The Year in Review

A year of impact, growth and expansion.
Alliance for Education Solutions
2014: The Year in Review
Pipeline to College: Providing first generation college
students support and mentoring for a college education.
We held our first Pipeline Retreat and connected with high school
juniors and seniors in order to support them in their journey to a
higher education. Part of Pipeline to College , a two-year program
that assists students with barriers in their lives in their pursuit of a
college degree. Facilitated by college student's and para
professionals from Chico States’ Cross Cultural Leadership Center,
who themselves have faced many of the same struggles , the
program is in its second year and has already seen over 90% of its
participants apply to college.
At the retreat students formed program families, pushed limits, laughed,
cried, grew, made plans for the future and formed bonds of trust and
friendship with each other, site mentors and college mentors.
Pipeline to College Retreat: Shady Creek, CA, 2014
#Barriers2U: Students Speaking Out in Their Own Words
We supported the launch of #Barriers2U a youth driven
campaign to eliminate barriers to graduating high school
and obtaining a college degree.
We completed “Leading with Heart”, a documentary chronicling
the groundbreaking work of principals from AES’s Turnaround
Principals Work Group, whose leadership and focus on
changing school climate and culture helped turn around their
underperforming schools.
Youth Empowerment and Advocacy Retreat 2014
We held two summer leadership retreats for area
high school students. Developing leadership skills.
Supporting a college education. Building future
leaders. Creating space for youth voice and youth
Youth Voice Matters &
#Barriers2U Blogs
We created two new blogs in support of youth voice and
youth engagement. These are places to highlight the work of
young people AES works with and other young people
around the world seeking to create change in their lives and
their communities.
Chicano/Latino Literature Class
Writing Workshops
We helped sponsor a Chicano –Latino Literature Class at Berkley High
School . This was the first time the class was available to students as an
elective in ten years.
We also supported a series of writing workshops at the High School to
help students improve their writing skills in order to develop college
essays. Most of the students who attended the workshop will be the first
in their family to go to college.
As our programs grew, we continued to build our advocacy
efforts in Sacramento , we overhauled our website, and took
to social media to help spread our reach and deepen our
Lots of exciting changes ahead in 2015.
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