Speisekarte The Old School: A tribute to Education

The Old School:
A tribute to
As Jacksonville’s miners
moved on in search of
new gold fields, German
immigrants discovered the
fertile soil of the Rogue Valley. They established the family farms that
surrounded the Old School House. German immigration brought stability
to Jacksonville, establishing banks and mercantile.
The restaurant location was once the home of the Old School's cafeteria,
and today our décor is a tribute to 100 years of education and also to the
German immigrants who settled in Jacksonville. Historic photographs,
textbooks, and scenes of Bavaria grace our walls, honoring both
Jacksonville’s German heritage and the Old School House legacy.
Beer was an important ingredient in Jacksonville’s early life. Hops and
barley arrived by rail, and unpopular Jacksonville brewers made mighty
fine beverages. Prohibition and two European wars dampened the spirits
of the early Germanic settlers, but today, Good times are here again!
Food To Share
With Friends
essen mit freunden zu teilen
Pretzel ~ Brezel
Large, soft imported German Pretzel with
Spicy, or Honey Mustard
Cabbage Rolls ~ Kohlrouladen
Two tender steamed Cabbage Rolls stuffed with
Sausage, Vegetables, and Cheese in a savory
Mushroom Cream sauce
Fried Sausage Coins ~ Wurst Stradl
Bratwurst slices breaded and deep fried, choose
Cheese sauce, Lingonberry Preserves, or creamy
Horseradish for dipping
German Classic Plate ~ Käse und Wurstplatte
A wonderful assortment of Meats and Cheeses
Meats with Fruit and German Bread
Fondue to share. A classic blend of Gruyere and
Emmentaler Cheese with Fruit and a Pretzel
Add Bratwurst or spicy Wurzige Sausage
Half Whole
oven baked flatbread
Frau Kemmling
House made spread of Gruyere and Emmentaler
with Pancetta and caramelized Onions
Herr Kemmling
House made spread of Gruyere and Emmentaler,
sliced Sausage, Tomatoes, and Red Onion
Tomato sauce, Gruyere Cheese, fresh Basil
and Salami
Old Schoolhaus bakery
Haus made Rolls daily
Add Organic Liver Pâté
Our homemade Soups are a perfect
compliment to any meal
Potato Soup ~ Kartoffelsuppe
Potato Soup with Chive Crème Fraiche
Soup of the Day ~ Suppe des Tages
Ask your server for today’s special
Smoked Salmon Chowder ~ Räucherlachs Suppe
House smoked fresh Salmon,
with Bacon and Cream
(shown on right)
To Salad choices, you can add:
Grilled Chicken
or House smoked
fresh Salmon
* Spinach Salad with Beets ~
Spinat Salat mit Rote Bete
Warm Spinach Salad with House roasted Beets,
Goat Cheese, Sunflower Seeds, a medium boiled
Egg, warm Bacon Vinaigrette
House Salad ~ Haus Salat
Fresh Greens, Carrots, Kidney Beans, Corn
Niblets, Tomatoes, Radishes, choice of Dressing
Half Full
Caesar Salad ~ Caesar Salat
Chopped Romaine with Parmesan Cheese,
Pretzel Croutons with Caesar Dressing
Half Full
Chef Salad ~ Küchenchef Salat
Fresh Greens, Tomatoes, Blue Cheese,
medium Boiled Egg, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, Ham,
Turkey, with choice of Dressing
Half Full
Choice of Dressings:
Yogurt Rosemary, Dill Vinaigrette, Blue Cheese,
Thousand Island, Ranch, Caesar or
Bacon Vinaigrette
house favorites
Haus Favoriten
Everyday Luncheon Special
1/2 Sandwich of the day and bowl of Soup
Reuben Sandwich
Tender slices of Corned Beef with Sauerkraut and Emmentaler Cheese
with Thousand Island on toasted Pumpernickel
Senner Toast
Broiled Chicken sandwich served open face with Ham, Tomato, a savory
Mushroom Cream sauce, and Swiss Cheese then topped with frizzled Onions
Deutschen Dip
Thinly sliced Roast Beef on a Pretzel Roll with melted Emmentaler Cheese and
creamy Horseradish sauce served with a side of Au Jus
* Klassiker Burger
House made patty on soft Bun with Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, and Pickle
Add Bacon or Cheese for
* Brewhaus Burger
House made patty topped with a savory Mushroom Cream sauce, caramelized
Onions, and Swiss Cheese
Sandwiches served with Fries
German one dish classics
klassisch aus deutschland
German Casserole ~ Eintopf
Sliced Traditional Bratwurst and Sauerkraut Casserole in a creamy Tomato Bacon
sauce on sautéed Spätzle topped with frizzled Onions
*Potato Dumplings ~ Kartoffelknödel
Sliced Potato Dumplings with Vegetables, Pancetta, and Mushrooms
with an Egg served sunnyside up
Spätzle ~ Spätzle mit Schinken und Käse
A one dish Casserole of traditional small sautéed Egg Noodles with
diced Ham, Vegetables, Onions and Cheese sauce Half or Full
Thinly pounded Pork Cutlet pan fried in Clarified Butter
In 2012, we sold 8,788 Schnitzels, making this German staple
our most popular choice. When paired with a German Draft Beer, you will
be sure to have a complete experience! Add side House Salad
Rahm ~ Served with savory Mushroom Cream sauce and warm Red Cabbage
Wiener Schnitzel vom Schwein ~ Lingonberry Jam, Lemon Slice and warm Red Cabbage
Cordon Bleu ~ Stuffed with Ham and Emmentaler Swiss, Cheese Sauce and warm Red Cabbage
(shown above)
Jäger ~ Creamy Bacon and Wild Mushroom Brown Sauce and warm Red Cabbage
Please choose: Potato Pancakes, Spätzle, Potato Dumpling or mashed Potatoes
Our Sausages are made for us by German Master Butcher Uli Lengenberg
of Pike’s Market in Seattle. All of the pork comes from Carton Farms: Natural
handcrafted meats from Oregon. There are no hormones, additives,
coloring or preservative used at any time. They are all handmade, with
strict adherence to German traditions. No fillers, just an honest to
goodness top quality Sausages!
All Sausages are grilled, and served traditional style with House made warm Potato Salad
and House made Sauerkraut. We will gladly assist with Beer pairings.
Traditional Bratwurst:
Classic German, very mild with hints of Ginger,
White Pepper, and Mace
Louisiana Hot Link:
Not for the timid. A hot and spicy style link
made with Pork and Beef. Aromatic flavors
from Allspice, Chili’s, Thyme and Sage
Pork Apple Brat:
Sweet dried Apples from Washington State
with a wonderful blend of seasonings
Thüringer Rostbratwurst Link :
The oldest style recipe found in Germany in the
1300’s. Very regional. Mild and flavorful with
Caraway and Marjoram
Rosemary and Chicken Bratwurst:
A simple pairing of Rosemary and Chicken.
Crisp and fragrant with a fair amount of
Rosemary, White Pepper, Apple, and lean
Chicken thigh meat
Can't Decide?
Add a second Sausage
Spezialitäten des Haus
Grill Chicken ~ Grillhähnchen
Garlic roasted Chicken with warm Red
Cabbage, mashed Potatoes and House
Mushroom Cream sauce
Braised Beef ~ Sauerbraten
"Sauer" is sour, and "Braten" is roast. Marinated
for three days this National German dish is
served traditional style with mashed Potatoes
and warm Red Cabbage
(shown above)
Pork Roast- Schweinbraten
Oven baked roast with choice of House
Mushroom Cream sauce or Jager sauce.
Served with mashed Potatoes, warm Red
Cabbage, and Apple Sauce
Venison ~ Jäger Gulasch
Venison braised in Red Wine with
Mushrooms, Peppers, and Paprika served over
sautéed Spätzle
Add a shot of Jägermeister for
* The Game Reserve ~ Zum Wildschutz
(Friday and Saturday only) Market Price
In German tradition, this is a meat lover's
platter, with the Chef's choice of three meats,
Haus sauces, warm Red Cabbage and
mashed Potatoes.
German Cuisine
All good German meals begin with a cold German
beer, a toast of thanksgiving, children's laughter
and good times spent with friends and family.
We have gathered together a collection of recipes
that appear at family dinners throughout Germany.
Some are from our own histories, others from
Frau Kemmling's German training under award
winning Chef Dieter Platte from Zum Wildschutz
in Germany. Today, we continue to add to the
collection. All are characteristically German fare.
On behalf of the entire Schoolhaus team we
thank you for coming to dine with us.
Pan Fried Potato Dumpling ~ Schupfnudeln mit Pilzen
Potato Dumpling with Wild Mushrooms, Spinach, Shallots, House roasted
Beets, and Goat Cheese in a Sage Brown Butter
(shown above)
Vegetarisches Sandwich
House roasted Beets, Mushrooms, Spinach, caramelized Onions, Tomatoes, and
Swiss Cheese on toasted Whole Grain Bread with Chive Aioli served with Fries
zum Frühstück
Served Sundays 10:30 to 2:30 pm
Guten Morgen!
Fresh Orange Juice
Old School House Bakery
Fresh House made Cinnamon Rolls
Apple Streusel
Seasonal Fruits Streusel (when available)
House Specialties
Frau Omelet
Two Egg Omelet filled with sautéed Mushrooms, Swiss Cheese and Pancetta.
Topped with House Made Jaeger Sauce. Served with Whole Grain toast
Spätzle and Eggs
Two medium fried Eggs nestled on small sautéed Egg Noodles with
diced Ham, Mushrooms and Cheese sauce
School House Classic
Two Eggs, fried or scrambled, served with choice of Traditional Bratwurst, Bacon Bratwurst,
Pork Apple Bratwurst, or Bacon two Potato Pancakes and Apple sauce
German Pancake
Fluffy oven baked Pancake dusted with Powdered Sugar and Lemon, and a
choice of Traditional Bratwurst, Bacon Bratwurst, Pork Apple Bratwurst, or Bacon
German Traditional
Assortment of Meats and Cheeses, and Fruit, served with German style Bread
Fur Die Kinder
One Egg scrambled, served with diced Ham or Bacon, Fruit and Whole Grain Toast
Bloody Mary
Irish Coffee
Good Bean Coffee
Hot Tea
Hot Chocolate
* Orange, Apple,
Cranberry and
Tomato Juice
Please take note...
warning! Auchtung!
*Consuming raw or undercooked Meats,
Poultry, Seafood, Shellfish, or Eggs may
increase your risk of foodborne illness,
especially if you have
certain medical conditions.
Healthy cooking Gesunde kochen
We love farming! We source and produce as much of our
own produce, meats, and cheeses as we possibly can.
Please feel free to stroll through the gardens and enjoy the
Questions about what we're growing?
Ask our bartender Tim, who also tends the garden!
A Better Planet ~ Eine Bessere Welt
We are committed to best practices in the
sustainable Restaurant movement. We are
members of the Green Restaurant Association
(www.dinegreen.com). The GRA is an
important organization that works to promote
environmental responsibility.
A gratuity of 18% will be added to any party over 8