Adoption & Foster Care Mentoring AFC Mentors Program Coordinator

Adoption & Foster Care Mentoring
AFC Mentors Program Coordinator
Organizational Overview
Adoption & Foster Care Mentoring empowers youth in foster care to flourish through committed mentoring relationships and the
development of essential life skills. For over ten years, Adoption & Foster Care Mentoring (AFC) has enjoyed continuous growth and
success in matching youth in the child welfare system with highly committed volunteer mentors. AFC works with young people who
are preparing to age out of the child welfare system by teaching critical life skills to help teens successfully transition to adulthood.
AFC continues to be among only a few mentoring organizations in the United States, and the only mentoring organization in
Massachusetts, that exclusively serves the unique needs of youth in the foster care system.
Program Services Overview
AFC provides "Whole Person Support" by attending to a young person's need for belonging and connection as well as their
development of pro-social (“soft”) skills, self-esteem and resiliency, basic life skills, a solid educational foundation, and employment
readiness. AFC provides strengths-based, youth-focused, culturally-responsive, trauma-informed, evidence-based services when and
where they are needed and for as long as they are needed.
AFC youth are not passive recipients of services, but rather active and determining participants in the supports they receive and
goals they set. Youth have access to a dynamic array of services that are customized to fit each youth's evolving needs and interests.
AFC has a community of committed long-term volunteer mentors who are supported and trained by AFC's clinically-trained staff.
Mentors engage with youth in a variety of ways, ranging from community-based settings and activities to hands-on life skills
development and guidance. Youth 16 and older have access to asset-building and leadership opportunities, including matchedsavings opportunities (Learn & Earn), life skills curriculum, paid internships, and speaking engagements.
Furthermore, program staff provide one-to-one psycho, social, and emotional support to youth as needed and serve as resourcebrokers to relevant external services, such as intensive housing, vocational, and educational programs. AFC's in-depth, long-term,
whole-person service model sets youth up to realize whole-person success across the critical domains of positive community and
social engagement, positive self-image and identity, self-efficacy, financial literacy, effective education, and stable housing and
For more information on our work, our supporters and the incredible young people we serve, please visit
The Program Coordinator is responsible for screening, training, creating, and supporting mentor-mentee matches, planning and
implementing ongoing group events, and participating in program evaluation efforts. In addition to day-to-day tasks, the Program
Coordinator also performs a broad scope of responsibilities to support the mission of AFC, including working with AFC Leaders staff
to streamline services between programs; Development staff to produce and report on grants and outcomes; Communications staff
to create effective marketing and recruitment campaigns; Management staff to execute AFC’s strategic plan and achieve
organizational goals; and external partners to strengthen AFC’s relationship with and engagement of our larger community. As part
of AFC’s thought leadership efforts, the Program Coordinator may be asked to participate in providing resources and training to our
stakeholders in order to educate the community about the challenges faced by youth in foster care and to advocate for strengthsbased and evidence-based strategies to support this underserved population.
 Develop expert knowledge of the AFCMentors mentoring program policies and procedures.
 Ensure program quality and performance related to screening, training, matching, monitoring, supporting, and bringing to a
close or transitioning the relationship between the mentor and mentee.
 Proactively communicate with the mentor, mentee, social worker, parent/guardian, clinician and other supportive adults
throughout the relationship, including the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and FamilyNetworks.
 Plan and implement enrichment activities to build community, including group events at least every other month,
workshops on topics that are of interest to youth, AFC’s annual camping trip, and bi-monthly mentor training/support
groups to promote ongoing learning.
 Collect pre- and post-evaluation data on matches; track efforts; enter efforts accurately and thoroughly into Efforts-toOutcomes database.
 Serve as a resource-broker for youth and families in need of additional services and prepare information on local resources,
activities and opportunities to distribute to matches on quarterly basis.
 Oversee program intern(s) as needed.
 Additional duties as assigned.
 Commitment to and belief in the mission, vision and values of Adoption & Foster Care Mentoring.
 Strong interpersonal, oral and written communication skills.
 Effective planning, organizational, and time management skills and keen attention to detail.
 Ability to analyze, problem-solve and offer solutions to challenges.
 Ability to work independently as well as on a team.
 Ability to multi-task and to respond flexibly to a fluid and evolving program environment.
 Competent MS Word and Excel skills.
 Database software skills or ability and eagerness to learn.
 Masters degree in Social Work (MSW) preferred or equivalent degree/experience.
 LCSW preferred, but not required.
 Ability to develop trusting respectful relationships with youth and families.
 Ability to facilitate individual and group work.
 Child welfare experience preferred, but not required.
 Knowledge/experience working with LGBTQ youth preferred, but not required.
 Ability to be self-reflective.
 Positive attitude, sense of humor, and willingness to give and receive constructive feedback.
 Commitment to social justice and cultural responsiveness.
 Position requires local travel and attendance at events/activities on occasional evenings and/or weekends; drivers license
 People of color and people with foster care experience are strongly encouraged to apply.
AFC Mentoring offers a strengths-based collaborative staff team, flexible work environment, accessible office location in downtown
Boston, and excellent benefit package with generous vacation. Salary commensurate with experience. Adoption & Foster Care
Mentoring is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Candidates of color and candidates with experience in foster care are strongly encouraged to apply.
To Apply:
Submit cover letter, resume, and one-page sample mentor training agenda to [email protected] For the sample training
agenda, pick a topic that could be helpful for mentors (e.g. effects of trauma, cultural responsiveness, youth development, etc.). The
agenda will be reviewed for facilitation style, content, attention to detail, and clarity. Resumes submitted without a one-page
training agenda will not be considered.