Dog Tales Commodore’s Log

Dog Tales
Volume 33, Issue 065
June, 2014
Commodore’s Log
Hello Salty Doggers,
This month I have a topic that is sometimes
ignored, skin cancer. Our state has one of
the highest occurrences of skin cancer because of our altitude and when you factor
in water and snow reflection, the exposure
can increase by up to 80%.
June 12
Inside this issue:
Sailing Schedule
Upcoming Events
Event log
Dry Land
Event Schedule
While most of us favor a suntan, (a primitive need to connect with our Neanderthal
ancestors while getting burnt to a crisp and
howling at the moon), if you look at the statistics, a nice golden tan has many drawbacks.
I won’t go into the details but skin cancer,
melanoma being one of the most dangerous, can sneak up on us. It is very treatable
if caught in the early stages but can spread
rapidly throughout the body if ignored.
I know there are a few of us that have had
exams resulting in further testing, biopsies
and treatments for potential skin cancer
including myself. What people don’t realize
that the skin damage you have today start-
by Dick Hug
ed when you are young and shows up in later
years. I recently went in for my annual skin test
and this time the doctor took a sample for biopsy from my head and back. Because I am
ahead of the evolutionary timeline and am
ready for the day in the future when humans do
not need hair, my unprotected man solar collector is major target for skin issues. The biopsy
on my scalp was a pre-cancerous condition
which was eliminated by the suspect area being frozen with liquid nitrogen. The spot on my
back? The doc said it is, wait for it, a “Benign
Barnacle”. A WHAT? I know I sail and like the
water but didn’t remember being tied off to a
boat dock in the ocean floating next to boats
for my young life!
What to do? The following is an excerpt from
the American Cancer Society web page:
The best ways to lower the risk of skin cancer
are to avoid long exposure to intense sunlight
and practice sun safety. You can still exercise
and enjoy the outdoors while using sun safety
at the same time. Here are some ways to be
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Upcoming Events
Details found in newsletter
New Sail & BBQ
Jun 7
Vice Commodore’s Log
Vice Commodore’s Log – June 2014:
Meeting Sail
Jun 12
By Janet Heinen
Men’s Day Sail
Jun 22
Granby Sail
Jul 3-6
Meeting Sail
Jul 10
Full Moon Sail
Jul 12
Yeah! We have arrived, the sailing season
has begun, so don’t forget the Salty Dogs
Monthly meeting is at the Seagulls Restaurant, Chatfield Marina @ 5:30 p.m. As always, order from the menu, eat up, and be
ready to hit the water – weather permitting,
as soon as we hear a short report from our
esteemed Commodore, Dick Hug and the
Salty Dogs Board members. I don’t wish to
“flog a dead horse,” but please remember to
tip – thanks.
You all know the saying “a picture is worth a
thousand words,” so please remember to
document your adventures with photo’s, so
by Janet Heinen
we can send them to Art for uploading to the
web site, and to me, so I can show them in the
Power Point presentation that I show during the
winter months. Also if you could commit those
adventures to words, we would love to read
about them in the Monthly Newsletter. Submit
your short essays/stories to Becky Mock, by the
25th of the month, so she can get them organized and pasted in the Newsletter – thanks.
Once again,
Kudos to Ron for a fabulous spread and event
at the Ladies Day Sail. Speaking for myself and
all the club members I spoke to, a great time
was had by all, and for me, all I could eat –
Kudos to Dave and Jo
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Volume 33, Issue 065
Page 2
Sailing Schedule 2014
By Carol Kolesnikoff
To volunteer as a Sail Coordinator, contact Carol Kolesnikoff at (303) 588-9198 or at [email protected]
Saturday, June 7
Ahoy New Members Sail & BBQ
(new members sail ½ price)
Debbi Kethley and Art Blevins
Thursday, June 12
Meeting Sail
Diana Bliss
Sunday, June 22
Men’s Day Sail (Men sail free)
Lori Conway
Thursday – Monday,
July 3-6, leave on the 6th
3-5 Day 4th of July Mtn Sail
Setup on Thurs, leave on Sun.
Lake Granby
Becky Mock & Tom Prebynski
Thursday, July 10
Meeting Sail
Diana Bliss
Saturday July 12
Full Moon Pre-Bastille Day Sail
Sunday, July 20 and/or
Monday, July 21
2 Day Mountain Sail
Lake Dillon
John & Patsy Venema
Friday, August 8 and/or
Saturday, August 9
2 Day Mountain Sail
Lake Dillon
John & Patsy Venema
Thursday, August 14
Meeting Sail
Diana Bliss
Saturday, August 23
Sunday, August 24
(Dates tentative)
Saturday raft up party with
BVSPS and BBQ dinner at
campgrounds, Sunday Sail
Carol Kolesnikoff
Friday, August 30 to
Sunday, September 1
Multi-Day Labor Day Sail
Lake Dillon
Marilyn Allen
Saturday, September 6
Moonlight Sail
Shane Broullette
Saturday, September 13
Autumn Breezes Sail
Shane Broullette
Sunday, September 28
Golden Colors Sail
Saturday, October 4
End of Season Sail
Becky Mock
Up Coming Sail Events
New Member BBQ & Day Sail
Saturday, June 7, 2014
The Chatfield Reservoir Dock
This is a free BBQ with Salty Dog
providing the hamburgers, hot dogs
and drinks, with a Request that Everyone Attending Provide a Side Dish
of Your Choosing
Thank you in advance for your contri-
Plan to arrive @ 11:30 am
Meet up at the dock area just north
of the convenience store
(Look for the Salty Dog Banner)
On the water will commence at approximately 12:30 pm
Donation for this event is: $7.50 for
new members only (½ price)
$15.00 member’s $22.00 nonmembers
Mail your donation payable to Salty
Dog to: Debbi Kethley,
Volume 33, Issue 065
Page 3
Up Coming Sail Events (continued)
4th of July Sail
Thurs.—Sun., July 3-6, 2014
Lake Granby
The 4th is coming up in 5 weeks,
several members have paid. But
we need to know if the others are
still coming by paying there outing
fee by the 15th of June. The lake
will be full this year, and there will
be plenty of water. In the last 10
years Granby has not been low as it
was in 2013 so this will be a good
sail in 2014.
We are happy to have lakes as
Reading over several years of sailing mags, it struck me that we have
had a lot of cases of piracy in the
world. But not here on the waters
of Colorado.
We’re looking forward to this sail.
Any questions about the sail?
$75 for members to camp,
$115 for guests to camp,
$55 for members staying in a motel,
$85 for guests staying in a motel.
Your check is your reservation.
Mail to Tom Prebynski, 1838 S Van
Gordon CT, Lakewood, CO 80228
Looking forward to seeing you on
the 4th.
Contact: Tom and Sandy Prebynski, Becky Mock,
Lake Dillon Sails
July 20 - 21, Sunday &/or Monday,
August 8 - 9, Friday &/or Saturday
Now is the time make your reservation for sailing beautiful Lake Dillon.
Each day we will do a morning and
afternoon sail with a lunch break
ashore. In the evening, we will gather at a local restaurant for socializing. Inexpensive motels are nearby
should you decide to spend the
night on July 20 and/or August 8.
Donation: Members: $30 for a full
day or $45 for two consecutive
days. Add 50% for guests of members.
Your check payable to Salty Dogs is
your reservation. Send your check
and I will send details of where and
when to meet, etc. Include your
phone number and email address.
Contact: John Venema
Labor Day Weekend
August 29—September 1, 2014
Lake Dillon
Save Labor Day weekend for Dillon!
Plan to join the Salty Dogs (and possibly guests) Friday August 29
through Sept. 1. I will reserve a condo for us and it would be REALLY
helpful to have a tentative head
count. Please let me know if you'd
be interested in sharing the condo.
I'm looking at 3 bedroom places that
sleep 6-10 so I want to be sure we
can pretty well fill it, to keep the cost
We'll have single beds/bunks availa-
Boat for Sale
I have a 20 ft. Melges sailboat for
sale. It is a racing skow with sails
and trailer. It has been parked
for too long and needs some TLC.
The boat is in Cheyenne, Wyo-
ming. $850 obo. For more information, please call or text me at
(307) 421-3004.
Linda Hawkins Oster
[email protected]
ble as well as queen/king size and
possibly a studio couch in the living
room. In previous years, I've been
able to keep the cost to $105-120/
pp for all 3 nights. Members will
have first option - guests may sign
up for the condo after August 1, for
the same cost as members.
I don't know the cost of the sails yet
(hey, it’s over 2 months away, but I
know some of you get pretty anxious). Hopefully there will be plenty
of boats available so everyone can
sail as much as they'd like, but if
we're short, the people staying at
the condo will get preference for
sailing spots.
Please let me know ASAP if you're
interested in joining us. As always,
you check will be your reservation.
Once I get a place and price confirmed, I'll contact the people on the
"interest list" and give them first opportunity to confirm their reservations. Rooms and beds will be assigned in the order checks are received. Hope to see lots of Dogs
Contact: Marilyn Allen,
Volume 33, Issue 065
Page 4
Sail Log
Wax on
The early bird gets the
pressure washer!
Fourth Annual Boat Wash
Wax off
There were almost a dozen Salty Dogs
and friends and three boats on a nearly perfect day. The boats cot cleaned
and polished, lunch was shared, and a
small group went sailing. The pictures
tell the story. Thanks to all the members who came to wash the boats.
Don’t point it
direct and
you won’t get
Now Showing; Attack of
the Pressure Washer
Get the hips into it!
Where does all
this black stuff
come from?
Recipe for elbow grease: effort +
A real “salty dog”
The “relief” crew
A salty dog and a Salty Dog
A Tying a “foot cleat”
The early bird takes a nap!
Volume 33, Issue 065
Page 5
Commodore’s Log (Continued from page 1)
sun safe:
5. Slop on sunscreen: Use sunscreen
8. Sunscreen doesn’t protect from all
1. Avoid direct exposure to the sun
and lip balm with broad spectrum protection and a sun protection factor
(SPF) of 30 or higher. Apply a generous
amount of sunscreen (about a palmful)
to unprotected skin at least 30 minutes
before outdoor activities. Reapply every
2 hours and after swimming, toweling
dry, or sweating.
UV rays, so don’t use sunscreen as a
way to stay out in the sun longer.
between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Teach
children the shadow rule: if your shadow is shorter than you, the sun’s rays
are at their strongest.
2. Seek shade, especially in the middle of the day when the sun’s rays are
3. Follow the Slip! Slop! Slap!® and
Wrap! rules:
4. Slip on a shirt: Cover up with protective clothing to guard as much skin
as possible when you’re out in the sun.
Choose comfortable clothes made of
tightly woven fabrics that you can’t see
through when held up to a light.
6. Slap on a hat: Cover your head with
a wide-brimmed hat, shading your face,
ears, and neck. If you choose a baseball
cap, remember to protect your ears and
neck with sunscreen.
7. Wrap on sunglasses: Wear sunglasses with 100% UVA and UVB absorption to protect your eyes and the
surrounding skin.
9. Follow these practices to protect
your skin even on cloudy or overcast
days. UV rays travel through clouds.
Avoid other sources of UV light. Tanning
beds and sun lamps are dangerous.
They damage your skin and can cause
Point is, there are many skin conditions
that are benign and many that are serious. The only way to know is to see your
dermatologist and get a full body scan.
So lather up, cover up, and have fun on
the water!
Dick Hug, Commodore
Vice Commodore’s Log (Continued from page 1)
Davies for welcoming everyone to their
home after the recent tour, from all
reports a great time was had by all.
I want to give a special “shout-out” to
both Elaine, and Jo, as we know, behind every good man their stands a
wonderful woman – so ladies – “Thank
You” for all you do!!!!
As we speak, rather as I prepare this,
United States Ensign
The U.S. national ensign, sometimes called "50-star" or "Old Glory," is the proper and preferred
flag for all U.S. vessels. Your boat
should wear it from 0800 until
sunset, and when you enter or
leave port during daylight or at
night, weather and rig permitting.
While in port, if you leave your
boat and will not return before
sunset, lower and stow the national ensign before you go.
the Memorial Weekend Camp/Sail event
is happening in Glendo, Wyoming. I look
forward to hearing about the adventures
that I have no doubt abounded there.
Don’t forget the upcoming Monthly
July 11th 2014, Thursday, @ 5:30 p.m.
Same “Summer” Place as usual
Seagull’s Restaurant: Chatfield Marina
Make your dinner choice from the Menu
– you only have until 6:30 p.m. at which
time our esteemed Commodore - Dick
Hug will conduct the Club’s Business,
then at 6:45 – 6:50 p.m. Hit the water
for some evening sailing.
The national ensign worn by a
vessel must be the flag of her registry—not necessarily that of the
owner or operator.
the gear, and vice versa, the practice is to fly the ensign from a halyard rigged amidships on the after part of the superstructure.
Generally, the national ensign
should be displayed at the peak
of the gaff, i.e., the outer end of
the spar extending aft from the
mast of your boat—if you boat has
a gaff. If it does not, fly it from the
flagstaff at your boat's stern. If
your boat has an overhanging
boom or an outboard motor, your
flagstaff may be offset to starboard (preferably) from your
boat's centerline.
On a sportfishing boat, where a
stern staff might interfere with
Marconi-rigged sailboats may fly
the ensign from the leech of the
aftermost sail (or from the back
stay), approximately 2/3 the distance up its length. This puts it in
about the same position it would
occupy if the boat were gaffrigged.
At anchor or made fast, the ensign should be flown from the
stern staff of all boats. The U.S.
national ensign has a 10:19
hoist/fly ratio.
Volume 33, Issue 065
Page 6
2014 Dry Land Activities
Jo Davies did a wonderful job with the
NOAA tour, and to top it off, prepared
an excellent buffet of Chicken Kabobs,
Pulled Pork, brats, (all barbequed out
in a torrential down pour, to perfection)
Wine, Beer & soft drinks. How could
you ask for anything more except to
host the affair in their beautiful mountain home? Our thanks go out to Jo &
Dave for being such gracious hosts.
June is open for your dry land event.
What would you like that would be riproaring, exhilarating, intriguing, tantalizing or just plain fun. Call soon Ron
by Ron Gahan
NOAA Weather Center.
a Sphere" where a huge 10 foot diameter globe represents the earth and the
On the 23rd of May twenty Salty DogNOAA people showed us 3D imaged
gers braved the threat of possible
weather & cloud patterns across the
storms (and the horrendous construcglobe as they happened, images of the
tion on the Boulder Turnpike) to visit at total earth surface at different wavethe NOAA (National Oceanographic and lengths, images such as actual ocean
Atmospheric Agency ) Center in Boulder. temperatures and much else. We endAfter some tough security--including car ed with the view of all the airplanes at
searches and ID verification, they let us one period of time as they traverse the
all in (we were nervous that Neal Wiler
earth, the data from their transponders
would make it through security but he
is collected and imaged on the globe
did). The NOAA tour focused on Weath- (this is the transponder that was
er, we had a 2 hour narrated tour that
turned off at the start of the Malaysian
included a view and explanation of the
Air disaster). We ended with a unique
Space weather monitoring system look- view of almost current Facebook intering at the emanations from the Sun
action traffic worldwide presented
which have a powerful impact on earth across the globe.
weather. We then visited the Colorado
weather forecasting center that is reWe ended with a potluck at the Davies
sponsible for the daily and long period
home just a few minutes away. Many
Colorado weather forecast, the forecast thanks to NOAA and in particular to our
you see on local TV is largely based on
guide (Carol Knight) who did an excelthis NOAA forecast, as is the long term
lent job narrating and explaining on the
forecast. After looking at some ways
that data is collected, including some of
the thousands of volunteers worldwide Dave and Jo Davies
who collect data and send it to NOAA,
we then went to the famous "Science on
Volume 33, Issue 065
Page 7
The following are excerpts from the
Salty Dog Bylaws. These sections are
pertinent to the start of sailing season,
and all members should be familiar
with them. Full text of the bylaws and
policies are available on the Salty Dog
website at Any questions
can be directed to any board member.
Participants shall respect and
comply with all rules made by the sailboat owner and respect the sailboat
owner’s property. Participants will be
responsible for any damages that they
may cause.
All persons attending a sailing
event shall pay the full amount due,
prior to departure. Those in the advance party should take responsibility
to seek out and pay the trip coordinator(s) as soon as possible. The trip
coordinator shall not have to approach
event participants more than once for
Members are encouraged to make
reservations for events by the published deadlines. Members paying for
multi day trips more than four weeks
prior to the beginning of the trip shall
receive a 15% discount on the total
trip cost. Members choosing to stay in
areas other than the reserved camp
site shall receive a $20 discount on
the trip cost, so long as the trip coordinator is notified at least four weeks
prior to the beginning of the trip that
space at the campsite will not be needed.
Participants are encouraged to
form carpools at the meeting site and
they are expected to work out expense
sharing arrangements with the driver.
Participants shall arrive at the designated meeting place 15 minutes before departure to pay donations, register non-member guests and sign up for
During sailing events, upon arrival
to or departure from the point of sail,
the crew is expected to be available to
help rig and de-rig the sailboats under
supervision of and as a courtesy to the
sailboat owners.
The fundamentals of docking and
leaving a dock.
All participants are responsible for
their own food, beverage and equipment. Salty Dog Sailing Club is an adult
only club. Children (those persons under the age of 18) cannot become
members nor is there any family membership; therefore, they shall always be
considered as guests. All children shall
be the sole responsibility of the parent,
relative, or guardian bringing them to
the event. Children of a participating
boat owner may bring his/her children
along on any sail provided that they
remain on said owner’s boat only and
under said owner’s supervision. There
shall be no financial costs involved for
these children. Children of a non participating boat owner will be permitted on
the event only when prior approval is
obtained from a Participating Boat Owner (POB) that the child is welcome on
his/her boat. This approval is necessary
even if the boat is sitting in a slip or at
anchor. Children of any other member
will donate the same amount as the
member’s donation and sign the waiver
with parent’s, relative’s, or legal guardian’s additional signature authorizing
their approval.
The location of all safety equipment on-board and how to use it.
Pets are not allowed on boats unless
prior approval has been given by the
boat owner.
The First Mate should fulfill all the
requirements of crew member and
know or be interested in learning:
The knowledge necessary to take
over from the captain when necessary.
How to assist and direct crewmembers as required.
The fundamentals of sailing and
How to recognize adverse conditions that could compromise the
sailboat or crew.
The basics of navigation.
How to start and stop the motor
The Captain should fulfill all the
requirements of the First Mate and
The safety rules for the crew and
how to qualify their Crew Members
and First Mate according to Sections IV and V.
How to provide for the safety and
well-being of all those on-board.
How to board and disembark, move
around on a sailboat safely and
without assistance.
How to maintain the sailboat and
its equipment in good condition. It
is recommended that the Captain
obtain the Coast Guard Auxiliary
Courtesy Inspection for their sailboat each year.
The basics of rigging and de-rigging
a sailboat of any type.
How to assess weather conditions
before departure and during a sail.
Nautical rules of the road and
safety procedures required in adverse weather and in current traffic conditions.
It is the responsibility of everyone to
leave the event site as neat and clean
as possible. Please pick up all trash!
The Crew Member should be interested in learning:
The names of the parts of a sailboat and pieces of sailing equipment in order to follow simple verbal instructions from the captain.
Salty Dog Sailing Club Officers
Vice Comm
Dry Land
On the Water
Web Admin
Dick Hug
Janet Heinen
Debbi Kethley
Dave Davies
Ron Gahan
Carol Kolesnikoff
Becky Mock
Bobby Olsen
Art Blevins
We’re on the web!
Saturday, August 23
The Salty Dog Sailing Club, Inc. is a Colorado nonprofit organization composed of couples and singles interested in sailing and
socializing with others who share their love for the sport. Boat
owner and non-owners are welcome!
The Club plans about a dozen sails each season, including day
and weekend sails at nearby lakes. Special three day holiday trips
often include Lake Granby or Pueblo Reservoir in Colorado, Lake
McConaughy in Nebraska, or Glendo Reservoir in Wyoming.
Salty Dog members have also organized charter sails in the Virgin
Islands, the Bahamas, Greece, and France.
Aside from sailing, we have a variety of fun dryland activities
throughout the year.
Meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month, except
for February, November and December when there are banquets
and special parties. Meetings during the off season are held at
Red and Jerry’s at 1840 W Oxford Ave. #B, Sheridan, CO 80110.
Beginning in June regular club meetings resume at the Chatfield
Marina. Rendezvous at the Seagull (Chatfield Marina) Restaurant
around 5:30-6:00 for socializing with other members and to order
dinner. A brief meeting will follow with the goal of being on the
water by 7:00 pm.
(I’m going to try to keep this projected for 2 months, space permitting. Check each issue for changes.)
June 7
New Member Sail and BBQ
Debbi Kethley and Art Blevins
June 12
Meeting Sail
Diana Bliss
June 22
Men’s Day Sail
Lori Conway
July 3-6
4th of July Mountain Sail
Lake Granby
Tom Prebynski and Becky Mock
July 10
Meeting Sail
Diana Bliss
July 12
Full Moon Pre-Bastille Day Sail
Sunday, July 20 and/or
2 Day Mountain Sail
Monday, July 21
Lake Dillon
John & Patsy Venema
Friday, August 8 and/or
2 Day Mountain Sail
Saturday, August 9
Lake Dillon
John & Patsy Venema
Thursday, August 14
Meeting Sail
Diana Bliss
Saturday, August 23
Sunday, August 24
(Dates tentative)
Saturday raft up party with
BVSPS and BBQ dinner at
campgrounds, Sunday Sail
Carol Kolesnikoff
Friday, August 30 to
Sunday, September 1
Multi-Day Labor Day Sail
Lake Dillon
Marilyn Allen
Articles for next issue are due on the 25th. Please send Word Doc files to: georgeot[email protected]