
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Vi oca
Salisbury, MD
Serving Delmarva for 29 years
Julia Crawford
The sport of dogs has been a life-long avocation for Julia Crawford, a retired school teacher.
She has been the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America’s breed columnist for the American
Kennel Club Gazette for thirty years and is the author of The Bernese Mountain Dog
published in 2000. In 1992 Julia was awarded the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America’s
Outstanding Service medal with Life Membership. At the all-breed level, Julia is an active
member of the Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club and was in 2007 the club’s first recipient of
the AKC’s Outstanding Sportsmanship Award, which she considers as the ultimate honor.
Jeannine Harter-Dennis
Jeannine received her Ph. D. in Animal Nutrition from the University of Illinois in 1977
specializing in non-ruminant protein nutrition. She joined the faculty of the University of
Maryland Eastern Shore in 1981 as a poultry nutritionist and teaches courses in Animal
Nutrition, Companion Animal Management and Statistics (among others). She also breeds
and exhibits English Cocker Spaniels in Conformation and Obedience under the Asherwood
kennel name.
AnnaMarie Lange, V.M.D., Ph.D.
Dr. Lange is a practicing veterinarian and adjunct professor at WOR-WIC and Delaware Tech
community colleges. She began her career as a microbiologist in hospital laboratories. She
worked at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania while obtaining her Ph.D. in
Microbiology. She completed post-doctoral training at the University of Pennsylvania before
attending their school of veterinary medicine. She graduated in 1999 and started practicing
small animal medicine. Her interests are Holistic and alternative medicine, yoga, sailing, and
equine sports. Jackie Daniels, JRT, is Dr. Lange's resident teaching assistant and all-around
Ginny Nangle - Photographer
One rainy morning on her way into the studio, she spotted a starving pup. Every bone in his
body was visable, so she pulled over a couple hundred yards up the road. While trying to call
her brother, to see if he would take this puppy if she picked him up, he came out of the field
and straight up the middle of the road to her truck door. It was as if the angels were saying
“Here’s your new Mom, now go get her”. I opened the truck door, he jumped in shivering
and wet and laid his head between my knees. No more than a mile to my studio he fell fast
asleep. As I pulled into the parking lot, I cried, for now I knew I have a dog. He truly was
sent by the angels and has blessed my life. Pep goes with me everywhere and makes me
laugh everyday.
Mike Thomas
Fido Jokes, Ask Jack & Lucky, A Luger Tail, and Memories of Nancy.
I hope that this magazine will inspire readers to Rescue, Adopt, Donate, Laugh, and Love
myshoredog.com 5
Working Dog
by Laura Greenback
ould you mess with a
112-pound long-haired
German Shepherd
named Luger who is trained in
apprehension, tracking and
crowd control? Didn't think so.
Worcester County's five police
dogs make Ocean City, Snow
Hill, Pocomoke and Berlin safer
places to live, says Corporal
Calvin Purnell, director of
the K9 Program at the
Worcester County
Sheriff's Office. "The
presence of a dog
straightens people
out real fast,"
I n
the eight years Purnell and K9 Luger
have worked together, the pair has
stopped criminals in their tracks and
retrieved thousands of dollars of drug
money. After nightfall, K9 Luger
takes up much of the back seat in
Purnell's specially outfitted canine
patrol car. From 9 p.m. to 7 a.m., the
team patrols the county's dark, windy
roads. Luger is "bite trained," which
means he knows how to apprehend a
fleeing criminal. Thankfully, it has
never come to that, because some
criminals give themselves up at
the sound of his bellowing barks.
In 2004, Luger proved himself.
Purnell was in a car chase with
two teenagers who had stolen their
grandmother's car. The teens
crashed into a ditch, then
bailed out of the car and
bolted into the nearby
woods. "I gave them a
warning. They heard
the dog barking,
and I told them
they had three warnings. I could
hear the leaves rustling a little bit,
and then these guys came back
out of the woods," Purnell said.
The team's scored even bigger in
2005, when they confiscated
$25,000 of drug money. Luger
and Purnell aren't the only crimefighting K9 teams in Worcester-they are part of a unit with four
other canine cops, all with
different skills and specialties.
Deputy First Class Bethany
Ramey works with Dino, a black
labrador who sniffs out drugs.
Deputy Dave Lewis is paired with
Toby, a Springer Spaniel who is
an ace at finding explosives.
Deputies Katie Edgar and Chuck
Dennis team up with Jonka and
Denny, both German Shepherds
with skills in tracking and
Popular police dog breeds:
1. German Shepherd
2. Belgian Shepherd Malinois
3. Rottweiler
4. Labrador Retriever
5. Bloodhound
Police Dog skills:
1. Search for missing people
2. Find and apprehend criminals
3. Crowd control
4. Sniff for drugs and explosives
5. Find evidence
myshoredog.com 6
6. Look for cadavers
Keeping all of the police dogs and their owners fine-tuned in so many different skills takes a lot of training--and the
work doesn't stop after the dogs get their badges. Purnell leads a training session once a month, in which the
officers cover all kinds of "crazy" scenarios. He also encourages the deputies to run drills during their downtime.
"You have to keep the dog fresh. You may go a whole month without having to catch a bad guy or do a drug scan,
but the dog needs to be ready," Purnell said. "It's like a basketball player. You aren't going to stay good at
basketball if you don't practice." When it comes to him and Luger, training is a part of everyday life. In the slow
early morning hours, Purnell will sometimes convince another officer to take complicated path through the
woods, leaving a toy at the finish line. Then he lets Luger take a run for it. Those quiet hours on the road are much
more enjoyable with a canine companion, Purnell said. “It's nice having the company. I just love working with
him. A dog is always going to be loyal. He's right there for you," Purnell said.
A Luger Tail….
Having a 112-pound German Shepard as a partner can be dangerous to a
police officer, or at least his stomach. Late one evening while on patrol,
Officer Purnell was feeling hungry. The awkward hours of the midnight shift
do not allow for normal meals. Officer Purnell pulled into a “Wawa” and
purchased himself a hoagie. Just as it seems to always happen, a call came
over the radio and he had to respond, dinner would have to wait. Some time
later Officer Purnell, back on patrol heard a rustling sound coming from
behind him. The sound stopped and he thought nothing of it, then he heard it
again. Officer Purnell had gotten so busy he had forgotten all about his need
for nourishment, “Luger” however, had not. Not only did he enjoy the hoagie
but the wrapper as well. Officer Purnell later returned to “Wawa” and
purchased another hoagie. The employees at the store made a comment on
how hungry he must have been and he told them the amusing tale. Some K-9
officers may keep the sliding divider between them and their partners closed
but officer Purnell enjoys the companionship that “Luger” provides, usually
leaving it open, he closed it long enough to enjoy his second hoagie that
Call Jaime Caine
to find your
Paw-Fect Beach Home
in Ocean City or
Delaware Beaches
Our Terrier has recently
become aggressive to dogs that he
does not know. Before moving to
the beach, Charlie went to the dog
park everyday and spent endless
hours playing and running with
every type and size of dogs. Since
moving to the beach Charlie does
not have the dog park opportunity.
Dogs that he has known since we
moved here he loves but as I stated
new dogs are trouble for Charlie.
Knowing how much Charlie loves
to play I am very sad to see he
cannot make new friends. What
can we do?
A. Terriers in general can have
control issues, controlling play, its
pack and playtime. New dogs are
trouble, more than likely because
he hasn't had the opportunity to
“control” the play with them yet.
The best way to help him is to
start/find a doggie day care or play
group and introduce new dogs to
the group one at a time. This will
give the Terrier an element of
predictability and lesson his need a
bit for the control.
Q. Before bedtime Cloe follows us
to bed with a toy. Cloe gets 2 walks
a day, playtime than hangs out in
the evening but when we say
"bedtime" she grabs a toy and
wants to play.
Destiny and Frazier
were together for
almost 2 years. My
mother in-law has tried
changing the bowls
they shared and has
washed all the toys but Destiny is
still not acting normal. Is she
grieving and what can we do?
A. Yes she is grieving. All she
knows is her closest friend is gone.
Washing the toys will not take the
scent away. Changing Destiny's
bowls and feeding location will
help. As it will set up a new scent
and pack pattern for her. Try to
incorporate things she really loves
to do every day; walks, trips in the
car, favorite games, etc The more
upbeat you are the better she will
be as well.
Q. Our Jack Russell Lucky we
should have named Romeo
because when company comes
over he goes on a kissing frenzy.
Most of my dog loving friends and
their kids love the kisses but some
do not what can I do to control his
kissing frenzy.
peeing is not fun. When people
approach him, tell them he is in
training and not to pet him until he
and they are calm. Also have him
follow a command, such as sit, or
down before he gets affection. This
will lesson his excitement as he
follows the command.
Q. I did not think that dogs
watched TV well I was wrong mine does. Problem is he goes
crazy at the TV when an animal
appears on the screen. This past
Christmas we could not watch
because he went crazy jumping &
A. Teaching your dog the “quiet”
command should do the trick. Keep
a leash on him and put on Animal
Planet, when he barks give him a
short tug (so he will look at you),
and say “quiet”. When he stops
barking, give him a treat and praise
him. Repeat in 15-minute intervals,
2 or 3 x per day. He should get it in
about a week.
Kissing is a form of
dominating/grooming a pack
member, so his excitement and
affection with guests should be
limited. There are a few ways to
accomplish this. When company
comes, give him his favorite bone,
or kong with peanut butter etc. then
he has something to do besides lick
them. Also, putting a leash on him
when company is about will give
you the control over his behavior.
A.This one is easy! Before you go
to bed, change her routine. Just
about an hour before you go
upstairs remove her toys. Then
when you say ”bedtime” take a
biscuit and put it where she sleeps.
This should change her focus.
Q. Our mix of everything 8-month
puppy gets so excited that he pees
on people when they approach him
to say hi. How do we stop this now
while he is a puppy?
Q. Recently my Mother In-laws
Black Lab passed away, Destiny
her Chihuahua has not been eating.
A. One of the hardest things to
control is petting a cute puppy!
However, submissive or excitement
Please submit questions to
[email protected]
Joy Freedman is a Dog Behaviorist
and Obedience instructor who has
been training dogs and changing the
behavior in their owners throughout
the Mid Atlantic for over a decade!
Joy is the owner of 4 Paws Pet
Services. www.4pawspetservices.com
Visit your local shelter or rescue
DE SPCA Sussex Chapter Georgetown DE 302-856-6361
Delmar Puppy Rescue Berlin, MD 410-708-3951
Dalmatian Rescue of Delaware Milton, DE 302-684-1103
Humane Society of Dorchester MD 410-228-3090
Humane Society of Wicomico MD 410-749-7603
Kent County SPCA Camden 302-698-3006
Paws of Tomorrow, Ocean View DE 302-604-4599
Wags & Wishes Animal Rescue Cambridge 410-476-8629
Worcester County Humane Society Berlin, MD 410-213-0146
Cats Around town Society Ocean View, DE 302-355-9979
Open Soon** Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary 302-856-6460 Nassau DE
Buxy’s Salty Dog
of Ocean City
Doggie donuts
Dog food recipe ingredients:
2 cups whole wheat flour
1 egg (lightly beaten)
2/3 cup beef or chicken broth
3 tbsp oatmeal
Dog food recipe directions:
Add flour, egg, and broth to a bowl, then mix
well. Blend in oatmeal.
Roll dough into a ball, and roll out on a lightly
floured surface so it's about 1/2" thick. Cut into
donut shapes with small donut cutters. Roll
scraps into a ball and repeat.
Place donuts in a shallow baking dish or on a
sheet of parchment paper.
Cook on high 10 minutes or until firm.
Let cool until hardened, then store in a covered
Serving Delmarva Since 1978
Sales - Parts - Service
Route 13
Seaford, DE
302 629-3581
Living here at the beach, one of our favorite
activities is to dine outdoors with Jack...
Outdoor pet friendly pubs and restaurants allow us
to enjoy the scent of salt air, the sounds of boats
docking, the warmth of the sun, and the amazing
sunsets while meeting new friends of the human
and four legged kind. In every issue of Shore Dog
Magazine, we will share our four legged friends
favorite digs.
Ocean City
Anthony’s 12th Street Atlantic Stand
MR Ducks Tikki Bar
Ruddertown Deck - Dewey Beach
Harpoon Hanna’s Deck - Fenwick Island
Lazy Susan Crab Shack - Rehoboth
Irish Eyes Pub - Milton
Café Azifran - Lewes
Bizzotto’s Gallery and Café - Onancock
Blarney Stone Pub - Onancock
Flamenco Restaurant - Onancock
Here are a few pooch etiquette tips for the
restaurant that does NOT discriminate
against our four legged children.
Make sure your pooch is well behaved around other
dogs, people, and most important kids.
Make sure your pooch relieves him/her self
BEFORE entering the outside eating area.
Keep the pooch on a leash - be aware of your dog
greeting others unless otherwise welcomed
Keep your pooch close so that not in the path of
wait staff
Keep your pooch off the table, benches and chairs
Bring a doggie water bowl
Not sure about a restaurant - call first
Most importantly enjoy your time together
She came into our life unexpectedly one day in
November of 1994. With the sudden passing of my
Grandfather, my future wife and I became the parents of a
fuzzy, energetic, little, slightly depressed Jack Russell Terrier,
with an attitude, named “Nancy”.
We moved into his house temporarily to help get
things in order with his estate. Little did we know at the time,
how much she would impact both of our lives.
My wife had never had a dog, only cats. It did not
help the matter any when we could not walk passed her or
feed her without fear for our lives. We pressed on and tried to
ease the fears of this crazy little dog!
Fast forward. My wife and I bought a house and
were married in the next 3 years. Nancy is with us everyday,
everywhere we go. If Nancy could not go we did not go. We
left her only one time in the entire 10 years that we had her,
and that was our honeymoon. It bothered us so much we
swore we would never do it again.
We purchased our first property on the Eastern Shore
so that we could take her away with us to the Beach. We all
enjoyed many days together in the park, on the beach, and in
the bay. She swam in the bay, and in the air if you picked her
up before she was done. That was something I am sure you
can enjoy if you have experienced it yourself.
Nancy passed away at the age of 16. My sister
rescued her
and gave
her to my
r when she
was 1 year
old. We
got her at
age 6 after
his passing,
and had 10
getting to know just how wonderful it is to be, “dog
parents”. She was definitely a mommy's girl. She followed
her, and lounged around with her, but she loved both of us.
We now have “Jack”. He is a 3year old Jack
Russell Terrier. He is more of a daddy's boy, but loves both
of us. That is what having a dog is all about. We get
unconditional love, and all they want is for us to spend time
with them and return the love. What better place to do that,
then on the shores of Delmarva. We enjoy the life of sun,
sand, water, and the boating. That is a great life for dog's
and people alike. Get out there and enjoy your dog and
your life!
Mike Thomas
(302) 436-1928
Reasons why
Kids need Dogs
1) Encourages responsibility
2) Builds condifidence
3) Creates a Caring compassion bond
4) Promotes listening & learning
5) Provides excellent exercise for your children
6) Built-in Playmate
7 8
7) Dogs understand kids when their parents don't!
8) Dogs offer children unconditional love
9)Children can learn important life lessons from their dog.
10) “Cause we like them” Dylan & Jenna Rapa
The Green Pack
All natural foods
Rt. 113
Dagsboro, DE
4 Different Levels of Accommodations
2 FT Groomers available 6 days/week
2 FT Groomers available 6 days/week
He Doc
AnnaMarie Lange, V.M.D., Ph.D.
Spring Tune Up
As the weather warms into
Spring and we begin planning our
future outdoor activities, we
should remember our pets who
spent the Winter hibernating with
us indoors. This is an excellent
time to make sure that your pet is
prepared for the upcoming
warmer weather.
Flea and tick protection
Although fleas and ticks
are present in the environment
year round, their numbers will
increase greatly in the warmer
weather. the safest and most
effective products to prevent flea
and tick problems come from your
veterinarian. Over the counter
products, in addition to providing
inferior protection, have often
been associated with serious
health problems, especially in
Heartworm Prevention
Along with fleas and ticks,
mosquito activity will also greatly
increase, as the weather gets
warmer. Mosquitoes may carry a
variety of diseases however the
one that poses the greatest risk to
your pet is also easily preventable.
The parasite that causes
Heartworm Disease is carried and
transmitted by mosquitoes. Both
dogs and cats, including indoor
cats, are at risk for contracting this
However, Heartworm
Disease is also easily preventable.
Presently there is a wide range of
The parasite that causes
Heartworm Disease is
carried and transmitted by
products available to prevent
Heartworm Disease. Most of these
products also prevent some
additional parasitic diseases. The
spectrum of protection varies
between products. Your veterinarian
can help you select the product most
suited to our pet's needs and life
Spring is a great time to make sure
that your dog's vaccinations are up to
date. Many vaccines, such as the
Rabies vaccine, are typically given
every three years. Other vaccines,
for example, Leptospirosis and
Lyme vaccines, are given every year.
Bordetella or Kennel Cough vaccine
may be administered as frequently as
six months depending upon the dog's
activities. Puppies and young adult
dogs are vaccinated more frequently.
Consult with your veterinarian to
determine your dog's individual
Shape up
We all tend to be less active in the
Winter. The same is often true of our
canine companions.
To avoid
possible injuries, begin any new
strenuous activities with your dog
gradually. Start out slowly with
regular walks before hitting the
beach for that all out end of winter
If you are planning a trip this
summer with your dog, there are
several things to keep in mind. Your
pet should have some form of
permanent identification that will
aid in reuniting you if you become
Microchipping is a widely
available, painless procedure
that insures that your dog can
be identified if lost.
Microchipping is a
widely available, painless procedure
that insures that your dog can be
identified if lost. Most microchip
companies provide online accounts
for users so that contact information
may be easily and frequently
Next Issue Preventative Maintenance
myshoredog.com 13
functions or community activities.
Those interested in arranging a visit
by our Canine Ambassadors for a
school or youth organization should
call 410-548-2110.
The Salisbury Maryland
Kennel Club, Inc.
The Dog Owner's Resource
When it comes to dogs, finding the
right breed, training, dog shows
and any question you can think of
regarding canines, the Salisbury
Maryland Kennel Club, Inc.
(SMKC) has been a ready and
reliable resource of knowledgeable
information since it was founded in
1953. SMKC is well known for its
Annual AKC Dog Shows,
Obedience and Rally Trials held in
early November at the Wicomico
County Youth & Civic Center with
as many as 1500 dogs from all over
the country.
Through the years, SMKC has
offered and continues to offer the
community a wide variety of
training classes, ranging from
simply helping Fido to become a
well mannered, manageable dog to
preparing dogs and their owners for
competition in obedience, rally and
agility trials as well as
Kindergarten is a great way to start.
Particularly popular is the Canine
Good Citizen (CGC) class,
focusing on having a well-behaved
pet at home and in the community.
The major goal at all levels is to
enhance the enjoyment of canine
companionship and to promote
responsible dog ownership.
New Training Center
With the 2008 completion of
SMKC's, brand new, state of the art
myshoredog.com 14
Training Center in WinterPlace
Park, Salisbury, Maryland, just off
Route 50, the club's menu of
classes taught by experienced and
well-qualified instructors is more
extensive than ever. The spacious
training arena has padded, slipproof flooring for safety and
comfort. A large fenced, outdoor
area behind the Training Center
enables instructors to provide
opportunities for handlers and their
dogs to work in outdoor
One hour class sessions run for
eight weeks throughout the year.
For class information and
s c h e d u l e ,
v i s i t
or call 410-548-2110.
Canine Ambassador
Canine Ambassadors are members
of the Salisbury Maryland Kennel
Club who with well-trained dogs
volunteer to provide educational
programs about dogs to children in
classrooms, at libraries, in afterschool programs, at 4-H and Scout
meetings and at other youth
Upcoming Events
A new session of training classes
begins the week of March 9th at the
new Training Center. Information
and pre-registration is available at
On April 17, 18, 19, 2009, the
Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club,
Inc. will hold Agility Trials at the
Crown Sports Center in Fruitland,
Maryland. The public is invited
(free admission) to observe what is
described as one of the most exciting
canine sports for spectators. Agility
is fast-paced, with dogs and
handlers enthusiastically racing
against the clock over an obstacle
course that includes jumps, zigzag
weave poles, ramps and tunnels.
SMKC offers several levels of
Agility classes, ranging from just
having fun to preparing for
competition. To learn about this
sport and for pure enjoyment, come
watch the teamwork at SMKC's
Agility Trials in April as dogs and
handlers navigate challenging
Fido Funny
Three dogs walk into a bowling alley.
One is a Jack Russell, one is a Pug and
the other is a Wiener dog. The Jack
Russell asks the Pug, “Who do you
think will win today”? The Pug
responds, “The Weiner Dog, he has
been on a roll”.
Local Celebs
Bonnie M. Benson, P.A.
Many people find change
on the beach but not
everyone finds a shiny
penny like this one.
Pictured here Lesley
Bunting of Irie Radio 98.1
with her adopted dog Ms.
Founder of
Paws For The Cause
Ms. Penny
To Chase Away K-9 Cancer
He is known as DJ Tuff but he is anything
but tuff when it comes to Hannah
I adopted my dog, Hannah, 3 years ago. I
like taking her for walks, everyone in the
neighborhood adores her. Hannah is a
very well trained 7 year old
that loves everyone.
DJ Tuff and Hannah of Irie Radio 98.1
Attorney at Law
Specializing in Real Estate Settlements for over 20 years
Estate planning, Guardianships, Elder law,
Probate Administration and Business Formation
Upcoming Celeb - EJ Foxx (Cat Country)
Camden, Delaware
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Lewes, Delaware
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Story & Photos
Courtesy of T J Dunn, DVM
he primary outgrowth of keeping
your dog physically fit will be a
substantially improved quality of life
throughout the aging process. And
when old age does come knocking,
your dog will be much better
equipped to continue to be mobile,
alert and enthusiastic throughout the
day. You have to decide if the goal of a
higher quality of life, throughout life,
is worth the effort for you and your
dog. Even in the presence of such age
related debilitation as arthritis,
circulatory inefficiency, or cognitive
dysfunction, any physically active
dog will be far better off than one that
has led a sedentary life. When
thinking of how physical fitness
impacts your dog, “quality of life” are
the key words. Robert Gillette, DVM,
MS, has published numerous articles
on canine sports medicine and
exercise physiology and is the
Director of the Sports Medicine
Program, College of Veterinary
Medicine, Auburn University,
Auburn, Alabama. Dr. Gillette states
“Fitness and exercise have the same
16 myshoredog.com
beneficial affects in the dog as they do
in the human. It helps to keep
unwanted weight off the dog and
improves the overall physical health.
One of the most important benefits
that exercise has on the dog is the
positive effect on its psychological
well-being. And sedentary canines
have a much higher risk of health and
medical problems than active dogs.
This parallels the same health issues
seen in humans.”
Not all dogs are able to run free with
their human companion along
deserted logging roads every
morning. And most dogs are tightly
constrained by their environment and
the responsibilities and limitations of
their human keeper. But there are
ways all of us can contribute to our
dogs’ quality of life through physical
fitness no matter where or how we
live. And the foundation upon which
any fitness goal rests is high quality
nutrition. More than anything else,
what you feed your dog and how
much of it you feed will impact the
dog’s level of fitness. Simply stated,
do not allow your dog to become
overweight. And you must fight the
urge to chose your dog’s food based
upon price, and instead base the
purchase decision on quality. If you
do nothing else to improve your dog’s
fitness, choose a high quality, meatbased food and avoid feeding too
much of it. You have total control over
what your dog eats; that’s a big
“Fitness and
exercise have
the same
beneficial affects
in the dog as they
do in the human.”
responsibility and it impacts the dog’s
physical fitness every single day.
Physical activity is a very close
second when it comes to keeping fit
because every tissue in the body
needs to be worked for optimal
function to be achieved. An
overweight, sedentary dog will have
little enthusiasm for getting off the
couch for a walk around the block
because exercise is not comfortable
and is not immediately rewarding
when the level of fitness is low.
Fitness must be earned.
What is a good way to get started on a
fitness program for your dog? Dr.
Gillette suggests “Initially it is best to
assume the dog is not conditioned or
fit. Have the dog checked out by your
veterinarian to be sure the dog is
healthy enough to participate in an
exercise program. You should choose
an appropriate exercise that allows
the dog to participate. A few
examples of these types of exercise
are jogging, biking, hiking, roller
blading, cross-country skiing,
playing fetch plus many more. The
dog can run with the owner during
some of these types of activities, but
for safety reasons keep in mind the
need for leash restraint.“
Obviously, you need to tailor the
activity to the breed because that little
overweight Dachshund will have a
much different ability level than the
neighbor’s Akita. Dr. Gillette
believes running is an excellent way
to keep a dog fit and says, “Begin by
taking the dog for a one mile run, no
longer. Assess the endurance and how
the dog reacts to this distance. Signs
that are indicative of fatigue are
panting, dry mouth, attempts to find
shade, stopping
to drink water,
abnormal gait,
and reluctance
to continue.
The workout
should stop
when these
signs appear.
We do not want
to create a
m e d i c a l
Determine at
what distance
these signs first
occur and that
will be the
beginning distance. If the dog does
not show any of these signs during the
run, observe it for a few hours after
the run and again the next morning. If
the dog shows any discomfort then
cut back the distance by one half. If
the dog shows no problems then
increase the distance using a weekly
stair step program. Increase the
distance by one-half to one-mile
increments. Use the same signs as
described to determine the dog’s
ability to handle increases in
exercise. Always check the dog’s
paws and pads at the end of every
workout session and if any lesions or
lacerations are present consult your
In addition to Dr. Gillette’s
suggestions about running consider
joining a local dog club. There all
sorts of fitness activities such as
showing, obedience training, and
agility exercises and competitions
that are fun and provide mental and
physical stimulation. Even
something as simple as a walk around
the block every day will have a
beneficial health impact on you and
your dog. Other things you can do to
improve your dog’s fitness relate to
keeping health maintenance updated
through an annual veterinary
physical exam. Thyroid Gland
function should be checked in any
dog that seems sedentary and
overweight. Always bring in a urine
sample to be checked, too, because an
underlying bladder or kidney
infection will create a continuous
drag on your dog’s health. A Blood
Chemistry Panel, which analyzes a
multitude of biochemical parameters
in your dog, is an excellent way to
monitor invisible organ function
status and should be done annually.
Be sure to check the gums and teeth
regularly, especially the difficult-tosee molars where abscessed roots are
common. Poor oral health is a major
cause of debilitation in older dogs and
next month’s column will explore
that topic in depth. If your dog
develops arthritis there are a number
of products including nonprescription dietary supplements
such as Omega Fatty Acids that often
greatly improve function, mobility
and comfort.
In summary, there are two main
factors you need to address if you are
to keep your dog physically fit. One is
nutritional… high quality, meatbased food in amounts that keep your
dog slightly thin rather than slightly
(or grossly) overweight. The other is
physical activity… in amounts that
stimulate the mind and heart of your
wonderful canine companion. The
rewards for fitness are there for you
and your dog to achieve. Is it time for
you and your dog to “Go For It”?
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Dock Dogs
written by: Rhonda Tuman
Whether you believe the tall
tale that the flying dog sports
competition, Dock Dogs, was
"filler" event during the 2000 ESPN
Outdoor Games or that two old duck
hunters created it out of boredom
waiting to shoot their prey, the sport
has taken off in leaps and bounds
around the world.
It has developed into a popular
family activity that brings people
together for weekend competitions
from all lifestyles to all corners of the
world. Anyone with a dog, a ball, or
toy can compete.
In 1999, ESPN hired Melanie and
Shadd Field through another
organization (IRO) to stage dog
events for The ESPN Great Outdoor
Games. They created this new “dog
jumping” sport. Their challenge was
to create a competitive event out of
what had traditionally been a fun
pass-time, a fun activity at the fair, or
as a corporate demonstration. The
essence was simple: “A dog and
handler team work together to jump
the greatest distance.”
It began with a 48 foot dock 24 inches
off of the water because that is what
ESPN provided the first year. The
jump is measured by the distance
jumped between the zero point and
the closest point where the dog lands.
The starting point is measured from
the rear of the dog, versus the nose, to
avoid bias due to the length of the
After developing the rules and
standards, it became obvious that
they needed to form a governing
body. Jim Downs, then the Director
of the Great Outdoor Games,
encouraged Melanie and Shadd to
create a sanctioning body and
develop qualifying competitions.
That is how DockDogs was born, and
in 2001 Melanie and Shadd coproduced the televised qualifier The
Sporting Dog Challenge. That show
and the popularity of the event drew
competitors from all over the nation.
Today, Dock Dog and Big Air
competitions are nationally televised
events and clubs are springing up all
over the US.
In 2002, DockDogs, Inc. was
established as a company, and holds
more than 100 competitions
worldwide annually. There are more
than 20 affiliate clubs in the U.S. and
others in Canada, Japan, Australia,
and Germany.
The cost of
membership is minimal, although
events are open to members or
anyone who happens to be visiting
the day of a competition.
Samantha Dobrich, a Dover, DE.
college student and a member of
Delmarva Dock Dogs, says as a
member I am informed about
upcoming events, picnics, and
special activities. There is definitely
an advantage to being a member.
Everyone is so nice and helpful,
although sometimes the guys taking
the competition too seriously. They
are almost like “Little League dads”.
Dobrich is the primary handler of her
family's pets -- two young dogs who
are new to competing, Carly Simon
and Barley. Carly is a pure breed
Chocolate Lab who is little over a
year old. Carly goes to have fun –
and to slosh around in the water, she
sort of plops, or slides into the water
off the dock. Her brother, Barley, a
year-and-a-half–old lab-pointer mix-
breed dog, is the star competitor on
the docks and in the family pack, she
beams with pride as she pets Barley,
who is amazingly calm now.
In each venue, indoors (swimming
pool) and outdoors (ponds, lakes, or
rivers), there are three categories
dogs compete in -- Big Air, Extreme
Vertical, and Speed Retrieve. A
dog's weight determines his or her
division – lap dog, veteran, novice,
junior, senior, master, elite and
master elite. Barley is in the Senior
Division and Carly Simon is in the
Novice Division.
“Barley is a natural; he's a freak of
nature he is so good. He jumps 18 or
more feet in the air (Extreme
Vertical) and 12 feet or more
We have only been
participating for about six months
and I do not spend a lot of time
training him, but he likes jumping so
much that he often jumps over his
three siblings at the same time – a St.
Bernard, a Puggle, and Carly Simon.
His normal speed is running and
jumping and without much warning,
sometimes all you see is a flash
scaling your head before you
realized that was Barley,” Dobrich
Barley is really Alexander Dobrich's
dog, Samantha's brother. Alex is
uncomfortable watching Barley
perform because he worries that
Barley will get hurt. “I worry that he
could hurt himself. However, he
really enjoys competing, so I leave it
up to Sam to keep him safe,” says
The Dobrich Pack is limited to how
much they can compete. “It is an
expensive hobby, with the cost of
gas, food, accommodations,
overnight stays, etc. Many of the
events are more than a day's ride
from Dover, with work and school
dock dogs is really just a hobby for
us,” Samantha Dobrich says.
Participants must pay a registration
fee of $20 per “wave” or jump that a
dog participates in, and there are
often a
or more
i n a
er, they
o n l y
for a wave prior to the start of the
competition. It gives handlers an
opportunity to size up the
competition for the day.
“If your dog is not having a good day,
then you haven't lost anything. Each
sponsoring club or organization
establishes its own rules and
rewards. Most of the time nominal
cash awards ($200, $100, $75, and
$50) are made at the finals; however,
ribbons are generously awarded for
each wave, she adds.
“Barley's winnings usually pay for
Carly Simon's splashing around.
When Barley is getting a lot of
attention, Carly often pushes him
under water so he doesn't lose
perspective,” Dobrich adds with a
While lap dogs occasional compete,
labs, “Chessies”, or Chesapeake bay
retrievers, golden retrievers,
pointers, and herding dogs are the
primary competitors on the
Delmarva Peninsula, Dobrich adds.
According to DockDogs statistics
published on the World Wide Web,
the average annual income of the
Dock Dog enthusiast
(handler/owner) is $50,000 or more.
A typical handler is male, over the
age of 50, and participates in
DockDogs competition more than
five times a year; and 56 percent of
the dogs who compete are labs.
Gary Morgenstern, former director
of ESPNs Outdoor Programming
said, “Big Air dogs are the hottest
property in the Outdoor Market.”
Over 8,000 people watched a recent
practice session in St. Louis.
myshoredog.com 19
Super-bouncy and irresistible,
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Soft-sided design with berber fabric and
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DrinkBetter Dog Bowl
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Saturday April 25th
9am to Noon - Rain or Shine
Ocean City Boardwalk at the Inlet
Please support the Ocean City Humane Society and the 10th Annual Board
Walkin’ for Pets walk-a-thon. Meet at the OC Inlet on the Boards and register
to be eligible for prizes. Enjoy refreshments for people & canines. Contests
begin at 9:30am. Walk the entire length of the boardwalk or to 12th street.
Bring your 4-legged friend or “Adopt” a shelter dog
for the day. Arrangements must be made prior the
I thought it would be timely to discuss the topic of
FDA 'Recalls' of dog foods and dog treats that we have
seen in recently. The Food and Drug Administration
(FDA), which is part of the U. S. Department of Health
and Human Services, is responsible for overseeing the
safety of the food that our pets and we consume. In the
past 5 years alone we have had recalls due to the presence
of aflatoxins, melamine and salmonella in canned and dry
dog food as well as packaged dog treats.
contaminants have caused everything from mild intestinal
distress to death.
In this issue I will address the problem with
aflatoxins contamination. You may remember the
problem 4-5 years ago deaths were being reported after
they ate certain brands of dog food. Dogs consuming
kibble made with aflatoxins corn were suffering kidney
failure as well as other health issues. Well, it turned out
that the corn used as an ingredient in these dog foods was
contaminated with a compound called 'aflatoxin'.
Aflatoxin is a mold that grows on wet corn and is
poisonous to many cat if not all species of livestock and
humans. If corn is harvested and stored properly then
aflatoxins are not a problem. However, problems can
occur if the corn contains too much moisture during
storage. Sometimes we can't prevent the aflatoxins from
growing but we certainly can prevent the use of 'bad' corn
in foods that will be consumed by pets an humans. When
corn is used in making dog food, the companies
manufacturing that food need to have an excellent quality
control prog ram to insure that they are not using any
contaminated corn. This involves not only testing the
corn before it is mixed into the kibble but also having a
stringent testing program after the kibble has been
produced. I have no problem with feeding corn to my
dogs – it is a grain with good nutritional value if processed
correctly. What I am concerned about is how to make sure
that any dry kibble I feed contains only aflatoxin free corn
and this is hard, if not impossible to do. While the price
you pay for a bag of kibble is no guarantee of quality, the
old adage “You usually get what you pay for” is important
to remember. Premium quality dog foods usually have
higher production standards than the 'low end' brands.
One thing consumers can do is to contact the dog food
company and ask questions!!!! Let them know that we
are concerned.
In the next issues of this column I will talk about
problems with Salmonella and melamine contamination.
Jeannine Harter-Dennis Ph. D.
Animal Nutritionist
Department of Agriculture
we certainly
prevent th
in foods that will be consumed by pets a
corn is used in making dog food,
I thought it would be timely to discuss the topic of
need toRdhave an
6830 that
FDA 'Recalls' of dog foods and dog treats that we have
control progSnow
to insure
that they a
MD 21863
seen in recently. The Food and Drug Administration
contaminated corn.
(410) 430-1338
(FDA), which is part of the U. S. Department of Health
corn [email protected]
it is mixed into the kibble
and Human Services, is responsible for overseeing the
stringent testing
program after the
safety of the food that our pets and we consume. In the
produced. I have no problem with fe
Your Local source
past 5 years alone we have had recalls due to the presence
dogs – for
it is personalized
a grain with good
of aflatoxins, melamine and salmonella in canned and dry
correctly. What I am concerned about is
tiles and boxes, cutting boards, jewelry, granite, leather goods and more!
dog food as well as packaged dog treats.CeramicThese
that any dry kibble I feed contains only a
contaminants have caused everything from mild intestinal
and this is hard, if not impossible to do.
distress to death.
you pay for a bag of kibble is no guaran
In this issue I will address the problem with
old adage “You usually get what you pay
aflatoxins contamination. You may remember the
to remember. Premium quality dog fo
problem 4-5 years ago deaths were being reported after
higher production standards than the 'low
they ate certain brands of dog food. Dogs consuming
One thing consumers can do is to con
kibble made with aflatoxins corn were suffering kidney
company and ask questions!!!! Let th
failure as well as other health issues. Well, it turned out
are concerned.
that the corn used as an ingredient in these dog foods was
In the next issues of this colum
contaminated with a compound called 'aflatoxin'.
problems with Salmonella and melamin
Aflatoxin is a mold that grows on wet corn and is
poisonous to many cat if not all species of livestock and
humans. If corn is harvested and stored properly then
aflatoxins are not a problem. However, problems can
occur if the corn contains too much moisture during
storage. Sometimes we can't prevent the aflatoxins from
Pet Portraits by Dee Craig
It’s a Dog’s Life
Photo by Creative Images
Travel Tips
You are not home.
Traveling with your dog is becoming
easier and enjoyable. More and
more accommodations are not only
'allowing dogs' but are going out of
their way to make traveling with
your dog easy and enjoyable. As all
dog owners know – dogs are
creatures of habit. At 6:30 each
morning my little Lewes crawls up
my sleeping body (luckily he is only
7 pounds) and sticks his tongue in my
ear to wake me up. I haven't needed
to set an alarm since he joined our
family 'pack'. Unfortunately, I can't
get him to understand the concept of
sleeping in on my day off.
This tidbit is something to keep in
mind when you travel with your dog.
Vacations are a get away from your
usual routines and habits.
Unfortunately, your dog may not
only find this to be a fun adventure he
may also be confused and anxious. A
dog who always walks well off leash
at home may suddenly take off to
parts unknown to check out a new
exotic aroma. Dogs that
a bath – suddenly can't
t jumping into a swimming pool or
even better a muddy creek. A dog
that usually eats like a vacuum
cleaner may suddenly be too excited
to touch his food for days. Or a picky
eater may decide to munch on a dead
fish on the beach.
On vacation you may like to do new
and exciting things like parasailing
and kayaking. Your dog may also
decide to do new and exciting things
on vacation. While it may be
entertaining – like seeing an elderly
dog jump around like a puppy on a
sandy beach, it also could turn
dangerous and unhealthy. Try to
keep some of your usual dog routines
in place. Take some extra control of
your dog and observe how he is
coping with the changes. Don't
assume that your usually wellbehaved pet will display only his
good traits.
When you first arrive at your
location, orient your dog, as well as
written by:
Joanne Cassidy
Owner of Lazy L at Willow Creek
A Dog Friendly Bed & Breakfast
yourself, to the new surroundings.
When unpacking – bring in the dog
food, bowls, bedding and toys first.
This will send a strong message to
you pet that he is going to stay here
with you. Don't assume that your pet
can stay alone in the motel or guest
room as long as he does at home. He
will be hearing and seeing new and
novel things and will be 'on alert'
much more than when he is home
alone. Keep in mind – you are not at
With some good planning and
support of your dog, you to can have
fun traveling with your pet.
myshoredog.com 25
The Dogs of the Shore….
Grey Hounds Reach the beach – Rehoboth Beach
Lewes Lawyer Bonnie Benson - Raised over $5,000 at the first
annual Paws for the Cause fundraiser.
Georgetown SPCA – Ribbon Cutting – New large fenced areas
added for families to interact with animals and for shelter pets to get
exercised, to enjoy fresh air and the warm sun
The Buxy's Salty Dog Football Bowl party -Buxy's Home of the 4
legged Steeler fans
Selbyville Pet & Garden Center's Annual Holiday Open House –
December 2008
Salisbury and Mispillion Club Dog Show – November 7-9 2008
Around the Dog Bowl… Upcoming Events…
Date: March 17th Time: 5PM – 10:00PM
Event: Dine & Donate Event
Iron Hill Brewery will generously donate 20% of your food bill (excluding alcoholic beverages) to the Delaware SPCA.
Location: Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant
Date: March 22nd Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.
Event: H.S.W.C. will be holding a Rabies Clinic.
Cost: This is a "CASH ONLY" event. The cost of a rabies Cost: shot is $10.00
Date: Sunday March 8, 2009 SMKC new training center.
Event: SMKC will be hosting an AKC Sanctioned B Match
Date: April 4th Time: Noon
Event: Pets CPR & First Aid Class
Contact: E-mail Jennie Deputy at [email protected] or call 410-548-2110 to sign up.
Date: April 17,18 & 19th
Event: All Breed AKC Agility Trails
Location: Crown Sports Center, 28410 Crown Road, Fruitland, Md
Date: April 25th Time: 11am – 12 is registration. The walk begins at noon.
Event: Delaware's 6th Annual Walk for the Animals at the Beach
Location: Northend of the Boardwalk - Rehoboth Beach, De.
For more information contact: 302-571-0111 or visit www.dehumane.org
Date: April 25th Time: 9AM to Noon
Event: Ocean City's 10th Annual Board Walkin’ for Pets
Location: Ocean City Boardwalk inlet
For more information visit: http://www.boardwalkinforpets.com
Know of an upcoming event or if you would like to help or donate services to Shore Dog Magazine for the planning of upcoming fundraisers
like Yuppy Hour, 18holes for a Cold Nose Golf Tournament , Play 9 for K9's Golf Tournament, Play 8and Black Collar blue jean fundraiser.
Email us at [email protected]
26 myshoredog.com
Route 113
Selbyville, DE 19975
Jack &
(302) 436-8286
L cky
How many teeth do dogs have?
Lets count them together. There is the one I put in my
dad's hand, one in his ear, one in his lip, and one in his
behind! I guess that makes 4! Just kidding. Puppies
have 28 teeth and adult dogs have 42 permanent teeth.
What % of dogs in shelters are pure breed dogs?
All of us dogs are pure at heart. All that we want is love.
I am sure that is not what you are asking, your meaning
of pure breed is different then ours. 25% of all dogs in
shelters are pure breeds.
What is the #1 breed of dog in America?
I don't know exactly what the number one breed is, but if
you meet me you will say that I am. I am wonderful!
Labrador Receiver is the #1 breed for some reason.
Can owners of a deaf dog communicate with the
Of course they can, that is a silly question. You
communicate with your dog and he does not know what
you are saying either. I am very smart but I have not
taken any formal English classes. Yes – Hand signals.
Do dogs like to be chained up outside all day and
Of course they do. Who does not like to be left alone on
lock down with no understanding of what they did
wrong to get themselves in so much trouble. At least
people get a trial first. *!#@ NO – Would you like to be
chained up outside in the cold or heat.
Do I need to brush my teeth?
Brushing your teeth can be a bad idea. If you leave all
that food stuck to your teeth it will rot and start to smell
really bad. This will come in handy when you meet
people with bad breath who insist that you give them a
kiss. Just kidding! Yes, dogs as well as people should
brush their teeth.
Email Jack & Lucky your questions to
[email protected]
Pets are our business!
Dogs - Cats
- Feed
- Treats
- Supplies
Tails Ta Nails
Doggy Salon
Nail clipping available
for only $5.00
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at Selbyville Pet & Garden Center!
Written by: Tony Russo/Bayside Gazette
It was still dark when Mike DeChant and his Nova Scotia
Duck Tolling Retriever Sassy were already on the hunt.
Neither dog nor master is ever deterred by the early hour or
the weather. In fact, Sassy prefers winter because it often
means she gets to leap into icy water.
A few years ago, Sassy blew out her knees and had to have
surgery. DeChant had to find a way to help her rehab
without letting her exuberance damage her knees further.
So he took her on tightly controlled early morning walks.
DeChant approached the GlenRiddle management and
arranged to take Sassy out on the golf course with the
proviso that he'd pick up any trash he saw and be off the
course before the first golfer came into view. During the
first few jaunts, Sassy picked up the habit of retrieving golf
balls. DeChant was happy enough to keep them. An avid
golfer, he cleaned them up for his own use. But as Sassy got
better and he'd collected enough golf balls for twolifetimes worth of daily outings, he started giving the balls
he'd collected to friends.
Then, in a business model that would confound any
economist, when he had so many he couldn't give them all
away, he started selling them. DeChant's garage is filled
with boxes of used golf balls. He has a two display cases
filled with specialty balls football team logos, etc. A
member of the Habitat for Humanity board of directors, it
occurred to DeChant that he could boost a golf fundraiser
by selling the refurbished golf balls at the event and
handing over the proceeds. This solution would not only
help rid him of the golf balls, but do some good in the
community as well.
Since then he's raised more than $2,500 for various
charities, including Believe in Tomorrow and the Lions
28 myshoredog.com
Club wounded veterans charity, and he still has a garage
full. Sassy collects about three dozen balls on a normal day.
The two go out nearly every morning; that's an average of
about 84 dozen balls per month, more than 1,000 per year.
Having fully recovered, Sassy bounds around the golf
course in pretty much the way you'd expect a 4-year-old
retriever to trying to burn a seemingly unending store of
energy. Since collecting the golf balls isn't a high energy
endeavor, DeChant brings along a Frisbee and a rubber
duck. He throws them almost constantly in between the
known golf ball caches. An avid duck hunter, DeChant now
mixes the hour-long morning exercise with duck-retrieval
practice. When he brings Sassy out into the woods or high
grass areas, DeChant often dons a pair of special golf ballfinding glasses. They're tinted blue and make the white
balls stand out against nearly any background both in the
pre-dawn and the full light. Between the two of them, they
hit the three-dozen mark in really about 15 minutes of
actual searching.
Emerging from hip-deep weeds DeChant has a bag full of
golf balls, a bag of trash and a dog that just won't seem to
Making their way back home, DeChant throws the Frisbee
into the water again and again until, after what would
become the final throw, Sassy stands at the edge of the
water apparently mustering her strength for the swim.
"Now she'll sleep all morning," DeChant said.
Charity Balls
Any charity interested in selling Sassy-retrieved refurbished golf
balls at their event may contact Mike Dechant at 410-213-0361.
DeChant does not take any administrative fee, all proceeds from the
sale go directly to the charity.
It’s a Dog’ Life
Pet Sitting with Penny
Sassy-retrieved refurbished golf balls
Pets Stay Home, But Not Alone
Going Shopping ~ Planning a Vacation ~ Having Dinner with Grandmom
Your Pets Can Stay Comfortably Home with Loving Pet Care
Professional United Pet Sitter
Custom Detailed Pet Care
Pet CPR Certified - Loving & Kind
Penny Carley
100% of Proceeds
Donated to
Mike DeChant
New Digs
written by: Hope Thomas
Cathy's new d i g s
and expanded services
sets out to make a
statement – and it has
dogs across the Eastern
Shore howling &
wagging their tails.
Cathy's Pet Salon has
seen many changes over the past 29 years. As a young
Mom starting her own business, Cathy's first grooming
table was the top of her clothing dryer. Little did she
know at that time the impact that her talent and passion
for proper and safe grooming would have on the Eastern
Shore. She did not just groom her dogs. She styled her
dogs while also educating her clients about proper
grooming. Cathy's passion for our 4-legged family
members shined through and soon became the talk of
local pet owners, all calling to get “Pooh Pet” groomed
and pampered.
Taking off only 2 weeks in 1982, Cathy gave birth to her
second daughter, Cassandra. At that time Cathy moved
upstairs to a 10x10 grooming room. By 1985 Cathy's
business had grown along with her family of 2 kids and
several dogs. It was then she realized she needed help.
Cathy hired Brenda Hearn, Brenda is now celebrating
her 24th year with Cathy. Brenda has groomed
generations of dogs and has watched families grow. In
2000 at the age of 17, Cathy's daughter, Cassandra joined
the staff. Cassandra came to work everyday after school,
quickly building her own clientele. Cassandra posses the
gene passed down from her Mom and Dad for raising
champion dogs. Today, she is a successful sought after
groomer, champion breeder and dog show handler.
After finishing high school, Christi, Cathy's oldest
daughter, ventured out into the world. In 2003 Christi
moved back home. She brought back all of the
knowledge she had gained in the big city as a Vet Tech.
Christi's experience is a incredible asset for the entire spa
and her talents as a groomer are not surpassed by many
but for maybe on a few occasions Mom or little Sis.
When you speak with Cathy you can't help but feel the
pride and love for her daughters. Having her daughters
right beside her in a business they have grown together is
a wish come true for Cathy. The Anchor in this family is
Pat, the girl's father and Cathy's husband of 32 years. Pat
owns and operates, Hometown Builders. Pat was in
charge of
remode ling, well
actually the total
rehab of their new
digs. As with all of his
projects the smallest details
make the difference but this
job he had 3 very successful
women and many dogs
and cats to please. During my visit, Pat was instructing his
crew of men on the next wall to tear down as he stood there
with a 8 pound Miniature Schnauzer puppy that was on kiss
overload – it was great sight. When the doors opened in
January, a new chapter started for this family and their
clients. Cathy now offers a spa like atmosphere for her 4legged customers, doggie daycare, run area and even a
boutique with Cathy's coat enhancing pet cologne –
“Sniff”. Also be on the look out for the firecracker Tristen,
pictured above with Cathy. She is following in the
footsteps of her Grandmom, Mom and Aunt – She is the
next generation at Cathy’s Pet Salon & Spa.
From the dogs, to the kids, to their partnership in marriage
this truly is a family that lives, works and plays together.
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name, and the city and state in which
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Note: Images must be no smaller than
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Email to:
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