Aeria Bmat

quick set up guide
5 Insert the power cord into the
control unit, then plug into power
outlet and switch on mains power.
1 Remove all bedding
from your mattress.
2 Unpack overlay and place on
top of mattress (material side
upwards; air hoses towards
bed base). Tuck end flaps under
mattress ends to secure. Ensure no cell sections are
tucked beneath mattress. Overlay will compress once
3 Hang the control unit over
bed end using inbuilt rear
hanging hooks or place on a
stable surface (ie floor beneath
the bed). Overlay can be rotated
180 degrees as required.
4 Attach air hoses to the control
unit, pressing firmly to ensure
both connectors ‘click’ into place.
Straighten any twists to ensure
uninterrupted air flow between
control unit and mattress. Also
ensure hoses are not trapped
between overlay and bed.
6 Turn the control unit Pressure
dial to maximum and switch on
(the switch illuminates to indicate
power is on). Allow up to 20
minutes for complete inflation.
The patient may lie on the system
during inflation however the
overlay will fill faster if allowed
to inflate first.
7 Once overlay is inflated, bedding can be replaced.
Secure sheets loosely enough to ensure they do not
interfere with overlay alternation.
8 When patient is lying comfortably, turn the Pressure
dial to reach the desired setting for effective patient
comfort and support. After lowering, always check the
system is working effectively – failure to do so could
cause injury. Wait at least 3-5 minutes as the system
may take a full cycle to adjust to the new pressure
control unit layout
Power switch
Turns system power on and off.
Switch illuminates to indicate
power is on.
Pressure dial
Adjusts overlay pressure from
low to high, in line with patient
weight and comfort
Replacing the air filter
1 Switch off power, disconnect air hoses and power cord.
2 Place the control unit face down on a soft, flat surface.
3 Use a screwdriver to carefully remove the air filter
cover. Clean the dust from the filter or discard and
replace with a new filter.
4 Refit the air filter cover to the control unit before use.
Actively supporting your health
system overview
care & cleaning
Always disconnect power supply before cleaning.
system overview
The Aeria Bmat offers low risk patients a practical
alternative to static pressure care. 130 alternating touch
points gently stimulate the skin’s surface, encouraging
increased blood flow and circulation across high-risk areas.
For basic care and cleaning, wipe down with warm water
containing detergent (do not machine wash the overlay).
For infection control, swab with a solution of sodium
hypochlorite or similar (up to 10,000ppm available
chlorine). Allow to dry thoroughly before use.
• the Aeria Bmat is indicated for the prevention and
treatment of skin breakdown and pressure ulcers in
patients at low risk
It is recommended the Aeria Bmat system be cleaned
every two weeks if in constant use. To prevent cross
contamination, it is recommended the mattress overlay
be disinfected between patient use.
• patient conditions for which the Aeria Bmat is
contraindicated include instable spinal cord injury
and cervical traction
• suitable for use at home or in long term care
technical specifications
Product number
• supports users to a maximum weight of
220 pounds 100 kilograms
Continuous operation Class II Equipment
Maximum user weight 220 lb 100 kg
general safety precautions
• placing layers between patient and overlay should be
avoided or kept to a minimum
• never use sharp objects or electrically heated blankets
on / under system
• avoid blocking control unit air intakes
• do not use in the presence of an open flame or
flammable anaesthetic mixture with air, oxygen or
nitrous oxide
Risk category
Cell material
Rated voltage
220-240V 50/60Hz 0.2A
Air output 4.5 liters per minute
Cycle time
3 - 5 minutes
Fuse ratingmains plug 3A
control unit 1A (x1)
• do not open the control unit (risk of electrical shock);
refer servicing to qualified service personnel
• do not use high temperature autoclave steam cleaning
devices or phenolic-based products for cleaning
• do not immerse the system in water or
store in direct sunlight
Total system weight
6.6 lb 3 kg
working conditions
Temperature 50°-105° F 10°-40° C
Humidity 30-75%
Therapeutic devices should only be used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and under the consent,
supervision and management of a suitably qualified health professional.
Visit to view a copy of the manufacturer’s Warranty Statement
Actively supporting your health